Calls To Imprison "Climate Change Deniers" Grow In The Wake Of Hurricane Irma

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When retired Georgia Tech professor Judith Curry penned a blog post on her "Climate Etc." website suggesting that it was scientifically irresponsible to tie the intensity of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma directly to climate change, she probably didn't expect that she might trigger 1,000's of progressives to call for her immediate imprisonment.  Unfortunately, for both Curry and society at large, that is exactly what happened. 

Here is part of Curry's post that potentially resulted in this latest 'mass-triggering' event:

It is premature to conclude that human activities–and particularly greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming–have already had a detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane or global tropical cyclone activity. That said, human activities may have already caused changes that are not yet detectable due to the small magnitude of the changes or observational limitations, or are not yet confidently modeled (e.g., aerosol effects on regional climate).

As the Washington Times notes, Curry's comments only served to further enrage Al Gore's climate change crusaders who promptly ramped up their calls to imprison anyone with the audacity to present any data and/or question, in any way, climate models which should be accepted as proven fact...even though they're subjective and highly sensitive any number of input variables.

That is the kind of talk that could get policymakers who heed her research hauled before the justice system, if some of those in the climate change movement have their way.


“Climate change denial should be a crime,” declared the Sept. 1 headline in the Outline. Mark Hertsgaard argued in a Sept. 7 article in the Nation, titled “Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us,” that “murder is murder” and “we should punish it as such.”


The suggestion that those who run afoul of the climate change consensus, in particular government officials, should face charges comes with temperatures flaring over the link between hurricanes and greenhouse gas emissions.


“In the wake of Harvey, it’s time to treat science denial as gross negligence — and hold those who do the denying accountable,” said the subhead in the Outline article, written by Brian Merchant.


Brad Johnson, executive director of Climate Hawks Vote, posted last week on Twitter a set of “climate disaster response rules,” the third of which was to “put officials who reject science in jail.”



And while we're not sure if imprisonment is the right punishment, it does seem a bit outrageous for a Georgia Tech climate scientist to challenge the opinions of both the Pope and Sir Richard Branson on climate change...who does she think she is? 

Meanwhile, Pope Francis said the two Category 4 storms offer proof of catastrophic climate change, even though they are the first two major hurricanes to make landfall on the U.S. mainland in 12 years.


“You can see the effects of climate change with your own eyes, and scientists tell us clearly the way forward,” said the pontiff, adding that leaders have a “moral responsibility” to take action.


“Man-made climate change is contributing to increasingly strong hurricanes causing unprecedented damage,” Mr. Branson said in a Friday statement. “The whole world should be scrambling to get on top of the climate change issue before it is too late for this generation, let alone the generations to come.”

Of course, while we would never question the opinions of the Pope and/or a Knight, we do find the following chart on U.S. hurricane strikes by decade to be somewhat perplexing.  Why, for example, were U.S. hurricane strikes above average for almost every decade between 1870 and 1950 before declining in the 1950s through 2000?  If hurricane frequency can suddenly be linked directly to climate change in 2017, shouldn't it have produced similarly alarming hurricanes in the 80's, 90's and 2000's?  If we're not mistaken, CO2 output has pretty much consistently risen since man first started building fires...


Of course, maybe the extreme weather events have simply shifted away from the U.S. and global hurricane strikes are the more relevant metric...except not...


Oh well, we probably just don't understand the math...

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skunzie's picture

Climate change eh?  Explain this:

When enough time passes and current generations cannot recall the past, they invent something new to explain naturally occurring weather events.  Today's hysteria is "climate change".  These dolts need to remember that the earth's climate has ALWAYS been changing.  The Grand Canyon used to be below sea level and was part of a vast inland sea.  It is nw that the top of the canyon is 6,000 ft above sea level that we get to see those millennia of sedimentary layers of sandstone so beautifully eroded.  Antarctica was once a tropical oasis with little critters called Lystrosaurus dinosaurs.  Plate techtonics separated the one large land mass (Pangea)where these guys lived into the seven continents.  The earth will keep on doing what it always has and it is not dependent upon man to approve or disapprove of its behavior.  Grow up and face reality.

Doug's picture

One can just as easily state that since Irma wasn't nearly as bad as thought, climate change might actually be good. (It's pure nonsense, but since we're already there ...)

Green2Delta's picture

Let's say there is man-made global warming. Why doesn't the Pope, or any of these other dickheads, ever state the obvious way to stop it? Stop having so many goddamn kids.

