"Like Moths To The Flame": ISIS Fighters Cut Down While Approaching Stranded Convoy

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A convoy of buses containing hundreds of lightly armed ISIS terrorists and their family members remains stuck in the Syrian desert and pinned down as US and coalition planes continue to pick off militants who stray too far from the group. External ISIS vehicles have also tried to access and aid the group, but as US coalition spokesman Army Col. Ryan S. Dillon statedcoalition aircraft are picking them off as they come close "like moths to the flame."

Dillon estimated that over 40 ISIS vehicles were destroyed, including nearly 100 terrorists killed, while heading toward the convoy as the coalition has been "able to continue to just observe and pick them off one at a time.” But on Friday afternoon the US alliance announced the sudden withdrawal of its surveillance aircraft over the site at Russia's request, publishing the following statement:

At approximately 7am GMT Sept. 8, Syrian pro-regime forces advanced past the 11-bus convoy of ISIS terrorists and non-combatants in the eastern Syrian desert. To ensure safe de-confliction of efforts to defeat ISIS, coalition surveillance aircraft departed the adjacent airspace at the request of Russian officials during their assault on Dawyr Az Zawyr.

The Syrian Army and Hezbollah in the Qara area in Syria's Qalamoun mountains when the ISIS bus convoy deal was initiated on August 28, 2017. Photo source: AFP/Louai Beshara

ISIS convoy in Syria. Photo source: Louai Beshara/Agence France-Presse

The convoy has been stranded in no-man's land on the Syrian battlefield since at least last Wednesday (9/30) after its progress was halted by US coalition airstrikes along the evacuation route, including a key bridge. The Lebanese government and Hezbollah arranged a deal with Syria to allow the convoy to pass as ISIS fighters and their families were transferred from northeast Lebanon after loosing a decisive battle there. In exchange, ISIS handed over the bodies of previously kidnapped Lebanese soldiers as well as a the body of an Iranian Revolutionary Guards officer to Hezbollah.

The deal, which President Assad acknowledged as "an embarrassment" has been mired in controversy as it would result in experienced ISIS fighters being dropped in eastern Syria along the Iraq border. Both Iraq and the US have vociferously protested the arrangement, essentially labeling the deal an intentional terror transfer that will hinder Iraq's ongoing anti-ISIS fight. 

But US officials have failed to acknowledged that the deal was first and foremost brokered by the Lebanese government, specifically Prime Minister Saad Hariri and President Michel Aoun. A reluctant Assad agreed to let the convoy pass after the personal intervention of Nasrallah, who argued the deal would result in fewer Lebanese lives lost as the army sought to root out the final few hundred ISIS fighters in the border region of Arsal after their recent overall defeat (in what was set to be a "fight to the death" scenario). The United States has given over $1 billion in military aid to Lebanon over the past years, and itself contributed US special forces support for the successful Arsal anti-ISIS campaign. While the US coalition has highlighted Hezbollah's role in the deal, it has conveniently side-stepped the lead role of its own allies in the Lebanese government.  

For the past week and a half a catch-22 standoff has developed: Syria made a difficult and embarrassing deal - in Hezbollah leader's Hassan Nasrallah's words "for the sake of Lebanon" - yet it's a deal which is going unfulfilled as the US coalition intervened to stop the evacuation. At the same time Hezbollah fighters are escorting the convoy as part of upholding its end of the bargain. Friday's Operation Inherent Resolve statement confirms that though Russia waived off American surveillance in the area, the coalition's stance has not changed, nor does it appear that the remaining ISIS buses have moved:

“From the start of this situation on Aug. 29, we have placed responsibility for the buses and passengers on the Syrian regime, who in conjunction with Lebanese Hezbollah brokered a deal with ISIS to move its terrorists into Iraq,” said Brig. Gen. Jon Braga, director of operations for the Coalition. “The regime’s advance past the convoy underlines continued Syrian responsibility for the buses and terrorists. As always, we will do our utmost to ensure that the ISIS terrorists do not move toward the border of our Iraqi partners,” said Braga.

