Syrian Army Breaks Deir Ezzor Siege At Moment The National Soccer Team Stuns World

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Against all odds the Syrian Army has broken the years-long ISIS siege of Deir Ezzor and is now poised to re-establish government control over Syria's east. And for the first time since the start of the war, Middle East analysts are predicting that Assad will eventually consolidate control over much of the entire country.

Early on Tuesday Syrian state media announced the army's breaching of ISIS lines which had surrounded Deir Ezzor city for the first time in three years. Remarkably, a government zone of over 100,000 people, including an army detachment which had long been completely surrounded, survived the years long siege through Syrian, Russian, and U.N. airdrops.

The plight of pro-government civilians trapped and brutalized by ISIS in Deir Ezzor has been largely ignored by international media, even as civilian suffering in other parts of Syria was frequently highlighted. The eastern province's largest city actually came under initial siege by al-Qaeda's Nusra Front prior to Islamic State's expansion in the area.

Syrian troops of the Brigade 137 base, surrounded by ISIS since 2014, were reunited with advancing army soldiers after they successfully lifted the lengthy siege of Deir Ezzor Tuesday. Image source: Al-Masdar News

It appears that ISIS lines are quickly collapsing throughout the area, though like Mosul, it is likely that weeks or months of urban fighting could ensue in what will likely be a slow and grinding process of complete liberation and rooting out of the terrorist insurgency.  The Syrian army issued a statement Tuesday, saying the operation marks "a strategic turn in the war against terrorism", and that once captured, Deir Ezzor will be used as a "launching pad to expand military operations in the region." Russia's Defense Ministry also confirmed direct assistance in the operation, saying that its warship in the Mediterranean fired cruise missiles and successfully destroyed various ISIS targets, including a communications and command center, and weapons depots. Russian media circulated images of the cruise missile strikes.

The Syrian Army's statement doesn't appear to be mere empty boasting or battlefield propaganda: for the first time since the war began over six years ago, notable experts are now predicting that the Syrian government will eventually regain its lost territory throughout most or all of the country. Early this week, for example, Middle East expert Joshua Landis predicted that, "Assad seems well on his way to consolidate power in Syria." Though Landis has been described by CNN and other major outlets as possibly the world's foremost expert on Syria, he's been a lone voice of realism over the past years even as other pundits made constant false predictions of Assad's "imminent downfall".

But as we've recently explained, the media itself has drastically changed its tune. Whereas the previous years' constant drumbeat of bellicose statements emanating from the West and repeat talk of "Assad must go" and "red lines" and constantly failed predictions that "regime demise is imminent," there now seems a general acceptance that the Syrian government has finally emerged victorious. Last week, The Guardian published a lengthy article which reads like a mournful postmortem quoting a who's who of figures previously involved in the push for their hoped-for but unrealized regime change. This comes as British media also reports that the last UK troops training opposition forces in Syria have pulled out as Britain quietly ends the program

On this side of the Atlantic, Trump this summer ordered the closure of the CIA's regime change operations which targeted Assad. And it appears that even Gulf nations - lately embroiled in their own inter-GCC political civil war and airing of dirty laundry - have been forced to temper their rhetoric. Turkey also has reluctantly shifted its priorities in Syria after its well-known and documented regime change machinations - which included facilitating the transfer of tens of thousands of foreign jihadists (the core of which joined ISIS) across its southern border - have backfired. International media, in a reflection undeniable geopolitical realities, have bluntly headlined stories with "And the winner is: Assad" and "We have to accept that Assad will win in Syria" and "How Assad is Winning".

Another expert who goes by the name Ehsani and writes for the influential analysis blog, Syria Comment, obtained rare insider commentary from a senior Syrian government official concerning the lifting of the Deir Ezzor siege and its significance. Ehsani presents the comments as follows:

What a senior source in Damascus had to say about Deir Ezzor: The city had been under siege for 5 years - two under Nusra and three under ISIS. When Mosul fell, the Iraqi Army had almost 10 times the number of people that Syrian Army had in Deir Ezzor. Few predicted we can hold on. The Syrian Army presence resembled a small island surrounded by the black of ISIS. All we had was a total of 7,000 between police and soldiers. Of the 7,000 present, only 2,000 were truly professional soldiers. Many of these men didn't see their families for nearly 5 years. Real medical care was lacking. Leading officers who died had to be replaced several times. A total of 180,000 civilians were also under siege. The State had to provide the security for both citizens & troops. ISIS did not stop its attacks against us once throughout the 3 years. Every time the Iraqi army attacked ISIS, more of the group would move into Syria and their attacks against our troops would increase. Throughout this ordeal, the Syrian leadership did not even once contemplate or made any plans to abandon the city. Recall that US strike against our most important strategic position caused us to lose 10% of our troops stationed to defend the airport side. Roads to Deir Ezzor are now open from most Syrian cities. Citizens under control of terrorists and insurgents will soon all be freed. Deir Ezzor like all cities will come under one flag - the one with 2 stars under one national identity that is immune from fitna [discord] and strife. "Do I believe that the Syria of the future will surprise the world but this time in how we will rebuild & move on? Yes, of course I do."

