Breaking News of Saudi Crown Prince's "Secret" Visit To Israel Brings Embassy Scramble

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Clearly the war in Syria and the international push for regime change against Assad has created strange alliances in the Middle East over the past few years. Among the strangest bedfellows are the Israelis and Saudis. It's no secret that common cause in Syria of late has led the historic bitter enemies down a pragmatic path of unspoken cooperation as both seem to have placed the break up of the so-called "Shia crescent" as their primary policy goal in the region. But that's perhaps why few pundits seemed overly shocked when Israeli media late last week began reporting that a Saudi prince made a secret visit to Israel, in spite of the fact that the kingdom does not recognize the Jewish state, and the two sides do not have diplomatic relations.

Last Wednesday (9/6) Israel's state funded Kol Yisrael radio service made cryptic reference to the "secret" yet historic visit while withholding names and specifics. "An emir of the Saudi royal court visited the country secretly in recent days and discussed with senior Israeli officials the idea of advancing regional peace," the station reported. It added further that, "Both the Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign Ministry refused to comment on the issue."

Left: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Right: Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The visit is said to have occurred the same week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed "unprecedented" relations with the Arab world. Netanyahu made the comments before members of the foreign ministry and said, "Things that are happening today between Israel and the Arab world are unprecedented. Cooperation on a wide range of issues are occurring behind the scenes, more than at any time in Israel’s history."

But on Sunday reports began to emerge that the unidentified Saudi royal in question is no less than Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, which would indeed be shocking news:

On Sunday, the IUVM Online Arabic news outlet identified the Saudi official who reportedly visited Israel as Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia and heir apparent to the throne.


The IUVM Online report cited a United Arab Emirates intelligence officer, who claimed that bin Salman was the member of the Saudi royal family who met with Israeli officials in last week’s secret meeting.

Western journalists also began on Sunday to report the dignitary as being Crown Prince Salman - something which could have huge geopolitical consequences for the region given that such a high level meeting would possibly take place at all.

The reports were immediately disputed and subject to disbelief and controversy. As bin Salman's name continued to circulate Sunday, the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C. attempted to shut down news of the visit. A senior Saudi diplomatic official took to Twitter with a simple "Nope" in reference to the allegations.

Of course, if true such a dramatic move between the countries would signify a monumental shift in relations and outlook. On Sunday Israeli media was also broadly advancing bin Salman's name as the Saudi emir in question.

Multiple Israeli outlets on Sunday identified Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as having met with senior Israeli officials early last week.

Though initial reports in Israeli media speculated that it could mean positive momentum on the Palestinian issue, it is unlikely that the future king of Saudi Arabia himself would suddenly pay a personal visit to Israel over an issue which has stalemated regional diplomacy for decades. It also doesn't appear that Israeli policy on settlements has undergone any significant on the ground change. If true, public knowledge of the visit will certainly result in embarrassment for both countries, especially on the Saudi domestic front.

The initial Israeli public radio report referenced the visit of "an emir of the Saudi royal court" on Wednesday while saying the trip took place "in recent days". As both Israel and Saudi Arabia have been so heavily invested in pursuing regime change in Syria, and at a time when other world powers seem to be backing off, it is inconceivable that Syria wasn't high on the agenda during the unprecedented visit.

The timing of the meeting also seems more than just coincidental in relation to last week's Israeli airstrike on a Syrian military facility, which took place in the middle of the night Wednesday (or more precisely Thursday morning at 3:00 am). As we reported at the time, Israel's brazen act of aggression was designed to provoke a response from Syria. As the Syrian government stands poised to be victorious in the more than 6-year long conflict while rapidly regaining more and more territory, Israel seems desperate to keep the war going and is still making last ditch efforts to draw external powers deeper into Syria, though framing its aggression as "humanitarian".

Could the two powers have been engaged in face to face talks over renewed efforts at ramping up the stalled war for regime change in Syria? After all, Israel's declarations of its willingness to do anything to prevent an enduring Iranian presence in Syria have reached a new erratic pitch of late. During Netanyahu's recent contentious summit with Vladimir Putin in Sochi, the Israeli leader reportedly warned Putin that Israel would not tolerate an enlarged and stronger Shia sphere of influence along Israel's border. Yet the current trajectory of the war in Syria ensures just that, especially after the US-Russia brokered Astana agreement seemed to give tacit approval of Iranian troop presence in parts of Syria, while placing Russia in the driver's seat. It was further revealed that a senior Israeli official accompanying Netanyahu on the trip threatened to assassinate Syrian President Assad by bombing his palace in Damascus, while further adding that Israel will seek to derail the Astana de-escalation deal.