FlipSide's picture

Well the west and some other countries like Japan have already done that. Now those places are being forced (or being bullied into it like Japan and Poland) to take in third world econimic migrants to make up the shortfall of debt collateral citizens.

floosy's picture

Because without an ever growing population their economic ponzi scam fails ever so quickly.  So keep the scam going them blame the people you are scamming for any problems

Blazing in BC's picture

Because the dick is in someones head?

honestann's picture

Most obviously, everyone who claims "climate change deniers should be thrown in jail" are guilty of hate crimes.

So lock THEM up, and let them suffer the consequences of their own philosophy.

/sarcasm....... even though that makes quite a lot of sense, since anyone who would lock up people for their beliefs is extremely dangerous.

VZ58's picture

Every cult has its fervent adherents. Climate doom porners are no different. It's just easier to abrogate thinking to feel like you belong.

FlipSide's picture

Yeah and cloud seeding had nothing to do with it.  go to 6:25.

I also wish they'd god damn stop calling it climate change deniers. We and others don't deny climate change but question how much

the average human are actually having on the climate.  Of course there is climate change, Earth's variable tilt, procession, orbit and shifts in plates which alter ocean currents and air currents. Variations in solar output. Gravitational alignment of other planets. It's a very complex topic.  The natural order of things on Earth is ice ages. We are in the minimum in that cycle.  Though this minimum should have ended already.  The only reason the ice age hasn't returned in full force is because we also have a 400,000 year cycle where the Earth remains in a near cicular orbit compared to other cycles.

CingRed's picture

Where can I get a bumper sticker that says "I'm with Judith"? When did the pope become a climatologist? When did Al Gore ever tell the truth or walk the walk of someone really concerned with the health of the planet? He reeks with the stench of hipocracy to the point that my nose is constantly offended. I personally do more in a week to minimize my impact on the planet than he has done in his entire life.

I've run the numbers. There is NO increase of trend in the severity of storms hitting the US. In fact the opposite is true. Yes the climate is changing. It has been in a constant state of flux since day one. It has been hotter and it has been colder. That's my opinion and none of the data I've studied says it is settled science.

The very fact that they would suggest that those who disagree should be jailed tells me all I need to know about how truthful they are being. The second thing that gives them away is the fact that their solution is a tax. If they really want to solve the problem the they would attack the root problem and solve it with a world wide one child per family policy.

el buitre's picture

As David Icke famously said, Al Gore has a carbon footprint the size of Godzilla.

Wilcox1's picture

That ninny gooberhead on democrapory now was spewing this shit today. Th bitch comes on the radio like some kind of know it all. Time to defund npr. Definitley voting against 'em at the mid-terms.

Blazing in BC's picture

So the grocery store does not give out free plastic bags anymore..."bad for the environment" they said, but for a nickle, they are magically good again...WHAT THE FUCK HAVE WE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?

FlipSide's picture

They should at least do what they did with cans and bottles and allow a deposit return on the bags. This way it is ensures that they get put in for recycling.

Xena fobe's picture

In California, we have idiot voters to thank. 


seataka's picture

Not ONE of the IPC Climate models include data about the SUN

Our sun was quietly reclassified as a VARIABLE STAR back in the early 90's (Print edition of Science News Letter, before the internet)

Current ocean warming is due to undersea volcanism.

Is-Be's picture

The only thing that gives me pause to think is the electric sun model.

But even considering that we haven't even got the basics right, is no recommendation that it is a wise discission to dump 15 thousand million tons of carbon into our very thin atmosphere.

Even if it met with the divine approval of the Koch Brothers.

Anarchyteez's picture

All those hundreds of sunken treasure ships sank in perfect weather and blue skies.

Hurricanes are a result of industrial activity and never previously occurred.

Sid Davis's picture

Remember Galileo Galilei, the father of modern science. In the early 1600's he put forth the hypothesis that the sun was the center of our solar system, contrary to the belief of the Catholic Church. He reached this conclusion by observing the motion of the planets with the improvements he made to his telescope, and developing calculations to describe the planetary movements around the sun.

The Catholic Church gave him a short tour of their torture chamber, and he politely recanted. Even so he was placed under house arrest for the remainder of his life.

Demands to imprison "climate change deniers" have a familiar ring to them it seems.

It is a joke to say that science proves that man's activities are causing runaway global warming, or any material warming for that matter. There is on the other hand a mountain of evidence to indicate that climate changes are natural and cyclical. CO2 has little or nothing to do with warming; if it did then why does CO2 mostly lag changes in climate, and at other times have no correlation to climate whatsoever.

