July Factory Orders Plunge To Weakest Since Feb (As Boeing Bounce Disappears)

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Following the Boeing-driven spike, July is landing with a thud back to reality as final data today confirms a 3.3% MoM tumble in factory orders and 6.8% plunge in durable goods orders.


In fact, it gets worse as aggregate factory orders are now back at their lowest level since February...

As goes Boeing... so goes America? (or to put it another way, we're gonna need moar war, baby).

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Trump tweet - 0

Cricket Chirp - 1

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Bad data is good for the stock market.  It means more central bank manipulation.

There is no actual "market" anymore anyways.

Just a bulletin board of prices manipulated ever upward.  

An ever increasing stock market is required by every Government budget, 401K, IRA, Pension, 529 etc etc.

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You want markets go to London.



"Azerbaijan's ruling elite ran a secret $2.8 billion slush fund for two years to pay off European politicians and pay for luxury purchases, an investigation has shown.

The secret fund, dubbed Azerbaijani Laundromat, ...

The cash was allegedly channelled through four U.K.-registered companies, where "lax regulations" allowed for opacity."

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The "market"is Congress's and the MIC piggy bank

Higher stocks mean more tanks

Additionally, without inflated stocks, millions of retirees and banksters will be out on the streets

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And, since there is no "wrong" price for a stock, since it's "value" is determined by speculation about the future, stock prices can be whatever they want them to be.  The entire Economy is predicated on stock prices going up forever.  They will make it so.

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Sell-off is the equivalent of castrating Uncle Sam

If Kim or Putin were smart, all resources would center on Wall Street

That is more destructive than any sanctions or military action

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Someone please tell me when retirees are going to enter retirement with no mortgage, car loan, or credit card debt? What the hell are people doing with their money during their prime earnlng years?

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Factories! We don't need no stinking factories.

We got the bomb, unlimited fiat, World Reserve Currency, Credit Default Swaps, the London City Financial Area, ... and Central Bank to keep Equity markets high, lie about inflation, GDP, and Employment... and to hide the ways inflation is created and the abuse by the Capitalist system (Byzantine 75,000 pages of Regulations, 74,000 pages of income tax code, Gerrymandered Congressional Districts, fake news media, fake 2 party war system, Usury straight to the Moon Alice, and no rules against giant funds from buying Real Estate and inflating the Housing Market & all Rents)

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still up more than it has since beginning of year...but who believes any of this data anyway

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what difference does it make ?

everything those days is bullish for the market 

look at S&P Nasdaq Dow Jones    Nothing can stop this from going not North Korea or bad Job data or shit factory orders, everything is, was and will always be awsome


I don't really know what would it take to crash the market ? or even force some small pullback tiny correction ?

Nuke on Washington DC begining to look like a BTFD ! 

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Nothing will crash the market ever again.  Simply bc so much depends on it now.

10% of the Federal budget comes from Capital Gains alone.  10%!

50 years ago everyone had pensions and money markets and bonds making them money.

Today, penisons have disappeared and everyone is "all in" the market.

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I've relied on durable goods orders to guage the economy for 3 decades.  The US never left the recession of 2008.

Congress needs to let Trump try some of his ideas.  Doing the same thing that doesn't work, will never fix it. 

Time to hit the reset button. 

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"not invented here"

Congress cannot let anything change  as that would expose now rather than in future,  that they royally  screwed things up.

This is one reason why both parties are giving trump a tough time.

The madia is in hot water. what they have been saying is all wrong even before trump came on scene. They dealt themselves a hand of saying bullshit, now they cannot reverse.


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"not invented here" was a term for business back 40 years ago or so when a company could not effect change because of stubbornness, the old way was the only way.


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Trump can't try his ideas until we primary Ryan, McCain, McConnell, and Graham on the right.

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Time to hit the reset button. 

Be careful what you wish for. They'll push the reset button on their own schedule... when it makes the most profit for them and robs you of everything you've ever worked for.

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11 AM V-shaped recovery coming in 29 minutes after algos reprogrammed to understand the enormous durable good and oil demand increase from war with NK

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"They" will stage a 5% or 105 correction just "for show"...to lend a similacrum of legitimacy to U.S. asset mkts.  Then , after "refreshing itself" Wall St will get back to the business of further levitating "paper assets".