As for Saudi Arabia, while its deep embroilment in inter-GCC diplomatic war with Qatar seems to have tempered what used to be routine calls for Assad's departure, it must be remembered that the current unraveling of the GCC is ultimately benefiting IranIt is entirely possible that the Iran issue alone might drive the kingdom into direct engagement with Israel no matter the risks and political embarrassment (for example, news of the visit hands Iran a propaganda victory and likely more influence on the so-called Arab street, even perhaps within Saudi's own domestic population).

Saudi Arabia could also be worried about future blowback from its well-documented actions in Syria. A WikiLeaks cable released in 2015 as part of the "Saudi Leaks" trove of internal leaked Saudi diplomatic memos speaks to just this scenario. Though the memo's exact date is unknown, it was drafted sometime in early 2012 based on internal references in the Arabic text. It spells out the kingdom's internal long term rationale on Syria: that should the Syrian regime "be able to pass through its current crisis in any shape or form" then increased "danger for the Kingdom" means Saudi Arabia must "seek by all means available and all possible ways to overthrow the current regime in Syria." A full translation of the key passage reads as follows:

"In what pertains to the Syrian crisis, the Kingdom is resolute in its position and there is no longer any room to back down. The fact must be stressed that in the case where the Syrian regime is able to pass through its current crisis in any shape or form, the primary goal that it will pursue is taking revenge on the countries that stood against it, with the Kingdom and some of the countries of the Gulf coming at the top of the list. If we take into account the extent of this regime’s brutality and viciousness and its lack of hesitancy to resort to any means to realize its aims, then the situation will reach a high degree of danger for the Kingdom, which must seek by all means available and all possible ways to overthrow the current regime in Syria."

Whether or not it was in fact Crown Prince Salman that himself went to Israel, the timing of the high level delegation's visit is simply impossible to ignore. Simply put, Syria was without a doubt discussed... and shortly thereafter Syria was bombed. Such direct and closer relations among perennial enemies could be a sign of more escalation and desperate measures to come in the region. This is certainly not - as Israeli media reported - a sign of regional peace.

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The goyem know!

Shut it down.

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While I understand that it is all for show and running to a pre-programmed script, the question is whether Israel and the assiduously are one and the same or just cooperating towards a common goal... and what happens when it is achieved? Do they remain co-conspirators or do they turn on each other?

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Saudi government allegedly funded a ‘dry run’ for 9/11


The pilots were so spooked by the Saudi passengers and their aggressive behavior that they made an emergency landing in Ohio. On the ground there, police handcuffed them and took them into custody. Though the FBI later questioned them, it decided not to pursue prosecution.


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Dunno why they'd have needed a dry run. The Israeli-owned firm responsible for 'security' at the three airports involved (and also the one where the 'shoe-bomber' boarded) had everything organized for the event. More deflection onto the Saudis (who provided funds and patsies) and away from the real 911 perps.

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Joos and crypto-joos, making terrorism great again

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One filthy heeb already down voted you.

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Why do you suck them off then?  Economics and politics are interwoven.

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The Saudi monkeys are going to meet with their Moassad bosses to ask what to do next about Syria. The mohamedians are dick washers for the Israeli pharohs... 

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A retired British Ambassador to an Arab nation once told me informally that Israeli-Saudi cooperation had been going on for decades and at a very deep level.

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I mean Mohammed himself was a Jewish Priesthood plant (Psyop) that in retrospect, when off script.  Even Islam is a Jewish creation.  

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'Cooperation on a wide range of issues are occurring ...'

I'm not a grammar Nazi but Jesus, guys, this undermines the most basic rudimentary rules of the English language.

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The fecal filled feudal sewer of Saud and the khasarian abomination in occupied Palestine need to come up with a plan B after Russia whacked their Al CIAduh organ eaters. Let's hope the USSAN goyim tax cattle don't get too suspicious as the takfiri wahhabi salafist filth beds the zionazi whore.

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You queer-assed muttslums are so predictable.  What time is it in Gaza?

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You can be sure those two extreme fkers will talk about Syria and after that more bombing of the Syrian Army will follow. They are not going to allow Syrian people to have peace. I will be very happy when choas comes to the Joos and SA.

