This Is What Miami Could Look Like On Sunday Morning

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An analysis by Climate Central shows that the Florida storm surge from hurricane Irma could endanger millions, and result in billions in property damage.

According to Climate Central, it has created the following resources to help anyone remaining in the area visually understand how dangerous the flooding will be in their neighborhood and take safety measures accordingly.

These simulations are based on the Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment (CERA) storm surge and wave model using data from the National Hurricane Center forecast track from Friday morning (Advisory 37). CERA partners include multiple leading universities and federal agencies.

The videos use Google Earth to simulate what the these storm surge forecasts would appear like in different South Florida neighborhoods. The height  above mean sea level for each simulation is shown in the titles. As local topography varies, these values translate to approximately 7-10 feet of water above ground in many areas according to the Storm Surge Warming forecasts from the National Weather Service.

Downtown Miami (13.5 feet)


Coconut Grove (15.5 feet)


Coral Gables (12.5 feet)


South Miami (12 feet)


Palmetto Estates (14.5 feet)


Kendall (11.5 feet)


Miami International Airport (7.5 feet)

Another resource to use approximates the forecast surge level — threatened neighborhoods are shown in blue

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I hope is does. I hope it NEVER recovers.

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Hopefully the dumb asses don't leave the jets at the airport as one picture shows.

Tip to airline CEOs (who no doubt read ZH often): FLY YOUR JETS TO ANOTHER AIRPORT!

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Nothing happens. Everyone calm down. 

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Fear Mongering Fucks

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Climate changing? Flood?

Nonsense, because Noah told us that won’t be more flooding, but fire. It says in Mathews 24:37-39.

So, any picture of flood is a false flag. It’s must be a Jewish “Mossad” creation.


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It'll all blow over.

But the minute Irma makes landfall North Korea will launch their latest ICBM.

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+1 for the TOOL reference - great song.

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My stubborn parents recently moved to Ft. Myers and were going to 'ride out the storm' in their one story house that is 1/4 mile from the ocean & is about 3 feet above sea level.  Finally convinced them to evacuate today.  They are far from stupid, but lots of people tend to do this down there.  I asked them what would they do if there was a 12' storm surge? What would they do if the house started to flood?  They had no answer and finally admitted that they made a big mistake.  Currently on their way to Tampa to stay with one of my brothers...craziness!

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The US Weather Service needs a critical review  from their boss President Trump.  No doubt they have spent tons of money on equipment, travel, useless conferences, hotel/rental car upgrades, nepotism, year end bonus's and wasteful year end buys (all like the rest of the gov) but can't give us any accuracy when we need it most.   Seriously, need a sharp Tweet from Trump and a few at the top cleaned out. 

Hopefully DOD is a little better with incoming missles than Weather Service is  with incoming hurricanes.  Hope we never have to find out.

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Record-Setting Hurricanes; Record-Setting Wildfires; Record temperatures; ya think it might be global warming?


So, why is the global rise in temperatures so worrisome?

For one thing, as temperatures rise good farmland will become desert (e.g., dust-bowl conditions will probably return to the American Midwest).

Another major problem is sea-level rise.

Have a look at

The U.S. Geological Survey people claim that;

The Greenland ice sheet melting will raise sea-level 6.55 meters (21.5 feet),
the West Antarctica ice sheet melting will raise sea-level 8.06 meters (26.4 feet),
the East Antarctica ice sheet melting will raise sea-level 64.8 meters (212.6 feet),
and all other ice melting will raise sea-level 0.91 meters (3 feet).

For a grand total of about 80 meters (263 feet).

So, what does an 80 meter (263 feet) rise in sea-level mean. Have a look at the following map of the world after an 80 meter rise. It means that over one billion people will have to be resettled to higher ground and that much of the most productive agricultural land will be under water. Fortunately, at current rates, the Greenland ice sheet will take over a thousand years to melt and the Antarctica ice sheet, much longer. However, the greater the temperature rise the faster the ice sheets will melt, bringing the problem much closer. Remember, the huge ice sheet that recently covered much of North America, almost completely melted in only 15,000 years (today, only the Greenland ice sheet, and some other small patches of it, remain). Since then (15,000 years ago), sea-levels have risen about 125 meters (410 feet), only 80 meters to go.

The ice sheets have been continuously melting for thousands of years. What is left of them today, is still melting, and will continue to melt. Human caused global warning will cause this remnant to melt significantly faster. This is a big, big, problem.

For HUGE detailed maps of the "World after the Melt" go to:

Global temperatures are increasing. And by quite a lot each year.

2016 is the hottest year on record for global temperatures.

This is 0.0380 degrees centigrade hotter than the previous record year which was 2015.

0.0380 is a large increase in just one year.

2015 was the hottest year (at that time) for global temperatures.

This was 0.1601 degrees hotter than the previous record year which was 2014.

0.1601 is an absolutely huge increase in just one year (at this rate temperatures would increase by 16 degrees in a century).

2014 was the hottest year (at that time) for global temperatures.

This was 0.0402 degrees hotter than the previous record year which was 2010.

The conspiracy to hide global warming data.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is given tax money to make global temperature records available to the public. However, certain people at NOAA continually sabotage this aspect of NOAA's mandate. For example, these people have (deliberately) sabotaged the web-page that delivers the temperature records.

Look for yourself:

Go to the page: scroll down to the The Global Anomalies and Index Data section and click the download button and see what happens. Well, you get the message:

"Not Found. The requested URL /monitoring-references/faq/anomalies-download was not found on this server."

I guess that the 2017 data must be truly horrible if they have to hide it away.

It turns out that this seems to be the case; NASA reports that:

July 2017 had the hottest average land temperatures on record.

