Paul Craig Roberts Rages At Americans "Laughing All The Way To Armageddon"

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

The United States shows the world such a ridiculous face that the world laughs at us.

The latest spin on “Russia stole the election” is that Russia used Facebook to influence the election. The NPR women yesterday were breathless about it.

We have been subjected to ten months of propaganda about Trump/Putin election interference and still not a scrap of evidence. It is past time to ask an unasked question:

If there were evidence, what is the big deal? All sorts of interest groups try to influence election outcomes including foreign governments.


Why is it OK for Israel to influence US elections but not for Russia to do so?


Why do you think the armament industry, the energy industry, agribusiness, Wall Street and the banks, pharmaceutical companies, etc., etc., supply the huge sum of money to finance election campaigns if their intent is not to influence the election?


Why do editorial boards write editorials endorsing one candidate and damning another if they are not influencing the election?

What is the difference between influencing the election and influencing the government?

Washington is full of lobbyists of all descriptions, including lobbyists for foreign governments, working round the clock to influence the US government. It is safe to say that the least represented in the government are the citizens themselves who don’t have any lobbyists working for them.

The orchestrated hysteria over “Russian influence” is even more absurd considering the reason Russia allegedly interfered in the election. Russia favored Trump because he was the peace candidate who promised to reduce the high tensions with Russia created by the Obama regime and its neocon nazis—Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power. What’s wrong with Russia preferring a peace candidate over a war candidate? The American people themselves preferred the peace candidate. So Russia agreed with the electorate.

Those who don’t agree with the electorate are the warmongers—the military/security complex and the neocon nazis. These are democracy’s enemies who are trying to overturn the choice of the American people. It is not Russia that disrespects the choice of the American people; it is the utterly corrupt Democratic National Committee and its divisive Identity Politics, the military/security complex, and the presstitute media who are undermining democracy.

I believe it is time to change the subject. The important question is who is it that is trying so hard to convince Americans that Russian influence prevails over us?

Do the idiots pushing this line realize how impotent this makes an alleged “superpower” look. How can we be the hegemonic power that the Zionist neocons say we are when Russia can decide who is the president of the United States?

The US has a massive spy state that even intercepts the private cell phone conversations of the Chancellor of Germany, but his massive spy organization is unable to produce one scrap of evidence that the Russians conspired with Trump to steal the presidential election from Hillary. When will the imbeciles realize that when they make charges for which no evidence can be produced they make the United States look silly, foolish, incompetent, stupid beyond all belief?

Countries are supposed to be scared of America’s threat that “we will bomb you into the stone age,” but the President of Russia laughs at us. Putin recently described the complete absence of any competence in Washington:

“It is difficult to talk to people who confuse Austria and Australia. But there is nothing we can do about this; this is the level of political culture among the American establishment.


As for the American people, America is truly a great nation if the Americans can put up with so many politically uncivilized people in their government.”

These words from Putin were devastating, because the world understands that they are accurate.

Consider the idiot Nikki Haley, appointed by Trump in a fit of mindlessness as US Ambassador to the United Nations.

This stupid person is forever shaking her fist at the Russians while mouthing yet another improbable accusation. She might want to read Mario Puzo’s book, The Godfather. Everyone knows the movie, but if memory serves somewhere in the book Puzo reflects on the practice of the irate American motorist who shakes a fist and gives the bird to other drivers. What if the driver receiving the insult is a Mafia capo? Does the idiot shaking his fist know who he is accosting? No. Does the moron know that the result might be a brutal beating or death? No.

Does the imbecile Nikki Haley understand what can be the result of her inability to control herself? No. Every knowledgeable person I know wonders if Trump appointed the imbecile Nikki Haley US ambassador to the world for the purpose of infuriating the Russians.

Ask Napoleon and the German Wehrmacht the consequence of infuriating the Russians.

After 16 years the US “superpower” has been unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban, who have no air force, no Panzer divisions, no worldwide intelligence service, and the crazed US government in Washington is courting war with Russia and China and North Korea and Iran.

The American people are clearly out to lunch in their insouciance. Americans are fighting among themselves over “civil war” statues, while “their’ government invites nuclear armageddon.

The United States has an ambassador to the world who shows no signs of intelligence, who behaves as if she is Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee to the 5th power, and who is the total antithesis of a diplomat. What does this tell about the United States?

