Catastrophic Damage On Caribbean Islands As Seen From Space

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As the following "before and after" photos taken from the French Keraunos satellite show, the catastrophic damage on Barbuda can be seen from space with the entire island stripped of tropical foliage and left brown.

And here is a similar photo from space showing the mostly destroyed island of St. Marten

Next, a video of what Hurricane Jose looked like when the Intl. Space Station flew over it at 10:10am EDT this morning, and then over Hurricane Irma 90 minutes later.

Below is a clip showing the aftermath from Irma on the British Virgin Islands:

Then some aerial images of the massive traffic jam on the Florida Turnpike as people attempt to flee the Hurricane:

Finally, a photo showing all three concurrent hurricanes above the Atlantic as of this moment.

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Did anyone else notice the before and after photos of St. Martens? Look at the clouds. They're the same. They coloured the image themselves. Someones up to no good.

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Make sure you mention Harp.. You will get lots of up arrows

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Editor thought these were before and after, but I suspect the reddish image is an infrared of the same time and place, with red showing where all the green trees and jungles are. 

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sota like there is no such thing as outer space therefore no sattelites or space station, its all just one big lie, if there were such great sattelites why do we need spy planes, they are laughing at you

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They are not identified as before and after photos, and the intro comment refers to it in the singular ("photo"). The one on the right is a zoom in image with the reddish tint on areas that appear to be where the water has submerged large swaths of the area.

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Good eye, photo shopped fear porn, wonder what the agenda could be.

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That last photo is a bitch. Anyone else notice how the MSM is not showing all three at once?

Curious and curiouser.

Deep In Vocal Euphoria's picture

the geoengineers will get what they deserve.

the social engineers will get what they deserve.


if not by natural causes if not by nature. other spieces from space will eventually find earth, save the survivors and finish off the job.............


no prisoners................traitors of the earth will be dealt with....



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How did you make that avatar?  I do that dance,....Really. 

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Sheep on the move.

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Get long bottled water

grunk's picture

Just went from $100/case to $200/case in Sanibel and Captiva.

just the tip's picture

the hell with bottled water.

drink your woodford reserve neat.

ICValue's picture

Played up you might believe it's as bad as they say.

docmac324's picture

Spool up the JAWS music, she's a coming..


Proofreder's picture

Or the Timpani drums of war from CNN - Gulf I

boom  boom  boom  boom        boom             bbbbbbbboom

and now, Wulf Blitzed, live, sort of ...

just the tip's picture

it was a she?  well that explains everything.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Not even sure what I am looking at... looks like something I horked out of my nose this morning...

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Hurricane Irma takes off her strap-on and says to the British Virgin Islands, "Guess you ain't a virgin no more!"

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no, that's what the hurricane that is coming in after jose' is going to say to the british virgin islands.

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Hurricane IRMA is 300 miles in diameter. The total amount of spinning mass including moisture must be unimaginable. How can that much mass and momentum suddenly turn northward? I predict that IRMA will head into the gulf, gain wind speed and head for Louisiana, Alabama or the Panhandle.

Infinite QE's picture

The HAARP "driver' has different directions.

just the tip's picture

imagine if you will ..............

i've always wanted to say that.  i digress.

there is a high pressure cell that is moving out of the central US to the southeast.  weather moves about in the US and most of us think nothing of it.  however, the weather forces in the US airspace are very powerful.  and, when this high pressure cell moves southeast, as it is, it will collide with irma.  i refer to it as an immovable object meeting an irresistable force.

however, as in all weather system patterns, timing is everything.  so the northward turn will take place when these two forces collide.  irma could go up the atlantic side of florida, irma could go up the gulf side of florida, irma could go right up the middle.  but irma won't make it into the gulf.  the real unimaginable momentum is with that high pressure cell, that incidentally is what kept katia down in mexico instead of moving north into texas.  and, that high pressure cell came over me the other day, and all i got was sunshine and a gentle breeze.

have nice day.

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Do a similar analysis for inner cities in the 50's and today. Talk about climate change...

buttmint's picture

......the real fuckaroo that Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana, The Carolinas will all have re-learn: allowing development and permitting structures in a No-Go Zone.

A little late now, but when and if Insurance companies refuse to insure anything other than an ice cream cone stand near the water's edge will homo sapiens learn.

My feckin' house insurance (no fire, no flood, no tidal zone, no e-quake zone...and no claims) went up by $550 July 2017.

My guess is that the fucktards will raise it another $750 come July 2018.


Oh. you rent, say you? Then YOUR RENT will go up to reflect hiked insurance premiums. Shocked poor 'lil snowflake?

I know there are other ZHer Landlords out there and millenials need to TAKE A BUSINESS LAW 101 class. As in mas pronto!

I rent to upper-echelon income earners and the mistakes ordinary people make with their decisions is heartbreaking. Some female tenant busts up with her bf and breaks her bust a contract, there are CONSEQUENCES---as in you can kiss your $1100 damage deposit GOODBYE!

Many renters never bother to read their lease until it is too fucking late. Totally avoidable.