Concurrently with news of the successful Deir Ezzor campaign, Syrians in government held cities broke out in mass celebrations as Syria's national soccer team advanced into qualifier playoffs in an unprecedented bid for World Cup entry after a dramatic and unexpected tie with Iran on Tuesday.

The Syrian team had previously shocked the world by beating the better resourced Qataris, and will face Australia next month. For the first time in years in appears morale is high in the war-torn country as a degree of hope and normalcy begins to take root in many parts that have only known bloodshed and terrorism for the past half decade.

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It looks like Obama was right about something.....

Juggernaut x2's picture

Back to the drawing board for the Yinon Plan

J S Bach's picture

This is excellent news.  Anything that goes against the satanic state if Israhell's wishes is a good thing.  Now, Assad will have to double his vigilance against skulking assassins and exotic poisons.  Those brave Mossaders are known for their honorable ways in warfare.

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Fuck You McCain!



"I ran, I sucked, I lost"


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Assad is not a bad guy.

He is a freaking eye doctor that got shoved into the position of heir to not-so-good guy Anwar.

If you want you want to look at a bad actor…. Look at Nikki Haley.


Volkodav's picture

     Nurses in UK worked with Bashar told he always decent gentleman kind, courteous, thoughtful..

     they contrasted other ME men much opposite, bad treatment, no respect

Ace006's picture

There is no meanness in the man. You can see that in his face.

CNONC's picture

Anwar?  That would be Egypt, Anwar Sadat.  Bashar Al-Assad replaced his father Hafez Al-Assad  after Hafez's brother, Rifaat, was exiled and his eldest son was killed in a car accident.  I am not so sure that I would characterize the Syrian governmnet, including its current President, as anything like benevolent.  I would surely hate to find myself in the the hands of the Syrian Mukhabarat.  That said, from a humanitarian perspective, the right side seems to be winning.  The Syrian state may have a tendency to tyranny and abuse of human rights, but it never, even under Hafez Al-Assad, inflicted the kind of  damage and lethality that has been unleashed on the Syrian people by the "rebels" and their Western backers.  It is time for Americans to begin considering exercising "their right,... their duty, to throw off such government," because the existing American system has clearly begun a "long train of abuses and usurpations" which seem likely to "reduce them under absolute despotism."

The SAA has risen from near collapse three years ago to the brink of victory.  It has become a professional and lethal opponent, as has Hezbollah.  The IRGC has recieved valuable real life warfighting experience.  The balance of power in the Middle East will change forever as a result.  The decision to remove Assad will be seen as the turning point in American hegemony, for better or worse.  I would caution people, however, to not anticipate the demise of the Pax Americana leading to a new burst freedom in the world, but the opposite.  America has lost its path, and its leadership has become venal and abusive of the power it holds, but the American people can still impose some restraint on its belligerence.  The powers which fill the vacuum left by the American withdrawal will not be benevolent.


otschelnik's picture

 The powers which fill the vacuum left by the American withdrawal will not be benevolent.

Agreed with everything in your post except that last line.  This is also Putin's victory, which is ok, because Russia isn't as bad as we make them out to be. And Russia is going to fill the vacuum.

CNONC's picture

Russia was not who I had in mind with that comment.  I think the Russians, having been bankrupted by the costs of Empire themselves recently, will not wish to fill the power vacuum left by the US, as it, too, learns that it cannot afford Empire.  They will, instead, content themselves with defending a narrow and well defined set of core Russian interests.  Those forces which will fill the vacuum are likely to be local despots, enriching themselves by consuming the capital left behind by the retreat of modernity.  Russia, and the rest of the West (I consider the Russians to be philosophically men of the West, and defenders of modernity.  Many others disagree.) will leave the defense of the remnants of modernity to the locals,  and that is the source of the ugliness which will come.  Secular Modernity is advanced with Assad's victory.  Barbarism, however, will overtake civilization, and modernity will recede in a long series of ugly rear guard actions, of which the Syrian civil war is an exemplar.


