Jobless Claims Spike Most Since 2005 Amid Harvey Hangover

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Initial jobless claims spiked 62k last week - thanks to a 51k surge in Texas - as the impact of Hurricane Harvey ripples (transitorily) through economic data.

This 26% spike in claims is the largest since 2005 (and biggest absolute rise since 2012).

The 298k print is the highest since April 2015.

The results are among the first to show that Harvey, which made landfall on Aug. 25 along the Gulf Coast in Texas, will cause swings in broader economic data. Employment may be depressed initially until rebuilding and recovery efforts in flooded areas around Houston take hold.

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must be real secure jobs if you lose it due to severe weather; says a lot about the "recovery"

"The results are among the first to show that Harvey, which made landfall on Aug. 25 along the Gulf Coast in Texas, will cause swings in broader fake economic data and fed jawboning. Employment may be depressed initially until rebuilding and recovery efforts in flooded areas around Houston take hold and an actual recovery takes place in the real world and not just on paper.

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Dollar gonna shit 100 pips right here

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USDX 91.88 critical support level. Has headed there and quickly reverted up, now third time. Three taps and a break through?

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The USD should be worth nothing by now.

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EVERY member of the elite is doing everything in their considerable power to make sure the dollar retains its value and that the masses continue to have great "confidence" in it. It is literally a con game.

The people committing the con are all on the same page, my brother. The printing press must be protected. If it is not protected - if the "con" is not successful - 100 percent of the people in this "club" will be up Shit Creek without a paddle.  

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Isn't this bullish for jobs? just think of all the cleaning up, rebuilding...etc. buy the dips?

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So how many of those "Waiter and Bartender" jobs (In a demonstrably declining sector because most Americans don't have any disposable income) were "Created" in Texas? Or Florida for that matter? Whole new level of .Gov BS data accomin?

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Then Kim should nuke America. Rebuilding and recovery after that will create more secure jobs. Actually there will be more jobs around than people. 

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Higher Jobless claims are a GOOD thing for the stock market.  Stocks will rally today.

Also, after Tuesday's big drop, stocks have to recover at least half the losses by law.

Remember, there is no BAD news in a rigged stock market.

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No problems Trump will create more jobs out of thin air.

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Jobs? Who needs to do actually work when money is FREE, thanks to ZIRP/NIRP (at least for people in banking and finance)


"Full Faith and Credit"

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And if a little ZIRP doesn't work, then let's try a lot...........

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No one should have to work for this shit.

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Hurricanes and snow to blame retail growth. 

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Nothing 20 more years of Fed "mandate" can't fix

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Where's Slack Jack to post his global warming bullshit?

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he's outside measuring the sea rise... but only has a dipshit,  oops- I mean stick

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He is modifying Google's, Al gore rhythm. Sent from a Zerohedge friend.

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Retail is still operating under the 80's Yupi tactical economic model  

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keep stackin' bitchez!!

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And worse next week.

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You can add the State of Florida next week!


My house is under water, car is fucked, but I still think I could catch the bus to file for unemployment!

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Heck yeah I would. Actually around here it's all by phone. Oops, the phone is floating down a river somewhere.

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Nothing that a universal basic income can't solve. Just let em stay home. 

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Trump should be having a ball right now. Everything happening all at once and on his watch. But he just wants to play golf.

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Hurricane Irma will add to the total.

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Inflation depends on both money supply & velocity of money.

Wages depend on closed markets, National Boundaries, Control of Capital going off shore, Trade Policy, Balance of Trade/Current Account Policies,... Black Market Labor,... unlimited fiat creation policy of US Congress & Central Bank,...

Social Security program depends on control of Inflation, accounting for demographics like new imported labor, length of life,... control of the Black Market Labor,... National Boundaries, Control of Capital going off Shore, Trade Policy,... limits on Money Creation/Fiat...

Sight Picture of Economics depends on truth in Statistics... repeal of Boskin Commission Reforms on CPI... removal of Federal Spending on GDP, removing inflation from GDP,... Unemployment has grown since technology has ramped up in our economy despite what Jason Furman, Presidential Advisor Says... Tax Base has gone overseas with capital & jobs created by technology.