It reveals that the US is in the Roman collapse stage when the emperor appoints horses to the Senate.

The United States has a horse, an uncivilized horse, as its diplomat to the world. The Congress and executive branch are also full of horses and horse excrement. The US government is completely devoid of intelligence. There is no sign of intelligence anywhere in the U.S. government. Of or morality. As Hugo Chavez said: Satan is there; you can smell the sulphur.

America is a joke with nuclear weapons, the prime danger to life on earth.

How can this danger be corralled?

The American people would have to realize that they are being led to their deaths by the Zionist neocon nazis who, together with the military/security complex and Wall Street, control US foreign policy, by the complicity of Europe and Great Britain desperate to retain their CIA subsidies, and by the harlots that comprise the Western media.

Are Americans capable of comprehending this? Only a few have escaped The Matrix.

The consequence is that America is being locked into conflict with Russia and China. There is no possibility whatsoever of Washington invading either country, much less both, so war would be nuclear.

Do the American people want Washington to bring us this result? If not, why are the American people sitting there sucking their thumbs, doing nothing? Why are Europe and Great Britain sitting there permitting the unfolding of nuclear armageddon? Who murdered the peace movement?

The World and the American people need desperately to rein in the warmonger United States, or the world will cease to exist.

An International Court To Preserve Life On Earth needs to be assembled. The US government and the war interests it serves need to be indicted and prosecuted and disarmed before their evil destroys life on earth.

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ZangotheMagnificent1's picture

Why do people read this crackpot?

napper's picture

repeat elementary school and high school a few more times. then come back.

Norma Lacy's picture

All of it right on and well said.    it is amazing that out of over 350 million people - this is the best we can find to "govern."    

I would like to make one correction.   The use of horses is incorrect.   Horses are noble brave beautiful animals.   Rosinante - a horse so good in himself.... etc etc.   Let's call these Nikkis what they are = ghoulish apparritions.

And let us remember that behind all this smoke and ranting , the looting continues unabated.    The tipping - or tilting point - which is the world's abandonment of the dollar seems to be moving closer and closer.   Perhaps that is the only threat which can stop the nuclear threat from the mad dogs.

Norma Lacy's picture

PS.   I mean the 'murkan nuclear mad dogs.    North Korea has learned the Ghaddafi lesson well.

ankhfnkhonsu's picture

As usual Roberts goes over the edge with his "Zionist" obsessions and anything of intelligence is obscured with his hallmark Jew-hatred

ankhfnkhonsu's picture

As usual Roberts goes over the edge with his "Zionist" obsessions and anything of intelligence is obscured with his hallmark Jew-hatred

pocomotion's picture

Stick with Hitler and please don't expand to other people...

messystateofaffairs's picture

" I believe its time to change the subject. "

The subjuct is Jewish, as in ziocon (Zionist Con artist). Dispense with the politically correct neocon (new conservative) and call a Jew a Jew because thats where  a big part if the problem lies. The remainder of the problem lies with goyim insouciance.

This is not to bring physical violence against Jews or anyone else, that barberizes the aggreived and everyone else and is not neccessary. BDS is enough in the hands of an alert citizenry. Start purging Jews from American institutions, no need to disturb their personal assets or harm their person, just get them out of American public policy, or whats left of it, it is very rare for a Jew to be an American, very common for them to use deception as Israel and Jewish interests firsters.

wisebastard's picture

they are high on their credit card economy that only exist because their military kills innocent people to keep the dollar as the world reserve currency. the day will come when americans will be the most hated people on earth

wisebastard's picture

its monopoly money backed by blood and somehow americans think they are the good guy...

Robert of Ottawa's picture

To describe Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power as neocon nazis misses the point. They didn't, and don't, give an eff about foreign policy, they left that to the "professionsals". Clinton was only interested in so far as she could milk it for money.

seataka's picture

PROFIT despite any cost in induced human misery, is the motto of the psychopath as well as those who emulate them.

Solio's picture

At least the country was sold out to the highest bidder(s.)


Consider the fantastic balances in their overseas accounts now!

Solio's picture

The names, please, of the foundations and people that took the large checks for selling out the country.

