Blackstone's Schwarzman: 'I Was Accused by People of Being a Nazi'

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At CNBC's Delivering Alpha conference, Blackstone's CEO, Stephen Schwarzman told Michelle Caruso-Cabrera that after the Charlottesville mayhem, he received hundreds of defamatory emails, many calling him a 'nazi', borrowing the narrative of the far left group ANTIFA. This is especially absurd, since he's jewish.

But don't let logic get in the way of all that pent up anger and hatred.

Schwarzman on being called a nazi by idiots and why he decided to disband the business council with the President, saying the public discourse applied too much pressure on the CEOs in the group -- making it untenable.

Bonus: The NY Times published fake news on his reaction to Trump's comments following Charlottesville.

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rex-lacrymarum's picture

So the NYT just made shit up and printed it as "news"? I'm shocked, shocked beyond belief! The paper of record! 

silverer's picture

I've yet to see the "nazi" Trump do something that violates the US constitution. On the other hand, Mr. former so called president Obama loved crapping on it. How come he wasn't called a "nazi"?

SmallerGovNow2's picture

I'm a Nazi, you're a Nazi, everyone who doesn't agree with the Progressive Globalists is a Nazi regardless of skin color or religion...

Wahooo's picture

Hey Schwarzman, acting like a fucking sheep is how 6 million Jews got murdered in Europe. Way to set the example!

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Why doesn't he call out the accusers, name them? He has a right to know and face his accusers. Give the accusers a microphone and put them on national TV. Let's hear exactly what they have to say that made Schwarzman a "nazi".

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So, in the end, Schwarzan and the rest gave up. They took their chance for redemption and flushed it down the toilet. They could have stood up for Trump and brought the world back from its corruption but decided that their personal comfort was more important than fixing the world. What do the people who sit on boards know about fixing anything? They are in the big Satan club. They have accepted Satan's gifts and are owned by him. Maybe deep down below layers and layers of compromise, the lies they tell themselves and regrets there is the shriveled remnant of a good heart.

Maybe not. They did not get where they are by fighting the system, fighting the power. Trump neither.

dogismycopilot's picture

Meanwhile, Diane Feinstein reveals she really does hate Christians and Catholics!

Catholic leaders decry Dems' questioning of judicial pick

Abaco's picture

What a cunt she is. Also Constitutionally illiterate. I post this knowing that the bitch cares not one bit what the consitution says.

"but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."


East Indian's picture

Nazis were brave soldiers, not mercenaries. 

jin187's picture

Doesn't change the fact that they were murderers and fascists.

PiratePiggy's picture

To be fair, I believe the German's populated the military by conscription.  My high school German language instructor in the 1970s was a kid at the end of the war an told us two things I will never forget. First, he and his friends used to play in the remains of an American plane that had crashed near his town. Second, when you hear people from Germany say they did not support the Nazi's, don't believe them.  Of course you have to take that with a grain of salt, he was about 10 and if his family had told him otherwise, they would have risked arrest, but as an adult, he said suddenly the most loyal Nazi's dissavowed any previous Nazi beliefs.


History can be rough. People do what they believe they need to do to survive. Lot at George Soros, for example.

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He received hundreds of emails out of over 300 million people so he dropped out of the council??? Who were the people sending the emails?? Are they nearly all democrat activists???

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Cool story bro.

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Is this the same Schwarzman who after the financial crisis  moved in at the bottom of the housing market and bought up tens of thousands of foreclosures in bulk so they could be rented back to people who lost everything in the fiancial crisis? Is this the same Schwarzman who then packaged up and securitized those rentals? The same Schwarzman who then merged with Starwood Waypoint to create America's largest single family home landlord?

Would fascist be an appropriate word?



Grandad Grumps's picture

I would say: toxic "parasite" on humanity.

Lake of fire candidate extraordinaire!

Benjamin123's picture

Its all legal. Better direct your anger towards actual criminals. While we are at it, perhaps poor people should not be borrowing half a million dollars, figuring out later they cant pay and declaring they are "ruined", for losing a house that was never theirs. So now they are stuck paying rent, as they should have been from day one.

Abaco's picture

The greatest of crimes are almost always "legal."  Don't disagree that there were a lot of stupid people borrowing more than they could afford. They, however, stole from no one and hurt only themselves. Now, the assholes that "lend" "money" that they conjure out of thin air and expect a 30 year repayment are thieves. So where the mortgage lenders and real estate agents who willingly pushed through deals knowing the people couldn't pay.  THe most predatory of all are the finacial criminals who created their own registry in order to avoid paying recording and transfer fees thereby clouding the title of everything they purt a mortgage on and who then bundled these bad mortgages and sold them as prime and sold them multiple times.

You must be willfully blind to be pissed at the dumb schlub who stretches everything to buy a house because he sees the prices rising so fast that he knows he can never buy a house if he waits when you don't seem pissed off at the industrial criminality of the already wealthy.


