Freedom Caucus Leader: "Don't Blame Trump For Deal With 'Chuck And Nancy'"

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With much of the Washington Republican establishment still grumbling about President Donald Trump’s decision earlier this week to strike a deal with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, one prominent member of the House Freedom Caucus took to the Sunday Talk Shows to deliver what sounded like the faction’s official response to the week’s events.

In an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan struck a delicate balance: criticizing the consequences of the president's decision without impugning the man himself.

Jordan explained that while the Trump-Schumer-Pelosi deal wouldn’t be “good for the American taxpayer” the president can be excused for agreeing to it because Republicans in Congress failed to provide him with a suitable alternative.

And just like that, a member of the House’s most intransigent, conservative faction – the group that almost singlehandedly crushed the Trump administration’s health-care ambitions – turning the blame for Trump’s debt-ceiling can-kicking, and the powerful leverage that Democrats gained because of it, back on the president’s favorite opponents: Congressional Republicans.

Here’s Jordan:

“I don’t think this was a good deal for the American taxpayer. We didn’t go anything to address the underlying $20 trillion debt but frankly what options did the president have in front of him? The first time the Republican conference talked about the debt ceiling was Sunday morning. And the Freedom Caucus had called for, nine and a half weeks ago, we said ‘don’t leave town until you have a plan on the debt ceiling’ and instead we went home for the longest August recess in a decade, longer even than in elections years.”

Of course, Jordan’s criticism focuses squarely on the Congressional Republican leadership. He excuses the Freedom Caucusers from blame by effectively saying that Trump’s deal with the Democrats could’ve been avoided if Speaker Paul Ryan had listened to the group’s suggestion to delay summer recess until a debt-ceiling plan had been formulated.

The most important takeaway here: After spending the first eight months of Trump's term battling with the president, House conservatives appear to be extending an olive branch to the administration while also advancing their goal of ousting the party’s Congressional leadership.

"We should’ve stayed here and put together ideas. We offered ideas in the Freedom Caucus. We said let’s cap spending as a percentage of GDP and we’ll raise the debt ceiling. I learned a long time ago that when you fail to prepare, you get a bad outcome. And that’s what happened here."

When asked whether he thought handing so much leverage to Pelosi and Schumer – who can now use the December debt ceiling negotiations to demand concessions, possibly allowing them to force through a bill to codify DACA as law – Jordan said he hadn’t really thought about it.

Instead he reiterated that the next debt-ceiling bill include some of the spending constraints that conservative Republicans have demanded.

“I don’t look at it as whether it’s good or bad for the American people. So, I don’t think it’s good for the American taxpayer I don’t think it’s good for the American people when you just raised the debt ceiling and don’t do anything to address the underlying problem, this is like your kid at college…who has your credit card…I think if that was your son or my son we’d have a problem with that. Let’s cap spending as a percentage of GDP, let’s bring spending back below its historic norm of 20% of gross domestic product.”

Jordan said Trump’s deal could be an opportunity for Republicans to sell their own plan to the American people.

I look at this as optimistic…we have the chance to put together a plan and take that case to the American people early and take it to them and pass it.”

Asked whether he was worried about future collaborations between the president and Democrats, Jordan said he was not.

“The president is focused on doing what he told the American people he told them he was going to do. That’s why we’ve got to get our plan out there early and take it to the American people, if we do that early we can win. What’s going to happen in the future is we’re solely and totally focused on what the America people elected us to do.”

Jordan added that he had no doubts about Trump’s conservative bona fides.

When pressed about rumors that Paul Ryan would soon be replaced as speaker, rumors that were kickstarted after reports of a meeting between Ryan, Jordan and Freedom Caucus leader Mark Meadows, he said they were untrue.

“No one’s talking about changing leadership what we’re talking about is just what I said.”

In summary, despite Trump’s numerous “scandals” and “legislative failures,” the Freedom Caucus has finally accepted that the president enjoys boundless political durability, and that it might be to their advantage to try and mend ties with the White House. Compounding this, Meadows himself offered a similar response to the president’s deal on Friday, assuring reporters that cooperating with Democrats would be a “one-time thing,” and that Trump made his decision in the interest of passing a Harvey relief measure ASAP – absolving him of some responsibility for the deal.

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lasvegaspersona's picture

What happens going forward was set in motion (and in stone) with each prior bit of borrowing.

THE END IS NEAR (or at least that is what the plackards on Times Square say)

takeaction's picture

Trump needs to bypass that little bitch McConnel......McConnel is just playing games...along with Paul Ryan, Graham, McCain......I for one agree with Trump doing whatever it takes to move the agenda forward.  Work with the Dems...hash out a deal.  Get Healthcare fixed.  If it is not corrected in a few moths...I know my policy is going to go up another 30 percent. what you promised.  And that worthless Jeff Sessions...I am fucking LIVID over him not going after Lois Lerner.  I got fucking audited because I supported Ron Paul and was a part of the "Liberty" movement.  

