Stocks, Dollar Extend "Not-The-End-Of-The-World" Gains; Bitcoin, Apple Drop

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Just keep buying iPhones 'Murica...


Nasdaq underperformed intraday thanks to APPL's disappointing move, but ripped back into the close - S&P, Dow, and Nasdaq at record highs, (even with Dow hit by MCD and AAPL)


AAPL and NASDAQ completely decoupled after the iPhone launch ended...


VIX held below 11 today...


But one look at NASDAQ VIX shows you all you need to know about today's farce...


Another double short-squeeze for stocks (and fade)...


Financials extended their gains, as Utes slipped...


Thelast 3 days have been the best for financials since the election - ripping from the 200DMA to the 50DMA...


AAPL Shares tumbled after iPhone X was unveiled with a failed facial recognition demo and late ship date...


FANG Stocks ended the day unchanged, fading after AAPL's event began...


Treasury yields rose once again, making it back to the pre-H-Bomb test levels


10Y yields are back at Harevy/Missiles-over-Japan levels...after a weak auction today


Are bond yields playing catch up to stocks?


The Dollar Index extended its post-NOT-the-end-of-the-world gains...


USDJPY continues to surge (Yen weaker)... (note Cable strengthened today on surging inflation)


WTI and RBOB both bounced on the day ahead of tonight's API data...


Gold bounced as Bitcoin was battered after JPM's Dimon's comments...

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D.r. Funk's picture

People, can we get real for a moment? Fundamentally there SHOULD be a crash, or correction. But the honest truth is that the game has now changed.

Due to unprecedented amounts of newly created money going directly into the stock market, around $200+ Billion per month, there will be no crash or correction. The game has changed. Now it is all about BAITING bears (shorters) in order to make EASY money off THEM in the form of new all time highs.

It's the same thing day in day out, week in, week out, month in month out, year in year out. No matter who is President. Let the market drop a few points, then it comes up higher. This has nothing to do with people buying and selling stocks, earnings, or valuations anymore. The Central Banks OWN all of the stocks and acquiring more ever day.

The President's Working Group on Financial Markets can make the S&P 500 go to 4000 TOMORROW if they wanted to, no questions asked. This is not a real “market”, it's not true. It's complete fiction and fabrication. They control all the money and are literally making the stock market go up and down each day to BAIT MORE SHORTERS.

This is all about making a fool of YOU. The realistic, pessimistic trader looking to make big bank on the “next big crash.” It's time to realize you're wrong and that this crash is not coming.

I lost some money shorting the last few years, but now I see the writing on the wall. The S&P 500 is going to new ALL TIME HIGHS no matter what. I predict a price target of 3000 by the end of year, and 4500 by Q1 2019. If there is inflationary pressure on the dollar then we can likely expect S&P 500 6000 by Q1 2020.

The time is now to go long, so now I am ALL IN. 3x Leveraged Long S&P 500. I'm up about $47,000 on the year and will be quitting my job soon. If I could use higher leverage I would, because up is literally the only direction for Stocks moving forward.

Do not bet against Janet Yellen, Donald Trump, Gary Cohn, Mario Draghi and Kuroda who ALL want the Stock Market to go up and up. You think you're better than them? You're not. They have unlimited bullets.

Get ready for the James Comey nothing burger tomorrow, followed by a YUGE surge in the S&P 500! And while we're at it, another SURGE on Friday (probably after another terrorist attack which will BAIT more shorters). The insiders always make it so they can enjoy stress free weekends in the Hamptons.

Clock Crasher's picture

Invasion of the body snatchers?

He's one of them!!

D.r. Funk's picture

This is my joke. To you.

breaktwister's picture

Makes me sad to say that Dr Funk is correct. The Fed has proxy CBs all over the world buying real assets with counterfait money.  Some people say that "it can't go on forever" but it can and will as our traitior governments not only allow it but welcome it.

