Top EU Court Threatens Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic With Fines If They Refuse Refugees

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Concluding a months-long saga in which central and eastern European nations revolted against Brussels' refugee policies, on Wednesday the European Union’s highest court ruled that EU states must take in a share of refugees who reach Europe, dismissing complaints by Slovakia and Hungary and reigniting an angry row between east and west. The Court upheld the EU’s right to order national governments to take in their "fair share" of asylum seekers, arguing that "the mechanism actually contributes to enabling Greece and Italy to deal with the impact of the 2015 migration crisis and is proportionate."

The ECJ ruling is a victory for western European states like Germany, France and Italy, who have pushed for EU "solidarity" over the migration issue. Italy, now the main destination for migrants risking the Mediterranean crossing, is prominent among wealthier, Western states in threatening their eastern neighbors with cutting their EU subsidies if they do show solidarity by taking people in. Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said he would still not take a quota but was ready to help in other ways.

The affirmative ruling means that Hungary and Slovakia will face fines if they refuse to abide by the quota system. Europe's mandatory refugee quota system was approved in September 2015 by a majority of EU member states, but was rejected by Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary. Poland supported the plan, but later strongly opposed it when the right-wing PiS government came to power.  As a result, the legal challenge was also backed by Poland, which alongside Hungary has not taken in any asylum seekers. Slovakia and the Czech Republic have only taken in a handful.

All four countries also say migrants will disrupt their societies and the EU's focus should be on protecting its external borders.

To enforce the decision, the EU executive also said on Wednesday it was ready to institute court proceedings within weeks that could lead to fines for Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic if they refuse to take in refugees.

Speaking to reporters after the EU’s top court, the European Court of Justice (ECJ), upheld the legality of quotas for states to take migrants relocated from the Mediterranean, Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said: “If the member states that have not relocated at all or not for a long time do not change their approach in the coming weeks, we should then consider to take the last step in the infringement procedure, taking Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to the European Court of Justice.

The ECJ has the power to levy financial penalties on governments which fail to comply with EU law. It is unclear how the eastern European nations will respond if directed by Brussels to pay billions if they maintain their refusal to accept migrants.

* * *

Previously, Slovakia and Hungary argued the EU broke its own rules and exceeded its powers when it approved the quota system with a "qualified majority," or about two-thirds vote.  The ECJ countered by saying in its ruling that the EU "was not required to act unanimously when it adopted the contested decision."

According to Reuters, the government of Hungary’s nationalist Prime Minister Victor Orban was characteristically blunt about the European Court of Justice, calling its decision to uphold an EU policy drafted in the heat of the 2015 migrant crisis as “appalling” and denouncing a political “rape of European law and values”. However, Germany, which took in the bulk of over a million people who landed in Greece two years ago, said it expected the formerly communist states, including Poland, which supported the complaint, to now fall in line and accept the ruling that the Union is entitled to impose quotas of asylum-seekers on states.

Meanwhile, the European Commission predictably welcomed the ECJ ruling.  "ECJ confirms relocation scheme valid. Time to work in unity and implement solidarity in full," said EU Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said that the ruling means eastern European members must abide by the refugee sharing scheme. "I always said to our eastern European partners that it is right to clarify questions legally if there is doubt. But now we can expect all European partners to stick to the ruling and implement the agreements without delay," Gabriel said in a statement.

But in a demonstration of just how powerless Europe is to enforce judicial rulings across the union, Slovakia said that it accepted the top court decision but it was still against the refugee scheme.

"Our position on quotas does not change," Prime Minister Robert Fico said. "We will continue to work on having solidarity expressed in different ways other than forcing (on us) migrants from other countries that don't want to be here anyway."

In Budapest, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto called the court's decision "outrageous and irresponsible." 

"This decision jeopardises the security and future of all of Europe," he told a press conference, adding that the decion was political. "Politics has raped European law and values," he said.

Poland similarly warned it will continue to refuse to accept migrants Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said on Wednesday: “I was convinced that such a decision would be made (by the court), but this absolutely does not change the stance of the Polish government with respect to migration policy,” Szydlo told reporters on the sidelines of a business conference.

* * *

Only 24,000 of 160,000 refugees from Greece and Italy have been transferred to other states under the EU's refugee burden sharing policy. Under the policy, Hungary is required to take in 1,294 refugees and Slovakia 902. The European Commission is also carrying out legal action against the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland for refusing to implement the EU directive. 