Big Creek Rising's picture

Standard approach for a hardass executive when his managers are failing to deliver:  "either you and I are going to get this done, or someone else and I are going to get this done, but this WILL get done."

My dad attributes to Stan Denison, former CEO of Georgia Pacific.

Jack McGriff's picture

Why are these losers even getting paid?  They do NOTHING!

political_proxy's picture

Not true. They support special interest based on who kicks down the most Crony Dollars.

Big Creek Rising's picture

They can only be fired by the voters in their state or district, which takes huge amounts of money- it's almost impossible for a challenger to compete with an incumbent's corporate crony war chest.

No realistic fix until the total economic crash (the recovery will be led by lamppost and rope manufacturers)

Publicus_Reanimated's picture

That's pretty good.  To which you may add, "When a man becomes indispensible, fire him." -- John Patterson, National Cash Register

Flankspeed60's picture

Patterson may have said it, but I believe it was Peter Drucker who originated it. He detailed it in his major book on 'Management.'

Publicus_Reanimated's picture

Patterson died when Drucker was 13 years old.

Father ¢hristmas's picture

If by "get this done" you mean pass legislation that is diametrically opposed to you and your party's purported values and principles because your electoral base possesses an infantile understanding of Capitol Hill gamesmanship, then sure.

Get R Done.

Big Creek Rising's picture

Perhaps what he wants to get done is the tax package but wants the more discrete problems out of the way. Not to minimize the debt ceiling, but that crap comes up every year and never gets solved.


StarGate's picture

Correct it never gets solved (debt)
at least since 1913
when Congress voted to give away their responsibility per the US Constitution "to coin money" WITHOUT debt
and gave that elected authority to the private non govt non elected banksters, the Fed Reserve, to print paper money for free that Congress could then borrow at interest to create unnecessary debt,
the national debt.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Lois?  Hmmmpf, he's got much bigger fish to fry, you better be grateful he didn't go after your weed!

DrData02's picture

Well he hasn't gotten a damn fish yet!

Consuelo's picture



Points understood.

That said, are you really 'livid' over Lois Lerner and Mr. Sessions not going after her, or...    Is it more of a sobering, sinking-gut feeling that the entire system is compromised and that there really are a separate set of laws for them, and us...?

I will say to you this, yea verily - no Bible-thumping intended: 

At this late stage of 'disease', all that separates America and the fate of the Babylon whore, is the mysterious hand which works in most interesting and counter-intuitive ways, and perhaps a people - like you, who are willing to hold fast ---  

aurum4040's picture

Personally, I love that Trump had the balls to make this move. An IQ of 158 sees through things most do not. Through the most difficult 8 months of arguably any President in US history, Trump has managed to begin turning the tide. He isn't perfect, hes has globalists, Goldman, and the MIC on his "team". But he isnt bowing to them - not by any stretch. He is manipulating the situation to the best of his abilities. After decades of Swamp MIC rule, it's litterally impossible to simply eradicate and rebuild. If it does occur, it will take many years and many Presidents. Say what you will about Trump, we are letting Syria ride with the Russians, we are showing more force then Obama, rebuilding military and trying to take better care of vets, giving China shit, killed TPP, scaring the fuck out of illegals, standing up for the right, absolutely decimating the media, killed the Paris climate BS, bringing coal jobs back, bringing SOME US manufacturing back, reversed DACA, not going after our guns, obviously hasn't caved to ALL of Israels desires, exposing all of the DC scum and then some, has done very very well with Hurricane Harvey and Irma, doing his best for healthcare and infrastructure deals, hes legitimately trying to help everyone - all of this in the worst environment in history yet he still busts his ass day in and day out and will never quit. Theres more but my point is made. He has his flaws, but he certainly isn't Sanders or HRC. In fact he's still far better then any other 16 candidate.  He also donated a million of his own money to Houston and he donates his Presidential salary. Many need to objectively step back and think things through - could be alot worse than Trump.  

fbazzrea's picture

+1 you said it. we're lucky he's tough as nails and has more stick-to-itiveness than Gorilla Glue, not #4, unless you're talking about to a sofa.

and he should fire Sessions if he don't lock her up... or at least, allow a jury to decide.

localsavage's picture

The fact is that these guys have been protected by the media for so long that they have no idea that they are getting the majority of the blame for not getting shit done.  trump can't do it alone any these assholes can't even send him anything to sign.  He fucking begged for a healthcare bill and was will to sign even a POS yet they can't get it done.  Fucking Losers

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

EVERY one of 'em. Losers.  Approvals in the teens.  And yet, they keep getting elected.  What does that say about ... us?

localsavage's picture

It says that the Republican party system is broken at all levels as we are never given better options.  It is a RINO or vote for another party

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Is the problem the Republican Party or the Republican voters?  Serious question, are WE the fucking problem for re-electing these traitors and losers.  We should primary every gawddamn one of 'em starting with Ryan and McTurtle.

localsavage's picture

In many cases, we are the problem.  Every asshole who voted to reelect Ryan is surely to blame.  That would have sent a clear message.  In most cases, there isn't even an option to primary the assholes.  Although, their not going with Trump will make this primary season very interesting.  I have a feeling they are going to get the same treament Cantor got.

