Bombshell Report Catches Pentagon Falsifying Paperwork For Weapons Transfers To Syrian Rebels

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A new bombshell joint report issued by two international weapons monitoring groups Tuesday confirms that the Pentagon continues to ship record breaking amounts of weaponry into Syria and that the Department of Defense is scrubbing its own paper trail. On Tuesday the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) produced conclusive evidence that not only is the Pentagon currently involved in shipping up to $2.2 billion worth of weapons from a shady network of private dealers to allied partners in Syria - mostly old Soviet weaponry - but is actually manipulating paperwork such as end-user certificates, presumably in order to hide US involvement.

The OCCRP and BIRN published internal US defense procurement files after an extensive investigation which found that the Pentagon is running a massive weapons trafficking pipeline which originates in the Balkans and Caucuses, and ends in Syria and Iraq. The program is ostensibly part of the US train, equip, and assist campaign for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF, a coalition of YPG/J and Arab FSA groups operating primarily in Syria's east). The arms transfers are massive and the program looks to continue for years. According to Foreign Policy's (FP) coverage of the report:

The Department of Defense has budgeted $584 million specifically for this Syrian operation for the financial years 2017 and 2018, and has earmarked another $900 million of spending on Soviet-style munitions between now and 2022. The total, $2.2 billion, likely understates the flow of weapons to Syrian rebels in the coming years.

But perhaps more shocking is the following admission that Pentagon suppliers have links with known criminal networks, also from FP:

According to the report, many of the weapons suppliers — primarily in Eastern Europe but also in the former Soviet republics, including Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Ukraine — have both links to organized crime throughout Eastern Europe and spotty business records.


The sheer amount of material necessary for the Pentagon program — one ammunition factory announced it planned to hire 1,000 new employees in 2016 to help cope with the demand — has reportedly stretched suppliers to the limit, forcing the Defense Department to relax standards on the materials it’s willing to accept.

It is likely that the organized crime association is the reason why the Pentagon has sought to alter its records. In addition, the sheer volume of weaponry continuing to ship to the Syrian battlefield and other parts of the Middle East means inevitable proliferation among unsavory terror groups - a phenomenon which has already been exhaustively documented in connection with the now reportedly closed CIA program to topple the Syrian government. The associations and alliances among some of the Arab former FSA groups the DoD continues to support in the north and east remains fluid, which means means US-supplied weapons will continue to pass among groups with no accountability for where they end up.

One of the authors of the OCCRP/BIRN report, Ivan Angelovski, told Foreign Policy that, “The Pentagon is removing any evidence in their procurement records that weapons are actually going to the Syrian opposition." The report is based on internal US government memos which reveal that weapons shipment destination locations have been scrubbed from original documents. 

Falsified and altered Pentagon procurement documents (Click to enlarge):


Is an EUC (End User Certificate) still an EUC if it doesn't include an end user?

Balkan Insight, which is hosting the original investigative report: "Seven US procurement documents were whitewashed to remove reference to 'Syria' after reporters contacted the Pentagon to enquire about whether the exporting countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Georgia – had been informed of the destination."

The fact that Foreign Policy, which is the foremost establishment national security publication in the world, would admit that the Pentagon's Syria weapons procurement program is tied to East European organized crime is itself hugely significant. At this point the evidence is simply so overwhelming that even establishment sources like FP - which itself has generally been pro-interventionist on Syria - can't deny it.

FP further reports that the Pentagon program "appears to be turbocharging a shadowy world of Eastern European arms dealers." And adds further that, "the Pentagon is reportedly removing documentary evidence about just who will ultimately be using the weapons, potentially weakening one of the bulwarks of international protocols against illicit arms dealing."

Map/Infographic produced as part of the OCCRP/BIRN report, itself confirmed by Foreign Policy magazine. Notice the map denotes that prior CIA weapons went directly to Idlib province (northwest, section in green) and the Golan border region (south). Both of these areas were and continue to be occupied by al-Qaeda (in Idlib, AQ's Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham). In Idlib specifically, analysts have confirmed genocidal cleansing of religious minorities conducted by AQ "rebels" directly assisted by CIA weapons.

