ISIS Urges Supporters To Poison Food At US Grocery Stores

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After urging its supporters in the west to turn cars into weapons, guidance that inspired terror attacks in the UK, Spain and France, ISIS is now calling for sympathizers to poison the food in US supermarkets with cyanide, according to SITE.  

In recent days, channels associated with the terrorist army have posted calls for attacks on Europe, Russia and the United States to mark the occasion of the Islamic "Sacrifice Feast" Eid al Adha. In the third part of an English-language series on jihad, IS advised would-be attackers to inject food for sale in markets with cyanide poison. According to Spiesa, the organization has tested these methods on prisons, causing horrifically painful deaths.

“The Islamic State group used prisoners as “human guinea pigs,” carrying out chemical weapons experiments in order to plan for attacks against the West, documents found in Mosul have revealed. The papers detailing the tests, which led to the agonizing deaths of prisoners, were discovered at Mosul University in January when it was recaptured by Iraqi special forces. The documents verified by United States and British forces were detailed by The Times in a report published Saturday.


Prisoners had their food and water contaminated by the sprinkling of chemicals found in easily accessible pesticides. The US and Britain now fear that the same methods could be used on a larger scale to contaminate food supplies in the West.”

Aside from the obvious death toll, we imagine that a terror attack in an American grocery store would annihilate billions in grocery stock market cap, adding to the industry’s Whole Foods Market-inspired woes. Investors who once saw grocers as an oasis in the troubled retail sector are increasingly balking now that Amazon has promised to use sensors and automation to save on staffing costs and undercut rivals on pricing. And the terror threats won’t help.

In other Islamic State news, a convoy of 17 buses carrying Islamic State terrorists and their families has been stranded in the Syrian desert since Thursday as the US, Russia, and Syria debate its fate: attack the convoy or allow it to pass?

In an unusual deal, the convoy of Islamic State fighters and their families was allowed to exit their contested stronghold along the Syrian-Lebanese border under the watch of the Lebanese and Syrian armies and Hezbollah after being defeated. As first announced by Hezbollah's Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah in a speech Monday night, the deal involved the transportation of 26 wounded and 308 ISIS fighters, along with 331 civilian family members via buses and ambulances to Syria's eastern province.

The images of the convey of terrorists helplessly stranded in the desert is perhaps the biggest blow to their propaganda.

At the same time, the group is struggling for relevance with a resurgent Al Qaeda, which is encouraging supporters to sabotage trains and other public infrastructure in the US – specifically the New York City subway.

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Implied Violins's picture, if ISIS is saying it, then the CIA ordered it.

FUCK this, it's time to start living on my prep. Maybe I'll still get fresh greens that can be washed off, but everything else is suspect at this point.

Dixie Rect's picture

I think they already started putting LSD in food in California. They just voted to name a freeway after Obama. Makes sense though, since FREE shit was Obummers legacy.

JSBach1's picture

Now let's grab so McDs, BK, KFC, etc.

Novel idea though...

jeff montanye's picture

just remember that isis is the ally of israel and the cia.  they created isis/daesh.

NidStyles's picture

Funny how everything the terrorists do benefits the Jewish agenda...

Wonder why that is...

TeamDepends's picture

It is amazing how they never attack Israel, their sworn enemies, who are just across the border.  Oh, and there is a simple solution to this problem.  Grow your own!  We said "simple", not "easy".

ACES FULL's picture

Most food in US grocery stores is already poison to begin with.

Troll Magnet's picture

Haha That's so fuckin true.

PT's picture

First, they're gonna trick people into having heart attacks by filling up the food with excess sugar and salt.  Then they're gonna over-process all the food so it has no nutritional value.  Then they're gonna deliberately deplete all the wholegrain fibres ...


< Cue Dr Evil >

Mr 9x19's picture

nonono NO ! i SAY NO !



1st you promised to hack rails to make trains accident, so please, respect the CiALENDAR, 1st the trains, THEN, the food !

fucking muslim, they respect nottin' !