I had a Classique Nut-Job stop by today. Lady had needle tracks all over one of her arms and pronounced herself "Clean," then added she would be bringing along FIVE DOGS.

Listen up tenants-----if you want to live in a kennel, then try renting with a shitload of dogs---be my quest!!! Bit not on my dime..... Total SnowFlake Thought Patterns. Such jerks have never had to REPAIR the incredible damage wrought by pets that are ignored.


Stud Duck's picture

Your post/remarks reminded me ofa Cuban I had a claim with in Hurricane Andrew in south Miami. He left his flock of little poodles in the house and evacuated for the big blow up north. 8 dyas later he got the the severly damaged house on the exterior but was claiming all the interior damage from the dog. They pissed on his super high dollar itilian made boots, scratched the shit out of all the wood work ect. Carpet spots ect.

I denied the animal damage and the fucker went ape shit, offering to shoot me,called Travelers insurance company with the same threats for me in particular. He was a low level operator in the Cuban mafia I heard later.

I advised the guy where I lived in Boca, and that I never go to a war zone disaster w/o my pistola and machine gun, used to hot heads like him as I am from Ozark hillbilly country and could handle anything he could put out, then show him some of my finer skills with a firearm.

Expecting a lot of misery down in south Florida soon, the fucker that rodeout Andrew ain't gonna stick around for this one I assure you. They got the shit scared out of them in Andrew. They all had a "I thought I was gonna die" story.

DistortedPictures's picture

I guess in Boca this weekend a lot of yarmulkes will be flying off heads. 

shovelhead's picture

Scary insurance adjusters...

Why am I amused?

Conan the Actuarian.

just the tip's picture

that's what happens when you get your homeowners from obamacare.

if you llke your house, you can keep your house.

RovingGrokster's picture

Never mind your own insurance premiums - check your wallet.
The reason people take dumb risks and rebuild in harm's way is that the Federal government insures them to do so, at our expense.
There is no private flood insurance because anywhere the risk is serious, the Feds stole the business. If flood insurance were priced according to actuarial risk calculations, nobody would be building in risky spots unless they could afford an appropriate structure, and self-insurance.

werker's picture

Florida is LUCKY.    Now you SEE that you cannot evac. in less than 5 hrs.  Cumbre' Vieja will

OVERSWEEP that 8 ft. ASL glade and KILL MILLIONS.   I warned you idiots on 1/9/16 that THIS WOULD HAPPEN.  My name is DANIEL and I represent JUSTICE.  I was sent here to WARN YOU.

It TAKES WHAT IT TAKES      Cartwright vs. Cartwright  Texas county Mo. Judge Douglas Gaston presiding.   1/9/16  9:00 am.   (get the court minutes)

Wanna keep fucking around?   Lets play you nancy boys! 

3 X-flares,...... 8.1 EQ in mehiko,..... Fires off the charts in the west?  


You got LUCKY getting this hurricane.   100 lives vs. 5 million.


OCnStiggs's picture

Step away from the sugary cereals Danny boy...

just the tip's picture

that video from the space station is an obvious fake.

for starters, you do know there are russians on the ISS?  secondly, there is no fucking way you can have water on the top of a picture.  everyone knows the water will drain down.  and thirdly, the hurricane is upside down.

what a bunch of dipshits?

Snaffew's picture

wow...i hope you just forgot to put (sarc) at the end of your post.  The hurricane isn't upside down...that's the orientation of the camera from space as the ISS orbits around earth...water flows from a higher elevation to a lower elevation always on the way towards sea level---water flows north, south, east and west.

Griffin's picture

It looks like Irma took her toll on some of those islands.

I guess they will have to change their tax laws if they want to rebuild from the ruins.




Sh3epdog's picture

Looks so beautiful and peaceful from space. Sad the damages to people's homes and business' though. With current building durability it may make it unpractical to set up long term societies on such islands if it's likely that hurricanes wipe everything out every 50 or so years. In the past probebly successful small societies put up buildings fast and 'cheap' as far as labor and materials were concerened, but it also makes some sense why there aren't major records of advanced civilizations with major roots/archeological footprints in areas where major hurricanes were/are common. 

shovelhead's picture

Now picture some Spanish 'Conquistadors' running around after that hacking up survivors.

This shit's old news in the Caribbean.

cheech_wizard's picture

Mother Nature takes no prisoners...

brazilian's picture

May she wipe off the map that idiotic oracle of Americqan moronic eternal adolescence, Disney World.

RabbitOne's picture

What we need to do is collect $5000 from every conservative... set up a huge free stuff center on these islands before each storm to attract liberals...then fly the liberals there the day before the storm...with no return flight...

headless blogger's picture

My guess: A lot of people will be migrating to mainland USA from the Carribean. Some of the islands are too devastated. Many will leave.

LeftandRightareWrong's picture

If the buildings are man-made, is the damage therefore man-made?  Land use is the problem, not climate change.  And that is settled science.

Rhal's picture

Good point.

And how many of these building were built this way after the last hurrican?

New buildings in hurricane zones should be concrete on high ground whenever possible.