Nearly 1.7 million migrants have arrived in the EU from the Middle East and Africa since 2014.   Migration flows have slowed since 2016, when the so-called Balkan route was largely closed and an EU migration deal with Turkey brought boat crossing to Greece down to a trickle.  The EU has meanwhile sought to reduce migrant crossings from Libya.

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Fuck the EU!


Vicky   ;-)

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I hope the Eastern European nations continue to give Brussels and Berlin the finger. 

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Refugees my ass......this is a planned invasion!


When you're being invaded.....the only thing to do is shoot to kill.

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You will multiculturalize...

...or we will punish you with fines until you comply.


Sovereignty - a word that should be surgically removed from the languages of the EU.

Because the sheeple have no idea what it means and don't deserve to have it in their respective dictionaries, given their continued support (the majority, that is) of the decadent cunts in Brussels.

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or simply proceed to accept refuges and facilitate their relocation to Germany on the "down low"...

Fuck the EU.

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Q: What's the penalty for not paying the fines?

A: More fines

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EU BORG! ... Resistance is Futile, YOU will be A$$imilated...

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So what is next? Czechsit?

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Why can't they be sent back to Africa?

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A Polish minister already said that accepting migrants is much worse than any paying any fine. Get your pop-corn ready, the V4 will show you how to fight.

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     never know what the poles are gonna do to themselves..

     well, normal the idiot leadership is responsible,

     but who elects them tells some about polack judgement

     Orban's Hungary looks will stand

     Czech I hear also, but know less about

     other eastern europes leaders sold out, but people less agree



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Poland, Hungary and my beloved Czech republic (if you haven't visited yet, you should...) must leave the EU.
I believe they will be better off outside of this crazy Marxist organization.

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And this is their opportunity to leave painlessly.  

Do not co-operate with Brussells demands.   Do not pay any Brussells mandated fines.

AND  Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic will be summarily evicted from the EU.

They will not to have to waste time and resources on referendums or negotiations (as have the British) and they will find themselves free: immediately and with no further obligations.

Way to go!

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It should be evident to any thinking EU members they want to dictate to you and have no regard for what you want, your sovereignty, your safety.

These countries need to continue to oppose

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I don't know. Something is cooking in Hungary . Mr. Putin was invited there a few days ago.For the third time this year.

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Yes. Sure looks like a potential war to me.

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If it's so wonderful to take the refugees, Germany should take all of them.

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George Jetson called the EU recently.  He was quoted as saying "Jane, get me off this crazy thing!"


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Take your muslim hordes. They're good for you. You won't get any ice cream mister.

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Yes, and some countries caught ob just in time.

There is no higher authority than God in Poland. Take "refugees" and you will have a revolution on your hands.

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There was no mass exodus from the Middle East to Europe until W. Bush's and Obama's insane "bomb everything, all the time" policies were implemented.

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Wrong.  It is mostly from Africa, mostly males.  How about you learn what's going on before you white guilt accept this crap.

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They control the narrative by choosing the words.

Invaders not refugees.

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A Mafia needs to be empowered by special privleges -  in return for taking out in every form and way  -  100%  - men, women, children

all citiznes should have an APP to show location of any of these invaders for approprate action

so those that follow never enter these lands

all citizens should have firearms and right to shoot under any pretext to protect family and property.

its clear we are moving to a final stage in this long term Kalegri Plan

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looney says fuck em ; you say finger em ; that's all there is to say

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Fist em?  Can that be added to the list?

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East Europeans know how totalitarianism works.  They know how the Soviet system works.  I would give them much more credit than the fattened entitled Western European herds.

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Time for some commando raids in Brussels and Berlin by Eastern European forces.

Round up the politicians forcing this directive, take them to the public square for summary execution.

Same goes for these so called judges in these EU courts.

This is nothing short of a declaration of war on those East European countries. 

Time for those who start this war to face justice. 

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And her Satanic Twin from Wisconsin ( that shares a beach house with her in Tel Aviv

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It has to be clear to even the dimmest bulb, that the object of this policy is to obliterate the cultures and homogeneity of the countries making up the EU. The EU rulers are attempting to break the ability of individual countries to set their own course and to have a cultural identity. This would allow the EU to pass any law, enforce any dictate without a majority of people in any country to subvert their efforts. It can't be any clearer, and why the people in the EU aren't recognizing this is baffling. Merkel should be drawn and quartered for being a traitor to her people. What an asshole.

