Retired FBI Agent Sues DOJ For Records On Contributions Made By A Clinton Ally To McCabe's Wife

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Over the weekend, Judicial Watch announced that it had filed a lawsuit against the DOJ on behalf of retired special agent Jeffrey Danik seeking records related to roughly $700,000 in political contributions made by groups tied to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a long-time Clinton confidant, to the wife of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe...the same Andrew McCabe who was conveniently overseeing multiple Hillary Clinton investigations at the time and even oversaw components of her email investigation. Here's more from Judicial Watch:

The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia in support of Danik’s October 25, 2016, and February 28, 2017, FOIA requests for records about McCabe’s “conflicts of interest” regarding his wife’s (Dr. Jill McCabe’s) political campaign, and McCabe’s reporting to the FBI of any job interviews or offers.  Specifically, the two FOIA requests seek:


Text messages and emails of McCabe containing “Dr. Jill McCabe,” “Jill,” “Common Good VA,” “Terry McAuliffe,” “Clinton,” “Virginia Democratic Party,” “Democrat,” “Conflict,” “Senate,” “Virginia Senate,” “Until I return,” “Paris,” “France,” “Campaign,” “Run,” “Political,” “Wife,” “Donation,” “OGC,” Email,” or “New York Times.”


In 2015, a political action committee run by McAuliffe, a close friend and political supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, donated nearly $500,000 to Jill McCabe, wife of McCabe, who was then running for the Virginia State Senate. Also, the Virginia Democratic Party, over which McAuliffe had significant influence, donated an additional $207,788 to the Jill McCabe campaign. In July 2015, Andrew McCabe was in charge of the FBI’s Washington, DC, field office, which provided personnel resources to the Clinton email probe.



The Judicial Watch lawsuit comes after Danik's two previous FOIA requests went unanswered.  Meanwhile, Danik says he's pursuing records on McCabe's conflicts because he knows he's "not the only retired (or serving) FBI special agent who is concerned about Mr. McCabe’s conflicts of interest on the Clinton email matter."

“I am saddened by how the FBI’s reputation has been tarnished by the poor judgement and ethics of its leadership,” stated Mr. Danik. “I know I’m not the only retired (or serving) FBI special agent who is concerned about Mr. McCabe’s conflicts of interest on the Clinton email matter.  The agency seems to be illegally hiding records about this scandal, which is why I’m heading to court with Judicial Watch.”


“We’re honored to help Mr. Danik hold accountable the FBI—the agency he served for decades,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “We believe Mr. McCabe’s text messages and emails will be particularly enlightening to the public seeking answers about the Clinton email debacle.”

Of course, for those who haven't followed Andrew McCabe so closely, this is the same former Acting FBI Director who is also being investigated for sexual harassment and violations of the Hatch Act (see:  "FBI Director McCabe Subject Of Three Separate Federal Inquiries Into Alleged Misconduct: Report").

A couple of days ago we noted that, according to a report from Circa, Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe may have made a serious error by refusing to recuse himself from the Michael Flynn investigation.  As it turns out, per court documents reviewed by Circa, McCabe may have harbored a personal vendetta against Flynn after he intervening on behalf of an FBI Special Agent, Robyn Gritz, who had accused McCabe and other top FBI officials of sexual discrimination.  Apparently the lack of inter-agency camaraderie didn't sit well with McCabe as other FBI agents subsequently confirmed that his complete disdain for Fylnn was readily apparent.


But, according to the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC), McCabe's apparent conflict of interest in the Flynn investigation may not be his only issue these days as he's also the subject of an ongoing investigation for an alleged violation of the Hatch Act for illegally campaigning in his wife's Virginia Senate race.  Per Circa:


Gritz also filed a complaint against McCabe with the main federal whistleblower agency in April, alleging social media photos she found show he campaigned for his wife’s Virginia state senate race in violation of the Hatch Act.


FBI employees are held to a higher standard than other federal workers under the Hatch Act and may not “endorse or oppose a candidate for partisan political office or a candidate for political party office in a political advertisement, broadcast, campaign literature, or similar material if such endorsement or opposition is done in concert with a candidate, political party, or partisan political group.”


The OSC told Circa  that complaint is still being actively investigated.


