National Guard Authorized to Seize Guns Ahead of Hurricane Irma

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Via The Daily Bell

The best kind of looter is the kind that you can shoot.

Especially in emergency situations, those coming onto your property and stealing from you are a serious threat to your life. You must have the ability and means to protect yourself and loved ones.

What other kinds of looters are there, you may ask? In many places, you can protect yourself and your property without fear of prosecution.

But sometimes the gang of looters gets too big to defend yourself against. Like when it is the United States National Guard.

The Caribbean has some serious weather going on right now. The government of the U.S. Virgin Islands has therefore declared its commitment to helping everyone get through this tough time. They did this by authorizing the Virgin Islands National Guard to steal anything they need from anyone living on the Islands.

If the right to be secure in your person and property can be taken away with the stroke of a pen, you really never had the rights at all. This is the problem with entrusting the government to protect rights. They claim that they can only do so by trampling on them.

How exactly is stealing from people in need going to help the people in need?

Guns were also confiscated from citizens of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The Mayor declared that only law enforcement could have guns in the aftermath of the disaster. It left civilians open to theft and assault from looters who came after the government sponsored criminals that robbed them of their means of protection.

Last year, the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands Kenneth Mapp started a government program to track all the firearms brought onto the islands.

In recapping some local efforts that have been made, Mr. Mapp spoke of Bill No. 31-0383 that he approved on July 30 [2016], pertaining to the registry of firearms, which requires gun owners to declare firearms at local ports immediately upon entry. “There is no more waiting period,” Mr. Mapp said.

The bill provides a necessary means for the government to track firearms and guns entering the territory. Any person wishing to bypass this requirement can be apprehended for criminal violation of our laws.

The government knows where the guns are. Mapp must be excited; he won’t let this crisis go to waste.

Of course the order also authorizes the National Guard to pillage anything else they want besides guns.

Even though price gouging benefits those stuck in a disaster, perhaps supplies will instead be taken by the government and redistributed.

This means that people who are most prepared will be robbed of their supplies. They may be called “hoarders” or “preppers,” but natural disasters prove why it is rational to prepare in the case of emergency.

And government actions like these reveal that it is not simply paranoia which fuels distrust of government. When people are their most vulnerable, government forces take advantage.

So if you are a prepper who hoards supplies, better to keep it on the down low. Don’t go advertising your loot. And maybe the government response to these disasters is a hint that it is time to get out of American controlled territory.

Is this order simply a misguided attempt to help? Or is it a typical government overreach fueled by elitism and opportunity?

Worst yet, is this a testing ground to see what the U.S. National Guard can get away with?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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This govenor is not of the American persuasion and needs to be removed, one way, or another. He is inclined to block natural rights and constitutional rights to self defense, which make of him a criminal in our system of governement.


Get him gone.

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sounds like a lot dead national guardsmen to me. What does the NRA think of this?

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The NRA thinks what they always think. "Send us a contribution".

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Emergency Asset Seizures:

Tourists and residents angrily accused Governor Farrelly of failing to prepare for the storm and of responding to it ineptly. Few police officers or St. Croix National Guardsmen were on the streets today, and dozens of residents and tourists said guardsmen and police officers had actually taken part in the looting.

''I saw National Guardsmen reaching into the windows and handing jewelry and stuff to people. It was like it was their gift to the people,'' said Rick Fruiesen, who moved here from North Carolina two months ago and now plans to move back.

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Much hype about nothing. He does not have the authority to grant the right to confiscate arms from citizens. This gave emergency procurement authority to the National Guard if they need it. That's all.

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Exactly right. All it means is they don't have to go through a lengthly procurement process to get what they need in an emergency. They can just run out and buy it, yes buy it, from a business. There is no authority, nor intent, to seize weapons from individuals.

Or so said the Governor who issued the order on Tucker Carlson tonight.

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"Emergency procurement authority."


You got...they need it!


Wake up!

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As an older person, I travel the world in retirement.

After reading this, US Virgin Islands is off the list of places I will ever visit.

The governor is a FUBAR, and not an American by his misconduct.


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Democracy is not good for freedom. The best bet is a republic protected by the strongest libertarian Constitution possible that can be enforced by less than 1% of the nations citizens against any voting or pork barreling attacks. Don't depend on more than 1% to do the protecting from forced wealth redistribution, the rest are simply too stupid and can be conned with all kinds of sophisticated inducements.

Thats not to say redistribtionists can't form themselves into private groups and give away their money to each other, just that they can't write laws to take away the money of those individual citizens who choose not to participate.

Otherwise a democracy policy choosing system will produce a mixed economy, degenerating further until it becomes some kind if feudal/socialist/fascist system where free individuals are not tolerated and finally end up with everybody participating because they have a gun to their head.

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That's why you never talk about prepping, to anyone, in some cases not even your wife.

This is a test run if I ever saw one.

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I hope they don't intend to confiscate my fuel-air explosives. It the poor man's nuke!

"When fuel-air explosives are banned only criminals will have fuel-air explosives"

ZeroPoint's picture

Just like pensions. The second you need it *poof* it's gone, care of the gubmint.

megadeadbeat's picture

arrest this man and charge him with violating the US constitution! jail him and strip him of every possesion he has! let that be a warning to the others! ARREST ARREST ARREST HIM....LOCK HIM UP  LOCK HIM UP....

any_mouse's picture

We'll get our firearms back after the storm, right?

IvannaHumpalot's picture

The problem is people shooting at "looters" who are actually search and rescue volunteers. Also mentally ill and drunk people. Take the guns.

