Don't Take The Drugs Your Doctor Gave You Until You Read This

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Via The Daily Bell

Your waitress wants you to get another round of drinks. We get it. She wants to sell more and boost her tip.

But what if your doctor is doing the same thing when it comes to drugs? Unfortunately, they also want to sell more, and boost their tip… from the pharmaceutical companies.

But unlike the waitress, the doctor relies on a system of lies and manipulations.

Some doctors don’t even know what they are caught up in. They perform the tests. They read the journals. The tests say you have a disease. The journals say what treatments work.

But too often the tests are designed by the drug industry. And the journals are written and reviewed by frauds.

The Tests

All the sudden, everyone has a disease! What could have caused such a vast increase in hypertension, obesity, and osteoporosis?

The answer is an expanded definition of who is considered afflicted.

You walk into your doctor’s office for a physical exam and step on the scale. Last year, the doctor said you were overweight. Now he says you are obese — at the same weight.

A nurse takes your blood pressure. You have hypertension — with the same previously healthy reading you’ve had for years.

The doctor scans your wrist bone. You have a condition called “osteopenia” — with the same bone density that was fine last time you were measured…

You are suddenly sick, simply because the definitions of disease have changed. And behind those changes, a Seattle Times examination has found, are the companies that make all those newly prescribed pills.

This is nothing new. Unfortunately, the above quotation is from the introduction to a 2005 series of articles. They were sounding the alarm early, but things have only gotten worse.

Back then, the pharmaceutical industry had a hand in designing the testing tools for osteoporosis. They helped change the definition of obesity. They redefined diseases without any strong evidence. And they did this by giving money to doctors in order to promote their agenda. Some of the doctors who received kickbacks were policy setters in the World Health Organization, the U.S. National Institute for Health, and other medical associations.

Every time the boundary of a disease is expanded — the hypertension threshold is lowered by 10 blood-pressure points, the guideline for obesity is lowered by 5 pounds — the market for drugs expands by millions of consumers and billions of dollars.

The result? Skyrocketing sales of prescription drugs. Soaring health-care costs. Escalating patient anxiety. Worst of all, millions of people taking drugs that may carry a greater risk than the underlying condition. The treatment, in fact, may make them sick or even kill them.

One woman was taking a medication to lower her blood pressure. When it was ineffective, the dose was doubled. This caused an allergic reaction which sent her to the hospital and could have been deadly. Her doctor switched her to other medications.

Her doctor, Saunders, doesn’t sound like some evil stooge taking back room bribes. He sounds like a man caught up in an industry in crisis.

But Saunders isn’t sure whom to trust. He questions the stream of studies leading to new guidelines urging broader use of new medications.

“In my heart of hearts,” he said, “I am concerned that these studies that are telling people that it’s best to get down to 120 over 80 are all paid for by drug companies who are trying to sell pills. It makes me uncomfortable. I think the days of getting unbiased information are gone.”

But this is all old news. Most people have gotten a glimpse of such conflicts of interest. But still, doctors rely on the experts. Even if your local doctor is not corrupt and money hungry, he may be listening to people who are. And worse yet, he may be reading medical journals that are a complete fraud.

Hundreds of “Scholarly Articles” Retracted

The medical journal publisher Springer has retracted almost 200 papers in the last two years because “the peer review process was compromised.”

Sadly, many of the retracted articles have to do with tumor biology. For years, people have been labeled conspiracy theorists for believing in the massive amount of corruption surrounding the cancer industry. This retraction is just the tip of the iceberg.

The most affected journals are Tumor Biology (25 papers) and Diagnostic Pathology (23 papers). The other journals are Comparative Clinical Pathology (one paper), Journal of Parasitic Diseases (four papers), Cancer Cell International (two papers), Journal of Ovarian Research (two papers), and World Journal of Surgical Oncology (one paper).

To submit a fake review, doctors often provided false emails which came back to them or someone else they could trust to provide a great review and vouch for the accuracy of the paper. Many journals accept paid entries without doing the homework to find out anything about the person submitting the paper, or who allegedly peer reviewed the piece.

