Did Trump Just Slam Hillary's New Book?

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As Hillary Clinton's "What Happened" novel hits the shelves today - at a 40% discount - it appears President Trump just took a subtle shot at the former first lady's view of the world...

It's hard to disagree with President Trump's vie of Hillary's book (if that is who he is indirectly discussing) as the level of cognitive dissonance within seems monumental. The Hill offers five of the most memorable anecdotes shared by Clinton in her book.

Obama urged Clinton to run


President Obama signaled to Clinton early on in 2013 and 2014 that she should run for president. “He made it clear that he believed that I was our party’s best chance to hold the White House and keep our progress going, and he wanted me to move quickly to prepare to run,” Clinton wrote. She wrote that Obama’s support meant a ton to her. “I knew President Obama thought the world of his Vice President, Joe Biden, and was close to some other potential candidates, so his vote of confidence meant a great deal to me.”


Clinton sought guidance from Bush on inauguration


As she decided whether to show up for President Trump’s inauguration, Clinton sought advice from a surprising source: former President George W. Bush. Bush had his own family disagreements with Trump, who had ridiculed his brother Jeb Bush during the GOP primaries. But he advised Clinton to go to the inauguration, arguing it was for the good of the country. “That gave me the push I needed,” Clinton wrote. “Bill and I would go.” Bush was also the first to call Clinton after she delivered her concession speech and waited on the line while she hugged and thanked her supporters. When Clinton finally came to the phone, the former president “suggested we find time to get burgers together. I think that’s Texan for ‘I feel your pain,’ ” Clinton wrote.


Clinton thought Chaffetz was Priebus


You’d think Hillary Clinton would know what former Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) looks like. The Utah congressman had long sought to make a political issue of Clinton’s handling of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Yet Clinton wrote that she mistook Chaffetz for Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus when he approached her on Inauguration Day. Chaffetz captured the moment on Twitter, posting a photo of the two that said: “So pleased she is not the President. I thanked her for her service and wished her luck. The investigation continues.” Clinton said she didn’t know who Chaffetz was and thought he was Priebus. After the Chaffetz tweet, she admitted that she “came this close” to tweeting back at the congressman: “To be honest, I thought you were Reince.” That wasn’t the only awkward encounter with a critical Republican. During the lunch at the Capitol following the swearing-in ceremony, Clinton also described a scene where Trump’s soon-to-be Interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, introduced Clinton to his wife. Clinton wrote that she was surprised that Zinke would want her to meet his better half, “considering in 2014 he had called me the ‘antichrist.’ ” “You know Congressman, I’m not actually the anticrist,” she said she told Zinke. He was “taken aback,” Clinton wrote, and “mumbled something about not having meant it.”


Loyalty pays off


After then-FBI Director James Comey said they had reopened an investigation to examine emails found on former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s (D-N.Y.) laptop, Clinton wrote that some people thought she should fire longtime adviser Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife. “Not a chance,” wrote Clinton. “She had done nothing wrong and was an invaluable member of my team. I stuck by her the same way she has always stuck by me.”


In the end, it’s Bill and Hill


In the wee hours of the morning on election night, after everyone left the Clinton suite, the former secretary of State wrote that she and her husband were alone. “I hadn’t cried yet, wasn’t sure if I would. But I felt deeply and thoroughly exhausted, like I hadn’t slept in ten years,” Clinton wrote. “We lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Bill took my hand and we just lay there.”

Finally, for those who are interested in what Hillary has to say in "What Happened" but just don't have time to read a book right now, we found this summary to be a fairly accurate portrayal:



Politico notes that Trump's tweet also coincided with the release of NBC political reporter Katy Tur’s “Unbelievable: My Front Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History.” Trump has sparred in particular in the past with Tur, whom he has characterized as a “third-rate journalist” and singled her out by name at rallies, sparking the ire of attendees. The president has also referred diminutively to Tur as “little Katy” and at a July, 2016 press conference, told her to “be quiet” as she sought to ask a follow up question about his invitation to the Russian government to find emails deleted from the personal email server Clinton maintained as secretary of state.

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Does anyone really give a shit?

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

People got to see the real Hillary(!). Ergo, Hillary(!) lost.

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I stuck by her (Huma Abedin) the same way she has always stuck by me.” ... NAKED!

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Did Trump Just Slam Hillary's New Book?

My response: GOOD for President TRUMP. He should SLAM HRC's book! Below is something I wrote yesterday that I am repeating. 

What Happened To "What Happened": Amazon Slashes Hillary's Book Price 40% Before It Hits Shelves

They would have to PAY ME a lot of money to take this BOOK and BURN IT!

The truly sad fact about America is that there are MILLIONS of stupid Americans who will buy this book and probably present it to their CHILDREN as an example of GOOD LITERATURE from a SUCCESSFUL, albeit corrupt, WOMAN in POLITICS. Truly makes me sick to think about it. HRC actually defiles our youth by her poor character, conversation and conduct.


HRC is a posterchild for "IN-YOUR-FACE" TYRANNICAL LAWLESSNESS exemplified.