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I imagine there would be more deaths trying to disarm drunks and incompetents than in letting them retain their 2nd amendment rights.

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And how many rescuers have been shot mistakenly in Houston so far, son?  No one took our guns.  Dont make excuses, just come out and say it.  American citizens should not be armed.  See?  So much more honest that way.  No need to hide behind the rain commie.


See also:

Liberal gun logic

Dumpster Elite's picture

See, I WANT to disarm you and take all your weapons. I just can't come out and SAY that I want to do that, because of that pesky Constitution. So I have to come up with cute reasons OTHER than "I want to disarm you because then you will be powerless".

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Test case for CONUS. if USVI bends over for this it will only be a matter of time, perhaps even in Florida as Irma approaches or in the aftermath.

Hopefully it will not fall on the USMC and Veteran population to resolve this matter, as once it has begun there will be no stopping it until the traitors and seditionists have been exterminated once and for all.


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calamity r us

Tunga's picture

Where outside of America are the People "allowed" to have guns?

EcoJoker's picture

Need to renew my NRA

Wahooo's picture

Why? So they can run more TV commercials? If the NRA were really effective, this action never would have happened.

BingoBoggins's picture


What'dy I think? Ahead. Inevitable in light of the Sovereign's ignorance.

Blowhard's talkin' trash ain't helpin' neither. I want to read about it in the papers, not in the comments.


ps: save the clickbait for the aquarium



show me ...  clay county, mo

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This is what happens when you take a negro out of Brooklyn and put him in charge of an island.  Pappa Doc the second.

Akzed's picture

Then you realize suddenly, "Huh... the govt is protecting itself, not me. In fact, the govt is protecting itself FROM me."

Swamidon's picture

No news about people rushing to turn in their firearms?  The Right to Bear Arms is not a Weasel Politician's decision.  We are Free Men and if you think otherwise, then come and get it.  In America, if confiscation begins shooting it out is better than a FEMA Camp.

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If you bother to read the Order it deals with '''property that may be required for the performance of the emergency mission." which is intended to "maintain the health, safety and welfare of the people." Well if that isn't one of the key function of a government then I would guess you are an anarchist.  Otherwise do explain.

Xena fobe's picture

National Guardsmen are unarmed and rely on "borrowed" weapons?  Get real.  It's to make citizens helpless victims.

Ckierst1's picture

Government's aspiration to the "performance of the emergency mission", a civil, noncombat mission, I might add, doesn't defeat the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, or if it is attempted then there is no law and vigilante organization is in order to preserve the peace.  USVI is the United States.  This asshole tyrant is no potentate.  He needs a lesson in liberty and individual rights.

Ckierst1's picture

Double post cuz my computer knows better than me what I want to say.

chrbur's picture

What would things have been like if every security operative when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain wheather he would return alive and had to say good-by to his family.......Aleksand Solzenitsyn......The Gulag Archipelago

Swamidon's picture

Didn't he also say that if he'd have known what was going to happen to him, he'd have met them at the door with a gun?

pynky01's picture

How stupid is this guy.....         NG...Vietnam era = Not Going ... the Joey ... Sir, I have no guns to give you.  I do, however, have a small copy of our Constitution you can have.  Good day.

BetterRalph's picture

The Court takes too long, NRA has a lawsuit.
I would defy and hide my stuff.
if ANYONE gets shot I blame the Governor.
He could have ordered national guard into active duty without pissing on the existing rule of law.
But he didn't. HE needs PUNISHMENT for that.

Ckierst1's picture

My guess is that the guard didn't have much time for this crap anyway, given the closing speed of the storm and the duties likely imposed on the Nat Guard.  If I was a Guardsman I would have had a lot of difficulty finding any of the people/arms/businesses/residences.  They did swear an oath to uphold the Constitution.

truthseeker47's picture

I visited the Virgin Islands recently, it seemed like a nice place. Now I would never go back again since the government does not respect the Constitution.

aloha_snakbar's picture

A bunch of island negroes stealing shit from rich white people...having a difficult time giving one half of a fuk over this story...

EcoJoker's picture

This board gets a bad rap of being loaded with racism and you prove their point.  Go kindly hang yourself.   

aloha_snakbar's picture

Wow... you told me...Ill get right on that as soon as your Mom finishes blowing me...

GunnyG's picture

Gee, a nigger Governor, seizing power illegally, just like they do in Africa.

You'll get my guns all right, bullets first.

Umh's picture

... and all the black led cities in the US.

Iknowstuff's picture

They can have my guns but airguns are not considered guns so ill keep my .50 cal Sam Yang pcp and my archery equipment and my slingshots and the crossbow and the knives and the homebrew explosives and and and........ There is more than one way to skin a looter!!!!

Gladi8tor's picture

better check again... 

airguns are classified as firearms

Nobodys Home's picture

I logged in to say thanks for the heads up on the Sam Yang. I hadn't heard of the gun before. It seems awesome! I'm very seriously thinking of buying one.

YourAverageJoe's picture

Seems the first looter that needs to be shot is Kenneth Mapp

e_goldstein's picture

Actually he needs to be hanged... the slow way.

Just before the storm hits.

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The U.S. government is THE jew Supremacist-Period. They gained full control in 1913 withe the so-called "Federal" reserve and its confiscation arm the IRS.

jew supremacist Abe Foxman of ADL is just one of the leaders of these deceitful vipers that have usurped the U.S. Republic.