otschelnik's picture

Agree that secular modernity will be advanced by Assad's victory.  That's good!  But:  

Barbarism, however, will overtake civilization, and modernity will recede in a long series of ugly rear guard actions

Why so pessimistic? Syria will be fine, and the Russians are back with naval base at Tartus, the air base at Khmeimim, and a firm platform in the middle east for the first time since the USSR collapsed.  That's good too, because every neocon in the DC area woke up today with a bloody nose: Wolfowitz, Pipes, Nuland, McCain, Shillary, Obummer - all of them!  They were willing to side with Islamic Terrorists in order to install US hegemony under some fantasy of American 'divine right.'  Fuck them.  

The only thing we should care about is secularity and modernity in the middle east, and who cares who's in charge.

Conscious Reviver's picture

Re. "... the retreat of modernity."

What is this modernity you are talking about? It sounds like you are crying about the retreat of the Zionist banking cabal which most people, in fact the vast majority of people if they understood what is going on would greet as a terrific development.

Define your terms.

Edit - you're not the poster formally known as RichardP are you? You sound like him.

Ace006's picture

I think of modernity as something maintained and created by practical, intelligent, competent people of the middle class. It's something quite foreign to the financial parasite ckass.

General Titus's picture

You should look to what the Barnabas Fund website has been reporting from the beginning of the ISOG plans to destroy secular Syria.  The Christians & all the other various religious and ethnic groups that comprise secular Syria says about Dr Assad, they love him.  Now Saudi Arabia & Israel...............................they are 2 peas in a pod

Conscious Reviver's picture

Re.  " I would surely hate to find myself in the the hands of the Syrian Mukhabarat."

Why?  What have you done?

I'd much rather talk to Syrian security than be an Iraqi dragged into American run Abu Grahib or Gitmo.

Ace006's picture

An insightful comment though I think there's no tendency toward tyranny in Assad. An unwillingness to tolerate sedition is not tyranny. The jihadi scum caused mch suffering and were guilty of real tyranny. The stupid Syrians who took to the streets were naive snd short-sighted. The shooting that took place in 2011 was instigated by the jihadis, I believe.

Ace006's picture

Assad, the Mad Dog Ophthalmologist!

Her Nikkiness is someone to watch. Her ascendancy is bizarre. Offered Secretary of State according to one report and turned it down. Now she plays dog in the manger at the UN undercutting Trump, who does nothing. She has some important patrons.

Ignatius's picture

Amazing.  Instead of applying the Stalin method of dictatorial leadership as accused, Assad rejected retribution and conscription, and said to his countrymen, "This is your country and here's a rifle.  Fight for your country and your lives, or you and Syria will die."  Add some Russian airforce along with the mutally self interested Iranian and Hezbolah help, and smell the victory.

smacker's picture

Yep, the last laugh goes to Assad with a little help from his allies.

Syria and Russia will now be close allies for a l.o.n.g time.

The final push will be to rout out invaders from the Golan Heights. Go for it!

General Titus's picture

That may be a problem. The fake state of Israel our "friends" have been providing US taxpayer paid for medical assistance, pay, logistics, and most importantly US paid for F-16 "TopCover" to protect the Al-Qaeda terrorists (who they told us did 9/11) from being exterminated from their jihad launching pad in the Golan area (where they launch terrorist attacks murdering & maiming Syrian Christians & other various innocent Syrian peoples)

The world and especially the people of the US should be outraged and demanding an end to all "aid" to the fake state.


smacker's picture

Fair enough but after freeing the rest of Syria, the Golan Heights then remains the final place to rout out occupiers. Russia may welcome the opportunity to impose an air exclusion zone (policed by those nice S-400s etc) or the SAA may be able to attack the occupiers with Russian/Hezbollah assistance.

It's not easy but I can't see Assad willing to allow Israel continuing to occupy any part of his country after this war. I don't think there's much love lost between Russia and Israel and last week Netanyahu was laying down the law to Putin which probably didn't go down too well.

It's gonna be an interesting final chapter to watch ,,,

Agree with your comments about Israel. Here's what I saw printed on a t-shirt a while back where I didn't expect to:

  •  Israel
  • Is Real

General Titus's picture

Since Orthodox Christian Russia & the Christians of secular Lebanon's allies Hezbollah, and Iran have thwarted the updated Yinon Plan (Clean Break) it will be interesting to see how Israel's Al-Qaeda terrorist friends in the Golan are treated and how the fake state of Israel tries to reimplent their war criminal plans to destroy secular Syria. I was guessing they are going to use the "Iran in Syria" angle.