D.r. Funk's picture

Lol. You guys see the experiment worked?

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

Yeah surprise, normal people respond normally to common sense. Get a life.

D.r. Funk's picture

Are you gonna start discussing with me, how "much you agree" or how you "agree but" or I "really make sense". Even though I pasted, or acct compromised, or received or spent time on a crafted agenda dissemination.

I've been on Zh for 7 years, and now I'm using language in agreement and in alliance with globalists, shadow wall st, cb overlords and banksters.

If I was just trying to trade out of having to work, why would I need SUCH the extent, of display of convincing, of rhetoric.

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

Please copy and paste my previous posts more. The more the word gets around the more people will know that 3x Long Leveraged S&P 500 is the way to go.

D.r. Funk's picture

Hi buddy.

You know the purpose and game I just played on you.

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

Listen you're the most paranoid person here and you have no good thoughts of your own. You're so uncreative and desperate for green arrows up that you have to copy and paste my OLD material.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

keep talking loud and sayin' nothin...

D.r. Funk's picture


I just did an experiment.

Traderone's picture

It would appear that the I.Q. of the average ZH reader is not yet into triple digits.

Escrava Isaura's picture

The world didn’t end!

Of course not, otherwise we would all be dead. However, it will end once it starts traveling outside the sun habitable zone.



Golden Breakout's picture

If you are right, then it's essentially a free lunch. I don't believe in free lunches. Somehow, some time, somewhere, something has got to give. This is just my opinion.

rbsx's picture

It bothers me to say it but I agree. I was up 120% on trading XIV this year, after the last few VIX pops over the last month, sold at about a 40% profit. Lo and behold risk on, and it's up 8% in the last 2 days.

It's all a fraud. 

khnum's picture

Somebody with a few bucks must of read 5 ways to short bitcoin on Investopedia

Clock Crasher's picture

Dow consolidate 22,000 then strong push to 23,000

Any unexpected black swans result in large gap and runs

D.r. Funk's picture

I respect you CC

I oppose you theoretically, temperamentally, and "vehemently"

I respect you a lot. But 23k is Bfucking S. You're not getting it.

I do believe they are using every negative big headline as an index surge Excuse. Fairly and generally apparent. Your statement is such bs though and indicative of the fully usurped and controlled fake united states financial system and stock market

Clock Crasher's picture

23,000 is only 4.5% away.  If we only get one 1% gap and run every other week we can get 23,000 without effort before year end. 

I dream of equities implosion but I have capitulated. 

October 2014 fake crash bear trap

August 2015 fake crash bear trap

Jan-Feb 2016 fake crash bear trap

and now 1.5 years without any crash real or imagined

The next fake crash bear trap will be bid with printed money

No one wants to take responsibility and no one goes to jail

Hyperinflation on deck

I am routing for all the bears out there I hope they make 10x on their shorts but I've got to go with the facts at the moment.

Edit:  I used to read bullish replies here and think "these guys don't know what they are talking about.  Can't they see this market is in a bubble and is overdue to implode any minute now?"  The whole time holding onto my shorts thinking that I only had to sweat out six months, a year and half tops before a top would be put in before I could sleep good at night.

I was looking at the market with negative emotion towards the prior busts and floor to ceiling criminality believing God would deliver us from evil by purging the market and all of its conspirators.  But the people I used to think were insane were right all along. 

It's a bitter red pill. 

hola dos cola's picture

Talking about headlines...

Check ~as an experiment~ the MSM headlines pre-open tomorow and check them against the futures.

It's a weak spot I tell ya and should be exploited.

Clock Crasher's picture

Ok ZH, we have an important anniversry coming up very soon. The Silver Gold ratio will be completing its 3rd year in the 70's and beginning its fourth year there. Any ideas? 

Clock Crasher's picture

Technically it crossed over 70:1 for the first time since 2011 peak on September 29th 2014.  didn't close above 70 on that day so we will celebrate on the first trading day of October which falls on Monday October 2nd.