For those who aren't familiar, this is the same Senate race in which McCabe's wife, Jill McCabe, took nearly $500,000 from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to fund her campaign.  Of course, Terry McAuliffe is a long-time confidant of the Clinton family and was rumored as a potential running mate for Hillary.  All of which was apparently overlooked when former FBI Director James Comey allowed McCabe to participate in the investigation of Hillary's email scandal.


And just when you thought McCabe's issues couldn't get much worse, Circa notes that the Justice Department Inspector General is also investigating allegations from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley that McCabe may not have properly disclosed campaign payments to his wife on his ethics report.

You may be good but you're no Clinton, Mr. McCabe.

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AurorusBorealus's picture

Restoring integrity assumes that the FBI once had integrity rather than being a greasy political blackmail machine designed for the sole purpose of protecting the payroll of the FBI.

pfwed's picture

original mandate was to protect the 'organized crime' ... that didn't exist of course

runnymede's picture

Yes, this is a good thing. But yet another instance of growing a conscience after retiring. 

BidnessMan's picture

Retirement sets you free

sauldaddy's picture

When they got KEYWORDS that means that have you by the ballz. Search Engine Optimition  lesson number 1

Text messages and emails of McCabe containing “Dr. Jill McCabe,” “Jill,” “Common Good VA,” “Terry McAuliffe,” “Clinton,” “Virginia Democratic Party,” “Democrat,” “Conflict,” “Senate,” “Virginia Senate,” “Until I return,” “Paris,” “France,” “Campaign,” “Run,” “Political,” “Wife,” “Donation,” “OGC,” Email,” or “New York Times.”

MaxThrust's picture

Tylers, this is a real news worthy story. Can you please continue to follow this one. If Mc Cabe is tainted, we all need to know. If  "we the people" are informed by this knowlege we will have some influence over the POTUS not to acquiesce to Mc Cabes appointment as FBI director.

bardot63's picture

Of course McCabe is dirty.  Every 10 year old in the country knows that. 

azusgm's picture

Chris Wray is the new FBI director.

my new username's picture

McAuliffe is not just a close confidante, he is the bagman for the Chinese money that gets laundered into the Clinton & Democrat slush funds. He pays off the GOP with Chinese money, which is how they ran multiple candidates, ensuring he won the bent race.
China owns the FBI, bought and paid for.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

MaxThrust - Christopher Wray was sworn in as FBI Director last month.

But, yeah, hopefully McCabe remains under the spotlight.

chubbar's picture

Didn't know that, thanks. Wray needs to fire/replace McCabe, ASAP!

bardot63's picture

God Bless Judicial Watch.  JW is doing the job investigative journalists used to do before they all sold out to beltway money.

BidnessMan's picture

The media lost their revenue sources. Craig's List killed Classified ads, the Internet and Google killed advertisements, and also subscriptions. The Beltway money is all that is left for them.

Smedley's Butler's picture

How many ZHer's watch George Webb



Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Every day.  Would love to see George Webb write a piece on ZH.

One day soon I'd think George would put out a book detailing the weird year he has had.

Herr Deux's picture

How many on hear watch George Webb on youtube every day?


Plenty, but apparently not  the Tylers!

Duc888's picture



G. Webb is nothing short of amazing.

navy62802's picture

What strikes me about this request is the inclusion of the peculiarly specific phrase "Until I return." Only someone who knew exactly what he/she was looking for would include that phrase in this request.

Perhaps the requestor already has the information being sought through this FOIA and merely wants to test the validity of the process. That's what I would do. Start with a known quantity ... i.e. emails or other correspondence that I already have. Then request that the State Department release said documents. When they respond to the FOIA request, hammer fuck them with the truth which is already in hand.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Yeah, or maybe they're using the request as a vehicle to let someone know they know something...

wakeupsheeps's picture

FOIA requesting info that you may already have, that wouldn't be admissable, would sanitize such facts and then can be used in prosecution.

konadog's picture

The FBI weasels would just say, "oops. sorry we missed that one in the search. it was just an administrative error. here you go". The problem when the FBI breaks the law is "who ya gonna call?"  The swamp isn't accountable to any laws or justice, or a lot of people would be rotting in prison for the deaths of 76 Americans, of which 24 were children, at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX (tip of the iceberg of course). Thousands and thousands of innocent Americans have died at the hands of War, Inc. headquartered in Swamp, DC and not one person has ever been held accountable. Bad as those numbers are, they pale in comparison to the deaths abroad (for example 500,000 murdered Iraqis who did absolutely nothing to the US or any American).

