Breaking News of Saudi Crown Prince's "Secret" Visit To Israel Brings Embassy Scramble

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Clearly the war in Syria and the international push for regime change against Assad has created strange alliances in the Middle East over the past few years. Among the strangest bedfellows are the Israelis and Saudis. It's no secret that common cause in Syria of late has led the historic bitter enemies down a pragmatic path of unspoken cooperation as both seem to have placed the break up of the so-called "Shia crescent" as their primary policy goal in the region. But that's perhaps why few pundits seemed overly shocked when Israeli media late last week began reporting that a Saudi prince made a secret visit to Israel, in spite of the fact that the kingdom does not recognize the Jewish state, and the two sides do not have diplomatic relations.

Last Wednesday (9/6) Israel's state funded Kol Yisrael radio service made cryptic reference to the "secret" yet historic visit while withholding names and specifics. "An emir of the Saudi royal court visited the country secretly in recent days and discussed with senior Israeli officials the idea of advancing regional peace," the station reported. It added further that, "Both the Prime Minister's Office and the Foreign Ministry refused to comment on the issue."

Left: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Right: Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

The visit is said to have occurred the same week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed "unprecedented" relations with the Arab world. Netanyahu made the comments before members of the foreign ministry and said, "Things that are happening today between Israel and the Arab world are unprecedented. Cooperation on a wide range of issues are occurring behind the scenes, more than at any time in Israel’s history."

But on Sunday reports began to emerge that the unidentified Saudi royal in question is no less than Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, which would indeed be shocking news:

On Sunday, the IUVM Online Arabic news outlet identified the Saudi official who reportedly visited Israel as Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, the Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia and heir apparent to the throne.


The IUVM Online report cited a United Arab Emirates intelligence officer, who claimed that bin Salman was the member of the Saudi royal family who met with Israeli officials in last week’s secret meeting.

Western journalists also began on Sunday to report the dignitary as being Crown Prince Salman - something which could have huge geopolitical consequences for the region given that such a high level meeting would possibly take place at all.

The reports were immediately disputed and subject to disbelief and controversy. As bin Salman's name continued to circulate Sunday, the Saudi Embassy in Washington D.C. attempted to shut down news of the visit. A senior Saudi diplomatic official took to Twitter with a simple "Nope" in reference to the allegations.

Of course, if true such a dramatic move between the countries would signify a monumental shift in relations and outlook. On Sunday Israeli media was also broadly advancing bin Salman's name as the Saudi emir in question.

Multiple Israeli outlets on Sunday identified Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as having met with senior Israeli officials early last week.

Though initial reports in Israeli media speculated that it could mean positive momentum on the Palestinian issue, it is unlikely that the future king of Saudi Arabia himself would suddenly pay a personal visit to Israel over an issue which has stalemated regional diplomacy for decades. It also doesn't appear that Israeli policy on settlements has undergone any significant on the ground change. If true, public knowledge of the visit will certainly result in embarrassment for both countries, especially on the Saudi domestic front.

The initial Israeli public radio report referenced the visit of "an emir of the Saudi royal court" on Wednesday while saying the trip took place "in recent days". As both Israel and Saudi Arabia have been so heavily invested in pursuing regime change in Syria, and at a time when other world powers seem to be backing off, it is inconceivable that Syria wasn't high on the agenda during the unprecedented visit.

The timing of the meeting also seems more than just coincidental in relation to last week's Israeli airstrike on a Syrian military facility, which took place in the middle of the night Wednesday (or more precisely Thursday morning at 3:00 am). As we reported at the time, Israel's brazen act of aggression was designed to provoke a response from Syria. As the Syrian government stands poised to be victorious in the more than 6-year long conflict while rapidly regaining more and more territory, Israel seems desperate to keep the war going and is still making last ditch efforts to draw external powers deeper into Syria, though framing its aggression as "humanitarian".

Could the two powers have been engaged in face to face talks over renewed efforts at ramping up the stalled war for regime change in Syria? After all, Israel's declarations of its willingness to do anything to prevent an enduring Iranian presence in Syria have reached a new erratic pitch of late. During Netanyahu's recent contentious summit with Vladimir Putin in Sochi, the Israeli leader reportedly warned Putin that Israel would not tolerate an enlarged and stronger Shia sphere of influence along Israel's border. Yet the current trajectory of the war in Syria ensures just that, especially after the US-Russia brokered Astana agreement seemed to give tacit approval of Iranian troop presence in parts of Syria, while placing Russia in the driver's seat. It was further revealed that a senior Israeli official accompanying Netanyahu on the trip threatened to assassinate Syrian President Assad by bombing his palace in Damascus, while further adding that Israel will seek to derail the Astana de-escalation deal.

As for Saudi Arabia, while its deep embroilment in inter-GCC diplomatic war with Qatar seems to have tempered what used to be routine calls for Assad's departure, it must be remembered that the current unraveling of the GCC is ultimately benefiting IranIt is entirely possible that the Iran issue alone might drive the kingdom into direct engagement with Israel no matter the risks and political embarrassment (for example, news of the visit hands Iran a propaganda victory and likely more influence on the so-called Arab street, even perhaps within Saudi's own domestic population).