The new July 2017 record was +1.20 degrees centigrade above the 20th century average (of the July data). The previous record average land temperature for July was just last year. It was +1.10 degrees above the 20th century average.

Did the media bother to tell you about this? No!

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OH FFS... will you give it some slack, Jack?  

*ignore* button

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What Jack missed was the BUMPER STICKER in the back of the Hurricane:


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Cuba is getting pounded, but nobody gives a fuck about that...

fucking communists

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Noticed that too huh?

Land fall in Cuba, Weather Channel prolly has it as a Cat10 and growing by now ;-)

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There was a '57 Chevy Nomad there I really wanted to buy for chunk change.

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OT, but nothing is going to override the Florida story……..

So Stuart Smaley er, “ I am special. I am somebody” Al Frankenstein. insemator from Minnesota is blocking an esteemed , honorable, respectable circuit court justice nomination.

WTF is it up there ????

The water… mosquitos (the state bird)… ticks…. ???????

Maybe some parasite from Scandinavia has infected the brains up there

… or maybe it's the interbreeding of the young blond girls with Somali’s.

Shit...  ship some sewer water up from Miami to Minneapolis.... it might do them some good.……..


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True that contracting lyme in MN can affect the brain however, who is living in an alligator swamp in the path of a hurricane?

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Please excuse me for putting my two cents in.......but the correct expression is "chump change"

Manthong's picture

I usually type my stuff in MS Word... then copy it over.

I did not catch the Gates auto-incorrection.

It could also be chimp change.

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WTF… why worry  ??…

I will just leave my G6 at Naples.

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Maybe we should all up vote Slack Jack and then he will think we became converts and go away. 

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First with the downie!

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TYLERS BETTER GET RID OF THIS SLACKER..............................

aggravating to good users..............................

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C'mon. He's a douche nozzle, but I feel no need to silence the little festering pustule.


Beter that he's here than somewhere less cynical, eh?

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Bit of advice: Die before we get our hands on you or you'll wish you had. Global warming is soundly disproven.

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Did you mean to post this comment on the Maxine Waters article?


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Fuck off with this stupidity.

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Repeat after me - "Hurricanes happened before men, will be here long after men is gone" as you collect George Soros paycheck.

We are in multidecade lows for hurricanes in Gulf of Mexico - in fact globally. Shouldn't stop idiots from idoting around.

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"In Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire hurricanes hardly ever happen" - in Florida, however.....

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Did I note barometric at 880 millibars over Lake Michigan or was that just the sign of Chicago democrats sucking?

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Global warming causes wildfires...

Bit of a stretch there, even for you Whacky Jack.

CO2 carries matches...News at 11.

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It is time for all ZHers to make a firm committment to ignore slackjack.

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Logged in to vote you down.

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Logged in just to down vote you

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The earth has warmed and cooled many times in the geographical record. I imagine it will continue to do so over the span of it's lifetime. I'm not entirely convinced a global increase in temperature, if indeed there is any (I understand that much of the data is cherrypicked or tainted), is due to human activity, as opposed to, for instance, that monster under Yellowstone venting tons of greenhouse gas as it enters a more active phase or some other process not adequately understood. I posit that the religious hysteria being whipped up has a great deal to do with folks in high places expecting to make a great deal of money trading carbon credits. I fail to see how China, India and Africa are going to be convinced to adhere to any policy requiring them to stop what they're doing and clean up their act.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Personally I lean to the theory of a polarity flip which occurred last on this planet over 700,000 years ago. The switch to a magnetic south could span a 1000 years and could explain the geological, climate effects and varying electromagnetic strengths we are experiencing now. But, even if true, it is of no use because humanity cannot be blamed and taxed for resolution.


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I was already logged-in, as I always am...I un-logged and re-logged just to down vote you.

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What is your f&cking agenda yahoo?  What is it that you think you're going to accomplish here.  You can't possibly think that you're going to make conversions here with your paranoia and jump on your bandwagon, do YOU?  

Let me spell it out for you.  Don't know how old you are, but just for the hell of it, say you've got 40 years left to live and then guess what.  You don't have to worry about it any more and you will NO LONGER have to "feel like" you need to make a difference.  

Got another tip for you.  The earth has always had extreme weather but and this is a big but, the earth has NEVER before in the history of the planet had this many people on it.  Therefore we're going to have bigger and bigger catastrophes in terms of human live and property lost. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

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+1 A nice rebuttal of the Slacker and an excellent link(s), thanks.

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Going short on rodent control industry futures in Miami area, since all the rats will be dead.

zhandax's picture

How do these dolts keep insisting that the storm will make a hard right turn into a headwind?  Last night all six major models showed the storm ending in Nashville??  And to get here by Tuesday it will have to accelerate into a high presssure system led by a front.

And no, I have no doubt the the missle tracking sucks every bit as much.

nmewn's picture

They had better be in North Tampa.

"IF" it curves back in from the west offshore it will flood Tampa Bay like a toilet flushing, water rushing/pushing up the bay with no where to go (land on both sides) raising the water level. 

Friend of mine just left his house in the Weedon Island area for higher ground in Seminole, lives on one of the canals, it will be minimum 5ft up his wall in his living room if it hits just right. 

Whoa Dammit's picture

The south FL folks are hitting Atlanta in mass. Traffic sucks & gas stations are starting to run out of premium & midgrade.

Any guesses as what it seems they did as soon as they got here? (Drum Roll). They went to the local Costcos and bought bottled water.  These people seem obsessed with bottled water. And the local Costcos seem to be pissed about it because they have said they were not going to stock anymore anytime soon.

It's like being decended upon by a plague of locusts. Or Sherman's march from the sea.