But even when the medical papers are not outright lies, they can be quite misleading. According to a JAMA review:

Of the 45 eligible highly cited studies with efficacy claims (Table 2), 7 (16%) were contradicted by subsequent research, and another 7 (16%) were found to have initially stronger effects. In all these 14 cases (Box 1), subsequent studies were either larger or better controlled (randomized vs a nonrandomized original study). The findings of 20 highly cited articles (44%) were replicated (also with a larger sample size in subsequent research compared with the original highly cited study) and 11 (24%) had remained largely unchallenged.

Basically, 66% of the highly cited studies could not really be trusted. There just was not enough evidence of their findings to take them as solid truth. 32% of the studies should have been ruled out altogether, since later better studies found the results incorrect or highly exaggerated.

Reaching a Crescendo

The evidence is mounting against the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on the medical community.

It seems like a good thing to focus on preventative care. What’s so bad about expanding the base of people considered at risk for certain diseases? The issue is that the drugs themselves can cause serious harm and side effects. Many have not been studied over the course of enough years to be accurately labeled as safe. Doctors are prescribing the drugs to younger and younger patients since the threshold for each illness, and who is at risk, has been lowered, with the influence of the drug companies.

And on top of all that, the studies and journals that are relied on for information about diseases and cures have been compromised. From false reviews to failure to replicate, the data is simply not as concrete as many doctors would have us believe.

The bottom line is that individuals need to take their health into their own hands. Sometimes, yes, it is right to take a prescription the doctor suggests. But your own thorough research should be done on the necessity, risks, and benefits of such medications.

When it comes to preventative health, many pharmaceutical drugs are derived from common herbs. Yet Great Britain’s National Health Institute has begun discouraging doctors from treating patients with inexpensive homeopathic and natural medicines. Go figure many of the doctors who made that decision do “consulting” work for the pharmaceutical industry.

The best thing to do is make every effort to avoid ever having to use mainstream medicine. Excercise and eating right is a good start.

And for herbal remedies to some common, and some serious, conditions, check out The Green Pharmacy by James Duke. You might find that ginger and pineapple are a better anti-inflammatory option than the stomach churning over the counter pills.

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Cornhulio's picture

Hey folks don't believe your regular MD  has brains instead go to a VooDoo Dr and buy VooDoo drugs and supplements!

HardAssets's picture

Every aspect of US society is designed so that a small group of parasites can live off the host population.

Many 'jobs' are nothing but tossing table scraps to the minions who enable the parasites to get away with this. That includes teachers, professors, police, military, mainstream media, government bureaucrats, politicians, doctors, lawyers, judges, etc, etc, etc
Those in certain tech sectors working to set up the digital surveillance tyranny are also thrown their table scraps.

So, is it really any wonder that medicine fits that same mold ?

MCDirtMigger's picture

I've been trying to get my ex to take statins for the longest time now........for her health mind you, not because I hate her guts.

The Divided Stoopids of DuhMerica's picture

How many people get into the medical profession today because...

A: it is a deeply rooted calling from the depths of the soul to help people.


B: it is simply a calling for a big fat paycheck.

Cornhulio's picture

After you've aced your undergrad  courses and racked up 120k in debt and been accepted to med school then rack up 250K in debt in Med school then take the pittance that Primary care gets from insurance and Medicare tell me it's  for the Money while you watch Swamp Creatures living in Mansions and you're in  PreFab house...






Grandad Grumps's picture

I was almost killed by Lipitor. It took about 5 years for the muscle deterioration enzyme to reach 17000, when below 300 is normal. The liver test never saw it.... oh, it creeped up slowly to be just above the normal range, but when I was crippled and did not have the strength to lift one leg over the other to put my socks on my GP still wanted me on the drug. A guy in our neighborhood recently died from complications of the same thing.

It took 5 years for the muscle cpk to return to near normal. 5 up, 5 down.

The funny thing was that no one in the entire medical industry would admit the cause. I even went to the Mayo Clinic and a doctor there thought that she had discovered a new form of latent muscular dystrophy. That is because she and the rest knew with absolute certainty, based upon published literature, that what had happened to me was impossible.

I did not sue, because first of all, it is not what I do. I do not support the parasitic legal system. But more importantly, even though I suffered greatly, I would have had to sue my GP and he was just doing what he was told to do. The last time I took a statin or statin-like drug was over 12 years ago.

