North Korea Threatens US With "Greatest Pain And Suffering Ever" Over Fresh Sanctions

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Following an uneventful weekend, ahead of which markets were on edge over another probable North Korean ICBM launch, the futures have breathed a sigh of relief, with the USDJPY and dollar jumping, while gold has tumbled by $10 from Friday's highs.

That optimistic reaction, however, could be premature as Kim Jong Un may only be biding his time until Monday when the US is expected to seek more sanctions against North Korea in the UN. As reported on Friday, Washington wants the Security Council to vote on Monday to impose the sanctions, despite resistance from Beijing and Moscow to the new measures. The US has warned it would call for an oil embargo on Pyongyang, an assets freeze on leader Kim Jong-Un, but also an end to textile exports and to payments made to North Korean guest workers.

Confirming as much, and seemingly unaware of Keeping up with the Kardashians or the entire 2016 presidential election process, North Korea warned on Monday it would inflict "the greatest pain and suffering" on the United States if Washington persists in pushing for harsher UN sanctions tomorrow following Pyongyang's sixth nuclear test.

In a statement published by the official KCNA news agency, North Korea's foreign ministry warned Washington that if it did "rig up the illegal and unlawful 'resolution' on harsher sanctions, the DPRK shall make absolutely sure that the U.S. pays due price". The ministry then said that "the forthcoming measures to be taken by the DPRK will cause the U.S. the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history."

"The world will witness how the DPRK tames the U.S. gangsters by taking (a) series of action tougher than they have ever envisaged."

At a dinner to celebrate Pyongyang's nuclear program, North Korean leader Kim praised the test and urged the country's scientists to develop more weapons, KCNA reported Sunday.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (front, 2ndL) attends an art performance
dedicated to nuclear scientists and technicians at the People's Theatre in Pyongyang

The North says it needs nuclear arms to protect itself, but the US has accused the country of "begging for war". Pyongyang's drive to stage a slew of brazen tests in recent months, which contravene existing United Nations sanctions, has sparked surging tensions over the country's weapons program.

Complicating matters, is a Friday report from NBC according to which any potential escalation in tensions between the US and North Korea would see China's involvement on Pyongyang's side, to wit:

"military strikes on North Korea could have serious repercussions, senior defense officials said, and the most glaring among these is that China has told administration officials that if the U.S. strikes North Korea first, Beijing would back Pyongyang, a senior military official told NBC."

So with China most likely set to veto any UNSC sanctions on Monday, and threatening to side with Kim in case of a military conflict, today's optimistic reaction to this weekend's lack of an ICBM launch may prove to be rather short-sighted.

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38BWD22's picture



We, the USA, are really the only ones who can cause ourselves real pain.

If we would stay out of other nations' issues, we would be better off.


We could always let Japan and S. Korea develop nukes since that seems to be what China wants.  Ha.

eforce's picture

Seems the US is trying to do what they did to Japan in the 1930s, oil embargo, force their hand.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


If we would stay out of other nations' issues, we would be better off.

Agreed wholeheartedly.

We could always let Japan and S. Korea develop nukes

If the US government were to stay out of other nations' issues, it would not deign to place itself in a position of determining what Japan and South Korea are allowed and not allowed to do.

38BWD22's picture



True re the USA deigning to "allow" them.

Fast <> precision when commenting quickly.

*   *   *

I'm OK with S. Korea and Japan developing nuclear weapons should they see fit.  

Would China be OK with that?  

Would Russia?

Hee hee.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


I'm OK with S. Korea and Japan developing nuclear weapons should they see fit.

They would need to give 3 months notice to the UN of their intent to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Would China be OK with that?

Would Russia?

Would the US? Alliances, like empires, don't last forever.

Hee hee.

US citizen sense of humor: massive death of innocents is something to tickle the funny bone. You watching the hurricane coverage with a laugh track in the background?

38BWD22's picture



Please point out where I said about anything using nukes or massive deaths of innocents.  Also, I think you know very little about my sense of humor.

You too need to think and be more precise with wording.  Not just me.

