If You Can't Beat 'Em... Ban 'Em

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Authored by Eric Peters via EricPetersAutos.com,

Since they can’t sell electric cars – not enough of them, anyhow – and not without subsidies so huge they amount to outright bribes – the solution appears to be to outlaw all cars except electric cars.

This is no joke.

There are IC engine No Go Zones in Germany and France. The Brits have just decreed a ban on the sale of internal combustion-engined vehicles period, beginning in 2040 – which sounds like a long time from now but isn’t – because car companies begin designing cars about ten years before they see the light of production and so this fatwa means the car companies are on notice that the current generation of cars they are selling is either the last or the second-to-last generation of cars they will be selling . . . at least insofar as they are powered by internal combustion.

And so, they won’t be wasting resources to design and build the next generation.

It’s not just Britain, either.

If it were, the madness could be contained. Instead, the madness metastasizes. India (well, the government of India) wants all IC engined cars off the road – or retrofitted with electric drivetrains – by 2030, which is only about ten years away and so just over the horizon as far as product planning cycles go.

And now the commissars in China have announced they are all in . . . or out – depending on your point of view. The world’s largest market for cars and the world’s largest manufacturer of cars.

Same 2030 extinction-by-decree date.


That is comment worthy.

More than a century ago, it was not necessary for any government to decree that horses and buggies – and the first electric cars, for that matter – will be verboten henceforth.

They died a natural death – a free market death.

Internal combustion proved superior. Economically and functionally better than horse (and electric) power. People gave up their buggies and their equines freely, without being “nudged.”

They didn’t have to be.

Now, they do.

This ought to raise questions and probably does among the Thinking – but such questions are rarely given voice and answered even less often.

If electric cars are so functionally fabulous, so superior to the Judas Goated internal combustion-powered car, then how come the bans?

Why not let the electric car succeed on the merits, organically?

The answer, of course, is that it can’t.

Not yet – maybe not ever.

It’s obvious to anyone who does the math – the EV buy-in cost vs. the cost of gas for an otherwise similar IC-engined car. It doesn’t add up, not favorably, anyhow. There is a reason why arch crony capitalist and rent-seeking kingpin Elon Musk builds electric cars that are quick and sexy and laden with gadgets. It is to shove the economic inferiority of the things under the rug. And if they aren’t economically superior to cars powered by gas and diesel engines well – why bother?

Isn’t it like paying people to build – and buy Porsches?

Startling that this doesn’t grate more than it ought to among the taxpaying masses – who are paying for the subsidized rich to drive around in subsidized rich people’s cars.

Meanwhile, the cars they drive – the ones they can afford to drive – are being regulated and legislated out of existence.

No one talks about the Recharge Issue, either – and it’s a huge issue. Unless you believe that having to wait a minimum of 30-45 minutes every 100 miles or so to feed a partial (80 percent) charge back into the batteries is acceptable or logistically feasible. Imagine hundreds of thousands of EVs queuing up to charge up at the same time.

Imagine what this will do to the grid.

Imagine what would happen in the event you – and hundreds of thousands of other people with battery-powered cars – had to suddenly and unexpectedly get going and get far. As in the case of a hurricane barreling down on the state. No time to wait 30-45 minutes and you need to be able to move hundreds of miles down the road, without having to stop and queue up for 30-45 minutes with hundreds of thousands of other people.

It’s crazier than the combined contents of St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in DC – the nuthouse where they kept lovesick John Hinckley, among others less famous. Which explains why electric cars are not selling, in spite of the subsidies – and despite the quickness and sexiness of some of them.

It is because they are economically and functionally inferior.

Thus, the necessity of banning their functionally and economically superior competition. It has come to this because – all the Breakthrough Talk notwithstanding – the necessary breakthroughs haven’t happened and never may.

What’s happening is a kind of putsch by the technocrats. And – unless these technocrats are exceptionally stupid – they know perfectly well that absent the endlessly promised Breakthroughs that have yet to materialize and never may – electric cars can never be more than the subsidized toys of the affluent and a recipe for national gridlock.

Now think about what that implies.