I later learned through reading that prior to stains being discovered a total cholesterol under 300 was considered healthy. Now they want to poison everyone with statins prophylactically. Also based on reading, it seems that the lack of sufficient cholesterol is more dangerous to heart health than what they call too much cholesterol.

vollderlerby's picture

Thanks for the intel on that front.  Got physical 2 years back, was workingn and drinking too much, doc wanted to put me on Lipitor.  Instead, I started working out again and took work easier, now I feel great again without having to gamble with my life and taking Lipitor.

asteroids's picture

My GP started me on Crestor. 9 months later, feeling very crappy I went and saw him, did some blood work. In 30 years of knowing this man, he has NEVER called me at home. He told me to get my ass into his office to figure out why my liver was fucked up.

Amicus Curiae's picture

you wouldnt be sueing the doc

or the pharmas..because the warning FOR rhabdomylosis IS  on the warnings list

of course i have noted many pharmas arent inc that sheet IN the packs anymore.

the damage to muscles is non repairable IF your survive, many dont.

the original statin was removed for inc stroke heart attack and rhabdo

it killed many too before  off market

they kept fighting to blackbox label it n keep killing...


grape seed and skin combo with some C and bioflavinoids will reduce cholesterol and relieve arthritis etc


and FYI

the statins are based on the red rice yeast fungus, that FDA now says is dangeroius to eat;-)

eat a cup or two of red rice a week;-)

HRH Feant2's picture

Glad to hear you lived to tell the tale! That shit is fucking poison!

Thanks for the warning, appreciate the heads up.

Grandad Grumps's picture

I was almost killed by Lipitor.


dark_matter's picture

Don't Take the Drugs Your Doctor Gave You

There, fixed it.

Zero-Hegemon's picture

I write my own prescriptions and self-medicate as needed, but my Rx is limited to just alcohol

veritas semper vinces's picture

I can tell you that the doctors are ,in a way,forced to prescribe certain medications. There are so called,evidence-based research sponsored by big Pharma,which is making the recommendations. They become a sort of law, and the AMA and others,issue templates ,that the doctors HAVE to follow. for example,in case of an admision of a heart attack,you have a protocol you have to follow,otherway you are in big trouble. why didn't you prescribe a statin(cholesterol pill) for this heart attack?

There are so many patients taking 40-50 pills a day. It's amazing how they can do it. Do you honestly think there is a doctor who can tell all the side effects of all this cocktail?

There are so many admissions to the hospital because of this.

The worse are:SSRI,anti cholesterol ,chemotherapy

Northern Flicker's picture

Something like 80% of drug interactions have never been studied. When you get on a cocktail of drugs, anything can happen.

LA_Goldbug's picture

" ,that the doctors HAVE to follow. "

Very few people understand this "law" in the medical profession. If a doctor knew that some simple herb could help you he/she could not tell he about it if it is not in "the template" of medical standards. Of course all this is so that we get the best treatment money can buy.

SixIsNinE's picture

SSRIs :  what a scam !

Do any of you realize that there is NOT a serotonin test given to all the MILLIONS of Americans prescribed SSRIs?

that's right,  for a supposed serotonin imbalance, they prescribe a fluoridated drug that causes all kinds of maladies ... and NO TEST is ever given to examine the subjects serotonin levels.


I have never seen any other ZEROlounge member post about MAPS.ORG which has jumped through the  trillion hoops set up by the DEA to get MDMA and Cannabis and LSD legalized - so I'll do it again.

we are writing here about this subject BECAUSE of the stupid war on psychedelics. 

If MDMA and the others were legal we could deal with growing pains of knowing too much, being too kind, having too perfect children, having 100 year long marriages, etc., etc.

We have a legacy problem that was built up when humans did not have the vantage point we have now; the race up involved a lot of atrocities which were justified at the time by the limited vision each participant had - now that we're nearing the pinnacle and the race is de facto finished - we can see what happens if this behavior continues until the absolute summit is achieved - Needless and inhuman slaughter of the innocents.

If i recall correctly, even the "do no harm" mantra has been removed from the AMA :

I swear by Apollo the physician, and Asclepius, and Hygieia and Panacea and all the gods and goddesses as my witnesses that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this covenant . . . to teach them this art . . . without fee or covenant.