I applaud Judicial Watch for their efforts, but honestly, they are wasting their time and money trying to get justice where there has historically been none and likely will not be any. JW could obtain an email from Hyena Rotten Clinton ordering candidate Trump's assassination and not one damn thing would be done. The Swamp knows Hyena Rotten has enough information to take all of them down so her get of jail free card is unlimited. This is what happens when corruption becomes ubiquitous.

The US is very close to crumbling under its own corrupt weight - Rome style. In just a few years, War Inc. will consume the entire economy and the public debt will be so large that the Swamp won't even be able to make the interest payments. There will be no lenders to give them more credit to continue funding the Satanic chirade and they will have stolen/squandered everything that isn't nailed down. The interesting question is what will emerge from the rubble with so many snowflakes, both hopelessly ignorant and physically sick, thanks to Public Education, Inc., Processed Food, Inc, and Pharmaceutical, Inc. - all wholly owned subsidiaries of War, Inc. I give a NK style dictator good odds as the snowflakes will easily buy into the free lunch lies. Hope springs eternal, but I keep a gun and one bullet handy for my exit.

FU in Advance's picture

Judicial Watch continues it's relentless pursuit of government scum.

Sessions is in his fetal position holding his hands over his ears, and mumbling la la la la la la la la la la.


Herodotus's picture

The FBI has been a crooked outfit since 1924.

TheMexican's picture

Is anybody ever going to be taken down? Nothing to see here!

jmack's picture

FBI is full of weasels, top. to. bottom.

platyops's picture

The Clinton foundation collected close to a Billion $, for aid to Haiti. It has been reported that none of it ever reached the people of that sticken country. Why no investigation?


Both Clintons should be investigated!

VWAndy's picture

Oafkeeper BS. Its the FBI folks. They don't do justice. It looks to me like they never did either.

Duc888's picture



Yup, Oaf-keepers.....any time now.  Front and center.

JailBanksters's picture

Somebodys going to get accidentally crushed by a Piano falling from 10 stories.

deoxy's picture

If the so-called "white hats" don't show their face soon, you have to wonder if there is such a thing.

JailBanksters's picture

That's when the CIA will step in and fund a Movie to show the real facts.

It must be true because these were facts they didn't want the Public to know.

It wouldn't be first time or the last time the CIA has done that.



runnymede's picture

They're pulling bodies out of the Potomac lately. Pianos are expensive. 

AurorusBorealus's picture

Yeah... but.. for the love of God do not light up a marijuana cigarette or drive around with more than $45 cash in your wallet.

MuffDiver69's picture

Comey ran a gangster organization. I think back to the reaction to the terror attacks under his watch and it was always the same damn thing...' We had them under surveillance, but couldn't do anything etc'. What a shit show like the entire gangsta Obama regime of criminality...

Kelley's picture

Seven hundred thousand dollars for a state senate seat??

NumbersUsa's picture

And you think your not owned by the jew supremacists:

runnymede's picture

Pretty sure the common thread to all these characters is Lolita Island. They pinky swear different than you and I.

Sweet Cheeks's picture

Seems to be a mountain of evidence in all these cases and a boatload of investigations. But just show me the damn PERP WALK; then I will believe.

Manipulism's picture

The glorious FBI was always from day one a criminal organisation to collect effidence for blackmail.

Have you all forgot Edgar Hoover?

This little fag had everyone by the balls.

pfwed's picture

not to mention 'organized crime' didn't exist

VWAndy's picture

Im guessing this guy is some boyscout that went his whole flipping career believing the TV land view of the FBI. Never questioned any of it while collecting a fat check.
Now after he is out. He gets religion. Same as Greenspan.

south40_dreams's picture

He should remove all nail guns from his residence

paint it red call it hell's picture

This appears to be the first shot in the barrage to finally sink mccabe. Happy hunting..........

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Judicial Watch does great work.  Think of them as the people's Inspector General, and keep in mind that they are funded by people like you and I. 


On the other hand, it is almost cute how Mr. Danik would think it is even possible that the "FBI’s reputation has been tarnished by the poor judgement and ethics of its leadership".  It is like saying, "Hey, dont get dirt on my vomit!"