The ISIS fighters and their families have continued to be provided food and water through Syrian government lines. The group exited Lebanon with 17 chartered buses along with an unknown number of individual vehicles - all attempting to make it to ISIS held Abu Kamal in Deir Ezzor Province close to the Iraq border, but that number was reduced to 11 this week as 6 buses returned to an unknown fate in Syrian government territory. In a speech announcing specifics at the beginning of the evacuation, Nasrallah put the original numbers at 308 ISIS fighters and 331 civilian family members in the convoy.  Wounded ISIS members travelling in ambulances reportedly made it to Islamic State territory ahead of the convoy last week. 

The US coalition has stated its desire to separate the militants from their families in order to destroy the ISIS terrorists. Apparently there are even pregnant women in the group - this according to Hezbollah's Al Manar news network. The US issued a statement Tuesday, saying, “Coalition leaders have communicated a course of action to the Russians, providing the Syrian regime an opportunity to remove the women and children from this situation.”

Though the whole arrangement is one of the more bizarre deals to come out of the Syrian war, it's been widely seen as a blow to ISIS propaganda and recruiting efforts. Last week Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk reported, "some ISIS leaders in Syria did not want members of the group who had surrendered territory to be welcomed back into the so-called caliphate, and the militants should have fought to the death instead." Other observers of Islamic State social media accounts have noted that ISIS members initially reacted in disbelief, claiming the entire brokered deal and ISIS retreat to be a fiction of Hezbollah media.

With the Syrian Army's assault on Deir Ezzor city successfully underway, it is likely that Assad's calculation was to allow the pressure to be let off Lebanon (and perhaps repaying a favor to Hezbollah, which has sacrificed much to defend Syria) with the thinking that the ISIS stronghold of Deir Ezzor Province would be the next to be pummeled anyway. In meantime, this stranded ISIS convoy episode continues to be among the more bizarre waiting games of the entire war.

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Since the markets are all rigged now, what is so great about casino-tainment?

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I appreciate being informed of these situations.

Thank Tyler's.

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If you've really been here 6 years (like I have) and like the direction this blog has been heading in the last 2-3 years, you're a connoisseur of bovine excrement.

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The Red Crescent, where is it for this situation?




When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

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This would make a great sitcom except everyone would be named Mohammed.

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Hi, my name is Muhammad and this is my brother Muhammad and my other brother Muhammad. 

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More fun than shooting at a Hurricaine

Florida gun owners encouraged to 'shoot the storm' and fire their guns at Hurricane Irma


(great graphic of the bullet coming back at you) no BDC factored, but funny

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Cheap, effective and given the shitbags who are the target... very appropriate.

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These are ISIS that want to leave the ZATO mafia. Similarly, a smart prosecutor lets collared henchmen turn states evidence so that justice can fry the Kingpins. But nope, just like those suspicious banker suicides, dead men will tell no tales.

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It's always fun to think of the basics. You've got a lot of people and not too many buses stuck in the desert for days. How's the shitter situation working out? They're undoubtedly at the stage of digging holes in the sand. That's a lot of holes. And if they stray too far, they are not part of the convoy and get shot. Just something to think about while sitting on your nice comfy porcelain throne.

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Love your avatar. Wish he was with us today to help straighten out these warmongering fools.

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Most of these folk are just shitting on the buses.   Do they have potties ?

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and what... the bus "potties" make the shit magically disappear.  They can't stray too far from the area so they can't empty the tanks.

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I was thinking the same thing! Imagine what those bathrooms smell like! In desert heat? Yikes that bus has to be ripe.

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Combine all that with the unrelenting heat, boredom and lack of a known end to it.  The fight to the death might be looking better in a couple of weeks.   That being said, the Palestinians have been living in not that much better conditions in their "camps" for decades now. Life's a bitch when you get born into the wrong place.

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To the US Armed Forces...

Karma is a bitch.

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US-led Coalition Rescues ISIS Commanders From Deir Ezzor!!!


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the CIA assets were airlifted out with helos.  these guys are fucked.

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Operation Paperclip redux.