Saudi Arabia could also be worried about future blowback from its well-documented actions in Syria. A WikiLeaks cable released in 2015 as part of the "Saudi Leaks" trove of internal leaked Saudi diplomatic memos speaks to just this scenario. Though the memo's exact date is unknown, it was drafted sometime in early 2012 based on internal references in the Arabic text. It spells out the kingdom's internal long term rationale on Syria: that should the Syrian regime "be able to pass through its current crisis in any shape or form" then increased "danger for the Kingdom" means Saudi Arabia must "seek by all means available and all possible ways to overthrow the current regime in Syria." A full translation of the key passage reads as follows:

"In what pertains to the Syrian crisis, the Kingdom is resolute in its position and there is no longer any room to back down. The fact must be stressed that in the case where the Syrian regime is able to pass through its current crisis in any shape or form, the primary goal that it will pursue is taking revenge on the countries that stood against it, with the Kingdom and some of the countries of the Gulf coming at the top of the list. If we take into account the extent of this regime’s brutality and viciousness and its lack of hesitancy to resort to any means to realize its aims, then the situation will reach a high degree of danger for the Kingdom, which must seek by all means available and all possible ways to overthrow the current regime in Syria."

Whether or not it was in fact Crown Prince Salman that himself went to Israel, the timing of the high level delegation's visit is simply impossible to ignore. Simply put, Syria was without a doubt discussed... and shortly thereafter Syria was bombed. Such direct and closer relations among perennial enemies could be a sign of more escalation and desperate measures to come in the region. This is certainly not - as Israeli media reported - a sign of regional peace.

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CONcocting the next 9/11 type false flat attack.

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Secret?  How can that be if everyone knows about it?

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A meeting of the top people of the two countries responsible for more death and destruction in the middle east than anyone . . . isn't that special??

"Hey, Benny!  Can you give us some pointers on how you guys go about eliminating people from land near your country??  What we're doing in Yemen doesn't seem to be working."

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Russia is the current peacemaker in the world while the US is as usual Israels shit eating poodle. Russia won't let Iran cause trouble in Israel, probably Jewland will have to acquiesce the 1967 borders to Palestine and stop instigating the US cockroach pen (CONgress) from fucking around in the middle east on Israels behalf. If the cockroaches want something to do Nuttyjoohoo could visit them and they take turns sucking his dick. Jews can stay in their stolen home undisturbed and occupy themselves by learning how to grow figs from the Lebanese and the rest of the world can live happily ever after.

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When will you murderous Slavs pay for the hundreds of thousands of Muslims murdered in Chechnya?  When will you free them from Slavic occupation and terror?

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They're just discussing the next attack on America.

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I dunno, there were no reports of CIA at those Saudi/Israel meetings was there?  How else would they coordinate logistics for the attack and make sure Norad is doing busy work and such. 

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"Idlib Province is the largest al-Qaeda safe haven since 9/11."


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Yes, and another little secret of these 'Chosen Ones' of Satan, is that the House of Saud was originally 'Jewish'... rebranded with a new name to fit the locale... and the rest is easy to understand... 'birds of a feather'... in more ways than one.. If you want a look at how the Tribe of Judea practiced their religion, take a look at how the Saudis' practice theirs. Same reason why so much of the Torah was excised when included in the Bible as the "Old Testament".... propaganda has to be tweeked to the audience of the day.... no different today... as the old tribes are finding themselves ever more out of touch with their audience... keeping too many psychos around for support will do that to you... same problem in London, NY, DC, Rome etc.... 'like moths to a flame'.

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As the meeting concluded, the Crown Prince stood up and shouted 'Death to America, Death to Israel', thanked the ambassador for his time and invited he and his wife to dinner Saturday night.

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They should have met at one of the confrence rooms at the BIS in Basel

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Show us the references in your links to back up the assertion Iran occupies some  part of Syria.

Israel occupies the 'occupied Golan Heights' which belong to Syria.


Don't you have some Palestinian olive trees to burn or sumthin?

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They got a deed for the Golan Heights? Yeah I thought not.

They fucking stole it. Just like they stole Palestine.

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Did the French bestow a "deed" upon the fraudulent nation titled "Syria?"  I thought not.  Israel's territory, much much more than Hawaii or Alaska is US territory.   

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Hot damn, Washington better get right on giving New Mexico, Texas and California back to Mexico by your rationale.

And the rest of the USA back to it's original owners, the Aboriginals also known in past Hollywood versions of America as the Savages. 


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Why is your comprehension so stilted?  Guam, VI, Puerto Rico, Phillipines, and Hawaii aren't nearly the same.  My list contains colonial acquistions.  Texas is obviously not similarly situated to NM or California.  Are you an American, or a puedo educated Canadian fop?

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Golan Heights area (actual square miles) is barely a rounding error to most any disputed land issue anywhere on the globe. But its strategic value to Israel or an adversary on the other side is priceless.  That alone dictates that it will never been given away.  If the Iranians keep pushing its hegemony in Syria, the Israeli border is destined to get much closer to Damascus.  