*   *   *

Did N. Korea get the UN's "permission" to build nukes?  No.  In fact, they have defied UN resolutions.

Countries will do as they see fit, you even agreed with that remark earlier.

S. Korea and Japan developing nukes would worry China far more than it would worry me.  Would that worry you as much as it would China?

Justin Case's picture

US media of course leaves out this entire chain of events. Korea’s leadership agreed not to develop nuclear weapons in exchange for food for their starving population, as well as other humanitarian support, in a time of mass starvation. US leaders did not fulfill their promises. Very little food and heating gas was ever delivered. In this context, is it a surprise, or a moral outrage that North Korea would also drop its end of the bargain, and go ahead and pursue nukes? Does such an action really fit the narrative of a “rogue state” lead by “insane” leaders bent on destroying the planet?

When a few basic facts are mentioned, the entire narrative and perception of North Korea falls apart. The DPRK hasn’t always had mass starvation, and according to even rather hostile sources like BBC and the Council on Foreign Relations, its economic system was quite successful at one time. Furthermore, the DPRK developed Nuclear Weapons only in response to the failure US leaders to fulfill their obligations under a negotiated agreement. They were promised certain things in exchange for not developing nuclear weapons. They did not get those things, so they went ahead did it.

These facts are conveniently forgotten in any discussion of the DPRK, but they are highly relevant to understanding the country and its relationship with the world. While ignoring important aspects of reality, these news sources talk of “fake news” and urge us to listen exclusively to them? That’s probably not a good idea, especially for those who want peace.

Stinkytofu's picture

interesting concept....but what about the nukular non-proliferation treaty?

it's not simply a case of the us "allowing" them to build nukes.


they would have to officially exit the treaty, and then wait six months

before they could begin production.  sort of like north....wait a minute,

lemme start again.


in order to develop nukes, they would have to exit the treaty first.

then as NON-treaty members, signatories could NOT sell or

give them nukular technology.  that's why the us can't sell

nukular tech to ind......wait a minute, lemme start again.


signatories to the treaty are afforded aid and assistance

from more advanced members when building or expanding

their peaceful civilian nukular programs.  that's why the

us has been so helpful with iran's civi....wait a minute,

lemme start again.


there are few non-signatories to the non-proliferation treaty.

non-signatories that build nukular weapons are shunned

and sactioned.  and any that pass nukular technology,

especially working nukular bombs, no other countries

would be at risk of un-sponsored military action.  and

that's why non-signatory israel was invaded and regime

changed when they gave nukular bombs to south....

wait a minute, .lemme start again.


aw, fuck it.  it's a farce.  whatever.



c2nnib2l's picture

if China veto sanctions on North Korea, perhaps it's time to sanction China ?

Why US simple don't offer fair share of North Korea to Russia and China ? 

They could split this piece of land like a cake in to 3 equal parts. Everybody would be happy even north koreans ! 


dlweld's picture

China wants a lot more than just a piece of Korea. It wants a free hand in the Sourth China sea and wants the USA outta there. If NK magically got some DF-21 or DF-26 missiles and rashly zapped a few aircraft carriers, China wouldn't be heart broken.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


if China veto sanctions on North Korea, perhaps it's time to sanction China ?

Ahhh, US citizen simplicity, you've got to love it. Everyone in the world that hates America would love to see the US sanction China. Why do you hate America?

Why US simple don't offer fair share of North Korea to Russia and China ?

Because the US is not in a position to offer North Korea to anyone.

They could split this piece of land like a cake in to 3 equal parts. Everybody would be happy even north koreans !

Remember that when the US is forcibly split into multiple parts.

Stinkytofu's picture

ha!  the us has as much right to north korea as (formerly) great britain does to the malvinas.

Justin Case's picture

They could split merica in to 52 equal parts. Then the world would be a peaceful place to live.

koan's picture

Greatest pain in our history? Apparently Kimmy doesn't have to put up with SJW's and the "urban youths".

Falling Down's picture

The U.S. allowed this to happen.