IS leadership has great value to the Criminally Insane Agency, for use here in AmeriKa.

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Tel Aviv is their capital.

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Whether it's the US or Russia ... someone should bomb that convoy into oblivion and kill every last person there.

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No wonder Nuttyyahoo was so frantic in his meeting with Putin.......Hasbara dreams coming to an end.

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That,s no way to treat McCains "kids"

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The "long game" be damned, how about if we use every fucking form of deception known to annihilate those who would show up at a mall and mow us down.

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That's a no matter, MOAB on them and let's get rid of the fat rat Kim too

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This is very strange!  Why isn't Allah sending his faithful servants winged horses to fly to the moon with?  Weird.

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Why does the US waste time with little bullshit like this???  Going after Command and Control and the leadership would be a better use of my tax money.  But,,, it wouldn't keep the war factories/ industry in business which is obviously the priority.

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Like wondering what to do with cans full of cockroaches.

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It's ISIS.... Nuke them all and take out 2 or 3 generations at once. I really wish we could bring back the saviors of Europe Vlad the Impaler and Charles the Hammer and put them in charge of the DoD. Someone needs to man up and cure the cancer before the cucks in the West bend over and allow the complete invasion of civilization by 6th century inbred murderers.

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Trump Must Comment on US Allegedly Rescuing Daesh Commanders From Deir ez-Zor:


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The DEEP STATE Is Without Limitations – It Has Always Been – Donald Trump Has Made It His Mission To Bring It Down – Now He Is Paying The Price.


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Does it seem more than a little ODD to you that a small army of Hajis would ride around the MidEast in Disneyland-style tour busses?

Does that scan?

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Yup. The question is - who is actually on the buses? Someone important, too important to have ridden in the 'ambulances' that already made it safely. And the supposed non-combatants? Hokum. Has anyone seen 'women and children'? I doubt it very much. Just making the assertion that they're in there is all that's preventing a Hellfire missile attack, and they know it.


And assume any who are given humanitarian relief will either be men in burkas or women wearing vests. These are Muslims, not to be trusted at all.



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They got lost on the way to a Soros sponsored event. Half were dressed up as Nazis and the other half as Antifas. Boy did they have some fun rivalry during the pep rally. It felt good to have those flea bit terror-beards off. The medic treated some razor burns, and that was just the women. 

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Hezbollah gets too much of a bad wrap from the Zionist controlled trash peddling mainstream media. They have done alot to fight Takfiri head-chopper terrorism in Syria. Puts a real dent in the Oded Yinon plan, that's for sure.

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Concubines on the buses are collateral damage, as are the replacement concubines and fighters they produce. MOAB the group.

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Do the math...

17 busses with 660 people is 40 people ber bus.

The ones in pix hold 55 people.

6 left.

What else is on those busses. Money, Gold, Weapons?

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I am loving this. If somehow they all died it would be fantastic.

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What's the plan for their children and grand children?  Western indoctrination?

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Is global-homosexual socialism "western indoctrination"?

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What happened to the mil-spec Toyotas with the reinforced chassis and comfort packages sold and upgraded in Texas? I must say, though, those new tourist busses are the way to go, they could do a casino stop and some historical tours before they go back to Europe, England, US and Israel. Sniping them and their family is not kosher, not cricket as they say. What a waste all the atrocity head chopping was when you put it all in perspective. I suppose a huge bomb is not available for this "enemy" but it would prevent them being captured and all the dirt coming out. I dare say we shouldn't take advice from comic book reading idiots in the future.

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Cease fire!!! Cease fire!!! Those are friendlies!!

This is friendly fire. Mccain and isreal said so.

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It's a circle jerk and a cluster ass fuck.

ISIS is CIA/Mossad.

Somebody needs to blow the buses away and call it a day.

Show's over. Go home. Nothing to see here.

They killed 3,000+ in NYC on 9/11, what's a few bus loads in the desert?

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You must be confused. I was told by the NY Times it was 19 Saudis with boxcutters flying modern airliners. The Florida flight instructors said they couldn't even fly a Cessna 150 but maybe an airliner is easier.