Paul Craig Roberts Rages At Americans "Laughing All The Way To Armageddon"

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

The United States shows the world such a ridiculous face that the world laughs at us.

The latest spin on “Russia stole the election” is that Russia used Facebook to influence the election. The NPR women yesterday were breathless about it.

We have been subjected to ten months of propaganda about Trump/Putin election interference and still not a scrap of evidence. It is past time to ask an unasked question:

If there were evidence, what is the big deal? All sorts of interest groups try to influence election outcomes including foreign governments.


Why is it OK for Israel to influence US elections but not for Russia to do so?


Why do you think the armament industry, the energy industry, agribusiness, Wall Street and the banks, pharmaceutical companies, etc., etc., supply the huge sum of money to finance election campaigns if their intent is not to influence the election?


Why do editorial boards write editorials endorsing one candidate and damning another if they are not influencing the election?

What is the difference between influencing the election and influencing the government?

Washington is full of lobbyists of all descriptions, including lobbyists for foreign governments, working round the clock to influence the US government. It is safe to say that the least represented in the government are the citizens themselves who don’t have any lobbyists working for them.

The orchestrated hysteria over “Russian influence” is even more absurd considering the reason Russia allegedly interfered in the election. Russia favored Trump because he was the peace candidate who promised to reduce the high tensions with Russia created by the Obama regime and its neocon nazis—Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power. What’s wrong with Russia preferring a peace candidate over a war candidate? The American people themselves preferred the peace candidate. So Russia agreed with the electorate.

Those who don’t agree with the electorate are the warmongers—the military/security complex and the neocon nazis. These are democracy’s enemies who are trying to overturn the choice of the American people. It is not Russia that disrespects the choice of the American people; it is the utterly corrupt Democratic National Committee and its divisive Identity Politics, the military/security complex, and the presstitute media who are undermining democracy.

I believe it is time to change the subject. The important question is who is it that is trying so hard to convince Americans that Russian influence prevails over us?

Do the idiots pushing this line realize how impotent this makes an alleged “superpower” look. How can we be the hegemonic power that the Zionist neocons say we are when Russia can decide who is the president of the United States?

The US has a massive spy state that even intercepts the private cell phone conversations of the Chancellor of Germany, but his massive spy organization is unable to produce one scrap of evidence that the Russians conspired with Trump to steal the presidential election from Hillary. When will the imbeciles realize that when they make charges for which no evidence can be produced they make the United States look silly, foolish, incompetent, stupid beyond all belief?

Countries are supposed to be scared of America’s threat that “we will bomb you into the stone age,” but the President of Russia laughs at us. Putin recently described the complete absence of any competence in Washington:

“It is difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria and Australia. But there is nothing we can do about this; this is the level of political culture among the American establishment.


As for the American people, America is truly a great nation if the Americans can put up with so many politically uncivilized people in their government.”

These words from Putin were devastating, because the world understands that they are accurate.

Consider the idiot Nikki Haley, appointed by Trump in a fit of mindlessness as US Ambassador to the United Nations.

This stupid person is forever shaking her fist at the Russians while mouthing yet another improbable accusation. She might want to read Mario Puzo’s book, The Godfather. Everyone knows the movie, but if memory serves somewhere in the book Puzo reflects on the practice of the irate American motorist who shakes a fist and gives the bird to other drivers. What if the driver receiving the insult is a Mafia capo? Does the idiot shaking his fist know who he is accosting? No. Does the moron know that the result might be a brutal beating or death? No.

Does the imbecile Nikki Haley understand what can be the result of her inability to control herself? No. Every knowledgeable person I know wonders if Trump appointed the imbecile Nikki Haley US ambassador to the world for the purpose of infuriating the Russians.

Ask Napoleon and the German Wehrmacht the consequence of infuriating the Russians.

After 16 years the US “superpower” has been unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban, who have no air force, no Panzer divisions, no worldwide intelligence service, and the crazed US government in Washington is courting war with Russia and China and North Korea and Iran.

The American people are clearly out to lunch in their insouciance. Americans are fighting among themselves over “civil war” statues, while “their’ government invites nuclear armageddon.

The United States has an ambassador to the world who shows no signs of intelligence, who behaves as if she is Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee to the 5th power, and who is the total antithesis of a diplomat. What does this tell about the United States?

It reveals that the US is in the Roman collapse stage when the emperor appoints horses to the Senate.

