Inside The Opioid Crisis: What The Mainstream Media Won't Let You See

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America’s opioid crisis is accelerating and could kill nearly ‘half a million people’ over the next decade.

The epidemic is now killing 100 people every day, fueling a public-health crisis draining the resources of the economy. Overdoes and deaths have been on the rise for decades, but in most recent times American’s prime working age males (25-54) have been ravaged by the crisis. This is a cause for concern…

Princeton professor and former Obama White House economist Alan Krueger is out with a Bookings paper titled: Where Have All the Workers Gone? An Inquiry Into The Decline Of The U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate. In the report, Krueger gives it his best to correlate the “mushrooming opioid crisis in the U.S. since the early 2000’s” in connection between the use of “pain medication and opioid prescription rates” with the declining labor force of prime age males.

According to the author’s calculations…. 47% of men age 25-54 take pain medication.

In a classic ‘bait and switch’ marketing tactic, the Federal Reserve’s transitory narrative is running out of time. To be safe, Fed officials have started countering their narrative of ‘rainbows and unicorns’ with talk of an existential threat called the opioid crisis.

Per Bloomberg,

“We are seeing, as I mentioned, an increase in death rates — which is extremely unusual,” Yellen said last week. That trend is “partly reflecting opioid use, and it is obviously a very serious and heartbreaking problem.”  

On a per annum basis, opioid deaths are forecasted to increase 21% from 2015 33,091 to 2027 40,000. The forecast in deaths indicate the crisis is only accelerating. Should we say the blowoff top phase has started? 

There are much larger trends at play and the opioid crisis is just a symptom of extreme wealth inequality in the United States.

In terms of wealth inequality, the American middle class has not earned their fair share of wages & salaries as % GDP in decades. The trend exemplifies the cry of the bottom 90% of Americans who have turned to opioids to escape the physical and or figurative pain of not being able to achieve the American Dream.

In Baltimore, a city with a population 621k and of that 63% are African American. JPM reports nearly 129k Africans Americans in the inner city have a net worth of zero. Yes, JPM said it correctly… ZERO.

Many in Baltimore’s inner city have escaped the physical and mental pain with the use of opioids. With-in these areas of limited opportunity and a city that is outright shrinking— the area has an abundance of methadone clinics. Last month, we exposed America’s largest methadone clinic residing on the east side of Baltimore, where the homicide rate is doubled of Chicago’s.

Diving further down the rabbit hole. I’m going to share with you raw footage of inside the opioid crisis destroying America from with-in. As always, the mainstream media is not allowed to share this with you, because it destroys the narrative that everything is awesome.

In the first interview, Alastair Williamson interviews Anthony ‘Tonyluck’, a prime age male at the end of the bracket (53) and former heroin addict in Baltimore’s east side. Anthony’s interview consists of socio-economic topics coming straight from the source that is not censored like mainstream media. At the end of the interview, he makes a great point of how the we can conquer countries through war, but we can’t win the war on our city streets.

About 120 feet to the left of Anthony’s interview, we spotted a prime age male who actually collapsed from opioid use during the interview. After the interview was over, I was able to film a snapshot of one reason why America’s productivity is being drained. FYI, the location is just blocks away from America’s largest methadone clinic.

Down the street, I stumbled across ‘Cashland’, a prime working age male, who is a current heroin user. He talks about his history of addiction and how methadone clinics keep you in a perpetual state of addiction. Half way through the interview he says “the system is setup for us to fail”. Throughout the interview, ‘Cashland’ is shooting up heroin. You’re hearing it right from the source of what is happening in the opioid crisis. At the end of interview, ‘Cashland’ passes out from the opioid injection.


The opioid crisis is a lot worse than we thought. Government and the Federal Reserve are powerless with the next leg up in the crisis underway. No matter how you see it, America is in structural decline. Officials are now diverting blame to the opioid crisis rather than their failed policies. In reality, the opioid crisis is just a a symptom of a dying empire where wealth inequality is wide through failed Central Bank monetary policies. After decades of finacialization in America, the side effects are finally showing its ugly head. Heed the warning….

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New_Meat's picture

MS13 has nothing to do with this

FreeShitter's picture

Western culture (whatever cluster fuck it has become) is toast.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The cultural Marxists plans have worked very well indeed.  