Why didn't runaway global warming occur long before man set foot on earth, back when the CO2 levels were 8,000 PPM, and why would anyone expect 400 PPM or even 800 PPM to have catastrophic effects. And what about this bull about warming causing deserts? Doesn't increased temperature cause more evaporation of both water and CO2 into the atmosphere, resulting in more rain, and better plant growth since CO2 is what plants breath in, using the carbon to make sugars and releasing the oxygen into the atmosphere for animals to breathe?

It should be abundantly clear that the global warming hype is a political movement, not a scientific finding. Its purpose is to placate wacky environmentalists/socialists, give more power and control to government, make some special interests wealthy at taxpayer expense, and force the developed nations to put the rest of the world on welfare to compensate them for their own ineptitude and failed cultures. The global warming alarmists seem to have a tenuous hold on reality.

If you get right down to it, the "value signaling" of the libtards is really compensation for their own assessment of themselves as worthless people. They have been shamed into feeling badly about themselves and need to grasp something to make them look better, even though they don't really believe in their own worth. Any crusade will do, so long as it seems to be cool with those whose approval they seek. I would be shocked in any of them have devoted more than a few hours of research to understand the true nature of the variations in climate and the drivers behind them. It's all about how they can influence others to like them.

el buitre's picture

Yes, the geocentric Universe was settled science.


Shutup dammit! Thou shalt NOT speak any truth to the prog libturd dipshits. Maybe you should be imprisoned too! For making too much sense and not thinking with only your emotions. Obama and his commie minions will institute a carbon tax and we will have to pay just to breath. Thats the only way to save the planet. Just ask the pope. Or poop. Whichever.

Abaco's picture

You should do a little more research on the Galileo story. Your view is much like the ignoramuses who argue that the Catholic Church supressed the "bible" while monks toiled their lives away copying the scriptures befoore there were printing presses.

Harry Lightning's picture

I think that there should be a rally at the Rose Bowl for all those who advocate hurting or imprisoning people who do not believe that people cause climate change. Then once the crowd is all in one place, all the arguing can be lain to rest.

artichoke's picture

They should have to read and respond to Joe Bastardi's recent twitter posts on this subject, pretty convincing that CO2 is not the main cause of recent hurricanes.

Besides the intrusion on normal speech and (if it's any different) scientific speech.

Horse Pizzle's picture

Rather imprison the white supremacy deniers.

White supremacy is settled science.

jomama's picture

Taking a washed up professor's rant out of context hardly qualifies as 'Calls' let alone any kind of perception shift in any demographic.

bunkers's picture

In the 1970s, the Chinese people killed professors and educated people for ignorant reasons. Do not think it can't happen here. Our species is, really, stupid.

YourAverageJoe's picture

I am a very well armed climate change denier.

When my Dad passed and we were getting the house prepped for sale, I found a January 20, 1965 Houston Chronicle newspaper.

The big news was it was inuaguration day for LBJ, but I also noticed the weather report:

The high temperature that day in January 1965 in Houston was 72 other words teeshirt weather. 

I also like to fish the Galveston Jetties which have existed since the 1890's, yet are still not submerged due to the so-called rising sea levels


Is-Be's picture

yet are still not submerged due to the so-called rising sea levels

Patience Grasshopper.

artytom's picture

Chuck Brad Johnson and Pope Francis in prison and throw away the key. These fuckers are deliberitely misdirecting people away from weather manipulation and chemtrailing which is poisioning people all over the world. Throw them in jail and chuck away the key.

pawn's picture

Got to love Tyler V 4 Vendetta.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

At this point we should not be arguing about climate, which is a distraction from the real issue: freedom of speech. This is what is really under attack. America is the last bastion of free speech and nowhere is that more evident than on Zerohedge. I may find some of the comments way out of order, but, by golly, I'm glad they can be posted. If ZH goes down or starts censuring comments, well, let's just say the canary in the coal mine is still chirping. Right now, the enemy is marshalling all its forces, and make no mistake, this is war!

activisor's picture

Climate change cannot be denied, but the causes are open to interpretation. Many believe that the effects of the sun have far more of a causal effect than anything man is doing. Climate change is cyclical and always will be.

Is-Be's picture

Climate change is cyclical and always will be.

Boldly stated sir, bravo.

Gussiefink-nottle's picture

Well, Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers would be banged up.

LOL123's picture

I guess enough "public interest" was activated by the mob mentality. Unlike the Judges in Florida and District of Columbia( aka washington dc.... Go figure) who proclaimed "You have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject,” FBI records management section chief David M. Hardy told Mr. Clevenger in a letter incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public’s interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA,” Mr. Hardy wrote. 

So justice and truth boils down to a popularity contest these days- group activation outweighs independent thought and research... These are fascist times in america-


Thank God there is still a decent judge left in america that said those emails must be released.