Mementoil's picture

First of all, they HAVE tried to attack Israel.
There have been a number of occasions that short range missiles from Syria (towards the Golan heights) and from the Sinai peninsula (towards Eilat) landed on Israeli territory, and ISIS took responsibility. You'll never hear about it because the international media doesn't bother reporting it.
But apart from this - ISIS can't attack Israel because we guard our borders.

Quite a novel idea, isn't it? Guarding your border...

giovanni_f's picture

Guarding your border and extending it into souvereign territory of other nations. 

And for the sake of humanity,

Such a good, benevolent, peaceful nation. Bad luck if you are one of those 100.000s of palestinians purged during the ongoing conquista.

harriet262's picture

your talkingpoint:

Guarding your border and extending it into souvereign territory of other nations. "


What  soverign country of other nations?


giovanni_f's picture

Occupied by Israel:

1. Libanon: Shebaa Farms and the Kfarshouba Hills

2. Syria: Golan heights.

Hope that helps, AIPAC shill.

harriet262's picture

really bad luck if you live among the 'true believers'

Augustus's picture

Still an immense amount of Palestinian Purging to be done.  Give them a few more years to keep bombing themselves and the job will be easier.


Just wondering. Is Arafat still dead?

Sugarcandy Mountain's picture

First of all, they HAVE tried to attack Israel.

Yeah, for which they already apologized.

Quite a novel idea, isn't it? Guarding your border...

What are you, racist or something? Don't need to answer that, we all know you are. Don't worry, though, when the time comes (and it's coming) you overlords will betray you, just like they did with the 6 gorillion.

Swampster's picture

ISIS destroyed historical statues in Islamic countries, now they are doing the same in the USA!!!!


"ISIS" is Israel and the should be called ISUS, because it IS US, and Israel. Just as we created Al Qaida to fight Russia in Afghanistan,
we created ISIS in 2009 to overthrow Assad. How soon Americans forget. Barak Obama released Abduhl Al Baghdadi (the top ISIS Commander) from Camp Bucca Prison in 2009
The 1.8% privileged media just "forgot" to report that story too....uh, huh! How "forgetful" those 7 Jewish Media Moguls are!!!


Swampster's picture





roadhazard's picture

They don't attack Israel because they can't get in. Israel has their shit together.

AllBentOutOfShape's picture

Is it just me or does the color of their skin in that picture look a little pale? They could be passed off as Chechen, but I highly doubt the top leaders of ISIL are all Chechen.

Swampster's picture

They have big HOOKNOSES TOO...just like the 'white supremicists' in America......AND NOBODY IN THE JOO RUN FBI OR THE JOO RUN MEDIA CAN IDENTIFY ANY OF THEM!!!!

JSBach1's picture

People missed the Naked Gun reference, I presume.

Perhaps I should've said: "now let's grab some [fast-food] lunch."

Ali Tarpate's picture

DuckDuckGo was founded by (((Gabriel Weinberg))).

ReasonForLife's picture

Just another CIA ploy to keep everyone scared and controlled, nothing new here.  For those that still want some way of protection, Sodium Thiosulfate has been shown be an antidote to Cyanide.  Due your due dilligence before taking it and consult with your health practitioner.  Always ensure the substance is USP rated for food grade use.

Sodium Thiosolfate is Regarded as Safe by FDA:

Or a newer antidote is called: Cyanokit

But if you think about it, why would they do this to the food that their own child, wife, friend, etc, may purchase and eat?   They set a trap for you, and end up falling in it themselves.  Also, why would they announce it and not just do it?  Because they want you to FEAR.  It's a psychological warfare.

tmosley's picture

I wonder how much of this the population will be willing to tolerate.

Seems like the immediate solution is to just kill every Arab immediately. See lots of them in the grocery stores. Give them bad looks, but now they are a legitimate threat to my personal safety. How many others will feel the same?

Billy the Poet's picture

I've been reaching back for the second or third item on the shelf since the Tylenol scare. Don't know if that helps or not.