I will use those dietary regimens which will benefit my patients . . . and I will do no harm or injustice to them.

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody who asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. Similarly I will not give a woman an abortive remedy.

I will not use the knife. . .

Whatever houses I may visit, I will . . . remain[] free of sexual relations with both female and male persons . . .

What I may see or hear in the course of treatment . . . I will keep to myself.

If I fulfill this oath and do not violate it, may it be granted to me to enjoy life and art, begin honored . . . . if I transgress is and swear falsely, may the opposite of all this be my lot.

Amicus Curiae's picture

near 20 yrs ago my doc wanted me to take ssris i asked why I couldnt BE tested for a serotonin imbalance beforehand?

his response was we can only check that on a cadaver..and a lot of ssri takers end up that way!

ive had 2 friends die from them three are addicted and one had seizures on zoloft

i took TWO zoloft over 2 days and nearly passed out in the street

never again

if you have issues look to 5HTP and/or some GABAand the Bgroup vitamins espec B12

im presently replacing  my doigs epilepsy meds that are killing him with a combo of those 2

so far 7+ weeks no seizure -down from fortnightly.

slow weaning off bromine and phenobarb replacing with  safer options

SixIsNinE's picture

i remember with amusement when I learned about here in Colorado that back in the 1900-1920s that alcohol had to be prescribed.

nearby Greeley didn't allow alcohol sales at all until the 1970s.

iirc - Fort Collins Colorado is like 4th most drunk areas of the country!

pretty nice being in one of the best brewing areas of the entire world.  Always a new IPA to discover.

the new stadium that opened this month @ Ft Collins (Colorado sTate U) - has a New Belgium pavilion !   No more Coors/Bud dominating, i love it! 


ICValue's picture

Too true by my estimation also

mijev's picture

I bought some saw palmetto at walmart to see if it would have any positive effect. On the label it says " For the treatment of prostate. Do not take if pregnant."

On the viagra label it should say, "if erection lasts for more than four hours, call more biatches."

pparalegal's picture

So glad to see all those prescriptions have prevented death of the patient.

I am still trying to talk my doctore into the one on TV showing happy as a lark 90 year olds playing tennis at high speed pain free because they take XXX stuff (that destroys the kidneys could cause your colon to enlarge, stroke and death).

But luckily I don't have that dreaded Viagra permenant woodie or side effects sending me to the ER.

If any of the following side effects occur while taking sildenafil, check with your doctor immediately:

Bladder pain

burning feeling in the chest or stomach

burning, crawling, itching, numbness, prickling, "pins and needles", or tingling feelings

cloudy or bloody urine


increased frequency of urination


pain on urination

stomach upset

tenderness in the stomach area


Abnormal vision


behavior change similar to drunkenness

bleeding of the eye

blurred vision

bone pain

breast enlargement

chest pain


cold sweats


convulsions (seizures)

cool and pale skin

deafness or hearing loss

decrease in amount of urine or the frequency of urination

decreased vision

difficulty in concentrating

dizziness or lightheadedness, especially when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position

double vision


dry eyes

dry mouth

dryness, redness, scaling, or peeling of the skin

excessive hunger

eye pain

fainting or faintness

fast, irregular, or pounding heartbeat

feeling of something in the eye

fever or chills

headache (severe or continuing)

increase in the size of the pupil

increased sweating

increased thirst

lower back or side pain

migraine headache

nausea (severe or continuing)



numbness of the hands

painful, swollen joints

prolonged, painful erection of penis

redness, burning, or swelling of the eyes

redness, itching, or tearing of the eyes

restless sleep

seeing shades of colors differently than before

sensitivity to light


skin lesions with swelling

skin paleness

skin rash, hives, or itching

skin ulcers

slurred speech

sore throat

sudden weakness

swelling of the face, hands, feet, or lower legs

trouble breathing

twitching of the muscles

unusual feeling of burning or stinging of the skin

unusual tiredness or weakness

vision changes

vision loss, temporary

Lets Buy The Dip's picture

IBB or healthcare sectors are up too. Fancy that, i took viagra today, got caught in throat and had a stiff neck all day. LOL. 

There are some other cool ways to play this action into XMAS. see this accurate report. ==>

maybe play the healthcare and xlf financials sectors into XMAS...on tax reform and biotech issues sorting themself out. 