Kat Daddy's picture

The greatest disappointment about Trump is that he promised a more sane Foreign Policy, reducing overseas interventions, and making peace, not provocation, with the countries that are not aligned with the USA.  Trump has dialed up the provocations to a whole new level, and none of the countries he has tormented can readily be attacked without a nuclear Armageddon.  Trump has increased pressure on Russia largely due to the "Russia Hacking" narrative which has been totally debunked, at least on the internet, but never reported by the DNC controlled media.  Our Foreign Relations are a mess under Trump and yet, I don't feel he really has control of what is going on Internationally, instead he is being managed and manipulated by the Neocons and Warmongers into confrontations he has not anticipated, and feels he has to be a "strong" President by attacking adversaries overseas, when his real enemies are in DC. I know everyone on this site was very disappointed when he chose a cabinet of ex Goldmanites and Generals and I think most are suspicious about how slowly the wheels of Justice turn in DC.  Can HRC and her band of Pedophiles ever be made to answer for their crimes or will they just "skate" as they have always done?  The Sociolo-Communist NWO movement is deeply entrenched in the institutions of DC and must be pulled out by the roots.  Very difficult!  America has been rotting from the inside out.

Posa's picture

You actually believed Drump's one -liners were real... Would have been nice but how could you possibly take this guy for real?

o r c k's picture

The answer is also found in his bizarre Attorney General. Did Trump appoint someone he knew would sleep through his presidency and take orders from the Swamp ? Yes.  The swamp deepens and grows as it putrifies. "Justice" will not be done. It was all politics as usual.  

hanekhw's picture

Having lost the capacity for rational thought all the 'politically woke' people have said and done too many things that are just plain evil.


It really does come down to doing good or evil something liberals claim doesn't exist preferring to rationalize themselves to themselves.


More hubris? Please. Hillary LOST. Get over it.

Posa's picture

"It reveals that the US is in the Roman collapse stage when the emperor appoints horses to the Senate"

Yup. That's a good summary as the US founders. The US Ruling Class is blinded by its cupidity; and its people profoundly dumbed down and narcoticized... but finally the plague of post-war Pox Americana is dead... let's focus on rebuilding the US and letting the Empire fade into memory. Alas, Predatory Empires don't collapse gracefully. Bad habits of thought and action die hard.

Ace006's picture

Caligula is universally portrayed as certifiable but I wonder. On this point anyway.

Seemst to me appointing the horse was a shrewd assessment of the debased state of the Senate, not any judgment that a horse in any way could carry out the duties of a senator. It just would make no difference in the work product and he made that point rather artfully.


Posa's picture

Well sure... It's more a comment on the degenerate depravity surrounding Nero... sorta' like the DC Swamp.

arby63's picture

50 years of EEO (without concern for common sense) will tend to weaken the fabric of a nation. The results are self-evident: From entertainment to business to politics.

Ace006's picture

Yup. We got "equality" and all the pathology that came with it.

And it was a whole lot of pathology.

pocomotion's picture

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


Feel free to post an article or an amendment that suits your fancy.  Please take it from the real text and do not modify, and, thanks my fellow Americans.

If we would PLASTER the Constitution on every web site we know of,,, I believe TPTB would start to get 'A MESSAGE'.

RubyPetunia's picture

--if memory serves somewhere in the book Puzo reflects on the practice of the irate American motorist who shakes a fist and gives the bird to other drivers. What if the driver receiving the insult is a Mafia capo? Does the idiot shaking his fist know who he is accosting? No. Does the moron know that the result might be a brutal beating or death? No--


I don't remember anything at all like that from the book. Regardless, the capo would almost certainly just shrug it off kind of like Trump.

Solio's picture

What we've given the world? Plutonium, and a host of others.


grasha87's picture

I have a solution to the problem of the monetary system based on debt which cause recessions. It's called the wallark, and is a currency based on Say's law:

Herdee's picture

When your broke and busted and you have to monetize debt just to pay interest on the principle you know that the days of American flag waving hegemony glory to dominant planet earth are over. Rome fell, so will the Washington's corruption. There's not enough tax money to pay the bills. Watch out.

Bai Suzhen's picture

The only two countries I see influencing US elections are Israel and Mexico.  In that order.  When do we get some NPR investigations of Israel's money grubbing influence? 