PoorWhiteMan's picture

I agree, but what do expect people with no opportunity to do live in squaller while decadence is dangled in front of them at every turn? What are your options go in debt to the tune of a 100k? How do you support yourself for those 4 years? What's in dyer need is apprenticeships and the ability to earn while you learn. Alas though there is no middle class left to lift anyone out of the poor house. This situation was created by these very people you so eagerly jump to defend. When the proverbial shit finally hits the fan it will be epic!

the cork's picture


Yeah, well you're also a PUSSY so shut up.


It's just more pusillanimous virtue signaling. Any true man with a pair of hefty stones wouldn't give a flying f--k what a bunch of whiny, liberal kikes thought of him. He would wear their acrimony like a badge of honor and tell them all to go f--k themselves.

Typical Chickenshit Turncoat Jew. Turned his back on his President and his Country when loyalty and support were needed most and at the first whiff of unfounded criticism and hostility.

Good riddance you f--king coward!

Robert Trip's picture

"Herr Schwartman.

Cattle car number 4."

VladLenin's picture

NAZI = left + business


JailBanksters's picture

She is a German, Ja. And is a Jew, Oy Vey. And she looks and acts extremely Evil.

And Nazi's were Jews, so I can see the similarity there.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


C'mon Shwarzman, we all know Jews don't actually become Nazi's (With the exception of George Soros), you only finance them! Like the Zionist American-European bankers Paul Warburg and the Oppenheimer family did.

Great investment huh? You got your Zionist gangster state of Israel after all. Maybe if you do the same thing in America you'll end up with New York, Hollywood, D.C., Boca Raton, the Disney franchise, the FED, the American banking, education and legal system/s and the lap dog MZM (Mendacious Zionist Media).

Oh shit! That's already the case... never mind.

roadhazard's picture

Only the alt white and the KKK loves a Nazi.

jin187's picture

Yeah, don't forget the Muslims. They couldn't get enough of Hitler.

deoxy's picture

Bottom line: (to use a term beloved by globalists) a section of the swamp has been drained and the swamp creatures have scattered. 

Restless Boomers's picture

Schwarzman is a Zio Nazi Jew piece of shite..

null's picture

How would you know, do you like read stuff he writes or talk to him?
Sounds more like a circle-jerk contribution but I would not want to infer stuff that I can't possibly know ... even if implied.

redmudhooch's picture

Why is calling a Jew a NAZI more absurd/offensive than calling Trump voters or White Americans in general NAZIs?

Think about it.

hound dog vigilante's picture


it's not that this is more absurd or offensive, it's the fact that this guy actually caved-in to such absurdity that is so interesting...


to their credit, white americans haven't reacted much to the blanket racism accusations that are heaped upon them daily... unless voting for the candidate that doesn't call them racists qualifies as a reaction...



dunce's picture

I have been called as a white american with nothing but the lowest profile in American society, a racist, radical, extremist, violent, and nearly every derogatory name you can think of on the basis of no evidence at all other than not being a liberal democrat for at least 40 years. No one who actually knows me calls me any of these things. 

Sanity Bear's picture

This is what real totalitarian movements do - they make life intolerable for those who don't "think right". They don't need to be in control of a government to impose their will on others in this way. Anyone with experience on the ass end of "diversity" understands this phenomenon.

Consuelo's picture



Why are we calling these people Jews when Jew specifically relates to a religious affiliation, which nary any of these types are...? 

null's picture

Both are Only absurd because the term has no contemporary meaning.

Otherwise, my guess is that a Trump voter cannot possibly resemble one while many many Jews on the Left seem to work very hard to resemble a totalitarian socialist with claims of nationalism.

Jason T's picture

My Grandfather fought nazi's .. Father fought commies.

To Real American's, we dispise both.



shimmy's picture

I love it when the libtard cultists call Jews nazis. Pretty funny. 

Swampster's picture

Too ignorant to know what an ashkeNAZI jew is? Most assuredly too ignorant to know Israel is the most 'anti-semitic' country on earth, huh Shabbos Goy Cuck?

Tennessee Patriot's picture

Really?  Why don't you release all these so called "hundreds of defamatory emails, many calling him a 'nazi'" e-mails and we'll decide for ourselves/ 

What's that... they all seem to have been deleted?  How convenient.  Guess we'll just have to take your word for it. 

Son of Loki's picture


One of the first slithering lowlifes who jumped ship is Pussy Planck, CEO of Under Armour.

So it's quite enjoyable that his company has tumbled even lower then the 60% it had already tumbled.

My guess is Under Armour won't be around long.

jin187's picture

If only Steph Curry had made one of those half courters at the all-star game. Then it'd be up 60%.

1.21 jigawatts's picture

Thanks for the tip!!!

Lets all start calling EVERY Jew in Trump's cab a Nazi!

Who would've thought it could be so simple?