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Those zany Zionists...

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The more I see of teh world, the more I realsie what a GD noob Obama was.  He created power vaccums everywhere and chose to remain ignorant of what would happen when stupid people and savages were given free reign.  The saddest power vaccum I see is Europe.  It is pathetic how far they have fallen without strong pro-Europe leadership from the US.

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So, do you think the current dumbass in chief is much more enlightened about the nightmarish hell hole that is the Middle East? No, infact hell no!

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I think there is a huge mess to clean up now.  And yes, I think Trump has much better understanding of politics than Obama ever could.  Obama was ideology driven, not results driven.  Obama's only goal was to free the world from Western influence, AKA civilization.  Trump at least understands the West is the source of stability and is willing to pursue the correct goals.  Obama is not even on the same level as Trump.  Obama is an instant gratification, popularity seeking, non-planner.  It made him feel good to tell people they do whatever they wanted without understanding the consequences.  It is real easy to tell people they can steal and kill.  It is much harder to do the right thing.

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So you think Donald Trump is the "master political/global strategist" huh? Trump has spent most of his career pulling grifts on unsuspecting victims, whether it was the enrollees at Trump University, customers of the multivitamin pyramid scheme called the "Trump Network", or small businesspeople from whom he bought goods and services and then stiffed on the bill. Trump has pulled off his biggest con yet on you and his fellow Trumpanzee's and unfortunately too many of them including you are getting fooled.

But guess what: Now Donald Trump is the mark. He's the one being manipulated. He turns out to be the biggest sucker in town.

The thing about a con man is that in order to be successful, he has to have some understanding of human nature—what motivates people, where their vulnerabilities are, and how they can be manipulated. Which is what makes Trump's success as a grifter somewhat unusual—he possesses little apparent human empathy, yet he made huge amounts of money taking advantage of people's confidence in him and his alleged ability to make them rich. All it took was an understanding of that most base of motivations: greed, which he himself possessed in limitless quantity.

That may help account for Trump's difficulty in translating his skills as a businessman (such as they were) to the task of governing. In business, everyone was motivated only by the pursuit of profit, something Trump understood well. But now he's dealing with people who have a whole range of motivations, some of which are quite alien to him.

Without that ability to understand those he's dealing with, it turns out that Trump is remarkably easy to manipulate. We've seen it again and again with foreign leaders. He talks about how tough he's going to be with them over one issue or another, but when he actually meets them, he turns to putty in their hands, emerging to say what great folks they are and what a positive relationship he now has with them. Xi Jinping gives him an education about North Korea, Emmanuel Macron takes him to a military parade, the Saudis give him a gold medal, and he walks away beaming, all thought of extracting concessions forgotten.

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"Obama created", so you think Obama was more than just a Zionist puppet?


When Obama was looking like he had a chance to win in 2008, a PRIVATE meeting was set up with the ruling Zionists to see if he would bow low enough to them, he could. When news of the meeting leaked out, the cover story was they wanted to make sure he supported Israel, he did more than support them...


Obama was a coward and an easy mark for our Jewish masters. The Zionist media gave Obama cover, calling him "liberal" no matter what fascist, Marxist, globalist action he took.


Fast forward to 2016, now we get another groomed Zionist traitor, Trump, who is not a coward as much as he is selfish, and will do anything for money and fame. The ZioMedia comes in again, calling Trump "anti-establishment", even as he acts like a Zionist, warmongering fascist...

Zionist goals: Militarization of US police, open borders, wars against Muslims, confrontation with Russia, and above all else, DIVIDE DIVIDE DIVIDE!

Trump has done NOTHING to stop the flood of illegals. Ann Coulter explains what Trump did on DACA was just another way to get Congress to give illegals AMNESTY:

Trump removed Obama's limitation on what military style weapons police are allowed to have. And after watching the police sit back and watch antifa attack Americans, I wonder who exactly are those police going to use those new weapons on, US?

Trump increases America's war in Afghanistan, bombs Syria with an obvious false flag operation as justification, bombs Yemen because Yemen is defending itself from Saudi Arabia, he ignores Clinton's crimes, and approves Obama's weapons sale to Saudi Arabia. 

Trump, like Obama and Clinton are actors, playing a role, with scrips written for them by our Zionist masters. When you look at American governemnt actions, they seem like they are insane, considering nothing they do helps us, yet their actions align perfectly with Zionist goals, not by coincidence. 

