The Next Big Storm

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Irma ain't got nothing on this one...

There's nowhere to hide!


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Trump channeling Dick Cheney.

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$20 trillion, what's the big deal? The Fed gave the TBTF banks $23.8 trillion over just a two year period (2008 and 2009). As long as the Fed can create money out of thin air, it can monetize all the U.S. debt. Hell, the BOJ has been doing that with Japanese national debt since 1990. Never underestimate the power of illusion and the Fractional Reserve Banking System.

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Exactly, and who's gonna stop the Fed?  Congress? HAH  A new Fed Chair? HAHAH.  Voters rising up and demanding responsible government? BWAAHAAHAAHAAHAAA.  Japan is the perfect example, the BOJ owns virtually all the government bonds and ETFs and their markets are as viable as ours.  Nothing in government is cheap except lip service.

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NOT rating agencies...under DOJ 'control' since Aug. 2011...

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Well the good news is that the entire southwest coast of Florida was inundated under 10 feet of storm surge water

Oops…. That did not really happen.

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I'm in Tampa and those fuckers scared the shit outta me since I am in Znoe A Flood Evac area.  Waited from 3am to 7am to see if I would have to get in my car and speed away from the tsunami they said never came.


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The US National Debt monster storm?

Are you kidding me? What's the best long play for "kick the can down the road"? To have that storm land you'll have to find someone, anyone within the beltway of DC with a SPINE. (Good luck with that.)

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Genuine query, slightly off topic - who OWNS the credit reference agencies (Equifax et al)?  WHo is the majority stock holder now?  Who started them?  How do they get allowed to use peoples PRIVATE details to make their own database?  How are they immune from charges of misconduct (in relation to wrongly held data)?  I've done a broad(ish) search online and found NOTHING.

Anyone got a link(s) to answers?

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"WHo is the majority stock holder" -> read up on "Cede & Co."

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that is anti-semite

Goys must tribute

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Wow, thanks CHX13 for the reference. Willing to bet the names of those general partners, who "technically own substantially all of the publically issued stock in the US", are never spoken aloud. Very interesting.

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Now imagine what some sort of "disaster" to their depository would mean for the capital markets of the West, and by extension, of the world ?

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Your questions regarding Equifax are excellent. From their website I tried to find out if I was affected without success. Not only was I not successful, they tried instead to sell me something.

I finally figured out how to put in a security freeze on my report. Cost me $10. I figure with 143million affected,  at $10 a head they just made a handy profit from their blunder. I sure look forward to that lawsuit. Tell me where to sign up

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Not WHO, but WHAT. Element #79 comes to my mind, but as long as they can keep the CONeX operational there is still some ice under their feet. Yet the golden volcano underneath is relentlessly rumbling nonetheless and a full-blown eruption is only a matter of time. "...temporarily" (Nixon) and " my arch-enemy" (Volker) are still ringing in my ear.

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The END of the WORLD as we KNOW IT and I FEEL FINE!!!

I think this was a lyric from a famous SONG in the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY right before the ALIENS arrived.

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<<Voters rising up and demanding responsible government? BWAAHAAHAAHAAHAAA>>


Yes, democracy will ...... CAN.......NEVER deliver.

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Gubmint.  Ctrl-Alt-Del

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Print away! anyone seeing any of this money? I'm not...

beam me up!

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You are missed, Mr. congressman. 

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We'll never see one cent of the created-out-of-thin-air "money". What we will see is the affect of it - the erosion in purchasing power of any dollars we've managed to save.

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In 2011, the FDIC was already insuring $75 trillion dollars in toxic derivatives.


by Avery Goodman

Bloomberg reports that Bank of America has shifted about $22 trillion worth of derivative obligations from Merrill Lynch and the BAC holding company to the FDIC insured retail deposit division. Along with this information came the revelation that the FDIC insured unit was already stuffed with $53 trillion worth of these potentially toxic obligations, making a total of $75 trillion.

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I knew this was going on when it was happening.  Shit like this.....why nobody was murdered for this is a complete mystery.

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It's all part of the game.  No need for murder.  Play along, just play smart.

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Well, you have to be a member of the Clinton Crime Cabal (CCC) to order a specific murder, don't you?

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Actually it all means absolutely NOTHING since there has not been any accounting for the trillions stolen and siphoned off since the 1970's.....