Kefeer's picture

All those life saving meds; all who have taken them will be or are already dead.  Donating blood does not save lives nor do surgeons save lives; they can only delay death..Jesus does save lives and the only one who can, but people are lazy and stupid and will not even consider the possibility, but eventually all come to an abrupt understanding....too late.


It is easier to believe that nothing plus nothing = everything created opposed to the truth of God plus nothing = everything created.  Law of Cause & Effect; God being the first cause.

Kefeer's picture

Geezz is there a pill for that as well; that is medicine??!!  Health can be controlled by lifestyle with a few exceptions.

Clearcutt's picture

Bullshit studies are scientific, but real world evidence is anectdotal.

Kefeer's picture

Climategate and Darwinism come to mind; much of "science" is consensus and religious (secular).

Mazzy's picture

I'm fully convinced that the prevention/cure for cancer consists of Mushrooms and Garlic.

ItsAllBollocks's picture

The blockage here is the medication. On observation, the primary 'symptom' to be placed on the 'pill a day' program is the patients inability to cope with the constant 'chatter' inside their head which the medication successfully halts. While body functions appear normal, the patient increasingly becomes non-confronting and generally complient with whatever situation they find themselves in. Now this may sound like a good idea until you understand this 'chatter' is a normal human process everyone has that is also referred to as 'thinking', a term seldom used by today's medical practicioners. Once the 'chatter' stops, well, you can see why no one is standing up to the government. If you are taking them, the best thing you can do is wein yourself of them, regain your ability to think clearly and fight back like your life depends on it. It does.

Kefeer's picture

I thought LBGT was a sin, then mental disorder, to normal - what happened and is there any science?  Find out in this article and this is very representative of the entire medical community imo.

Rikky's picture

unfortunately there are some diseases like lyme and its buddies that get injected into you that can pretty much only be effectively dealt with using combination antibiotics.  so these drugs do server a purpose but for the vast majority of cases preventative measures and natural remedies are sufficient to avoid them.

RKae's picture

I could send this article to my friend who is a doctor, but he would put it down as "something you read on the internet."

That insult always amazes me. Where SHOULD I read things?

HardAssets's picture

Unfortunately, many A students were just very good at learning the b.s. they were fed in school.

Just try talking to a bioscience Phd or MD about the origins of modern medicine (a Rockefeller invention). They will not hear you and likely have a blank, uncomprehending look on their face.

That wasn't a part of the curriculum, so they can't even tune in to it.

Amicus Curiae's picture

i copied  double blind placebo controlled trials data on heart meds for controlling calcification in arteries  FROM pubmed /NIH

handed em to the doc saying ONE drug one hormone and two naturals worked for it

statins do nothing

the response

 WE treat with statins!

despite proven to not work he refused to accept med journals from net

HardAssets's picture

A big part of it is ego. MDs have had theirs stroked since they began practicing. Their first reaction is to think little of a PhD's findings, much less a lowly layperson.

They thought themselves the smartest one in class because they 'got good grades'. Conmen often target doctors. They have the money. If their ego is appealed to, they are easily taken in.

RKae's picture

I wouldn't be surprised if all this gender-mania is being driven by Big Pharma. First, there are the puberty-stopping drugs they give to deluded "trans" kids, then there's the long list of side effects that will need to be treated for the rest of their lives. It's a drug-a-palooza.

But, hey, "greed is good," right? It motivates innovation... right?

binky's picture

Hope I die before I get old.

Amicus Curiae's picture

you WILL if you dont do your own research on issues and meds and just take it on trust

iatrogenic deaths in ussa are huge!

correctly  taken and prescribed meds first then doc surgery or hosp fuckups following.

HRH Feant2's picture

Typical. Why not live a good life? Why not start a family and make connections and enjoy being alive, at every age?

My father is 84 and refuses to acknowledge that he is old and that he is going to die. That is not just every day senility, that is bat shit fucking cray cray.

Is he going to die? Yes. Is he happy? No. At this point, due to piss poor planning, he basically hates being alive. He is living, as a ward of the state, in a nursing home Southern California where the caregivers are not white and English is not their first language.

My father had the same attitude as you. He still does.

