Pieczenik, Jones Get into Heated Debate Over Trump Conspiracies

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There are some people who apologize for Trump for virtually every single thing he does. They like to blame the usual cast of villains, including Dina Powell, Jared Kushner, Gary Cohn, Gen. McMaster, Mattis and Kelly -- even his own daughter Ivanka Trump. It's easy to get swept into drama-filled theories of palace intrigue -- depicting a cabal of evil people, all with ties to George Soros, trying to take down Trump.

But if you followed that logic all the way down to its root, it would suggest that Trump was, in fact, an idiot -- unable to manage his affairs, permitting horrible people control and manage him, even isolate him from the grandeur of the alt-right media. None of this is conducive with the overarching theory by his sycophants that the President is always playing 3D intergalactic speed fencing championship tier chess -- so they resort to blaming others for isolating the President.

Case in point. During today's broadcast of the Alex Jones show, Roger Stone made the outrageous implication that the President was being drugged -- as a precursor to a coup. He segued into that after discussing the resignation of long time Trump bodyguard, Keith Schiller. Stone said that Schiller had always been 'the canary in the coal mine' for the President and that with him out of the way, forced out by Gen. Kelly, the President's life was in danger.

This all makes for a good radio show, drives up the click views on the website -- but it cannot be substantiated, aside from a few 'unnamed sources.' Stone even said that McMaster made disparaging remarks about Trump while dining with the CEO of Oracle recently, with Jones chiming in that the behavior was in fact 'treasonous.'

All of this rhetoric was checked and flushed down a Floridian toilet bowl when Jones called up Dr. Pieczenik to get his take on this 'bombshell' news. Starting off the conversation, Dr. Pie chastised him thricely for not being polite enough to ask how he was fairing during Hurricane Irma -- then he laid waste to Jones' conspiracies, pointing out that the President wasn't a child and was smart enough to manage his own affairs.

I've never seen these two clash. Watch.

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  • Pieczenik was being a real dick.
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Don't give a shit about any of them.  Last thing I am going to do is try and figure out who the good guys and bad guys are in the Trump White House Reality Shit Show.

I will say this.  Safra Catz is just another Tribe member along with Sheldon Adelson.  I wouldn't trust their asses as afar as I could throw them.

Funny, when Larry, The Tribe Member, Ellison went looking for a CEO his top pick was an Israeli born dual citizen.  Largest enterprise software firm on the planet.  Go figure.

bshirley1968's picture

And furthermore, this Pieczenik guy is a Tribe member as well.....from Cuba no less.

All we can find buzzing around the White House and talking about it on various news outlets are a bunch of Commie Jews.

Am I saying there is a conspiracy?  No, but what I am saying is where there is smoke......there's a fire.

2% of the population my ass!  SOB's are everywhere.

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What happened to Pieczenik threatening to take down the Neocon deep state if Trump decided to continue with the Afghan war?

All talk...

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Dr Pewdie Pie finally nailed it...When the US dollah goes down then the jig is really up.

We're already there and the free loader 3 squares a day free lunch is finito..


Buckle up cause the fast approaching tsunami of toxic derivative shit from all of USSA'S lost judaic wars and chosenite Wall St "economics" is gonna make Harvey and Irma look like a nice couple over for a boring Sunday afternoon.



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One thing I've learned is DC will NEVER do the right thing.

I'm pretty sure that Trump is helping protect the esablishment, Clinton.

He has everything he needs to drain the swamp, theres enought dirt on everyone to hang them or lock them up for good.

DC will NEVER change peacefully. Its gonna take more than "voting" to fix this mess.

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"Helping?" I wouldn't go that far but I'm pretty sure he's weighed the pro's & cons and realized there's very little upside to draining the swamp and bringing HRC to justice . Once you're on the inside, they show you a few home movies (JFK) and their vast set of nailguns which are all polished and shinny just waiting to be used. I think "helping" is hurting America!

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Hey, I listen to AJ, but after a while I need something more substantial. He os great for cutting-edge news, has a great staff and has built something big. But there are two kinds of Christianity, Mericah's and the Bible's. I have some problems with American Patriot Christianity. Defending America to what end And there has always been this rub in America concerning is the kingdom down here or up there, is it now or later.

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the constitution was written by masons, when they say liberty and justice for all they mean freedom from God and his constraints, how clever thus we are seeing the man of sin being revealed. If you understand this you will understand all of the distortion and weirdness going on. That is the occult meaning.

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none of us are perfect. we are all flawed. we all have our vices. 

