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The club members are the children of Satan who have given their life over to him in return for earthly rewards. And, you might ask, "why not?". This is after all Satan's world ... why not suck up to the boss? Satan's children may not be creative, but they are good at copying others.

Just not for me...

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I'm pretty sure Howdy Doody was a puppet.

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Arlo Guthrie/I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

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Arlo Guthrie City Of New Orleans/www savevid com]

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John Cale - Hanky Panky Nohow
never mind. no?
If the sacheting of gentlemen
Gives you grievance now and then
What's needed are some memories of planing lakes
Those planing lakes will surely calm you down

Nothing frightens me more
Than religion at my door
I never answer panic knocking, falling
Down the stairs upon the law
What law?

There's a law for everything
And for Elephants that sing to keep
The cows that agriculture won't allow
Hanky Panky nohow
Hanky Panky nohow oh
There's a name for everything
And for Elephants that sing to keep
The cows that agriculture won't allow
Hanky Panky nohow
Hanky Panky nohow
john cale
truth is, there be a law for every exception and an exception
for every law. so that goes...
John Cale - Half Past France
'we're so far away floating in this space. .."

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George Orwell just called from the grave to say..."Toldja so!"...

"The Associated Press shirked their own style guide in a recently published article, using “undocumented citizens” in lieu of their usual “undocumented immigrants.”

...its like "undocumented illegal alien citizens" or...sumpin. And we wonder why people are acting so fucking retarded.


Here we go, speaking of retards...

Susan Mauldin was the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Equifax Inc when the massive data hack occurred.

So whatcha reckon her credentials were?

"Maulding’s education credentials include a bachelor’s degree in music composition (magna cum laude) and a Master of Fine Arts degree in music composition (summa cum laude), both from the University of Georgia."


So, we're watching the Weather Channel...literally laughing our asses off! @ Jim Cantore...yapping about some freshly planted tree being blown Gov Scott cuts in for a statement. He gets done in English, starts delivering in Spanish for the Spanish speakers and the Weather Channel breaks away back to...Jim Cantore and his stupid little tree in the parking lot of Marriot.

We look at each other like...'Huh, dontcha think the Spanish only speakers would like to know what he just said?"

Clearly the Weather Channel is raaayzist!


Definitely NOT Jim Cantore ;-)


Hahaha!! Good one WB!

"Consume mass quantities!"

(of OPM)

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Jamie Dimon ventures beyond Wall Street to have a say in Washington

(Reuters) - JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM.N) Chief Executive Jamie Dimon is starting to look like Corporate America's shadow president.

The 61-year-old banker has made more than a dozen trips to Washington so far this year to press a broad agenda with a range of influential policymakers, people who attended the meetings or are familiar with his schedule said. Dimon has already visited the nation's capital four times as much as he does in a typical year.

FBI probing cop who arrested nurse.

Absolute must read!

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sam Gill, whose office is investigating the incident, said he requested the FBI’s help because “there continue to be issues that go beyond merely a criminal investigation.”

Payne, who is currently on administrative leave from the police force, was fired on Tuesday from his second job as a part-time ambulance driver.

Gold Cross Ambulance service President Mike Moffitt told Reuters that Payne’s termination followed comments he made on the video suggesting that he would bring transients to University of Utah Hospital, while transporting “good” patients to another facility.

“Those remarks are just not reflective of our company’s philosophy and the service we provide, and because of that behavior we felt we had to separate ways,” Moffitt said.

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I know Alex Shaffer quite well she wasn't my daughter's best friend and her parent's did not like me but alex was a very very honorable young woman. Poor thing every time I read and see this news article makes me cry.

















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There's the low standards for gov right there. He get's fired from his private sector job but is still getting his popo pay, now the FBI will come along and say he did nothing wrong. What a fucking disgrace that whole scene was, it looks bad enough choking people for selling loosies but chasing a nurse around in a hospital. How gross is that.

To me Payne and the supervisor should be sued personally and spend time behind bars, with all the other cops that were there with their arms folded looking like thugs...fired too.

Take a good look at your gov ''s ugly.

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Speaking of ugly, look at the latest sat image of the atlantic tropics. Just offshore of Africa is the birthplace of hurricanes and it appears that she is having quite a litter.

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This is the proof that Irma isn’t about Global Warming but a random act of Nature. Watch her form off Africa. She gets hit by a southward-moving ridge and is an organized anti-rotating system from the moment of birth.

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Breitbart has thread on cohn being on the out with Trump..thousands of post about it but not one pointing out the funny fact ..JU..not one..

same with Lois Lerner's get out of jail card, by session's one dares post she is also of the tribe..

eyes wide shut..

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who's in his waffle club he is smiling at? mnunchin?

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I have a solution to the problem of the monetary system based on debt which cause recessions. It's called the wallark, and is a currency based on Say's law:

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This dickhead has too much skin .The tribe does like so much skin in that area.

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Blessings on ya, Sir WB7.

A request from the Helm.:

Can we please have some art to give hope, inspiration, and somthing to give strength to the people about to go through sum kinda hell down in Florida, possibly Georgia, the Carolinas, and maybe even moar in other places?

As with all great Truthbearers, surely God guides yer pen.

Merci', Goodheart.






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Art is very subjective. Banzai I don't care much for these kind of pictures. They are ugly.

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All art is political, Jonson. Otherwise it would just be decoration.--Earl of Oxford/Anonymous

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Methinks you are dipping your keyboard too often into the depths of Nihilism.

Keep it up.

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I feel I can be of help here. Maybe the storm will wash all those Latino gangsters back to Cuba?

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Is it me or does his "Cohn head' smell like Hillarys cooter...

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Thanks.  I would never have known what she smelled like.

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Opioids and the War on Drugs. Believe it or not, this is dircet targeting of U.S. Citizens which is tied to the Awan Brothers, CIA/DOD Spy Ring in Congress

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The war on opioids ws begun by the restaurant industry.

Too many millions were using them not to get high but to kill their appetites. 


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He's goy some CDO's in the corner. 


I hope they're insured.

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Geldman Gary CONman Sucks

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Great company in its day, MIPS.



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Banzai, the words Cohn Man Sachs are already golden, just by themselves.

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Incredible shot man! The vision implys you were riding the air currents for that one!

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That's a nice. But Neil Patrick Harris asked me to aks you if you would, in your next outing, Publicize your Privates. He might then buy a whole boaload of them. 

remember: I'm only the messenger. 

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Fantastic pic.


Looks like a place where things can happen, reasonably unfettered by parasitic government 3rd parties...