UC-Berkeley 'Resists' - Rejects Demands To Quickly Rename Buildings That Offend Snowflakes

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Authored by Jeremiah Poff via TheCollegeFix.com,

Still ‘under review by campus leadership’

While many colleges across the country are rushing to rename buildings and remove statues of Confederate leaders and other controversial historical figures in the wake of a deadly rally, an unlikely public university is bucking the trend.

The University of California-Berkeley has thus far resisted repeated calls dating back at least two years to rename a few buildings whose namesakes are considered racist historical figures.

Since the “Unite the Right” rally to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, the institutional home of the Free Speech Movement has faced criticism for its slow and methodical process of reviewing building names.

In an email to The College Fix, UC-Berkeley spokesperson Dan Mogulof said the administration was looking into the issue.

“These matters are under review by campus leadership, and we hope to have an update regarding next steps in the coming weeks,” he said, declining to explain the drawn-out timeline.

Stalling by committee to avoid dishonoring an ‘imperialist’

A year and a half ago, Mogulof told The Daily Californian the university was undertaking a “comprehensive assessment” of more than 150 campus buildings to decide if they should be renamed.

The timeline has been too slow for the editorial board at The Daily, which last week accused the administration of inaction and stalling by committee.

“Many were hopeful” when the university said it would review building names in the wake of concerns about Barrows Hall, “but more than a year later, the committee tasked with reviewing building names instead simply recommended creating yet another committee,” the board said.

Barrows Hall is named after the university’s president from 1919 to 1923, David Barrows, an anthropologist who served as superintendent of schools in Manila when the Philippines became a U.S. colony, according to the University of California Academic Senate’s biography in memoriam.

The Daily said his academic work was informed by “white supremacist ideology.” In 2015 the Black Student Union demanded the name’s removal among other high-priced demands, calling Barrows an “imperialist by way of anthropology [who] participated in perpetuating American colonialism.”


Students prefer a cop killer

The BSU insisted that Barrows Hall be renamed after Black Panther Assata Shakur, a convicted cop killer who escaped from prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba. Shakur is on the FBI’s list of most wanted terrorists.

In response, a police organization launched a petition asking the administration to ignore the request, calling Shakur “nothing more than a cold-blooded murderer.”

Shakur is a popular choice for recognition on college campuses. Around the same time, Marquette University’s Gender and Sexuality Resource Center hosted a mural of Shakur. After a professor called attention to the mural, drawing national headlines, Shakur’s homage was removed and the center’s director left the university.

Another building in the cross hairs of controversy is UC-Berkeley’s LeConte Hall, named after slave owner John LeConte. His brother Joseph, who also owned slaves, was a founding member of the Sierra Club.

Also on the potential chopping block for its controversial namesake is Boalt Hall, the main law school building. John Henry Boalt, a lawyer who delivered a paper to the Berkeley Club in 1877 regarding “The Chinese Question,” believed that Chinese immigrants could never assimilate and therefore had to be dealt with in a different manner.

Various members of the Berkeley College Republicans did not respond to request for comment about their perspective on renaming buildings. The group is suing the university on allegations of discriminating against their attempts to schedule campus events with controversial conservative speakers.

Guess which Klansman hasn’t been booted

The UC-Berkeley administration can count at least one prominent ally for its methodical pace: Harvard University’s president.

The Civil War historian Drew Faust said in 2016 she was wary of demands to replace the Harvard Law School seal, which represents a slaveholding family, and rename campus buildings associated with slavery.

“I feel quite strongly that we should not be trying to erase our history of names,” she told The Harvard Crimson, warning students they may be judged harshly by future generations for eating meat.


“I think we’re all going to be facing these questions, and the case that I would make is…about the importance of sustaining our history, not erasing it,” Faust said. She called for self-reflection: “We have to be self-critical enough not to just assume that we’re so much better than people who had to make decisions under different circumstances and in different times.”

Notably absent from the flurry of renaming are the numerous buildings named for the late West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd, a former Ku Klux Klan recruiter, at numerous institutions throughout the state.

West Virginia University, with 32,000 students, has two buildings named after Byrd.


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Well if its got to be liberal friendly how about the Barak Hussein Obama memorial urinal

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OMG... a Lib institution finally beginning to act with a spine?...


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In Pol Pots Cambodia there was no longer any use for schools so they were turned into processing centres this institution is full of individuals only to happy to staff such a place.Whoever this person with half a brain is he/she wont last long

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No need, just send them on Student Exchange programs to Liberia.