DEMIZEN's picture

hey, he has a family to feed and taxes to pay and you are just a turd stupid enough to take it. I double check every exam with the independent doctors abroad who don't take insurance money. every time they see my reports from the US they laugh to tears.

Once I had a tooth obstructing my facial nerves, I was prescribed anti-seizure medication. And that was at UCLA the diamond of west coast hospitals LOL.

fucking retards.  take care of yourself if you can.  don't trust not even for a minute.

redmudhooch's picture

Heroin is NOT a drug, it is medicine, because it is prescribed by a "doctor".

Now Marijewana, thats a drug! Drugs are bad.

Trader200K's picture

After a DRE that made my navel bulge, ol' Doc ordered up a PSA blood test that showed it through the roof.

Immediately he was hooking me up with a specific urologist that wanted to slap me on the table for needle biopsies.

Before that date I started researching and the very first thing I ran into was to not have sex or DREs days before a PSA test as ... wait for it ... elevates the PSA. Either Dr. DRE was totally incompetent or totally on the take ... neither being good. Waited two weeks and got a separate order for another PSA ... that came back normal.

Cancelled both of them forever and will get second opinions every time going forward. (Also, avoid strip mall doc-in-a-box places with no regular patients/staff. They have to feeding the mill and living on kicks. )

The worst the economy, the worse the diagnoses.

(With my apologies to those Docs without marble offices and egos that eclipse the sun. )


cherry picker's picture

Two months  ago I started taking medication for my bp which has been betwen 190 - 200 most of my life.  This was to get a hernia repaired.

I questioned the doctor on the wisdon of bringing down bp to 110 after being 190 - 200 for 45 years.

Within a week of taking the meds, i was rendered immobile three times after waking up.  I couldn't get up   The longest it lasted was 10 minutes.

After seeing the doctor, he switched meds.  3 days later I was at the pharmacy to check my bp, it was 189.  I asked the pharmacist how long it takes for the stuff to work.  He sent me to ER.  I screwed around with various meds etc under a doctors orders for 5 days.  I did some research.  Haven't checked my blood pressure since and dropped the meds.  I feel fine.  I guess I will live with the hernia as they think my bp is too high to operate.

Yes, it is a big scam.  Everyone I know who is over 55 is on medication for hypertension.  They told me I would have to take the meds for life, what no cure?

Big pharma probably kills more people than the drugs the cartel sells.

HRH Feant2's picture

High blood pressure is the biggest scam ever! I was told by the VA, when I was 45, that my blood pressure was elevated and to start taking pills. I did. What happened? Well I passed out in my bedroom, fell, and sliced my eyebrow open on a piece of furniture! Ended up getting 6 or 7 stitches above my eye. Then the stuff made me cough. That was a side effect and they had to change it.

I recently acquired insurance at an HMO. They take my blood pressure the old fashioned way, not with a machine. Guess what? My blood pressure is always normal. I go to the VA and guess what? My blood pressure is always high. They use machines to do the blood pressure. I have cut my dose in half and in half again. I take a very minimal dose, once a day. I could probably stop at this point. Since when was BP 130/90 bad? When I started taking BP meds my BP was 120/80. Give me a fucking break. That is NORMAL! My blood pressure did increase from what it had been in my 30s, 110/70. But to put me on BP meds because it went to 120/80? STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Of course I thought doctors walked on water back then. Not anymore, I can tell you that.

My advice to people? Get your blood pressure taken by hand, not a machine. Lose weight. Ignore the fucking doctors and their pills.

I would also be very cautious about statins and the whole cholesterol nonsense. The human brain is mostly cholesterol and if you are deficient what happens? You become senile. I don't eat eggs every day, but when I have a taste for homemade eggs Benedict I go for it! Organic eggs, organic butter, organic lemon and these days I put the eggs on a good flax bread with 5 grams of fiber per slice. I chow down and don't feel bad, or guilty, one bit.

As far as poached organic eggs on flax toast? I eat that whenever I want. Low fat, high fiber, plus healthy cholesterol. I don't consider that kind of food to be "bad." Compared to most of the crap that people eat my diet is super healthy!

Do I have that for breakfast every day? No. Pain in the butt to make from scratch but once you know how to make it the stuff at Denny's tastes like crap. I usually make that once a month. Because I can.