Late last month we featured the story of Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, who was fired from her job after being interrogated by national intelligence officials for exposing the same Pentagon arms network which is the subject of the latest OCCRP/BIRN investigation. At the time, Al Jazeera was the only major international outlet which covered the story, which confirmed that Bulgarian agents interrogated Gaytandzhieva and "tried to find out her sources." An anonymous source had leaked a large trove of internal government files connected to the arms trafficking to the East European-based Trud Newspaper journalist, which was the basis of her reporting. The newest investigation released Tuesday appears to include some of the same documents, also confirmed by Gayandzhieva. 

Read the full OCCRP/BIRN investigation here.

Read Zero Hedge's original coverage of the Pentagon's Balkan arms pipeline here.

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HowdyDoody's picture

Another bombshell - Inian Merkhazi, an Israeli media outlet published a report [Hebrew only] about the capture in Libya of Abu Hafs, a senior ISIS commander and imam in Benghazi. He began work in Libya shortly after NATO brought in 'democracy and freedom'. He was the leader of some 200 fighters, some of the worst in Libya. It turns out that he is reported to be a Mossad agent called Benjamin Ephraim.

The man himself



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Don't worry, the MSM will cover none of it.

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unless they can pin it on Trump...then maybe

HowdyDoody's picture

A correction - he is actually described as a Mossad officer, not an agent. That means he is an Israeli directly employed by Mossad rather than a third party recruited by Mossad.


veritas semper vinces's picture

That's the guy captured by Hezbollah at the Lebanon/Syria border.

khnum's picture

well surprise,surprise,surprise

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^^^^THIS!!!   The truth is always treason in an empire of lies!

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Fraud is a way of life.

Great example to set for younger people while they wait for the older people to die or get soft enough for rounding up.

StackShinyStuff's picture

Let me guess:  Trump's fault and Obama knew nothing about it.

Mr.BlingBling's picture

That's a great Plan B.

Plan A should be that it's FAKE NEWS!! (spread by Islamophobes or Antisemites, natch)

yomutti2's picture

The organizations behind this report are both Russian propaganda outlets, to be ignored.


Mr.BlingBling's picture

You're a fast learner, son.  I see great things in your future.

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Besides, the US politicians themselves have already TOLD US that they are doing this.  The report just fleshes out some mundane details of the operation.

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"I'll stand with anyone against the jew World Order!"

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There you go again, trying to squelch your auto-erotic feelings for Putin...

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The Department of Defense has budgeted $584 million specifically for this Syrian operation for the financial years 2017 and 2018, and has earmarked another $900 million

Now about that debt ceiling, we need moar tax payers money for our agenda. We'll fore go the infrastructure initiative, tell the plebs that we don't want to go deeper in debt, ya, dats it, cut infrastructure spending, moar weapons for israel's expansion woars.

Swampster's picture

"If it's run by jews, It's Fake News"


It's NOT a theory, it's a LAW!

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Let me guess: This has been going on for generations. But because others where getting screwed, past generations of higher IQ people ignored it. Now that its starting to effect the higher IQ population, its a problem.

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With the internet and news that isn't published by the corporatocracy, people are realizing how MSM is moulding their thoughts with fake news. They call it democracy, when they killed over 1 million civilians in Iraq. Still no WMD. Woars have to be sold to the public, to get their buy in. Just like NK. Looking back at the history of the devastation caused by merican military there, one can understand how they view merica. No repatriations to NK or charges against merica.

booboo's picture

If the pentagram thought they could go to Eastern Europe to procure weapons without their new arch enemy Russia and Putin knowing they all need brain transplants with realtors (never used one owner) Pootie Poot must be laughing his ass off at their stupidity.
I am convinced our deep state ain't as all knowing and all powerful as we fear they are, time to lift some dresses and see what's what. My guess is eunuchs in army fatigues.

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Clueless one-trick ponies. Like when Ollie North was using the proceeds from drug sales to buy weapons from East Germany and other Warsaw Pact sources and shipping them to the Contras. The transactions were documented in Marcus Wolff's weekly reports to the Kremlin. That's how the Sandinista's knew where the weapons shipments were coming from, which lead to the downing of the plane carrying Eugene Hassenfus and the eventual exposure of North's Enterprise.