The United States has a horse, an uncivilized horse, as its diplomat to the world. The Congress and executive branch are also full of horses and horse excrement. The US government is completely devoid of intelligence. There is no sign of intelligence anywhere in the U.S. government. Of or morality. As Hugo Chavez said: Satan is there; you can smell the sulphur.

America is a joke with nuclear weapons, the prime danger to life on earth.

How can this danger be corralled?

The American people would have to realize that they are being led to their deaths by the Zionist neocon nazis who, together with the military/security complex and Wall Street, control US foreign policy, by the complicity of Europe and Great Britain desperate to retain their CIA subsidies, and by the harlots that comprise the Western media.

Are Americans capable of comprehending this? Only a few have escaped The Matrix.

The consequence is that America is being locked into conflict with Russia and China. There is no possibility whatsoever of Washington invading either country, much less both, so war would be nuclear.

Do the American people want Washington to bring us this result? If not, why are the American people sitting there sucking their thumbs, doing nothing? Why are Europe and Great Britain sitting there permitting the unfolding of nuclear armageddon? Who murdered the peace movement?

The World and the American people need desperately to rein in the warmonger United States, or the world will cease to exist.

An International Court To Preserve Life On Earth needs to be assembled. The US government and the war interests it serves need to be indicted and prosecuted and disarmed before their evil destroys life on earth.

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FixItAgainTony's picture

Beggars can't be choosers. Future Jim, you are a smart guy, set up your own blog and show PCR how it's done. Currently America's biggest problem is a shortage of real leaders, thought or otherwise.

Make it happen! I'll even turn off ublock for it.

Demon Slayer's picture

PCR needs to stay relevant...another doom porn gasp, insulting his way through his own pre Alz mind.Tell him to go live at his lakeside cabin because we're tired of hearing more of hos decade long bullshit...He's worse than Dave "doom" Hodges..

Nostradumbass's picture

 insulting his way through his own pre Alz mind.


Who has been insulted? 

loves the truth's picture

Hey he is finally giving credit to the zionists! this is new.. keep up the good work PCR.

Anon2017's picture

Our political system is based on lobbying, with some groups better at it than others. Too many Christian politicians are all too willing to sell out to the special interests in return for a lot more than 30 pieces of silver. 

American election campaigns, especially for president, last too long and cost too much. The Citizens United decision in 2010 made it even easier for billionaires to contribute large sums of money to election campaigns. The 5 Catholic men on the US Supreme Court voted for the decision, the three Jews and one Catholic woman voted against it. While our political system has been rotting from the head down, millions of American voters have been distracted by social issues such as abortion and gay marriage for the past two decades. Now they are paying the price. In the mean time, I am enjoying my Bush 43 tax cuts, thanks to all of the minimum wage Republicans in states like Mississippi and Alabama who voted for him.   


NoDecaf's picture

@ PCR yeah great piece except that they'll just say you're a Russian hack and your work is further proof of interference. In other words, there is no convincing the media or lobbyists or insouciant Americans that they are fucked up.

Some people just need a punch in the face.

karenm's picture

Yep, keep laughing Floridians. You'll be crying by Monday, if you're even alive.

algol_dog's picture

The mass images of the American people in various states of disarray from the latest disasters, hardly inspires confidence of victorious outcomes in peace, let alone war.

darkstar7646's picture

Who says much of America wants us to win a war?

iampreparedru's picture

What i see with my own eyes is people cleaning up. Stop wayching tv.

factorypreset's picture

What the fuck is it with PCR, David Stockman and the word "insouciance"?   

Giant Meteor's picture

Indeed, when ignorant, disinterested, fantasy football loving dodo bird muricans would suffice!

But seriously, there's just no accounting for taste ...

PCR makes excellent points here, and the Russian election collusion meme, yuge time wasting, obfuscation excercise that it is. A mind numbingly thread bare, completely inane, as to defy logic or any reasonable discussion, from those incessantly peddling the meme .. Yeah, to his point on Russians "influencing elections" , when as we know, election influence peddling, Russians aside, is as American as apple pie ..

His point regarding election influencing by Israel, which is to say, those not 100% endorsing Israel do not have a shot in hell at kissing the ring of true power, but, but, but .. the bloody Russians, threw the election and 17 intelligence agencies agree !

Of course the only visible evidence of this, any honest investigation would in fact reveal a contrary view, and more how shall we say, an inside job, indicating the usual suspects  ..

But again to his point. Crying about Russian influence, in the American "selections" process is extremely laughable on it's face, (or farce) considering the actual history of American selection influencing, tampering, ie, big money players, and the like ..