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Thanks, War on Terror.  Thanks Afghanistan invasion!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Half way through the interview he says “the system is setup for us to fail”."

The real question is not why the system is set up to fail, but why average Jane and Joe still beleive in a system set up to fail?

Why in the world would the government (any government) want a population alert, educated and energized? All they want is a population well enough to go to work as slaves, but not well enough to rebel against a system set up for them to fail.

If some fall to the wayside and die, well that's just the cost of doing "bidness".

Normalcy Bias's picture

He's actually right, which is what makes this story even more sad.

This opioid epidemic is the very profitable, soft kill beginning of the cull the Elite have been planning for decades.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Look.  The part they don't tell you is that all of them are mixed with Tylenol.  To kill your liver.  The doctors know.  Lock up the doctors too.

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The last time I walked through downtown Albuquerque late at night, I stepped over a guy in his bed, which literally happened to be under an overpass, and he apologized to me because I saw him sticking a needle in his arm right before his bed time.  

The Alarmist's picture

He only tangentially touches on the fact that this is killing white (formerly) middle-class males ... that's not a bug, that's a feature. Black Lives Matter more, but TPTB are willing to accept some collateral damage to get at what they believe is the root problem.

Ace006's picture

The Deep State is much more interested in the cull than people realize. Elites despise humanity.

Oldwood's picture

Poor fucking babies.

Who among us has not had exposure to drugs?

And who among us has not been exposed to failure?

A government, a SOCIETY, that insists that we are not supposed to fail, that we are not even supposed to compete, has created a class of mindless snowflake babies lined up to blame everyone but themselves for their failures and then fall into a pile of crap dope as an expression on their it is supposed to make ME feel bad, sorry for THEM?

Let me buy them the next ten, right fucking now! Get it the fuck over with and stop putting on this pity play...oh woe is me!

Get a fucking job or STARVE. Any idiot that can sink this low on drugs MUST be enabled by someone because they most assuredly are NOT earing the money they are using for drugs. If they choose drugs over food and shelter, then I say this is America, where freedom still least if you want to kill yourself. Have at it.

Until we return to a world where intelligent choices actually have merit, and stupid ones suffer absolute and complete consequence, the world will continue to spin off its axis. No jail, no clinics, just consequence.

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When Japan invaded the Phillipines they had a pretty simple, if brutal, solution to all the drug addicts.

Step 1:  Flood the market with opium/heroin and give it away practically for free.  And this was the PRIMO shit, mind you, not some cheap crap.  Every addict from every corner of the country came to get it.

Step 2:  Now that they had all of them in known drug distribution locations, they moved in and killed all of them.

Now THAT'S a consequence.


El Vaquero's picture

As our society continues to slip further into darkness, people who can't or don't know how to find meaning in their lives are going to turn to other means of getting their dopamine hits.  

Ace006's picture

I find meaning in my life by reading Zero Hedge.

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You'd shut the fuck up if one of them was your son or your must be lower middle class to act so rich........fuck you too!

Nobody For President's picture

None of my sons or my daughter do drugs - except for a little wine from time to time with dinner.

It is called being a parent. So fuck you asshole - there are a bunch of addicts out there that never had a dad, and a bunch that don't even know who the fuck their dad was - thank you war on poverty. Still another war we lost. 

I was a paramedic for three years in my local area and got to know a lot of addicts. At least half of them never knew their father. Breaking up the family and basically encouraging black welfare mommas to have more babies has consequences. (My first wife was a social worker in Oakland CA, and saw an enormous amount of this shit.)

Seems pointing out reality is rasciss these days...

Thanks to Lydon Johnson's War On Poverty, we have a bunch of useless, unwanted, and totally beat down people, now two generations in, who don't have anything left but heroin, opoids, and the great void.

Darwin's law - consequences of a hideous government policy, doomed to fail from the beginning because of its built in positive feedback cycles.

Oldwood's picture

If it were MY son or daughter, I would have to accept that I FAILED as a parent. Drug addiction is a failure of the individual, their parents and of society, but no one can ultimately accept the ultimate responsibility but the individual. Feeling sorry or even guilt is pointless if nothing is learned, and as of yet we have learned NOTHING except allowing out emotions to rule us is DEATH.