So what ever game the banksterz want to play on the surface of the Earth re: "money" means jack shit to anyone tuned into the larger picture.  I'm just glad that all this bullshit is coming to a head.  If I manage to stay above ground for another ten years I'll be happy.  Fuck, the black budget alone has eaten up 20T in the last 10+ years...     So what ever the Fed wants to do is A-OK with me.


When caught in the current in a river of shit, do not swim upsteam, do not fight the current, swim to shore.

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Don't count on the Fed printing from 2008 till the cows come home. Since then, except

fot the US Defense Industry the world has been in a never-ending-recession and an

almost beginning recovery.  Presently the world is disgusted with both the Fed's printing

and the ECB's  Both of Obama's secret trade agreements, for Europe and Asia got toilet

flushed indicating what other nations think of being locked into trading with the US.


Concurrently, Russia has pulled out of the recession caused by the Crimea Sanctions,

it whipped ISIS in Syria, while the US was pulling its putz.  China still has 3 trillions in

in reserve currency, and in spite of what Kyle Bass says seems to be happily dancing

to its own tune.  If Trump blocks trade with China the shelves at Walmart and Target

will look like the stores in Budapest when I was there in 1970.  From some remarks

made by Ministers of EU countries, including Madam Merkel, Everyone is tired of the

Russian sanctions.  


The Central Banks of Europe, Japan and China can, in concert and at their own discretion,

pull the plug on the petrodollar and limit the amount the Fed can print to be in proportion

to what the ECB is printing.  


This is the only way the global economy can survive. 








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Currencies fail when holders question of the Gov'ts ability to make good on the debt. As long as there are buyers of the issuing countries debt instruments the musical chairs game keeps going. When the buyers dry up then a problem arises, so Brussels steps in as a buyer, funded by the US Gov't to buy their own debt instruments. This has already happened, but the bankers want to keep the illusion going, until an alternative forces the hand. When it happens it's too late to get out of the system. You need to have insurance before this happens.

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& that was done to keep housing prices up, 

meaning taxes up, 

meaning teachers, firepeople, police paid & infrastructure financed.

it was done to keep >24% happy, along with their significant others, so iit's more like >48% happy.

Which is why the other 52% are still confused about the ongoing wealth transfer.

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Taxes are theft and debt is slavery!

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Nuke Jeckyl Island from outer space-its the only way to be sure

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It is over a century too late for that.

You can nuke London.. It is where the ancient evil of  Rotten Child resides. 

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That's one of the reasons it's safe to live in London; it's just about the last place they're going to want to nuke.  Too many assets, too much infrastructure and the whole nerve system leads here.  I reckon it's why Brexit went through.  They don't want the chaos that's going to happen in Europe to come here when the ECB goes tits up.  They learnt their lesson from the last Peasant's Revolt, which was a close run thing.  Too close for comfort, in fact.

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I'd start with Brussels and the Eccles Building.

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That which is unsustainable cannot be sustained.

But that sure as hell doesn't stop them from trying.

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Wall St and the Fed are collaborating on their financial (((Rube-Goldberg))) machine, to keep the VOM in perpetual motion.

They rewrote Newton's First Law for their purposes: Money in motion stays in motion.

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One of my favorite visual images of this insanity is the Ed Sullivan act where the guy with all the spinning plates on long poles. Somehow all this spinning is going to be more than the spinners can spin :/

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You only get one shot at this, boy.  Print Yellen, PRINT!!!  (attempts to power up verticle wave)*

*Perhaps lame attempt at Perfect Storm humor

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My opinion is to sell everything that isn't bolted down in your gun safe.

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Geez, they've got a woman doing play by play in the NFL, which used to stand for Not For Ladies. Turning it off because I've had more than enough Bizarro World in the past twenty years

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Agreed! FFS,how the hell can a regular gridiron gladiator keep a straight face while being interviewed by the Fendi/Gucci poodles.

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The debt ceiling will be repealed in December.  Then its...well, We think Buzz Lightyear said it best

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As soon as the pissing and moaning is over regarding Uncle Sham Bankruptcy and the reset happens....then we can begin to rebuild, albiet with a 40% hair-cut.

China's pissed, they want Gold at 6K. 

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I would like it back to $1350 this week.

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china has the ability to send it to $6k anytime they want. They have the power of arbitrage, and the equity

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wtf? gota quit eating sticky shit on my laptop..