NASA: "Sun Erupts With Significant Flare"

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Around 12:06 p.m EDT on Sept 10, 2017, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured an image of the sun unleashing a massive solar flare from a recently active region. Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation. Harmful radiation from a flare cannot pass through Earth's atmosphere to physically affect humans on the ground, however — when intense enough — they can disturb the atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communications signals travel.  Per NASA,

This flare is classified as an X8.2-class flare. X-class denotes the most intense flares, while the number provides more information about its strength. An X2 is twice as intense as an X1, an X3 is three times as intense, etc.  


The X9.3 flare was the largest flare so far in the current solar cycle, the approximately 11-year-cycle during which the sun’s activity waxes and wanes. The current solar cycle began in December 2008, and is now decreasing in intensity and heading toward solar minimum. This is a phase when such eruptions on the sun are increasingly rare, but history has shown that they can nonetheless be intense.


This flare is the capstone on a series of flares from Active Region 2673, which was identified on Aug. 29 and is currently rotating off the front of the sun as part of our star’s normal rotation.

The flare was captured in the following NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center video.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of the solar flare:

The flare as seen in the bright flash on the right side on Sept. 10, 2017.

More details:

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration signals X8.2 (R3-STRONG) X-RAY EVENT OBSERVED AT 10/1606 UTC. Primary areas impact includes ‘large portions of sunlit side of earth’. Possible effects include wide spread HF radio blackouts and navigation degradation through GPS (loss in signal).

As notes, "yesterday's X8.2 (R3-strong) solar flare from sunspot region 2673 was one of the most spectacular solar flares we have ever seen. Not only was this the second strongest solar flare of the current solar cycle, it also launched an extremely fast and broad coronal mass ejection:

Following the flare, we quickly reached the strong S3 solar radiation storm level which only takes place about 10 times during a 11 year solar cycle. Possible effects of the ongoing S3 solar radiation storm are: degraded HF radio propagation at polar regions and navigation position errors, satellite effects on imaging systems and solar panel currents, significant radiation hazard to astronauts on extra-vehicular activity (EVA) and high-latitude aircraft passengers.


The coronal mass ejection is as far as we can remember one of the fastest coronal mass ejections of the current solar cycle as we measured the ejecta at a whopping 2,700km/s to 2,800km/s! To compare: The X28 coronal mass ejection from 4 November 2003 left the Sun at 2,400km/s! Goes to show this is an extreme coronal mass ejection that would without a doubt cause intense geomagnetic storming if it would have been launched directly at Earth.


SOHO/LASCO imagery shows an impressive asymmetrical full halo coronal mass ejection which means the outer edges of the solar plasma cloud are directed straight at (or away) from the observing space craft. It is therefor hard to say if this edge is directed towards the front side, the far side or both but taking into account the monstrous coronal wave and the jump in the low-energy EPAM protons, we are fairly confident that we are going to see at least a shock passage or a glancing blow at Earth. You can see the coronal wave in the tweet that we posted yesterday.


As SWL adds, while the flanks of a coronal mass ejection are always a bit slower than the bulk, the transit time should still be around one and a half day or about 36 to 40 hours (calculated with SARM) which puts the expected impact time of this coronal mass ejection at 06:00 UTC on 12 September 2017 with a plus/minus of 6 hours. The NOAA SWPC has a much later impact time, late on September 13.

Subsequent coronagraph imagery analysis has been concluded. The full halo coronal mass ejection (CME) was so powerful and widespread, there actually appears to be an Earth directed component, most evident when viewing the LASCO C3 (blue color) video. If so, an impact to the earth's geomagnetic field may be possible as soon as tomorrow.

According to the latest tracking models, the edge of the large CME may deliver a glancing blow to our geomagnetic field by Sept. 13th. This combined with an anticipated coronal hole stream may help to enhance activity. A Moderate (G2) storm watch will be in effect.

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You do realize we're at a Solar a few sun farts are quite in order.

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shove your tulipcoins up your crypt0-muppet orifices just in case.

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X class to the max….

What I like about zh

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+1 for Oddball and Moriarty. ;-)

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Uh-oh, now we have to worry about planet-killing doomsday solar flares.  That secret Antarctica redoubt for the likes of the Clintons, Bushes and Kerrys is looking better and better.

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the sun has big farts all the time….

The question is…

Is the fart headed on a trajectory that collides with earth’s orbit.

..and how big is it……

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ooohhhhh nnnoooeeesss..NK hacked the sun..we all going to die..;D ;D ;D

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Well the good news is that a CME only travels at about 8 million miles per hour… so if the NASA High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager sees it at the speed of light and they get the word out......    you still have an hour or so to hunker down in your basement or bathroom.


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I lost my bitcoins in a sunbathing accident.

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.. thats what you get for taking your cell phone and isolated flash drive into the tanning booth

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at 30° minus angle  the earth would have probably no more electricity by now, we have been lucky as fuck.


check animation at 3:30


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Trump to build a dome large enough to cover the nation to stop illegal flares from crossing through.

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Too bad he's too castrated to round up and deport all the illegal flares already here.