Yes, exactly.

The object of this exercise – the banning, on the one hand, of economically and functionally viable internal combustion and, on the other, the mandating of extremely pricey and heavily subsidized electric cars – is to reduce mobility. To limit the average person’s ability travel by private car.

It’s not just Britain – or France or Germany and China and India. The push is worldwide and coming to America, too. EV Production quotas and sales mandates are already in effect in states like California. IC No Go Zones and outright bans are surely next.

It sounds hard-to-believe, but the concatenation of facts is hard to ignore.

More than a century ago, technology liberated the average person, expanded his horizons. 100 years down the road, technocracy is bound and determined to reverse that.

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roadhazard's picture

They are going to ban gasoline run cars in China as per yesterdays news.


I am sure the horse and buggy people laughed at Ford.

Mercury's picture

How would you like to be fleeing a hurricane in Florida in an electric car?

Pool Shark's picture

Better yet, how would you like to have an electric car RIGHT NOW in a South Florida neigborhood with THE POWER OUT?

"How's that workin' out for ya"?

Common_Law's picture

I wonder if all these excess inventories are to soften the transition in a decade or two? Lol

NoDebt's picture

I'm glad I'll be dead by then.  Internal combustion engines and all the wonderful devices they go in are (some of you already know) a hobby of mine since I was in 3rd grade.  I was running cars with my buddies at Cecil County Dragway in MD just last weekend (a favorite place for me to pass the time).  I don't want to know or live in a world without them.  Check, please.  I'm done.


Lumberjack's picture

Pink Slime...


Pink Slime... My thought on the practicality of electric cars. Will never eat Chinese food again either...

Lumberjack's picture

I am extending my new diet, which has been a favorite (no light shit) in my family for 4 generations...shame on you, Budweiser...


It was nice knowing and doing business with you, but now we must have a parting of the way regarding your latest 'business' decision.

Sadly and sincerely,


Dammit Walter's picture

"Free Market"?   Crony auto corps killed public tranportation in LA by purchase the public trollies and public tunnels and them closing the service down, and then cementing the tunnels to prevent use ever again!  Forcing the entire west coast to purchase cars for transpo, and organizing itself in a vast inefficient sprawl!   That's crony capitalism.  NoT free market!

Richard Chesler's picture

How would you like to have Elon turn off your car, remotely?

Ubuntuuser's picture

They have to modify IC engines to be more fuel efficient by running on gas vapor rather than liquid spray. The burn is far cleaner and mileage is extended significantly. No more waste of fossil fuels with inefficient engines designed to maximize oil profits!

Utopia Planitia's picture

And the thermodynamics in this equation is....

alt-center's picture

Only shows you never tried it.

Most of what you've been taught is wrong.

de3de8's picture

Mazda doing that right now, but thinking you knew that

bluez's picture

The electric car is a total technological disaster. It's going to take some kind of revolution to save us from this catastrophe. "Conservatively" the energy input of manufacture for cars is 40% of the energy input of fuel, parts, maintenance, etc. required over the life of the car -- and this is just for a plain vanilla gasoline car! These new techno-wonder ELECTROSUX CARS will require super-expensive ultra production-pollution unearthing rare earth elements, which are in very short supply to begin with!

Electricity does not grow on trees. It only gets made by burning some kind of very dirty stuff.

Diesel cars are the future.


What is an olarium you ask? Simple -- it's a diesel fuel creating greenhouse that produces diesel fuel from carbon dioxide (CO2, from the air), and water (H2O). Diesel fuel (much like kerosene) is a chemical combination of hydrogen (H) from say, water, and carbon (C) from, say carbon dioxide. An olarium is a self-contained terrarium-like greenhouse that only takes in a very small amount of air (for the CO2) and water (for the H) to make the fuel. (So the whole operation is carbon neutral for all you global warmists.) You can grow eucalyptus or pine to harvest their oil. The whole thing may only be 2% efficient -- but see the incredible benefits!