Let them experience the joys of Americans letting African Americans run their own country.

Polical Slogans like "He killed my Ma, He killed my Pa.  I will vote for Charles Taylor"

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Henry Ford ?

Wernher von Braun ?
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The new University of Texas president, Fenves, appears to be a far left fanatic also:


University of Texas sneaky president removes Confederate statues overnight

[Hysterical] President Fenves claimed, “that Confederate monuments have become symbols of modern white supremacy and neo-Nazism.”

The alt left president claimed the Confederate statues symbo;lized "hatred and bigotry."



This form of liberalism is a disease. When does this new president start to throw conservative professors off roof tops and burn books he does not like in the UT library?

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Communism killed 94 million people in the 20th century and none of these genius lefty professors have figured out  yet that the intelligensia is always first up against the wall.

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If it comes down to a race war, I assure you that attending a few rallys and protests in support of the other side will not save your ass.  

Please also refer to khnum's comment, above.  He's absolutely correct.


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Because they all imagine they'll be the top dogs controlling the firing squads.

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Not exactly -they just don't want to spend the money these ridiculous demands would entail.

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They're eating their own!

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It's delicious to watch!

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UC Berkeley built a $9,000 escape door for its chancellor to flee students


The newly installed exit cost $9,000 and is a direct response to a series of protests last year in which students staged a sit-in outside Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ office, essentially barricading administrators inside. (Campus police officers eventually forced the students out of the building.) The door is in addition to a $700,000 fence erected around the chancellor’s house, which a university spokesperson told the Daily Cal has been been the target of “increasingly violent attacks,” including vandalism and torch-throwing.



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How many White parents are going to pony up $60K a year to send their kids to schools with buildings named after Cop killers?

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Bring it you Marxist fucks. I grow tired of you.

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Commiefornia, like everywhere else, is full of contradiction.

"The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" - Shakespeare

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What is the official language of Commiefornia? That is the question.

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Burn the fucking place to the ground.

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With those fucking snowflakes in it!

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Berkeley was just a dead white man and even a cleric, the school should be renamed the People's University of The Empire of Kalifornya, Azatalanabad: Puoteka.

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Their reputation has sure declined the past few years, esp the undergrad school. I do not know if their business and laws schools have dropped also with this left wing fanaticism. I am sooooooooooooo glad my boss does not even consider grads from those schools for our place of employment. Places like Purdue, Georgia Tech, etc are his top choices.


Thank God!

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A few too many years of EEO and multiculturalism will demand a heavy price on any/every institution.

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These lib university bosses feel the need to be cautious. US political environment is changing and new political bosses might force them to pay a heavy price for supporting libs. They know what took place in Turkey just recently.

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The Communist youth league is upset about what?

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[ Feinstein-Boxer-Pelosi School of Indoctrination] sounds about right.   We can call it UCPMS for short?

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Major dent in Snowflake Armor.  This was the leading institution for libertard power in the late 60s.

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Berkeley University is named after a white guy, George Berkeley.  Why aren't these snowflakes demanding that Berkeley rename itself?  Shouldn't everything in the country be named after Martin Luther King?  ;-)

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Thank GOD the world is ending on the 23rd of this month...perfect timing if you ask me...


Shovel ready jobs.....take down the statues, then when you get your degree, you'll realize it's all a scam and will be begging Uncle Sam for more free shit. 

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Compromise - 2 Pac Shakur.

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Washington had slaves. I could agree with a plan to bulldoze that place. In fact I'm about to feel triggered about it..

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Time to move to Russia when they change the name of Washington DC to Obama DC.

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UC Berkeley will roll over and do whatever the libtards demand. You'll see.

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I hope so! Those limp-wristed cocksuckers deserve everything they'd created!

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I have a feeling the Asian students don't participate in anyh of this.   They are busy studying, getting good internships, being engineers, premeds and prelaw students.    And there are a lot of Asian students at Berkeley whose parents wouldn't stand for all this time-wasting behavior.

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Amazing how a higher IQ dictate Genetic Behavioral Traits.

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a lot of the "names" are tied to endowments from the person's will. you change the name, the college loses the endowment

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It's the Zimbabweification of America.


This is America on Anti-Whites.

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Please...PLEASE....show some more videos of the total snowflake meltdowns....i enjoy the re-runs too!!!



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No worries, the Bolsheviks are just rethinking their strategy.

They see this isn't working.