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NASA: "Sun Erupts With Significant Flare"

My response: All of these recent events remind me of the PLAGUES of Egypt. While different from list below, we have seen WATER, FIRE and WIND involved. What is next: FINANCIAL COLLAPSE, INSECTS and DISEASE? Scary stuff if these recent events are a message from GOD.

Plague 1 — water turned into blood; fish died. ...

Plague 2 — frogs. ...

Plagues 3 and 4 — biting insects and wild animals. ...

Plagues 5 and 6 — livestock disease and boils. ...

Plague 7 — fiery hail. ...

Plague 8 — locusts. ...

Plague 9 — darkness.

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majority of events are good stuff finally.

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You're forgetting about the coming earthquakes. No judgment from God is complete without two or three big eathquake.

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With all the obvious evidence...anyone who does NOT believe in 'climate change' is officially a fool.  It is mathematically obvious, that human carbon emissions are not only causing wind and rain, it is also triggering solar flares and lunar eclipses!!

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I CALL BULLSHIT. So now mere mortals are triggering solar flares. Pray tell Einstein, I need a good laugh.

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Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

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It is mathematically obvious, that human carbon emissions are not only causing wind and rain, it is also triggering solar flares and lunar eclipses!!

I knew it! That explains why some of the leaves on the trees are changing colors and falling off. The carbon emissions are killing the trees. We are so totally fucked and only have ourselves to blame...

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My trees are green right now, specially with all that extra CO2 and rain, and they are doing what tehy like doing, giving me oxygen. 


My trees are weird. 

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Here's a climate prediction, once all the leaves fall off your trees white sit will fall from the skies. 


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Prescient observations, fellow Climate Scientists.

The science is now settled that we must tax an extra 80% of the serfs wealth starting every Septemberish(cumulative) in order to save the tree leaves from all of this Manmade Global Warming and CO2 pollution!

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If you are going to comment on ZH, attempt to recognize sarcasm . You must be American

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Don't be naive. He is a true believer and a lost cause. You must be from Europe.

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i see what you did there. clever.

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You stupid shit for brains antifucks all say the same idiotic tripe.

You are the kind of knucklehead that likes to play Russian Roulette, right!

You got your wish douchebag. Waiting for a CME to slam earth is like playing Russian Roulette. It is only a matter of time until one is shot towards earth.


"The current solar cycle began in December 2008, and is now decreasing in intensity and heading toward solar minimum."

Yeah, that is what all the trolls say. Same as the shithead above.

If the sun is supposedly at a minimum. whay is it producing massive CME's?

And if it is supposedly in a minimum, why the fuck is it so bright in the sky?


"Possible effects of the ongoing S3 solar radiation storm are: degraded HF radio propagation at polar regions and navigation position errors, satellite effects on imaging systems and solar panel currents, significant radiation hazard to astronauts on extra-vehicular activity (EVA) and high-latitude aircraft passengers."

Fucking, A!





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You too "zippy" . If you are going to participate here , attempt to engage your sarcasm detector

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oh look, the fool made a new monicker *rolleyes*

not surprised that you know fuckall about solar cycles

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I DO love sarcasm.  Nicely played.

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What is sad is how many knee jerk reactions that were posted. Lighten up Francis!

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"anyone who does NOT believe in 'climate change' is officially a fool."

if we coukd just get rid of the termite and cow fart methane,  the CO2 problem would be solved.

and...  oh....  oh

stop exhaling too....... 

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Specially if you are near them.

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Stop exhaling? That would go against our nature. How do we comport that with caring about Nature.

I personally think that if catastrophic climate change is Gaia's way of dealing with AGW, then who are we to fight Mother Nature? We need to keep on keeping on.

I'm too lazy to find the link to the George Carlin rant on the arrogance of people who think they can save the planet, but it should be played every time one of the climate change moaners claims we are destroying the planet.

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+100, Next time include a sarc symbol so as not to upset the--ummm, how can I put this, oh yes, the clueless. :-)

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You just taught me about Solar Minimum. Thanks. Just had to look that up.

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Crazy shit is we are headed for a mini ice age.  Perfectly normal.  Right on schedule.  Nothing out of the ordinary and certainly NOT man made. We've got a shit ton of ice core samples to prove it.  Fuck all these asshats with their "man made Glo-bull warming".

Climate changes.  Some people need to get over it.

Show me a planet in thermal stasis and I'll show you a dead planet.

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Just went to you tube to learn about a mini ice age. That's like in four years from now. Thanks again for the info. I will be watching this from now on.

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Search for youtube channel  Adapt 2020 regarding solar minimum and mini ice age.  lots of info.

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Last one (mini ice age) we had was during the "dark ages".  Makes sense.  All the writings in Europe at that time tell about decreased crop outputs and such. Another odd thing about the dark ages was the massive increase of meteorites / bolides.....shit falling from the sky.  Very well documented.

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No. It's like 4 months from now like dude. Uhhhhh, it's a mini ice age....uhhhhh....called winter, duuuuude.

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Moneychangers and climatechangers are the same cabal.

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"Show me a planet in thermal stasis and I'll show you a dead planet."

Show me a tropical fruit, and I'll show you a cocksucker from Guatemala

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sheesh, I forgot to spell check....too much Pino this evening.... Minimun = Minimum.