Be that as it may, I'd say the problem is, the last selection, was likely the LEAST such influenced ever, which of course is why these bitchez are still crying , and will continue to cry, hold their breath, stomp their feet, until Mr. Trump is gone or until they pass out from lack of oxygen, all out exhaustion  ..

Many thinking people were entirely fed up with the Clinton / Bush cabals , not to mention, were not feeling it with the previous occupant, and all the lies being incessantly told by each and every administration, possibly going as far back as George Washington himself. Not that selecting a billiionaire real estate mogul / reality tv star is going to yield much better result, but lets skip the pretense, drop the bullshit, and face the facts ..



beemasters's picture

It's just perplexing that while PCR could see and call out Israel's influence over DC, Putin remains silent about it and is taking the punch. Is Putin fearing Zionists' wrath or is something else more intricate at play?

factorypreset's picture

Not dissing the article.  But maybe PCR and Stockman could invest in a thesaurus?  Heck, I was able to find about 7 alternatives that sound just as pretentious in about 5 seconds, for free, no less, on the internets.  

I agree with pretty much everything PCR has stated in this article. Americans are largely indifferent to what's going on around them. And those that aren't seem to be locked into the left/right paradigm and are seemingly unable to apply critical thought and only parrot what they're hearing on their biased media of choice. 

But the more important point is beyond trying to unchain ourselves from a consumer based economy, not hold debt, prep for what looks to be a collapse of the system (if not outright Armageddon), what can average Americans do to really fix what look to be hopelessly unfixable govt, media, socio-economic, and political systems?  Voting certainly doesn't seem to matter. 

ne-tiger's picture

that indian bitch is a fucking whore!

HRClinton's picture

A crazy PMS witch-hore from Bangalore!

BobEore's picture

Would you mind pointing out the highlights of the "empirical" part of PCRs' latest screed champ? Just so we can all enjoy them together.... as mindless zheeple herded in the proper direction of thought by our 'communications' directors?

And then, when you've obliged us with that... could ya parse the following for us:

"An International Court To Preserve Life On Earth needs to be assembled. The US government and the war interests it serves need to be indicted and prosecuted and disarmed before their evil destroys life on earth."\\\

in a manner that successfully diffuses my suspicions that somehow... in a manner mightily reminiscent of the classic style "limited hangout" - whereby a small amount of truth is bundled together with the appropriate dosage of toxic agit-prop - PCR has once agin inducted gullible readers into complacently accepting the outrageous proposal for a 'world government'-style power which supersedes the sovereignty of the Republic...

and thereby agreeing implicitly to participate in their own suiciding and destruction.

Personally, I also suspect that at this point he dangles such such "cognitively" dissonant bait in front of this audience simply to PROVE to himself and his controllers just how far Merika and Merikans have slid down the slope from any remaining skills of critical thinking.

And yes... I did indeed note that he dangles the obligatory reference to "Zionists" et al. It's apace with that err...
"small amount of truth" thing.

Your buttons Cabin Bouys! All hands to yur buttons muttons!

darkstar7646's picture

I'll parse it.  It's easy.

Either dismantle the United States or the world ends. 

That's what he's saying.

BobEore's picture

Good. Now we're gettin somewheres.

Dismantle (a term vaguely reminiscent of Cold War era front groups who would argue for a unilateral disarmament of western weaponary... fellow travelers or actual card carrying members of the "Soviet" wing of Wall Streets' dissimulationist legions)

the USA (pay no regard to those who might enquire "and replace it with what??" ... cause... 'that's not how we roll'(or sumpthin like dat)

or the world ends (also vaguely reminiscent of Paulson-like threats that - if the banksters don't get their payoff - "the world ends"...circa 2008.

You(collectively, gentlemen)have done us all a great service, in making irrefutably clear the direct line of dissimulative agitprop which runs from the HQ of the international $ POWER... to it's multiple media minions...and via its' channels of communication... into the minds of ever malleable gulagistanis eager to be on the "cutting edge" of their own elimination.

Well done indeed. Just try to remember...
neither all the kings' horses... nor all the kings' men... ever succeeded in puttin Humpty Dumpty together again.

Careful what ya wish for suckas.

drendebe10's picture

Progressive liberal democraps are the meanest nastiest hypocrite intolerant divisive turds on the face of the earth Fukemall.

And u can't tell an azzhoe, he's an azzhoe. Goes double for democraps.

veritas semper vinces's picture

This is by far ,one of the best articles I've read here.  Devastating because it speaks truth to the Power ,the anointed one and the shadow one. It annihilates them both.