I've been watching this ratio like a hawk for ...well years (hahaha)

That big precious miners push was all about GSR compression.

I am ready to wait another year.  I'd rather NOT but... you know.. Fiat Ponzi Insurgency Regime.

Golden Breakout's picture

Golden Breakout is at hand. Praise the LORD.

c2nnib2l's picture

that's the last time I'm shorting nasdaq honestly 3 weeks for the fucks sake 3 weeks and it hardly fucking moved it's forbiden from going down no matter what the fuck is going on it's just always coming back up 

Golden Breakout's picture

Short that sack of shit just one last time... you know you want to.

D.r. Funk's picture

Exactly what the programmers want you to feel. It's very intended. It's very capitulation designed. And of course, your comment represents... drumroll... capitulation. It's clear there's a design to the perpetual increases. It's clear.

exactly why some of us are ADDING. NOT exiting. not doing what they want us to do. [if nothing else]

D.r. Funk's picture

Look at naz today

2:30-3 negation subroutines started kicking in

from 3-4 clearly a manual trigger or subroutine to regain level, or reattain early-day objective or general intraday preset.'s not conspiracy anymore. last 2+ years.

Barney08's picture

Be nice if the fed would start buying bitcoin, get their ass handed to them and shut down... Oh wait. They can't print that shit.

Golden Breakout's picture

Quite right, titcoin is shit. It's only virtue is that it can't be manipulated by those cocks at the fed.

NugginFuts's picture

A) Bitcoin is purchased using dollars, yen, yuan, etc.

B) Central Banks have an unlimited supply of.......?


Tell me again how they can't manipulate Bitcoin?

Golden Breakout's picture

You make a valid point. They could run it up to dump it later. With gold they dump first to buy later into weakness.

DC Beastie Boy's picture

Fuck yeah!  Hookers and blow all around, even my precious shiney is up!

RawPawg's picture


not really...just wishful thinking,i reckon

BlueHorseShoeLovesDT's picture

Man there is monkey spunk all over this thread, oh I see why

Fundies's picture

Strange.  When I up voted Dr Funk, it also gave him a down vote at the same time. 

Krugg's picture

The page refreshes when you up or downvote someone, so when you click all the other people who voted also appear.

adolphz's picture

Sense a litt6more and more sarcasm from,

Eventually their bug of doom and gloom will work. Until then I think me and the rest of the traders here will stick to making money with SHEP WAVE signals.

adolphz's picture

Sense a litt6more and more sarcasm from,

Eventually their bug of doom and gloom will work. Until then I think me and the rest of the traders here will stick to making money with SHEP WAVE signals.

Money Mantra's picture

How they know when the markets will gap up way ahead of time is crazy. Good calls. Great calls in gold 

gdpetti's picture

The 'doom and gloom' is for reality check... and the charts for positioning... meanwhile, BTFD, right! Like the cypto's, you can trade them all you want... but reality says they are fake, like every other fiat... only worse, because they pretend to be not state supported, implying the state/SDR setup can eliminate them for their own global version quite easily whenever they want... just post a litttle more factoids about criminals using them.. India's example was another test.

So, trade as you please, just know the music will stop... but it might be longer than the data indicates, as the data is heavily manipulated by the oligarchs running this puppet show... and remember that the markets follow the 'smart money' which has been exiting their positions for quite a while... as their large positions take months to exit... or longer.... which is where some of these timing of past events charts are beneficial... not for short term timing, but the long term reversal already engineered into the script.

As for the sarcasm? Hard to avoid that when you realize WTF is really going on, right? It helps eliminate the excessively depressing reality that most haven't yet wakened up to see... if they did, there would be no market.

adolphz's picture

Whenever it is time to go get  go long  shep wave went long gold in December.  They called the top at near the 1900 mark. At least they dont6just guess.