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People are missing his coded message. He's saying he's being held captive by the deep state. No one has access to him. McMasters has the only key to his cell.

jcaz's picture

That Chaffetz exchange of a good example how how clueless Hillary really is;

Bill was the brains with no real agenda-  Hillary was a moron with blinding ambition and treachery.

Wicked combo.....

fx's picture

"When Clinton finally came to the phone, the former president “suggested we find time to get burgers together. I think that’s Texan for ‘I feel your pain,’ ” Clinton wrote."


No, that's Texan for "Let's go to that Pizza restaurant"


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Ok, which is it:

<--- The NYT, WaPo, CNN, HuffPo, Politico, Daily Beast, LA Times, MSNBC, etc. shilled too hard
<--- Those RT fracking and GMO stories did her in as "17" "intelligence" agencies so wisely concluded.

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quick, find the mcmaster key

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I'm just excited to read the Amazon reviews.

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fuck hillary---go off and die in a corner, bitch!

Preferably any hovel in Haiti.


HRC has spawned a whole new list of adjectives...how about "Mega Bitch." "Maga Bitch?"

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Huma sticks to the sloppy snail trail disgusting Hitlery leaves behind her as she slithers about.

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I'm not convinced Hitlery amd Slick Willey ever laid down together.  Bill has a son from a hooker when he was governor namrd Danny Williams. Chelsea is the product of Webster Hubble. Quite the first family eh?

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Were it not for Ross Perot, there would not be a Clinton 'First Family'

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Were it not for out of touch establishment Republicans there wouldn't have been a Ross Perot.

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Fug that bow tied jug-eared hairball!

BearClaw's picture

Fug that bow tied jug-eared hairball!

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"Quite the first family eh?"

Nothing compared to what we just had!

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Gay husband... tranny wife... borrowed kids...

I'm betting their pets were "otherkin."

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Interesting , that HUMA ABEDIN and her entire family are MUSLIM Brotherhood agents with LOYALTY to SAUDI ARABIA and other gulf states? ALONG with OBAMA, who also is and always has been a Muslim brotherhood operative!

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Every picture I saw of her during the campaign, she looked like someone wildly overacting the role of a wide eyed crazy narcisistic bitch

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The fake balloon drop eye rolls were the best I still use that in funny text messages. 

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...Hey...I'll ofer $10k USD for anyone producing pics of a pregnant Moochelle, or baby pics....none!

Even PhotoShop jockeys didn't want Obama holding a tiny niglet......

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I think that's the first post of yours I ever up-voted... 

I hope it never becomes habit forming.

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I would like to...however, I've been constipated with all the popcorn while watching the post election circus. I'm hoping to get some relief when something positive happens like HRC gets convicted, or CONgress passes Repeal and Replace, or real meaningful Middle class tax relief is enacted.

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Prolly gonna be another Grand Distraction before that ever happens.

The only thing the babylonians have not caused yet is, a volcano in the usa.

Speaking of...what is isreal doing now?


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“We lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Bill took my hand and we just lay there.”


Eww. I just threw up in my mouth.

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Every idea she has was stolen or  is a lie or distortion... every conclusion she make is wrong or just plain stupid ... almost every word in that book is a lie ... except for the few articles ..like "a"  "the"  "an" ...this bitch is a proven lair ... and guilty and convicted of purgery...  and evil to the core...i would piss on her if she was on fire ...

StarGate's picture

Apparently they do.
See "Good Reads" battle of the reviews. Hillary fans who have not read the book gave it 5 stars without reading it. Then anti-fans gave it one star also without reading it.

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Steve Bannon had said Trump presidency is done and over. I am sure Bannon knows much more than we know. 

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture



But what did Britney Spears say about it?

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Bannon did not say that, snowflake.

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What about the Kardashians?  What did they say?

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Yes it obviously is. He has been unable to influence  events , implement any promise and he has had it explained to him who runs the country. 

That makes him no different from any previous president. Even we the enlightened ones still cling to polar politics and that voting matters.

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Trump is being obstructed, undermined, defied, side-lined and co-opted by the DC establishment who are all minions of the Deep State.   He is very probably also being threatened.

I have posted this before on various occasions but it cannot be said too often: 


Sorry about the capitals, but.....   The country is being run for and by a powerful cabal.   We, the people, have no representation.   What do we do now?

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One can hope Trump can escape from under McMaster's thumb. 

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Trump appointed him, not the other way around.


Reading comments like yours makes me think I am on a liberal site, where they made similar excuses for Obama's treachery. 


Trump is a Zionist asset, just like Obama and Clinton. 

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Retreat to the safe space in your mom's basement. 

Trump is still the President and you're a loser and you will continue to lose in perpetuity.

Trump will win again in 2020.  How long can you hide in the corner?

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Fuck this crooked witch. She deserves time in prison!

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No, she deserves the punishment a traitor would receive, a firing squad.

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Have seen her in nude?

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Sick Trump's tweets. Instead of slam killery on Tweeter why doesn't Sessions investigating her and her foundation? Jeff Sessions is a major disappointment.

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Actually it's the goldman sachs tool, Trump, that is the dissapointment....

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jeffly sessions...the fake attorney general.

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Did Cankles say anything about getting the little dog, Toto, too?