Grandad Grumps's picture

What I feel for are all of the people who may die in ignorance. They have no clue why they are being murdered and have not had a chance to choose. Whether you choose Satan, secrecy, a "do as though wilt" view of the world and selfishly serve yourself or you choose Christ and serve others, There is a choice to be made... which is not a man-made dialectic.

myopinion's picture

I'd say a good slug of the American people know exactly what is going on and feel helpless to do anything about it.  But the best solution is to vote with your feet--to leave ('the matrix'). And more and more are. That is if you want to maintain any long term financial solvency.  Let's face it--it's downright embarrassing to be an American at this point in historyBut most people I meet around the planet know governments are not necessarily a reflection of their people.  But the American people going to pay for the globally bad behavior of their governments economically when China rolls out the petroyuan backed by gold.  Say goodbye to Dollar dominance and life as you know it.  Tick, tick, tick...

TheParty'sOver's picture

PCR is correct. Try mentioning the Neocon's Project for A New American Century to any American you know. Outsie of ZH readers, maybe 1 out of 100 knows what it is. Axis of Evil anyone?

TheLastMan's picture

Good article.

It is encouraging to have "establishment" types name "names".

I believe The Hague is already established as the world court for war crimes, etc.

Is it independent?  Do we need another venue? 

Round them up.

The evidence is abundant - the treasonous have published their intent and have made it actionable - Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, NK, Ukraine, <US>, <Russia>

All things must pass including the malignant scourge that continues the long game.

Unfortunately, the insatiable scourge will not pass or concede without influence. 

The story of the 19th - 20th century overthrow of Russia and Germany needs to be understood by US citizens as a precursor to the US's future.

It won't be hordes of Mongols or Teutons at the gate.

Just as a large ship is controlled by a small rudder, many people died in Russia and Germany at the hands of a relative few.


Hikikomori's picture

Every day is the end of the world as we know it, according to PCR.

Ace006's picture

But PCR will have ze last laugh.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

If $100,000 in Putin ad buys on Facebook stole the election then our system is pretty F-d up lol.

ConanTheContrarian1's picture

The problem these days is that the propaganda is so effective on all sides that you don't have anyone to trust. PCR has his worldview, and some facts to back it up, but what worries me is the implied sense that the other players are moral and upright. In other articles, he screams about NATO overthrowing the gov't of Ukraine, but what did Putin do to put that government there in the first place? Did China take over Tibet for world peace, or to enable the Han to encroach on conquered people as they have done for millenia? So, is PCR working for international agents of some sort by spouting this line? Is he senile?

I don't see Nikki Haley as being the mindless pinball he portrays her as. She's posturing for effect, same as EVERY other country on earth does. They all bluff, they all have moral and upright pretexts that they spout to cover their real intentions. And I'm not willing to join the chant about the evils of the US when I see the same shit everywhere else. Grow up, Paul.

farmerbraun's picture

"the same shit everywhere"

Yeah , i noticed that.

Funny , that.

Why Bother's picture

"The American people themselves preferred the peace candidate. So Russia agreed with the electorate."


WRONG! First, Trump was not a peace candidate. He vowed during his campaign to go after family members of "alleged" terrorists. That is not peace. That's terror. Secondly, Trump got 65 million votes out of an eligible electorate of 235 million. That is 27% of the eligible voters' votes. 46% of us eligible voters did not vote, and I'm one of those 46%.

Everything else PCR said is spot on. I'm tired of these analysts repeating lies that make it appear that most American voters voted for Trump.

Ace006's picture

Who cares what you think about the election? You could have voted against Trump. You didn't. Therefore you made his victory possible. This ¢€#$@&* virtue signaling about "I didn't vote so I'm special" makes me crazier rhat I am.

Just a smidgen short of 50% of the people who voted went for Trump. Get over it!

Barfetto's picture

No insouciant here.

Robert.Paulson's picture

Is anyone else just reading headlines?


Bing it on! Apocalypse Now!

and then another one will begin.

ohvast's picture

When I reached the word "Zionist" I realized I was reading something written by just another antisemite. The only reason these guys are still able to publish is that they are Saudi sock pupperts. They have sold themselves to the princes of oil, those Arabs who don't or won't do bloody jihad and finance anyone who works against the Israelis, instead.

redmudhooch's picture

End the Fed, boot out or lock up the Bolshevik sabotuers.