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I'm sure most people in the EU are well aware of what is going on, but their govenrments have criminalized dissent. It's OK for brown-skinned rapefugees to rape European girls, but it is criminal for native European people to criticize the rapists.

Forward (over the cliff)!

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And how exactly is the EU going to force countries to pay their 'fines.'  Seems to me that the EU is cooking is own goose.

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Through the removal of subsidies.

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Sanctions in all forms will escalate - these countries leaders need to educate their people on the seige they are about to engage and recognize they need to opt out of the EU and go to Russia for support and in the end a new trading block formed which the EU will honor without their EU rules for immigration


France / Germany / Sweden / Italy are lost and probably Spain / Netherlands / Norway  and the rest in the west - abandon Ship / abandon Ship !

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Time to reconstruct the iron curtain.

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Now that communism is dead it's time to reconstruct the Warsaw Bloc!

Then a new and improved iron curtain not to keep Hungarians and Slavs in, but to keep maggots OUT!

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"During early September the experienced 5,000 Ottoman sappers had repeatedly blown up large portions of the walls between the Burg bastion, the Löbel bastion and the Burg ravelin, creating gaps of about 12m in width. The Viennese tried to counter this by digging their own tunnels to intercept the depositing of large amounts of gunpowder in subterranean caverns. The Ottomans finally managed to occupy the Burg ravelin and the low wall in that area on 8 September 1683. Anticipating a breach in the city walls, the remaining Viennese prepared to fight in the inner city."

I'm re-posting the Battle of Vienna in appropriate articles through 12 September. ( )

So instead of Ottoman sappers, the EU is sending in 3rd World Muslim scum to undermine Europe.

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But this time it's to keep people OUT; not to keep people in.

I can see people trying to get over that wall, but the opposite way.

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yes the irony is incredible - the one solid christian nation - Russia now is the savior for Poland et al and the new Iron Curtain is formed to protect the purity of Poland

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Omen IV    Didn't the "Russian" politician  Vladimir Zhirinovsky  threaten Poland and the Baltic states with carpet bombing, dooming and wiping them all out in 2014? I hope that Christian Russia has changed since.

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Leave and join the UK.

The only sensible thing to do.

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Fuck the UK.

They were doing this 3rd world population importation for over 20 years and are more screwed than almost any continental EU country, with the only exception being Sweden. 

On top of that, they still fuck with other countries and spread misery across the world.

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What a naive statement. UK is part of the Anglo-American_Zionist Empire,who is runnung all this action(EU is a vassal).EU was a creation of the See Eye Ayy( Jean Monnet was their man). And NATO,the armed arm of the empire ,run by US, was created to keep US in,Germany down and Russia out pf Europe.UK(the City of London) is the "heart",America is the "muscle"(through its huge army) and the Zionist Entity is the brain.

When you know all this,you have a different perspective about what is happening.

This is a movement to abolish the nation states,especially the white,Christian,homogeneous ones. A homogeneous population has same goals,traditions,culture and is more difficult to control. A "multicultural" population is divided,with no real unity in their goals,easy to break. See what happens in the US. Whites against blacks.Women(feminists movement created by the same suspects) against men. I Europe ,bring in low IQ blacks and muslims,who are also very emotional and have a choleric personality and are easy to manipulate(like women ,they react with emotions ,not cold judgement. It is funny for me to say this,as I'm a woman).

Now,ask yourself who and for what purpose  is promoting all this multiculturalism,"empowering of women",special rights for minorities(like affirmative action )when in fact everybody should have the same God given rights?

If you are able to answer this,then you will understand what's happening here and in Europe.

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Yeah... I'm sure that will get them to capitulate in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

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I remember seeing that march a few motnhs ago of over 100,000 Poles protesting against any more muzlim rapefugees being imported in support of their governments policies to keep them out.

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I know (

And thanks to the Russian Federation and Iran that dream of owning the Levant is dying and rather rapidly I might add.

Perhaps Bi Bi will be generous and reward them with beach houses in Haifa even with the failed effort for all the risks they have taken on behalf of the U.S. British and Israeli government(s)?!!!

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No. Bibi is sending his rats to Europe and US.