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Are you attempting to equate NM and Cali, with the French Mandate, wherein the French gov't created Syria and Lebanon?  

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Perhaps the Russians should return that Japanese territory occupied since WWII.  Has the UN ever even addressed, not to mention issued a UNSC Resolution on the issue?  Did Japan attack Stalin's USSR? NO and no.

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Why is Russia still occupying Kaliingrad, hundreds of miles from Mother Russia, smack dab in the middle of Poland?  

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Palestine referred to Jews for nealy 2,000 years as so designated by the Roman Empire.  Trans-Jordan is Jewish land stolen. 

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You are so ignorant that I can only pity you. Your responses suggest you don't even know how to use Google.

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I asked "Show us the references in your links to back up the assertion Iran occupies some  part of Syria."


You post multiple other links in response.  I'm not interested in playing 'go fish' with a Hasbarra troll.

I ask again, "Show us the references in your links to back up the assertion Iran occupies some  part of Syria."

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No wonder you can't perform a vocation other than cleaning Kosher toilets.  Thousands of troops and a committed practice of ethnic cleansing is about as occupied as it gets.  Far more than any part of the so called "west bank."  

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So now you just make some shit up instead of answering the simple question put to you.  What a piece of work you are. 

You can't answer the question because you were bullshitting the first time and now you try to cover that bullshit with some more bullshit.  Chutzpah won't carry your lying ass here at Fight Club Hasbarra troll.

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You can wish and all you want. But according to international law, Israel has no legal right to the Golan Heights.

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Same for Chechnya? Legal right? The UN, please...a cesspool of Communist/Arab subversion and terror since just shortly after its opening session.

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The "international law" is the tool that the Mudslime-controlled UN uses to justify the invasion of sand*** to the west, among other things. It doesn't worth a piece of soiled toilet paper.

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Dumb MudPeople.  Show me where Israel is occupying Syria, unlike Iranian (thousands of troops) and the Turkish gov't occupation; including ethnic cleansing.

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I guess you forgot Israel has not legal right to be in Syria (Golan Heights).

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And the US "legal right" to Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and even the Philippines until 1946 was what?  Or Britain's claim to various lands including Gibraltar, Falklands, Diego Garcia, or millions of square miles of Russian territory with totally distinct ethnicities with no shared history with the Russians, or Moracco's usurpation of Western Sahara, or Turkish invasion and occupation of Cyprus, or or or or or or or or or or....  Israel on the other hand has been invaded by Syria amassed on the Golan Heights three times and hundreds of shelling and infiltration attacks for decades.  Israel has more claim than any of the above examples.  Israel has officially told the UN to fuck itself in the ass, and there's nothing the UN will do about it.

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In due time, Irsael will be kicked out of the land they stole from Palestine and Syria.

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You parrot like a member of the Moon Cult (Cresent).

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This was said in the Arab world every day since 1948. Their trauma is so big that they cannot stop repeating same like parrots. But that's all they can do, now and ever. 


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Just like Syria had no right - legal or otherwise - to attack Israel, recognized by the UN in 1948, from the Golan. Actually if you look at the history since then, all the territories Israel took were a direct response for previous unprovoked attacks by the Arabs that ended up losing the war every single time.

Too late for tears.


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An analysis of the current state of Syria by an influencial Russian publication doesn't even bother to mention Israel.  Hmmmm, Pres. Putin, a crypto-Jew?

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Thats because only the world Jewry council based in Washington think they are of any import maybe? )

Israel will not last as long as the last crusades (approximately 168 years)

When America goes Isreal goes with it.

Try seeing past the end of your circumsised schlong.

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If it was worried for Palestine, surely he was getting all of them in his country, in order to protect them.

That's just an evidence of a well know relationship between two devils a fake Muslim Wahabi/salafi and 'Sauron' the Lord of the rings alias Bibi.

Why some true Muslims still follow the Salafi is a mistery!

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Zionist Israel are the terrorists. On 9/11, how ironic?

Always have been, since their creation. Research it.

By deception, thou shalt do war.

Sorry Israel, your old tricks no longer work.

Better make peace with your neighbors while you still can. 100% of Americans are 100% done with it.

Trump keeps allowing these psychos run US foreign policy, it won't end well, for anyone.

End the Fed. Boot out dual citizens.

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You forgot your sources, that is, proven, unambigous sources, not the garbage you read online in your basement when everyone else is sleeping.

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Israel's state funded Kol Yisrael radio service made cryptic reference to the "secret" yet historic visit while withholding names and specifics. "An emir of the Saudi royal court visited the country secretly in recent days and discussed with senior Israeli officials the idea of advancing regional peace

Crpytic indeed. The article should have said:

An emir of the Saudi royal court visited the country secretly in recent days and discussed with senior Israeli officials the idea of advancing regional war.

Israel and SA have one thing in common though, the killing of inocent people, whether it be wedding parties in Yemen or Civilians in Gaza.

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Well, I hope this news gets leaked to the brainwashed citizens of Saudi.  I would love to see how the Kindom explains this little ditty.