Yen Cross's picture

  Don't get happy too fast.  There's gaps from last Sunday, and gaps from this Sunday that need to be closed. I'd be inclined to think the gaps from last Sunday need to get closed first.

 Has anyone looked at that massive gap in eur/jpy from April 21st? Back when we thought Tax Reform and Zerocare would be repealed.

 Hey dipshit junker, must suck to see your $ shorts getting squeezed<?

Mr. Pain's picture

Li'l Kim. Standing up to the Empire!

Haitian Snackout's picture

" Greatest pain in history " which I suppose in Kim's case would be equivalent to the diner closing early.

runswithscissors's picture

Isn't this stupid kabuki clown show painful enough?

Haitian Snackout's picture

Yea, but I've run out of Bin laden jokes and fake diseases aren't as much fun. I know it's not much but it's all we have.

MzMolly's picture

So basically China is whining because NAFTA negotiations are not looking good, Pakistan and Venezuela are being scolded and their dumping gig is up. Hmmmmmmm. What to do....

Mnuchin's picture

regarding NK and the future:


North Korea supposedly has between 20 and 60 nukes right now. They may not have the ability to launch them and make a re-entry through the atmosphere to the Continental U.S., but how far away is that really?


But the bigger question is — WHY WOULD NK STOP AT JUST 60 NUKES? Why won't they KEEP ON MAKING THEM UNTIL THEY HAVE 600 OR 6000? Or 60,000?


What does a nuclear-armed North Korea with 6,000 nukes look like? Well, to me, it sure looks like a near-superpower.


Consider this — how do you go from being one of the world's poorest countries to being one of the richest overnight? Could NUCLEAR BLACKMAIL have something to do with it?


How do you raise hard currency quickly when you have nothing to sell except a little nuclear technology that's proven to work?


And to all those people who say, well, Kim Jong Un may be belligerent, but he's not crazy, how many sane people do you know that keep on launching nuclear-capable ICBMs and detonating nuclear bombs when the world's biggest superpower says "you will be met with fire and fury etc."?


In fact, how can you judge ANY of North Korea's future behavior on any of their past behavior? Is that what you want to gamble the U.S.'s future on? Really? Guesses that are only backed up by what a Western power would do in their shoes?


All it would take is for NK to launch an EMP over Tokyo to take down 95% of that country's electrical grid along with much of South Korea's grid, knocking out power for our military, missiles, ships etc in the region. We'd be paralyzed as NK marches down to take Seoul and re-unify the country as they've stated they want to do countless times. See:


Don't think it could happen? What are you going to do when NK floats two cigarette boats into NYC harbor and up the Potomac? They don't even need missiles to carry out such an attack that would in an instant upset the whole structure of power in the world. You want to let that fat little bastard have that capability?


I'm sorry, but the Cold War-era theories of Mutual Assured Destruction don't apply here. NK isn't Russia, and it isn't Pakistan. Have you ever fought a Korean person? Do you want to? Remember, North Korea STARTED the last Korean War, and took on a foe (the U.S.) that had nukes when it didn't. And you call these people sane? For 60 years, they've been dreaming of revenge and inflicting the same kind of casualties they suffered then. These are the people you want to "just accept as a nuclear power"?


The whole crisis over NK is really about the end of U.S. hegemony. To be more specific, it's about China vs. the U.S. I'm sorry, but do you really think China is going to back up NK if we take out their nuke sites? What are they going to do, start a war? Trump just needs to get on a call with Xi and say, sorry, we can't live with this threat, we're going ahead and taking them out. Seriously, what is China going to do? You assure China that a post-Kim NK will still be independent, and you will take all steps to prevent a mass exodus of citizens crossing the borders. But you know what? Even if they do, too bad — it's China who let the little fat bastard get into this situation in the first place. They've been playing "good cop, bad cop" via NK this whole time, and the time for that game is over.


Anyone who assumes North Korea isn't going to push things as far as they possibly can once they have all the nukes they want in their pocket has been ignoring the fact that every time we confront Kim, he plays the worst-possible-scenario card.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

If you buy into such nonsense, then I suggest you to visit a psychiatrist, since you have something very wrong with the perception of reality.