I love it.  Well done ,sir.Concise,well written,and hitting the Power where it hurts most,by exposing the truth.

Thank you for your courage and perseverance to open the eyes of the  insouciant American public(I've said it).

No disrespect Mr. Roberts,a little joke.

lincolnsteffens's picture

People in the USA are known throughout the world for being ignorant of history and geography.

Bossman1967's picture

Amen this is all stupid shit

Number 9's picture

The American people are clearly out to lunch in their insouciance.
and there it is

ET's picture

Insouciance is PCR's favorite word.

Ignatius's picture


PCR is the man who made us all break out the Websters.

LotUnsold's picture


PCR is the man who made us all break out the Websters."

That level of ignorance, I am sorry to say, is why your country was chosen to peddle this shit and why you are in this mess today.  And 21 people think this is funny, plus another 16 one comment down.  Keep laughing at the folks from Alabama while you can; the rest of the world can't tell the difference.

Ms No's picture

I recommend the use of that word in general public because people stop as if to say "what the hell did you just say".  If you keep a straight face it confuses them.  I have used it a few times.  Highly recommended to entertain oneself in this three ring shitshow. 

Toonces McGraw's picture

I've done the same thing too lol. And the rare time that they ask what it means i tell them to look it up. "Well how do you spell it?" F-U-C-K R-I-G-H-T O-F-F.

Which way to the beach's picture

Pedagogy confuses the hell out of some folks as well. Looks especially good on the SJW when they confuse teaching methods for children to buggering them.


sgorem's picture

not all of us #9. please don't lump all Americans in one basket.

ET's picture

Major Kong riding the nuclear bomb falling to its target is how Americans are.

sgorem's picture

God i love you man. "An International Court To Preserve Life On Earth needs to be assembled. The US government and the war interests it serves need to be indicted and prosecuted and disarmed before their evil destroys life on earth."......i know for a FACT by the tone of your voice that you already have a Carry Permit.....Bless you, Keep The Faith, and Spread THE WORD!..........sgorem.

sgorem's picture

also........HK, Glock, S&W, and innumerable quality gun makers have lightened & downsided considerably their "up close and personal" protective gear. As an "amateur" i suggest  five(5) to six(6) inches below the belly button for an "up close and personal" payback. (As an aside, I always stagger my rounds Hollow Point/Solid/Hollow point/ etc). You'll have to bury/burn your clothes(needless to say) unless .gov issued. It'll take @ least 6-7 days to get the stench of shit out of your nodtrils, but you'll be comforted in the thought that the FREE training Uncle Sam gave you wasn't wasted. Your taxpaer dollars @ work, aloha.......sgorem.

BlindMonkey's picture

better make sure that your rig will eat those staggered rounds.  Some pieces don't like that and will fail to feed the brass at the most inopportune time.

Anon2017's picture

A world court already exists but the US reserves the right not to be bound by its decisions and can use its Security Council veto to block any enforcement decision it does not like.

Neochrome's picture

Actually, an average horse would do a better job than N. Halley.

Bai Suzhen's picture

And you can ride a horse without having to turn off the lights.

therealestg9's picture

Is there never a time when PCR is not "raging" with the classic icon picture of tanks and a nuclear blast?

Is-Be's picture

Does your insouciance shield you from your fear of Nukes?

Why does that monotheist cult that demonstrate their insanity by playing with rattlesnakes spring to mind?

bunkers's picture

EVERYONE should be raging and PCR is right. Politicians and their owners should all be hanging, publicly, as a warning for future traitors but that would require some of us to have backbones and, it seems, none of us have them.

GRDguy's picture

The real underlying sadness is that people do not recognize the simple fact that 99% of individuals in Russia, China, United States, etc. are very much alike. The 1% in each country lie, steal and kill to maintain their 1% status. The 99% simply cannot fathom the 1%, and therefore the masses let them get away with it. That's truly  sad.

HRClinton's picture

Having worked and traveled in many parts of the world, I concur that your statement is 100% accurate. 

I swear we need annual culling of the 1%.

Ms No's picture

I honestly think that all our leaders are trying to gain placement in the new world run by the bastards.  They figure we are already completely infiltrated and powerless so they just joined them.  Look who all the politicians kids are marrying.


Number 9's picture

yep, it looks like the bankers won..

BlindMonkey's picture

Wait until BTC and company go mainstream.  The bankers are panicked.  

Victor999's picture

You really don't know what is going on, do you!