North Korea Seen Moving ICBM Into Position For Possible Launch: Report

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The USDJPY and 10Y yields snapped lower and gold kneejerked higher following the latest North Korea-related headline out of Bloomberg, according to which:


Bloomberg references a just released article in the Asia Business Daily, according to which North Korea started moving the ICBM-class missile, produced at a new Pyongyang research center, on Monday following Sunday's thermonuclear test.

The report confirms overnight intelligence from South Korea: recall first thing this morning, Yonhap reported that South Korea's spy agency said it had detected that North Korea is making preparations for a possible intercontinental ballistic missile launch, a move that would further raise tensions a day after it conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear detonation.

Chang Kyung-soo, acting chief of the defense ministry’s policy planning office, told lawmakers on Monday that North Korea was making preparations for a missile firing, according to Bloomberg while Yonhap adds that South Korea's spy agency said there was a chance the North could fire an ICBM into the Pacific Ocean, saying that the isolated state was able to conduct a nuclear test at any time.

According to the just released Business Daily report, there is high chance N. Korea will fire ICBM missile before Sept. 9 national founding day. More details from the original report, Google translated:

According to the authorities, one ballistic missile produced by a weapons research institute dedicated to the production of North Korea's ICBM was found to be moving to the west of Hwanghae Island after being mounted on the 4th Mobile Launch Base (TEL) on the day after the 6th nuclear test.


Earlier this year, North Korea built a 1980-square-meter weapons lab, which could manufacture ICBMs, in Pyongyang. It was last February that the weapon laboratory was released to the outside world. Although it was a wilderness until 2009, it has now been transformed into a strategic hub for North Korea's major missiles.


According to a joint US-ROK report, North Korea has a maximum of 900 ballistic missiles, and it has been confirmed that there are 108 aircraft capable of launching surprise attacks. According to ballistic missiles, the number of Scud missiles and TEL that can mount Scud missiles are the most common. The number of Scud missiles is 430 (TEL 36).

The report concludes by noting that according to S. Korean intel, "if North Korea conducts further ICBM provocations there is a high possibility that it will choose an unpredictable time and place. To this end, Pyongyang may launch missiles directly from the mobile launch base, or launch multiple missiles at multiple locations simultaneously."

The report also notes that the ICBM mobile launcher is moving "at low speed mainly during the night time" to avoid detection by foreign intelligence authorities. In other words, the US now has a conveniently moving target and a due date by which North Korea will likely launch its next rocket, effectively giving Trump a greenlight for a "preemptive" strike over the next five days.

The market's reaction to the news, while not as dramatic as to Sunday's nuclear test, confirms just how much on edge traders remain for every headline out of North Korea.

10Y Yield:




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Panic Mode's picture

If there is a war, it will be a fucking quick war because everyone is in famine there and everyday they dribbling at their fat cunt leader on national TV.

silverer's picture

Also might be they stored 10 years worth of food. Now there's something to think about.

Robert Trip's picture

Let's put this bullshit Korean meme to rest.

People with a brain already knew when Trump got in that Iran is the target.

Trump's pal Bibi has no interest in North Korea.

lakecity55's picture

I realize the PRC said it would defend NK if we attacked first, and they were on their own if they attacked us first.

However, Kim has made his point. The PRC needs to act. There is no military solution here unless we get attacked first and respond with whatever tactics. That would be horrible in lives and property.

But, imo, it's getting a bit weird. These parties need to meet and settle this, but the PRC needs to back off their pit bull.


wisebastard's picture

the whole US economy is based off of war. if they stop attacking countries, then other countries will compete with the petrodollar and the US will crash.

jet20's picture

How do you define "attacked first"? If one of Kim's nasty aggressions against Japan malfunctions and hits Hokkaido instead of the Sea of Japan, are Japan and its allies allowed to retaliate?

East Indian's picture

Is it aimed at Hollywood? 

silverer's picture

Imagine how different the US would be if nobody ever bothered to buy a television.

Horse Pizzle's picture

North Koreans who own a water buffalo should eat it now.

F0nestar's picture

Please aim for kikeland in kalifournia!!!

IridiumRebel's picture

Places everybody. The show is about to begin....

asscannon101's picture

That obese, cartoonish, chicken-shit little inbreeder should launch the shit out his missiles- at least 2 each day. He should launch them over Russian and Chinese territory to send the World a message of DPRK's strength and independence from ALL governments! He should launch them at his own cities to prove that he is invulnerable and unafraid of his own people! He should launch them straight up into the air and catch them with his teeth as they fall back to earth to show that he is unafraid of himself! He should eat one to show the World that he is unafraid of getting even fatter!

Aristofani's picture

one needs to practice, if one may be called to blow away arse lickers of US empire.

Robert Trip's picture

A hat dog stand has been observed to have been moved half a block down a street and is now resting over a manhole cover.

Could that manhole cover be the secret entrance to an insidious chemical weapons operation where the products being produced have the potential to wipe all of mankind from the face of the earth?

More details at 6:00 P.M. est.

Wahooo's picture

“No, I was not ‘playing’ with the cat. I only picked it up to fondle it a bit. It was a rather appealing calico. I offered it a hot dog. However, the cat refused to eat it. It was an animal with taste and decency.”

- Ignatius J. Reilly

Robert Trip's picture

I fell hook, line and sinker for the non-stop 24/7 onslaught of the Iraqi War propaganda but this North Korean effort to sell it just falls flat for me.

You guys have to try harder to get me on board this train.


I'm not even concerned and frankly, so far, I don't give a shit.

hoist the bs flag's picture

they will probably take us to war even if you don't get on the train

jet20's picture

Falling hook, line and sinker for a false analogy if there is one, I see.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Trump to Moon Jae-in: You do what we tell you to do... When we tell you to do it... Or we will nuke you and blame it on North Korea!!!

"Rinse and Repeat" for Germany and the rest of the EU/NATO "tag alongs"!

Cause if you can do this to your own ( your capable of ANYTHING (!

Let's hope we make 9/11/2017 in the streets of D.C. and Manhattan like it's never been done before to remember how long it's been on how we got to this place!!!

Able Ape's picture

I think that the suggestion that US-SK military exercises be scrapped is a very good idea; however, US generals will surely resist that proposal since it removes their ability to get away from the wife and kids and get some SK pussy....

Last of the Middle Class's picture

Ok, Ok, listen up. All you NORK bots! Pay attention now, the little ABC check mark is for spell check. English has tenses and pluralization can be tricky. All pay attention to possession with the apostrophes. It's a dead give away and frankly, it's getting kind of embarrassing on here lately. I mean, surely there is an online English course offered in your country or at the very least go for the Rosetta Stone at the local airport. Just be sure you grab it before you rub some highly toxic chemical on your "leaders" unwanted family member. In the confusion you'll forget and we're back to square one again. Thanks for your time.

FreeNewEnergy's picture

Any coincidence that this is escalating right up to 9/11?

No, none. Go back to sleep.

robertocarlos's picture

It's going to be 9/11 times a hundred.

FreeNewEnergy's picture

And where the fuck is Nostradamus when you need him? Just like the fucking cops, probably off eating donuts.

Goldennutz's picture



DO IT!!  DO IT!!!!





USA!!!  USA!!!  USA!!!

conraddobler's picture

"Quietly"  as in we all knew instantly type of quietly?

PeterLong's picture

What does South Korea or a South Korean paper say about North Korea confirm any fucking thing?