NobodyNowhere's picture

Look at NK to get a glimpse of the real face of ChiComs

SuperChicken1138's picture

that's impossible, earlier today Hildabeast said she was no longer sought to be a candidate for President.   

Having twice failed in her efforts to become President of the United States, Hillary Clinton told CBS' 'Sunday Morning' show today that "I'm done with being a candidate."

dogismycopilot's picture

She has seen Fat Boy stand up to Trump as a revolutionary.

She saw Fat Boy standing there - wearing a suit just like hers.

Hillary is now going to come out as a Communista Revolutionary.

1917 Bolshevik style. Look for leaks and more dysfunction in Trump Administration.

Christ Trump is a political neophyte. This is painful to watch.

All he had to do was take down Hillary and he (and his supporters) would have been on easy street.

SuperChicken1138's picture

very good point. these things happen when you pray to lucifer at the witch temple. 

NobodyNowhere's picture

The ideal response is to shut trade with China.  But that would be possible only if bankster dynasties can make money out of it.

dlweld's picture

"Greatest pain in our history"? Noooo, not Hillary again!

Mnuchin's picture

is it possible that all the Washington officials who are saying "just accept a nuclear-armed North Korea" are on the take from China? How much would that really cost?


Imagine that China — which allegedly is just as pissed off with North Korea as we are — is actually in cahoots with them and has been creating a fake tension with them this whole time. Imagine that they protect NK as NK develops more and more and more of an arsenal until it has just as many nukes as the U.S. (or more!). Suppose NK sells a few to ISIS or al-Qaeda or Sudan or whoever. They go off in the U.S., NK has plausible deniability, they can just wash their hands of it and say "wasn't us!" And China steps into the vacuum left by the U.S.


China may just be using NK as a tool to get the U.S. out of Asia — as Step 1. What do you think Step 2 is?

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Stop being crazy. If we retire the psychotics in the US the world will be safe. The US can resurrect its 50,000+ pre arms control arsenal and then just be cool. That is plenty of deterrent.

lolmao500's picture

A few millions, at most. US politicians sellout for very cheap.

Miss Informed's picture

But they would have to be bought from the Jews that own them and they sell nothing cheap.

RawPawg's picture

A For Certain Veto from the Sino-Russian Bloc Makes This A Colossal Nothing-Burger

Now Back to Jose(Hurricane)Watch......

Chaos_Theory's picture

What, like a 24/7 loop of Hillary screetching campaign speeches?  

OutaTime43's picture

Just blockade N Korean ports. What would China do? Nothing

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Iodine deficiency is just mowing down fools.

Omega_Man's picture

Give Kim what he needs to crush merican hegemony 

Herdee's picture

North Korea already has the ICBM's of different sizes on a lot of its' submarines. The Pentagon doesn't know where they are.

massbytes's picture

BS.  Their submarines are noisier than a diesel bus climbing a hill anyway.  

aloha_snakbar's picture

Yawnnnn....greasy fat boy says what, now ?

Crusader75's picture

Greatest pain and suffering ever can't possibly surpass the fluke minority election of the orange douchebag well on his way to making China the 21st-century superpower. MAGA. Jobs!

Catahoula's picture

Un too young to be paranoid. Dead in 12 mos

lolmao500's picture

Nuclear threats against the US. Nuke Pyongyang. NOW

Omega_Man's picture

Let Kim be the spearhead of the end of merican hegemony 

Miss Informed's picture

I'm feeling the pain and suffering already. Lay off the sanctions and apologize already, Donald Chump, and show yourself the bigger man. The whole thing was stupid anyway.

dogismycopilot's picture

President Trump just lost the Korean War.

Winning. So much winning I can't stand it.

I voted for Trump so I can say that his Foreign Policy sucks balls.


White Devil's picture

Your mom left her panties in my car. She told me you were aborted, but you slid out of her vagina as a half-baked circus oddity.