Sphira's picture


Communism was created in England and not Russia


Early members of the American Round Table resemble a partial listing of Who's Who in the Elite. The following names were supplied by Eric Samuelson: "Those identified as American Round Table members by Quigley are just a handful. Road Show 1 lists Morgan, Rockefeller and Carnegie. Also Col. House, Paul Warburg and Benjamin Strong. Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study was research and development project center in U.S. Other American Round Table members: Thomas W. Lamont (J.P. Morgan), George Louis Beer, Walter Lippmann, Frank Aydelotte, Whitney Shepardson and Jerome D. Greene."


Old Russian make crime syndicate.. And trump ran a casino operation most recognize requires the blessing of the mob.

When you consider gold from the US (stopped in transit by the Brits..then let go) bound for Russia to fund the Bolsheviks... Ultimately eliminating the last significant holdout against international bankers (czar), and karl Marx was the creation of Cecil Rhodes/Milner Fabians in the first place, it should be clear those behind the puppets trump Putin are skipping and laughing and frolicking all the way to ..well...the bank

War is a racket..very profitable one

Tumputin know their role, and their place.

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"Let me guess:  Trump's fault and Obama knew nothing about it."

Let Me guess. Now that Trump knows, he does nothing about it.

Then, it is Trumps fault. Just wait.

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This is treason and there is no other way to define it. Unfortunately you are probably right. Guys like McCain, Ms. Clinton, Graham, Obama, etc. have been doing this for years. Benghazi was just another rat line that was opened for this Syrian war. If this is allowed to stand then what kind of country have we become? George Webb is all over this in his youtube channel.

Jim in MN's picture

Corruption = Tyranny

That's what kind of country we've become.

takeaction's picture

You know we were warned...and it seems NOBODY listened...watching this makes me sick.  The way he talks...he is TRYING SO HARD to tell us!!

Dwight D. Eisenhower exit speech on Jan.17,1961. Warning us of the military industrial complex.

Volkodav's picture

     Eisenhower was a War Criminal

     Other Losses   James Bacque

SubjectivObject's picture

so what can we see happens when Cuntgress abdicates it's war decision responsibility and the MIC takes the decision making?

Buck Johnson's picture

Goes to show what many have been saying for years.  And that is the US is trying to overthrow the Assad regime via proxies and giving them weapons to do it.



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merica is israel's strumpet.

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In the words of Jim Comey: No prudent investigator would ever recommend an indictment for Hillary Clinton, but don't YOU think YOU can do the same and get away with it because the FBI WOULD prosecute YOU for the same thing. He basically said exactly that in an open testimony. At that point in time I'm not sure why anyone still follows any laws because it's clear there are two laws: one for 'special' people and one for the rest of us. I can't believe the Clinton defense hasn't been used by somebody yet in the full spectacle of the media.

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So who will finish up on trial at The Hague? Obama? Clinton? Kerry? Why no, it will be the innocent head of the sovereign state of Syria.

Stan522's picture

Whether under obamas or Trumps watch it shows you how the Deep State runs things.... This is how the CIA funds their off books projects

Kayman's picture

Organized Crime, the Mob.

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The best bit is the large area in southern Syria with the CIA in the west and the Pentagram in the east, centered around al Tanf. The CIA operatives and the Pentagram operatives are killing each other. There's no wonder the Syrians and Russians have left them to it.

Still I suppose it all goes to MIC profits and the takfiris are just disposable assets, possibly used as a tax loss (just joking about the tax bit).


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This is news??

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Hmmmmm.......GovCo has "links" to organized crime?  Hell, They ARE organized crime!!  

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Now you know one reason why Kongress no longer declares war. Only in "peacetime" can they get away with this shit.

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Hey, the Mossad is going to pay for all that hardware if they can get their goyim servants to fund it !

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I'm sure they take some interest in that kind of thing.


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FP is a mouthpiece for the globalists. Why are they publishing this?

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Because Syria failed and part of the cabal is telling their thugs to move on

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This is a radical departure for FP who've never been in the expose business.  Obviously because the rest of the lame stream media has become the organs of propoganda and have blacked out coverage on the Syrian foreign policy fiasco.  Wonder how those shit eating bastards will react to Obama's war?  Let's repeat that: O-B-A-M-A's W-A-R.

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Somebody pissed off MI-6 somewhere.