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Maybe a few more need to get Cantor'd, they need to get the message.

55 men's picture

I get the feeling Sheriff David Clarke is being groomed for something in Wisconsin, my bet is , its to take whatever the fuck Paul Ryans job is.

Swamidon's picture

It says the Deplorables better start working to develop a strong 3rd Political Party that isn't dependent on Trump.

38BWD22's picture



Trump, I hope, is playing chess...

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Sorry my friend, he's playing with himself.

order66's picture

Never blame Trump, the first president who can't find his own dick with two hands and a map.

political_proxy's picture

You can find your dick on a map?

Why is your dick on a map, you freak?

ReturnOfDaMac's picture

Cut him some slack, he's got small hands...

gmrpeabody's picture

At least Trump can find his balls.., liberal men have none.

Enceladus's picture

He can't find his dick cause it's buried in your ass 

roadhazard's picture

"The Art of the Deal" = work with the Democraps

artichoke's picture

Not so much, just on a case by case basis.  It's probably a deal Schumer threw out there so he could later say Trump refused to work with them.  And Trump took it!  See how the Dems are not crowing about it.

artichoke's picture

House and Senate R leadership have both abandoned Trump.  McConnell's refusal to recess the Senate was horrible.

Now that leadership is the target of public hatred by Trump's base.  Jordan is right to step away from them.

What if we don't get the must-pass stuff in Dec.?  Shut the government rather than be pushed into too much for the Dreamers.  Trump's base, with the FC, will love that.  The ones that hate it are never-Trump anyway.

It's gonna be a long year or so for the GOPe.  I think they're gonna die out politically.  Trump hates them now, and so do his supporters.

j0nx's picture

The only thing the RINOs are going to do quickly is pass dreamer amnesty. We know their priorities. I assure you if they do that while tax reform and healthcare twists away in the wind that they will lose so badly in 2018 that it will be historic in its significance. I can also assure you that the dems will have no trouble leading and getting shit passed. Paul Rino needs to be replaced asap with somebody who has some balls like Nancy Pelosi. Mitch McConnell is just...well who the hell would ever vote for that pederast looking fool in the first place? Creepy extraordinaire is the first thing that comes to mind when I look at him. Him and miss Lindsay graham make my skin crawl from the creepiness. Only Joe Biden is creepier. How do these freaks ever get elected? What is wrong with people?

Swamidon's picture

Now the RINOs are making excuses for Trump.  Gee, too bad the most powerful man on the planet can't get anything done. 

artichoke's picture

Jordan's not  RINO but a real conservative.  Get with the program.

Swamidon's picture

Funny, I was thinking McTraitor and Pansy and Ryan and McCluk but I wouldn't be happy with Pelosi and that Clown Schumer signing praises either.  The point I'm making is that the Presidency has Power and friends, but Trump seems to have neither. 

localsavage's picture

People in politics don't have friends.  They have alliances that are cool as long as everyone is getting paid.  There is no money in real health care reform, getting rid of illegals or lowering the debt cieling so he has no friends.  When he wants to sell arms or start some more war shit, he has plenty of friends.

bigkahuna's picture

Tomohawks into Syria

Status quo in Afghanistan

Who knows what in NK

political_proxy's picture

the most powerful man on the planet

Would that be a Rothschild or Rockerfeller?

max2205's picture

The GOP officially died the day the RNC voted trump to be their candidate.   That's a good thing imo.  

Salsa Verde's picture

Trump is treating them like the disposable whores they are; the introspection is driving em insane.

Laughing.Man's picture

"...Meadows himself offered a similar response to the president’s deal on Friday, assuring reporters that cooperating with Democrats would be a 'one-time thing'..."

No Meadows, you're suppose to work with others to get shit done.  It's called compromise.  IMO, politics have reached full retard.  Each side view each other as the enemy.   This mindset is rather dangerous to have as it'll lead to a break up of the nation.  Even talk of multiple parties will not solve anything until this mindset is abandoned.

hxc's picture

The left IS the enemy. Not that repubs are very much on the right.

Publicus_Reanimated's picture

Trump just told Ryan and McConnell they've got three months to get their shit together.  God help 'em if they don't.  You will see a wave of Congressional retirements and primary defeats unheard of in modern times.  The US electorate has returned at least 85% of incumbent members of the House of Representatives to Washington since 1950, with the low point being 2010.  The largest count of representatives losing in the primary since 1946 was 19 -- usually the number was in single digits.  Carville said it in his ultracute accent:  "Dey's gonna be a waw-uh".

Vageling's picture

WTF? Suddenly they wake up? Trunp got dosed with reality? No balls. Own that? Stupid!I don't say that to mock, but the "last" guy who made sense... Well, ...

He got murdered. Lead disease. And please take this over the top. Whatever.

CONgresss... Elections, eh?