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RE: "calling him "liberal" no matter what fascist, Marxist, globalist action he took."

Without the Marxists and Globalists, who is left to be a liberal?

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I've been calling it for some months that the problem with the police is NOT that they are 'racists', its that they have been militarized!  Both in terms of tactics and equipment.

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Obama was just a talking head following,

ever see him without a teleprompter ?

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Mohammad to the mountain.

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Presumably this is getting zero media coverage in the Saudi media?

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Just another data point; Jooos are the Masters of the Universe!  I'm converting...

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Yah but he's going to do it for real this time! Am I invited to your Bris?

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I don't care much for Texas styled Bar-B-Que.  

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I need visibility with the Masters of the Univerrrrrrrrrrse.  

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A peak behind the curtain:

>"Such a view of religion naturally leads to accepting territories and locations as being sacred to specific gods. Thus, the area around a temple, a specific valley or remote desert location, could be considered as sacred. When modern tourists enter the majestic beauty of Wadi Rum in southern Jordan, they marvel at the unique splendor of that remote location. Many tourists are so taken in by the wild desert scenery as it stands in stark contrast to the rugged rocks and mountains, that they miss the Nabataean temple dedicated to the goddess Lat (Allat). When viewing Arabia as a whole, it is possible to deduce that throughout the Arabian peninsula the gods of Arabia each had particular places where they resided. These were sacred precincts, and were places of refuge and security where regular activities ceased and violence was forbidden."


Lat (Allat) is the wife of Allah, a Nabatean God associated, probably, with the black stone. 


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So, the Saudis go to visit Baphomet on the sly, eh?  I wonder if there is an interesting relationship between these two lovers of freedom and peace? 

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Are they secretly planning another 9-11 on America?

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Why not? Then we could ramp up surveillance and security, beef up our in country ammo with non Geneva convention bullets, Provoke wars in the middle east cuz terrism, militarize the police, allow intelligence agencies to run rampant and roughshod over our constitution and....Wait!
We did that already. Wonder why we need to ...hmmm
Who does our .gov work for again?

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I wonder why the Egypitian government isn't blaming Israel, I mean here at ZH I'm forever laughing at the MudMan's rant about ISIS is Israel.  Well, maybe the Jooos own Egypt too.  Yes, cause they are the Masters of the Univerrrssssssssse!

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Trump should also visit Kim secretly. 

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Before all the industry started moving to China, it was moving to Japan and South Korea.

Think about this. What easier way to make America an industrial superpower again than to ignite a regional war that devastates the competition?

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It's possible the Saudis are about to launch a war of aggression against Qatar, and is looking for Israeli backing. 

Turkey is going to back Qatar. Because it's Saudi Arabia, Iran will back Qatar too. This is why Saudi is slithering in to the snakes den. They want Israel to counter Iran, but probably figure they can handle Qatar and Turkey.

Spoiler. Iraq and Syria are going to back Qatar too, because everyone knows Islamic State and al-Qaeda are Israel/Saudi mercenary armies.

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with all that back and for and this and that.  where will the battles be fought?  it's the desert.  it's not like you are going to sneak up on someone.  they are going to see each other with radar and satellite imagery.  before it was all in syria.  i just can't see a bunch of ragheads going ashore in turkey.

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it could mean positive momentum on the Palestinian issue,

what palestinian issue?

are you refering to the issue of a palestinian setting foot in KSA it is the death penalty?

simple.  don't set foot there.  no issue.

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Free Palestine? I'll take two! 

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Yah. They are kinda small.

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There's no cure for this amoral, corrupt, duplicitous process.

The USA is inticately involved, providing the latest in technology and unimaginable destructive weaponry to these maniacs.

This all ends badly.

Russia, China, Iran, etc,... have effectively given the USA, Israel, and the Saudis, the finger.

Nukes, bio-weapons, false flags, and more "random" terror attacks all coming to cities throughout the western world.

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Vultures of a feather connive together.

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University  of Alaska Fairbanks report on WTC7 just released that NIST report false.

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It's kinda Ironic that those Saudis are more Jewish and more Semetic that the Jews claiming to Jews in Israel.


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Israel and Saudi Arabia, two vile terrorist supporting regimes...are pals

Probably trying to cook up something nasty....."advancing regional peace" my ass!

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Like your moniker. You from St. Paul?

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If Trump had been there, whose sphincter would he have licked first?   I'd put my money on Bibi's with Bin Salman getting sloppy seconds.