Bay Area Guy's picture

Most people don't care that high blood pressure can be successfully reversed through lifestyle changes.  Eating healthier and exerciing do a much better job of reducing BP than a pill.  But since it takes work and dedication, the vast majority of people would rather just pop a pill to lower their BP.  Of course, for guys, that usually means you end up getting another pill for erectile dysfunction, conveniently marketed by the same company that makes the BP pill.  You're right about it being a racket.  I saw a documentary once where the subject was all the depression meds on the market.  They talked with one researcher who said, "It's telling that when smaller drug companies long ago developed treatments for things like small pox or malaria, the incidence of those diseases went way down.  Now, when Big Pharma develops an anti-depression medication, suddenly the incidence of depression skyrockets."  Big Pharma is in it for the cash.  That they sometimes develop meds that actually help people is secondary to the cash flow that drugs like anti-depressants and erectile dysfunction meds bring in.


And with the plethora of commercials on TV, there's now a med for everything that you have, think you have, or never knew you had.  I always listen for the side effects.  It's usually something like "Yes, this will treat your hangnail, but side effects could include whooping cough, scarlet fever, heart attack, cancer of the scrotum and hair loss".  Thanks, I think I'll suffer with the hangnail.

honest injun's picture

American trauma care is the best in the world.  If you get into a car crash and need your spleen reattached, you better hope that you are in America.  Princess Diana crashed less than two miles from a hospital but, although she was conscious and not pinned in the car, she died more than 90 minutes later in the parking lot of the hospital.  Can you imagine how the ordinary slobs would be treated?

American non-trauma care is very bad.  If you take the number of prescriptions written and divide by the number of adults in America, you get more than 13 per person per year.  The fact that some people, like me, haven't had a prescription in 20 years means that the average person is getting a prescription every few weeks.  This is bizarre. 

The solution is eat healthy foods, stay fit, and avoid even seeing a medical doctor.

Anteater's picture

Wait until you get sucked into the 'elder care' MIC, my friends.

Everyone reading this will either clot out and drop dead first,

or end up in elder care! Once you go through those doors, you

have no more rights. You can't leave without the doctor's (sic)

order. If you don't like your room, you're beat on by orderlies.

If you don't like Wakkenhut portion-controlled airplane food,

you will be force fed. And the best part? You will be tested,

diagnosed and medicated for every possible 'disease' known.

What they are doing is getting Big Pharma kickbacks for the

'drug-interaction experiments'. Did your new meds cause you

to pass out? Did you bleed out of all your orifices? Did you

freeze up in catatonia? The nurse used to stand beside my

parents as they choked down 42 pills per day. She would

hold her hand under their chin, and if they wouldn't do it,

she'd pat against their throat, urging, 'Come on! Swallow!!"

Nothing we said or did could prevent that smiling foreign

elder-care physician from prescibing even more pills, and

of course, our parents were 'too ill' to be discharged. You

will find a shocking disregard everywhere that you turn.

"What can we do?" they will shrug their shoulders. When

they finally died, the elder-care physician wrote down:

"Failure to thrive" on the death certificate. No autopsy.

A hearse came in the middle of the night and they were

cremated in cardboard boxes.  Just something to look

forward to when you are finally retired, and jacked out

of your house by reverse-mortgage. Keep working out!

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Yep.  Elder care is a disgrace.  When you enter a skilled nursing facility, your regular MD is no longer assigned to you.  Instead, you get the MD contracted by the nursing facility. That MD never sees you.  So what he does is prescribe every single pill that has ever appeared on your medical history.  No concern about interactions.  It's a CYA thing I guess.

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my mother went through that - thankfully she had longterm care ins. so we got a what looks like a very nice facility -

but guess what?  they pay their people $10.50 /hr.  I couldn't believe it, what they charge the residents.  There was one woman I thought did a great job there and she wanted to stay but got an offer for $12.50 somewhere else so she left.  I couldn't believe it, they wouldn't match it.  From observing, there is plenty of people to supply the bottom rung of the healthcare jobs so the office doesn't feel any need to keep seasoned experienced staff.  kinda like most jobs out there. 

I have a lot i could write but i'll keep it short - the place is run by a woman who only employed a couple men in the entire facility the year my mom was there.  get the drift?  it was 40+ women,  2 men.