Allot of dummies in the US do not even know that the fake terrorist groups that the US & Co are to various degrees are supporting, are Sunni, while Iran is Shia (as is Hezbollah)

They are like parrots and repeat after Neocon Fox news & some of the other Bolshevik lying MSM  propaganda outlets "Iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism" when the truth is its the US & its comrade Saudi Arabia

veritas semper vinces's picture

Assad has said he ,with his allies,will free all Syria.

Golan will be disinfected from the zionist entity.

After this,free Palestine!

Conscious Reviver's picture

The border went all the way to the Sea of Galilee.

Juggernaut x2's picture

Now If only  that prick, Bibi, could get packed off to jail for fraud and corruption- the same things his wife is going to be charged with

holgerdanske's picture

Leave no ISIS fighter alive.

Be like Caesar, kill them all.

There is no reason to let any of those muslim fighters stay alive.

Apart from a few, that can go back and tell the rest what happened.



Swampster's picture

Leave no ISIS fighter alive....

Why do you hate jews so much?

hestroy's picture

Do you mean those filthy parasites? Well, because they are PURE evil.

strannick's picture

I think you meant to say Zionist. If you didn't mean to say Zionists and conflate the two intentionally to evoke the Concentration camps ..then that's another reason

General Titus's picture

Hello comrade, do you mean these terrorists that they have been helping who have been murdering innocent Syrian peoples including Christians?  (People of the world should be outraged especially Americans) Isn't this the terrorist group they told us did 9/11?

Wall Street Journal: Israel Caught Red-handed Aiding al-Qaeda in Syria

veritas semper vinces's picture

While they were cleaning the border between Syria/Lebanon,Hezbollah caught a high rank ISIS leader,commanding 200 rats,who confesed he was a Mo$$ad agent. Oy vey!

The Lebanon PM,Hariri,a SA stooge,who was recently invited to the White House to receive his marching orders ,is bad mouthing Hezbollah.But it is unsuccesful  as the population of Lebanon(mostly Christians and Sh'ia are with Hezbollah)

General Titus's picture

wikileaks had revealed that the minority Lebanese Christian party which opposes the Free Patriot Movement, Hezbollah's friend and ally, was begging Saudi Arabia for money and would than take marching orders from them on what to do.


Another cable from the Saudi Embassy in Beirut relayed a request by a Christian politician, Samir Geagea, for cash to relieve his party’s financial problems. The cable noted that Mr. Geagea had stood up for the kingdom in news media interviews, opposed the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad and had shown “his preparedness to do whatever the kingdom asks of him.”

Cables Released by WikiLeaks Reveal Saudis’ Checkbook Diplomacy

Conscious Reviver's picture

Interesting. Thanks. This Geagea has been poking his head up a lot lately. The fact that the NYT is talking trash about him must mean he's being hung out to dry.

HardAssets's picture

Capture those who will tell who sponsored and trained them. Put them on camera for the world to see

holgerdanske's picture

You and I already know who did that, USA, or should I say the industrial military complex of the USA.

I believe most citizens are honourable people in the USA, but their government more than stinks.

Why you put up with them is a mystery!

Thank god for Putin, -- never thought I would have to say that!

veritas semper vinces's picture

It is difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria and Australia. But there is nothing we can do about this; this is the level of political culture among part of the American establishment. As for the American people, America is truly a great nation if the Americans can put up with so many politically uncivilised people.

Mr. Vladimir Putin

Conscious Reviver's picture

Thank God for Putin. I can say that it's easy. Thank God for President Vladomir Putin. Spasiba.

otschelnik's picture

It's a good idea, but who will show it?  NPR, MSNBC, CNN, NYTimes, the Young Turks?   You think GOOLAG and FB will allow posts of the videos? 

General Titus's picture

And do not ever forget what Benghazi was really about, Hillary & Obama helping to coordinate the looting of the Libyan armories to send the weapons to the Al-CIA-DUH & ISIS mercenary terrorists as the Lebanese navy's seizure of the Lutfallah II proved. Glen Beck's video "Libya The True Story" nailed the truth



veritas semper vinces's picture

Go Syria! Go Russia!Go Iran! Go Hezbollah! You all showed the world ,the Western nations what dignity,courage and heroism while defending your lands and the right to live how you stood tall in front of the most vicious and perfidious attack from a huge army backed by US,UK,most NATO countries and Golf countries. And you prevailed.