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world." 1 John 4:4


i think AJ is still shielding Trump because he knows that once the Trump Option is gone, we are all looking into the abyss.

lastly, I can vouch for Alex Jones bone broth. I have been free basing Alex Jones for 1 hour a day at the gym while super setting and then having his Cave Man bone broth and I am in the best shape of my life. Not as fast as I was at 20 years old but definately stronger. 

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The Trump Option is the abyss!

stiler's picture

yep, bone broth is awesome-- my wife makes it from chicken, goat, sheep or rabbit bones. AJ's products are good, we got his iodine, now get Lugol's.

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R. Limbaugh and A. Jones

I remember Rush Limbaugh from the early 1990s.   His analysis of politics was refreshing, and his humor and confidence were infectious. The leftists and the liberals that he flayed deserved every lash delivered across their backs.

Now I listen to Rush not so much -- only from time to time, to see how he handles various issues.  As sometimes happens to creative people who burst upon the scene with a new formula, Rush hasn’t changed. He has become an imitator of a curious sort. He imitates himself.  

Rush has a problem. It is not imitation, however. Rather it is a matter that is darker and goes deeper.  Not what he says but what he does not say is the problem.

Present day Washington politics make no sense without recourse to the idea of a deep state, understood as a convergence of interests well-organized enough to dominate foreign policy, to skew the budget process, to exert a major influence upon both parties and much else. Rush knows this. He uses the term “deep state,” but does not define it and does not go where he would have to go to understand it. The CIA, the NSA, other domestic “intelligence” agencies, Zionism, the neo-cons, the military high command, wars against people who present no threat to us – which wars enrich the MIC and further the interests of Israel even as they destroy us economically and morally -- none of this will Rush touch or go near.  He bans from his program even mention of the defining event of recent American history, the 9/11 false flag. This allows him to stay on the safe side of a line, and avoid confrontations with dangerous men.

Rush’s ban on 9/11 and his refusal to look at the obvious is unmanly. He knows this, or at least, senses it and compensates by launching impassioned diatribes against liberals, Democrats and establishment Republicans.  “I am attacking the power structure, including the Republicans,” he says above all to himself.  “ I am a man.”

But is he? Rush wraps himself in the mantle of Paul Revere, and has written a series of books for young people under the rubric of “Rush Revere.” But, as we know, the real, actual, historical Paul Revere opposed dangerous men, put community above self-interest and courage above fear. By way of contrast, the real, actual Rush Limbaugh, doing none of the above, attends faithfully to self-interest and fawns upon men who occupy positions high in the military, the CIA and Israel.  

The conclusion that has to be drawn about Rush is harsh.  His tendency to praise courage in the past but fawn upon evil in the present is a failure of character not of intellect. The problem goes deep.  Behind Rush’s many attractive qualities – his good pacing, his sense of humor, his talent at explaining complex issues with clarity and verve, his engaging on-air personality -- is a man who is rather unattractive.  At the level of soul, where essentials set the course, Rush Limbaugh has the aspect of being a sycophant and a coward.

Alex Jones in many ways is the opposite of Rush. Everything about Jones is irritating.  His voice has the smoothness of a washboard. His story telling is atrocious.  He says in a thousand words what could be said in a hundred. He lacks a sense of timing. As an interviewer he drives you up the wall.  His guests have to listen to him ramble along, then, finally, when they get a chance to get a word in edgewise, and are about to say something interesting, he jumps in and makes their points for them -- ineptly, repetitiously, gratingly, boringly, interminably.  The rhythm of his interviews and indeed of his program is jangled and uneven.

Even in the face of serious flaws, however, there are aspects to Alex Jones that are redemptive. It helps that he has a sense of his faults.  “I’m talking too much,” he says (then proceeds to talk too much).  It helps, too, that his problem is not -- or not just -- narcissism or egoism.  Rather, his problem is that he has too much energy and too many powerful emotions to be contained. He overflows and simply cannot shut up and step aside, even when to do so would improve the rhythm and effectiveness of his efforts.

Balanced against these flaws is a virtue.  Alex Jones appears to be willing to follow the trail of truth -- if not all the way to the end -- at least much further than Limbaugh.  He understands that 9/11 was a false flag, and he understands that there are problems with the government entity in Washington are serious, indeed, deadly.  

 So, where does this leave matters?

Rush Limbaugh praises courage in the past, but toadies to evil in the present.  Alex Jones, by way of contrast, follows truth to the point of opposing men who are in a position to commit crimes with impunity, including the crime of murder.  Jones provides a good dollop of what our age needs: the moral courage to oppose dangerous men. He goes some of the way to the place where we have to go.  His failure is a failure of intellect, not of courage – but it is a failure nevertheless. America is over, a conclusion that Jones cannot bring himself to draw.  The truth that he cannot accept is we are in a simmering, potentially explosive ethnic war. It used to be a three way conflict between Euros, Africans and Jews.  Now we have added another group for good measure.