4freedom78's picture

It all go down to a simple fact, the powerful want slave. Period. If you can't work, you are not a slave any more, just a death weight 

el buitre's picture

Thanks, War of Terror.  Thanks Afghanistan invasion!  FIFY

Thanks Bush/Clinton/CIA crime syndicate for the poppy derived heroin and thanks Big Pharma for the synthetic.

They don't call him Poppy Bush for nothing.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I am sure the upcoming Barry Seal movie will reveal everything...

Conscious Reviver's picture

Cut to the chase.

Thanks Federal Reserve Banking Cabal.

garcam123's picture

You are Correct!  It's that monied criminal class that has perpetuated this fucking filthy nightmare we ALL live in now.  They and the scum doctors and pharm company execs need to be beaten to death in public and their families turned out on the streets.......animal justice is due this scum!

MozartIII's picture

No comment on doctors being paid by big Pharma to create addicts. Nothing to do with any thing. Corporate amerika hates competition.

SheHunter's picture

Government needs to keep part of the masses immobile with to keep them from desiring good paying jobs.  War is also an effective tool.  Throw the young into the miltary to keep them occupied.  Keeps them off the streets and allows some of the excess to be killed off.

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marxist jews the old communists from Russia and their descendants have used our very human nature against us instead of building for a better tomorrow a better nation...this is a crime against least with war crimes we had a fighting chance...these deaths and misery make the holocaust look like a cake walk ... we are being bled white by these parasites ... the Fedish prophets,zionist jinos and communist democrats need to douched out of our lives and this nation... ; remove the jew removes the problem and as a bonus we get world peace... our children and grandchildren get at least a chance to have a piece of the pie......what we see here is what we get from hopelessness and helplessness... shut down the teachers unions and the public service unions ...these are socialist enclaves that only benefit a few at the top and put out a poor product.... WATCH OUT AMERICA YOU WILL LOSE IT ALL...

algol_dog's picture

Liberal agenda project - "The new American male conversion". - Priority #1 

Congratulations to all who assisted, and help forward, the completion and successful launch, of said goal.


* Neuter : Definition from the Latin neuter, is the removal of an animal's reproductive organs, part or whole. The term is often used in reference to males.


ThePhantom's picture

ever try the mushrooms? :) still today we have very much to learn. I always wondered why the tribal people were using hallucinogens at the center of their religious practice... now i know. we are lost.. cut off from ourselves.

garcam123's picture

Thanks for the laugh and the memories!  I ate so many of those mushrooms when I was young.......I couldn't eat cream of mushroom soup for YEARS! They wern't anything to write home about, just local, but mesciline and LSD were the very best, my all time favorites, I mean how can you pass up hysterical hilarity for 12 hrs wit5h your friends, psydelic rock and roll, like the Stones and the Doors and a veritable hottie to finally fall asleep with, knowing when you wake up in 10 hours there's gonna be a happy day beginning.

I'd trip like insane and the next day I would be completely relaxed and my whole being would be rested and refreshed.......I found my spirit connection with the universe(god) if you will in those crazy wonderful times! And he ain't a person! It just is a universal IS? I was blessed to come up in that time! Don't regret a second!

Killdo's picture

in society obsessed with money there is no culture

tmosley's picture

>129k Africans Americans in the inner city have a net worth of zero

What kind of retard is surprised by this? Everyone knows two niggers and two quarters don't make a dollar.

oddjob's picture

Trav777 could have wrote that, and might have.


can you tell me who wrote this;


Every single thing you say is whining about how the black man is oppressing you, and how they are the cause of all problems, despite, you know, the facts about who is actually in power, and what is causing our problems, ie Keynesians and their terrible policies.

But apparently black people cause that as well, somehow.  Or maybe Arabs.  Or possibly tanning salon patrons.

Yes, please help us all by spamming each thread with your ineffectual wailing.

tmosley's picture

It was written by a black man for a black character on a black TV show to say.

Paul Kersey's picture

"129k Africans Americans in the inner city have a net worth of zero"

Why just single out blacks?

American is the fattest country in the world.

America is the greatest debtor nation in the history of the world.

America has six percent of the world's population but twenty-five percent of the world's incarcerated.