Is-Be's picture

So we are all in furious agreement then?

We have reached a consensus?

Good. Then the science is settled.

africoman's picture

With the magnitude and number of the hurricane occurrences exceed beyond the just mother nature.

Something fishy is going on, may be HARP and man made weather sciences etc.These are happening all over the world, drought, flood etc

How MSM like CNN  weather forecast for IRMA Hurricane becomes so correct against all odds is creepy and scary.

Stop for minutes and check a scenario like  this:

<<<while IRMA was heading towards straight expected to be somewhere but turns 90 degrees, stopped for a while and go to a targeted city, wait this seems directed by something coordinated>>>

Climate change as a tool for mass killings and further the agenda, there is catch Americans are deliberately forced from their houses and end up in FEMA camps slowly etc

This is cruel to the core, need a deep awakening of the sheeple to slow it, if possible.

Mind you the timing amidst Syrian front dead end and North Korea fiasco fabricated and IRMA to distract the mass from something, the spot light is on it 24/7.

One will notice the ere similarities of a weather forecast script read by a bunch of MSM orchestrated by some animation.How possible?

You got it.

LOL123's picture

Snowden was correct about Prism and NSA and he is correct about climate change. "have documents showing that the CIA invented the whole thing,” claims Edward Snowden. “Global Warming was invented to both scare people, and divert their attention from other human-made dangers like nuclear weapons. The CIA gave millions of dollars to any scientist who would confirm the theory, so many unscrupulous scientists did what they were told in order to get the money. Now, there is so much fake data to confirm that Global Warming “exists”, that they actually convinced everyone that it was real."


1- goverment hands out permits for cloud seeding on days and times from the Dept. Of COMMERCE.

2-government invests in weather manipulation ( Haarp now defunct and Darpa), towers that send out micromagnetic pulses across the world, much more- look up before they erase information

CNN fake news tries to redirect conversation as a hypothesis-scientist.

3-Rothschild corp has invested in weather in China ( rothschilds never invest in anything they cant make money off of and they promote climate change on tv channel news across the world. David rothschild spokesman for climate change.

Germany gave Hillary foundation at height of election campaign 4mill euros of tax money from Federal environmental dept for " climate initiative".... It helps that Hillary and Lynn Rothschild are bff ( best fucking freinds xoxo via email leaks).

So what are these waterbrains trying to say about climate deniers... Oh thats right we are conspiricy hackers... Right, right - facts outweigh bullying. Suck on some hot air to thaw out your brain freeze... Its not climate change stupid.

prymythirdeye's picture

Rothschild's also have a majority stake in Weather Central, a private company that is the "largest provider of broadcast and interactive web weather solutions for media companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines"  Wikipedia

floosy's picture



katphiche's picture

For those who actually click thru to Curry's blog, the text referenced above is from NOAA GFDL (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory). and wasn't written by Curry. She did say she "agrees whole-heartedly" with the conclusion shown above, which was one of four on the NOAA GFDL site below.


S Spade's picture

they'd have to imprison near half the population, and what'll they do when all those productive citizens able to think for themselves are locked up behind bars?

kellys_eye's picture

Yes - JAIL THEM..... I'd just love to review the court case..... the question of 'discovery' being a particularly interesting aspect.  This explains why there have been ZERO (successful) law suits against climate 'deniers' and that any/all current climate court cases are being dragged out indefinitely in the hope that the 'winner' (the so-called deniers) eventually run out of money.  Ask Michael Mann how his case is going perhaps?

If the climate brigade were so confdent of their position they'd be all over the courts pressing for charges.  As it stands they're all mouth and no trousers and are probably under implicit instruction to NOT allow this to be discussed under the laws of discovery.

LIARS - every one of them.

Renov8's picture

Exxon is being coerced into revealing all of their accounting info as it pertains to their oil and gas investments...lookng for a needle in a large haystack. Just like the Russia investigation, they are bound to find something...NOT!

Fireman's picture

The soggy peasants are burn all those witches made of wood!

Burn them alll....oh wait won't that "cause more climate...change"?

Don in Odessa's picture

LOL! "Climate change" has been going on since the beginning of time. Long, long before Lucy and her clan rubbed the first two sticks together. I doubt that there is anyone who denies that fact. What is up for debate is how much input man has in the equation. And that by reputable "science" on both sides of the argument. What is very clear and absolutely undeniable... one side wants to tax and control.

Kina's picture

Science is not religion, the scientific process requires constant questioning and testing.

Climate Change Science - is no longer a science, it has become religion, and therefore now without credibiity.

Kina's picture

The new political 'clinmate' of the left has become simply...

  • it is a crime to disagree with our opinion