PS -- tmosely, I find you to be a threatening individual so keep your hands where I can see them or suffer the consequences.

Son of Loki's picture

I don't think they ever caught the killer who poisoned over the counter cold medicine that resulted in several deaths and also an entire industry change with sealed top from then on.

isis is definitely very evil and now that the EU and Obama allowed so many seedy people into the countries, it could get sticky. Add to that the 'home grown' brainwashed converts and it can become a real problem.

Almost makes me think the sick creep behind something as diabolical like this has a brain tumor or something.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"isis is definitely very evil and"

and very good at what they do.  This war we may lose because they are reinventing the game all the time. Now Americans get to feel what it is like in a dangerous world. That is their goal. 

BLOTTO's picture

Buy the kosher food, you know 'they' wont probably poison that.

OverTheHedge's picture

Definitely a way to get more kosher and halal food on the shelves.

Actually, quite a cunning plan.

So, strip-searches for all shoppers before entering the supermarket, and those clever x-ray machines to show you in your underwear. Boost to employment and government equipment contractors. Or, just Amazon making sure the competition gets destroyed, as robot-packed food, untouched by human hands, is so much better for you than fresh.

Is this the future of the corporate wars? Killing the customers, to destroy the opposition. Very effectively, and less risk to the C-suite executives than killing each other's top management. Besides, the winner will always need good, ruthless executives, so job openings for the top guys will always be available.

BarnacleBill's picture

Also, SITE is notoriously involved with Israeli Intelligence. So yes, you'd probably be safe with kosher food

NidStyles's picture

It was the manufacturer doing it....

Crawdaddy's picture

Or it never happened and was totally made up. Much easier to keep quiet.'s picture

"I've been reaching back for the second or third item on the shelf since the Tylenol scare. Don't know if that helps or not."


That was an early version of corporate espionage by packaging corporation of america trying to boost 4th quarter profits.  Cost: seven humans - Profits: unlimited

waspwench's picture

The muslims cannot ever integrate.   The Koran forbids them to do so and instructs them to kill all unbelievers,   Murdering us is what they are required to do!

Why are we bringing muslims into our countries?   Who made this decision?   Who ever asked us?   No-one!  

Caught_Fish's picture

Thats a great idea,

now you can drive over him every day.

z530's picture

Well, to be fair, it makes perfect sense from another standpoint...everytime he came to California to whore for money, thousands of commuters would curse to themselves and say, "Thanks Obama...for ruining my fucking commute." It only stands to reason that they name a freeway after him.

cheeseheader's picture

If we know this, why can't we stop it?


It's like the reporter (60 minutes?) interviewing a terrorist somewhere, instead of taking him out, or informing his whereabouts to the 'authorities' for cancellation.  Shite!

uhland62's picture

We have democracy we cannot stop anything the corporations have ordered the swamp to do. 

Let's make enemies with Russia and China now, sells weapons.  

Crawdaddy's picture

If we know this, why can't we stop it?

People prefer to believe the lie.
junction's picture

Those fools at ISIS, don't they realize that Monsanto has beaten them to the punch by already poisoning most non-organic American food with glyphosate.  

Implied Violins's picture

True, but cyanide makes even the pits of the most tatted Chipotle worker seem tolerable.

I got my Master's degree in an anthrax lab, and death by cyanide is a close second in terms of excruciation when ingested. I'd rather gargle with glyphosate.

MFL5591's picture
ISIS Urges Supporters To Poison Food At US Grocery Stores

Already being done by Monsanto and the other Goverment sponsored corporations like McDonalds.

mstyle's picture

They don't even have to risk getting caught at the grocery store. All they gotta do is get a job at Chobani...

GUS100CORRINA's picture

ISIS Urges Supporters To Poison Food At US Grocery Stores

My response: The EVIL thoughts of these people know no bounds!!!!

Son of Loki's picture

I guess bruning people alive in cages as they slwoly lowered them into a pool to drown was not gruesome enough for them.

Very religious they seem to be, eh?

Implied Violins's picture

Water? I thought it was boiling oil. Shrug.