American has slipped down to 31st in longevity.

Twenty-five percent of America's children are on food stamps.

78% of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck.

America has got antifa and neo-nazis marching in the streets.

America has goldmanites running the economy and neocon war profiteers running foreign policy.

Should anyone really be surprised that the number of opioid deaths is growing? We should be surprised that the number is not growing even faster. We are a depressed people doing nothing but watching as our country slips deeper and deeper into the third world.

ThePhantom's picture

well shit, we just up and murdered 1.5 million plus Iraqi's based on lies and deception and still watch the same news and shity TV every damn day like nothing happened. you'd like think your scott free but deep down in your mind you know your a worthless piece of shit...

tmosley's picture

>American is the fattest country in the world.

That is because of blacks and Mexicans.

>America is the greatest debtor nation in the history of the world.

That is because of politicians.

>America has six percent of the world's population but twenty-five percent of the world's incarcerated.

That is because we have a lot of niggers and Mexicans committing a lot of crimes.

>American has slipped down to 31st in longevity.

Niggers and Mexicans gorge themselves using food stamps until they die.

>Twenty-five percent of America's children are on food stamps.

Pretty sure it is higher than that, given that more than 50% of households have someone on food stamps.

>78% of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck.

This is what happens when you let jews control the issuance of your money.

>America has got antifa and neo-nazis marching in the streets.

Antifa yes, neonazis no. Those good people who don't want to be replaced are just fucking white males.

>America has goldmanites running the economy and neocon war profiteers running foreign policy.

Been that way for a long time. We elected Trump to sort that out. We ackowledge that it will take time.

>We are a depressed people doing nothing but watching as our country slips deeper and deeper into the third world.

You would probably feel better if you hit the gym, got swole as fuck, and joined those good people carrying tiki torches. TBH blacks should join them as well. Hispanics are replacing them much more so than they are replacing whites.

Paul Kersey's picture

"You would probably feel better if you hit the gym,"

I am probably as ripped as anyone you've ever seen, that isn't doing roids. I'm a big proponent of Charles Poliquin's fat bar workouts, heavy weighted pull-ups and weight vest dip workouts.

garcam123's picture

Americans have a group psyological oral fixation ands as a result stick everything they can into their mouths that they can get in there, then some even move on to filling any orffice available with what's available.

And with the corporate criminal machine making this purient shit JIT to fill everybody's fuckin piehole......we have a nation of sweathogs.......why doesn't that surprise me, especially law enforcement, the sweathog gang wid the 75 IQ and da guns...........dduuuuhhhhhhh, hands up motherfucker or I'll kill ya!

Ace006's picture

You give ignorant, smug people a bad name.

binky's picture

Please don't badmouth the dollar.

SheHunter's picture

Are you white and over 60 years of age.  Maybe didn't get out much growing up?  Afraid of things outside your cozy existence?  Nothing you look forward to each day that really rings your ringer?

(Sorry guys who are white and over 60.  I know most of you do NOT fit the cliche...but tmosley sounds scary.)

A darn good friend of mine Shirley was a widowed ranch woman in her 70's.  We were having a drink at her place a few years ago and after a good shot of something she got all serious and talked about how 'pretty soon there were going to be more Mexicans than Americans in the USA'.  I wanted to grin and tease her about her fear.  And then saw she was dead serious.  She was born and raised in the NW, ranched her entire life.  Mexicans were people you hire to help cut hay.  Damn I loved her.  She died from cancer a few years ago.  Luckily before those darn Mexicans outnumbered her.

Ace006's picture

She was right and you didn't know what you were talking about. I doubt you have a clue now about what's going on.

Normalcy Bias's picture

America’s opioid crisis is accelerating and could kill nearly ‘half a million people’ over the next decade.

Oh, I think the people running this show are planning on a much higher number.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Several million Americans die every Year.    A half milion in a decade is well behind a half dozen other causes of death. 

decon's picture

Yep.  I can't believe how many commentors are blaming this shit on someone else besides the user.   A bunch of people need to learn personal responsibility. It's pathetic, nobody is making them take drugs.  This is a classic example of natural selection.  Legalize this shit and let it run its course to purge the human species of these weak minded simps.