Until we recognize the fundamental facts of contemporary American life, we are not going do much but stumble from crisis to crisis. When it comes to deal dealing with basic facts, Alex Jones is not part of the solution.  He is part of the problem.

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Thank you for a really thoughtful post about these key opinion leaders. I need to think about what you've written.

One thing became clear to me after watching last nite's InfoWars & that is that Steve P. said some seriously creepy shit.

Besides his meowing about the hurricane- which I think was beside the point & therefore tactical- he managed to reveal himself as a proto-fascist stooge.

Not over-thinking it, should any of us really trust this CIA creature who lauds Kissinger?

For that matter, the whole episode had the feel of a cheap afternoon talk show. 

el buitre's picture

I never liked Rush Limbaugh.  Always regarded him as a divider and mouthpiece for the NeoCon Nazis.  Takes three working neurons and a C+ in high school physics to figure out that 9/11 was an inside job.  Either Limbaugh has been as dumb as a bag of rocks, totally chickenshit, or part of the neocon Zionist/Nazi cabal, or I think I will check off all of the above.

redmudhooch's picture

Until America has an honest talk about things like Hitler and 9-11 don't expect anything to change.


A nation built on myths & lies cannot survive.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

dogismycopilot's picture

I like your analysis, but your conclusion is wrong: "America is over, a conclusion that Jones cannot bring himself to draw."

America isn't over. It just needs to burn down and then be reborn from the ashes like the Phoenix. 

Consuelo's picture



How does one stand in front of a blender with a counter full of supplements extolling the nothing-short-of-miraculous results he's had, while the (painfully obvious) size of his head continues to expand from an obviously improper diet...?

Infowars is ENtertainment, and Alex is as good a huckster as they come.   After all, the best laid entertainment has many elements of truth, mixed in with the hyperbole.

Insurrector's picture

You make the point why Alex is not a good entertainer - all hyperbole but short on truth.

I like what Chris Ladd said about Rush on Forbes.com recently:

"Rush Limbaugh is safe. After telling his listeners that the warnings about Hurricane Irma were a scam to promote a climate change "agenda" and boost bottled water sales, he quietly scurried away to higher ground. Apparently, climate change is a liberal hoax so potent that not even Limbaugh could escape its reach."

Don't forget that Rush in 1995: "We have laws against selling drugs, pushing drugs, using drugs, importing drugs. And the laws are good because we know what happens to people in societies and neighborhoods, which become consumed by them. And so if people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up."

Even in 2003, while Limbaugh was deep into his addiction he defended harsh treatment of drug users: "These tough sentencing laws were instituted for a reason. The American people, including liberals, demanded them. Don't you remember the crack cocaine epidemic?"

Fucking losers both of them.

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  ....Dr. Pie makes me hot...

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

By far the likeliest explanation for Trump rolling back on various campaign promises is that he simple has no choice. The full Deep State apparatus is against him including but not limited to the intelligence agencies, Federal courts, the media and probably a sneaky majority of cucks in his own party.

Insurrector's picture

No, not that he has no choice - he has no clue.

Trump is his own worst enemy.

redmudhooch's picture


He has the American people behind him, all he has to do is start arresting the criminals.

You think there would be a big outcry from Americans if he arrested the Clintons or Bushs today?

Get real man. No more excuses.


Collapsed's picture

Trump is as compromised as it gets...and it's obvious.  The US spy complex has him by the balls.  Would be fun/interesting to know what is making him fall in line.  I suspect it is his ties to Epstein and Lolita Island.  Probably banged an underager at some point...

The New Feudalism's picture

Nothing sneaky about those RINO cucks. The are fairly brazen in their contempt for the President.

aliens is here's picture

Maybe Trump doesn't know what he is doing maybe he does. It's hard to tell since none of us knows what what we will do in his shoes. So stop being a know it all and wait what the outcome is. If Trump doesn't do the things Bush and Obama did then his presidency is 1/2 decent.

stiler's picture

AJ is a buffoon. He didn't care enough to ask the guy if he was alright, just like the mega-"pastor" Joel Olsteen didn't want to open his huge facility to sufferers of Harvey.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

Steve at the end "Gators are coming in and Moccasins" LMAO

Posa's picture

I heard the broadcast. Obviously Drump has been placed in a restricted , controlled environment by a bunch of generals. If an intimate like Stone says something is amiss, I will pay attention... I won't accept it as fact, but why should it be dismissed as complete fiction?