Meanwhile,the West is busy with the MSM lies,their government hubris and crimes,and their "selfies". Let them rot under their own irrelevance.

The history will write in amazement about the real heroism(not Hollywood BS) .

The US and EU(at US orders) have sanctioned the generals and fighters defending deir Ezzor(gen Issam Zahreddine).Not that they care about those low lifes! But it makes you proud to be an American,doesn't it?Israhell complained at the UN that Russia is giving diplomatic "cover"to Hezbollah. US bombed "by mistake" last year the most important fortified positions of the Syrian garnizone at Deir Ezzor ,killing 106 soldiers ,after which ISIS occupied it. It will be liberated soon!

Is there any doubt,any doubt at all who US ,Israhell,Uk created and supported?

I really,really hope that the winning party ,the coalition of courage,will  have international tribunals for those who committed the montruous war crimes against Syria,Iraq,Lybia,Yemen,Afghanistan,Ukraine,Serbia,etc. And those tribunals will juge real crimes ,not imaginary ones like Nuremberg trials.

The NWO(or ZWO) is going down.Finally!

I celebrated the Syrian victory at Deir Ezzor(it was sweet,very sweet,especially knowing that Israel ,US ,UK and SA  were choking on their impotence).

General Titus's picture

The fake state of Israel assisting the same terrorist group they told us did 9/11, should outrage the peoples of the world and especially Americans, but I guess the Flouride in the water and the 24/7 lies of the Bolshevik MSM along with the dumbed down education system has really made a nation of liberal self-hating zombies in the West hasn't it? So when and where did you get your pair of sunglasses? I got mine back during Pat Buchanan's 1996 presidential run

veritas semper vinces's picture

I was red pilled when I started noticing there was no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats,during Bush the moron era.

What really consolidated it,was when I started analyzing the 911 event.

After i realized what 911 meant,everything else fell in place.

As I stated before,I have two Litmus tests to categorize people into red pilled or blue pilled:

-911 truth

-the Federal Reserve role,who runs it,what it did to our economy

General Titus's picture

So you figured out the Marxist "Hegelian Dialectics" of US (and most of the West's) fake political systems.

Good job.

Now allot of people do not know about Building 7. What I do with the 9/11 treasonous false flag is explain to people that Iraq, which had nothing to do with the 9/11 psych-ops, was invaded after 9/11 because 9/11 was done so that a series of nations (who were secular) could be invaded, bombed, destroyed for a war criminal policy paper laid out in 1996 calling for 7 nations to be bombed or invaded in which iraq, libya, & Syria were 3 of the 7 nations! Its a great truth exposure.

Viva La Revolution!

LightBulb18's picture

I think you have it backwards, it's the empire of gentiles who benefits by covering up Jewish power, Jewish inequality of wealth and numbers of Jewish billionaires. The Jewish people benefit from gentiles being honest about mostly hating Jews, that doesn't change the fact that 7 out of 8 russian billionaires are Jewish, and probably the majority of chinese billionaires are equally Jewish as american or european billionaires are Jewish. Righteous gentiles benefit from knowing liberty is based on the Jewish bible, as is nationalism, although their is A genetic inclination on these concepts. evil gentiles become more evil as they become aware that Jewish power is more than they agree to. Their passion can't alter Gods creation, and the laws of economic inequality, but it can expose them as haters instead of reasonable people who don't have much power and should be disagreed with.

Conscious Reviver's picture

How many of your claimed 7 out of 8 are still walking around free in Russia instead of doing hard time in jail kike Mikhail Khodorkovski? Or fled to Israel like Michael Cherney and Vladimir Gusinsky? Or dead like Boris Berezovsky found hanging in Ascot? I understand Cherney is still waiting for his $2B settlement that he is never going to see. Roman Abromovich identified as a Russian and stayed. Putin made him govenor of Siberia or some part there of and he was very popular and successful as such. Good for him. Good for Russia. Berezovsky ran the Kremlin under Yeltsin before he ran away. Perhaps you haven't noticed but things changed once Vlad took over.

Update your spiel. Get with the now. Get out of the '90s when the Harvard boys were free to loot Russia under the guise of introducing capitalism. That all ended with Putin and the Russians love him for it.

Ace006's picture

Obama was an enemy of Syria. We're just fortunate he didn't attack openly. I give him credit for that.

MFL5591's picture

Ahahahah!  Total clown show lead by the Tribe to create hate and divsion!  Do not believe any of this is by chance!

The central planners's picture

They should be burning the US and Israel flag along with the ISIS one. But they are so noble that didnt do it.