Dr. Pie was fairly hysterical yesterday and his gushing endorsement of the Military Takeover of the White House was downright bizarre. If Drump starts acting abnormally weirder than usual, then this story deserves more attention. The Deep State has few inhibitions about assassinating a President or ousting one as they did with Nixon and tried to do with Clinton (not that I liked these guys except for JFK at the end of his career)... but nullifying elections and executing Regime Change in DC is beyond the pale.

These actions snuff out an idea of the USA and the US Constitution.

shimmy's picture

I appreciate Alex Jones/Info Wars helping to red pill me many years ago but the guy has become a complete clown and does more to harm the alternative media than help it.

I also have to laugh at trumptards. They can point out the killary cult, the libtard cult, the global warming cult, the obozo hope and change cult, liberal snowflakes in general but they can't see they act the same way when it comes to president pumpkin. 

I guess maybe that is common among people in cults as they can spot other cults but not their own. 

Insurrector's picture

Alternative media spewing alternative facts?

Beowulf55's picture

I normally don't agree with someone who has only been here for a year but in your case with this comment I agree....

Blacksunday3's picture

I heard this last night and it was hilarious. Cut alex some slack. He has to be entertaining for 4 fking hours a day. That's a heavy load.

Consuelo's picture



It's a 'heavy load' that he alone places upon himself - and it's all done with nothing more than the purpose of bringing us the truth and exposing the NWO, right...?

GoyimUprising's picture

Yes, cut him some slack, Alex is a paid actor whose job is to entertain the braindead masses.

Beowulf55's picture

Yep, being a Carnival Barker is a tough job.

Blacksunday3's picture

i love him. self made guy. look back at what's he said over the last 20 years and he's far more accurate than you might think. he's off sometimes but the guy predicted 9/11. predicted all kinds of shit that turned out to be spot on. 

Sebastion's picture

more whackjobs I've never heard of

Collectivism Killz's picture

Steve and Alex have been bumping heads for a while now. I am not a fan of either. The main problem from Alex Jones and Stephan Molyneux is that they cannot admit that they have Stockholm syndrome, same as the Hillary crowd. I judge people by their works, and Trump is so so at best. Looks more like the globalist Trojan horse by the day, which is unfortunate.

bluskyes's picture

Stephan Molyneux has always struck me as someone who spends a lot of time admiring hiimself in the mirror.

rex-lacrymarum's picture

Maybe... but that's not an argument. :)

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Molyneux would respond to your comment with "Not an argument". His channnel isn't growing very fast compared to British shitposters like Sargon of Akkad who passed him in subscriber count several months ago. 

Reaper's picture

I lost power for 2+ weeks in an ice storm and three weeks from Hurricane Irene.  Ii didn't expect, nor ask, anyone elsewhere to care.   Trump's error was Sessions appointment with his failure to indict Brennan, Lerner, Clapper and Hillary.    Trump's greatest danger is the Fed, which can stop propping the market at any time to destroy Trump.  Trump must blame the Fed and/or its policies before the market collapses, not after.   Trump has to consolidate power, requiring diminishing McConnell and Ryan. 

A command and control system promotes the obedient, not the capable, nor thinker.   Trust, like hope, or an imagined Exceptional Republic are self-destructive opiates for Presidents or citizens of a Republic. 

TeethVillage88s's picture

Nice touches on a dozen important topics off the bat.

"A command and control system promotes the obedient, not the capable, nor thinker. Trust, like hope, or an imagined Exceptional Republic are self-destructive opiates for Presidents or citizens of a Republic. "

If we think of the biggest obstructionists in media, industry, politics, govt... THEN we know they have to be controlled in their greed, networking, career grabbing, laws created for their own career, money in politics, war powers to the president, congress giving up their powers and having no annual agenda or list of reforms...

2008 banker from TBTF comes in says 'there will be martial law in the street unless you fund TBTF Bailouts since we know the truth about how the 3 buildings came down on 911... and we will go to the media & have the power to go to the media'.

dogismycopilot's picture

i thought Dr. Steve was going to start crying like a little girl when he was bitching at Alex. Unreal. I thought Steve was supposed to be a bad-assed ex-CIA killer and not some guy who loses his shit over getting rained on.

Posa's picture

Exactly my response... the more he gushed over Mad Dog and Mcmaster  the more I discounted his wails... Doesn't mean the drugging story is true... by I can't dismiss it becasue of Dr Cry

opport.knocks's picture

Trump was drugged alright, with "POWER", the most addictive drug of all. He thought he has more power than he does and deeps state is still bringing him down from the post election high. Obama knew what to do from the get go, he signed off on the CITI Bank cabinet list, read whatever from the teleprompter and played golf.