Any outgoing water vapor (except a small amount used for (H) in the fuel itself) is cooled slightly and then recycled. No fertilizer is needed since, as in a terrarium, none is ever harvested or drained off. No pesticides are needed since none can get in. A very small amount of ethanol is needed for the right mix, so there could be some potatoes in there.

Here's the best part: It is the "sweetest" oil in the world. It has absolutely zero sulfur, no dreadful heavy metals, no mercury or arsenic compounds from the deep earth. 100% pure.

It's basically money for nothing. Just pour it in your pollution-free diesel car and you are good to go!

(Edit :: If we could capture and pressurize the oxygen that is also produced, which has an "expansion ratio" of 1:861 under 1 standard atmosphere, we could do other cool stuff too!)

Infnordz's picture

This is fucking insane because it will not just stop people travelling as much, because of purchase cost, significant/frequent/inconvenient charge time, and electricity scarity, it will also shut down a lot of business/utility activity, which will end up hurting the rich!

If they took this to the logical conclusion, all trucks, buses, building machinery, land maintence machinery, mining machinery, farming machinery, and military machinery would have to be replaced, at staggering cost, and these need a fuck sight more power than any car!

Also portable IC electricity generators can't be replaced, especially the truck ones for emergency power; they'll probably need the latter a lot more, to bolster the then creaking electricity distribution network!

alt-center's picture

Why do you need the carbon?

bluez's picture

"The average chemical formula for common diesel fuel is C12H23 ..." -- Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that certain people can edit (and might be sold to the Clinton Foundation)

They are not called hydrocarbons for nothing. Oddly just about every element that can substitute for the carbon forms a solid, baked-on, horrific mess when burned. Some green plants use plentiful carbon in the atmosphere to make hydrocarbons. When burning hydrocarbons you are burning about two hydrogen atoms for every carbon atom. The production/usage cycle works out to be carbon-neutral.

You cannot efficiently store hydrogen gas. It leaks through all reasonably priced materials. It leaks through steel like water leaks through burlap.

HardAssets's picture

Nothing lost. Budweiser isnt real beer anyway. And its filled with toxic crap.

yaright's picture

Rush reference hats off my good Sir

HopefulCynical's picture

We're trading oil-power for coal power.

God dammit, leftists are motherfucking morons.

Automatic Choke's picture

ban on internal combusion.

all electric cars -- all transportation bottlenecked by lack of charging stations....thus govt mandated and subsidized charging stations, battery swap stations.

then electric power demand goes way up, about the time realization sinks in that windmills and solar suck.


this is a recipe to greatly boost nuclear power.    unfortunately, we've disincentivized a whole generation of engineers, and much of the know-how has been lost.    won't be fast to bring it back, and rush-jobs mandated by govt will be less safe.


is there ANYTHING that government can't screw up?




edit:     I wanna see a major power replace all its troop transports, tanks, fighter jets, and bombers with solar powered equivalents.


HopefulCynical's picture

this is a recipe to greatly boost nuclear power.

Uhmm, ask the folks in Fukushima how that's working out for them.

Implied Violins's picture

Speaking of Japan, whatever happened to these?


Oh and yes, how about the original developer of these water-powered cars, Stan Meyer? Why, after proving they work, he first got sued - then ASSASSINATED. That's just how the oil boys roll.

MozartIII's picture

I can't wait for my semi truck shipments, run on a ??? engine from across country.....

HopefulCynical's picture

Until we hunt the goddamn moneychangers off the face of the Earth, nothing will change.

Itinerant's picture

The article pretends it knows nothing about urban pollution and the several million pre-mature deaths globally because of the pollution.

Or the Tr$5.3 subsidy for fossil fuels globally (according to the IMF).

Nor the number of moving parts in electric cars and the life expectancy of electic motors...

Not to mention CO² ... The world of the horse and buggy didn't have 7 billion inhabitants going on to 9 billion.

The_Juggernaut's picture

Nor the life expecarncy of their batteries.

FUBO's picture

The world of the horse and buggy was much more polluted than the world today. relax.

Utopia Planitia's picture

I watched a bad sci-fi movie about 10 yrs ago.  (don't remember the title)  In it they had COAL-fired airplanes, space ships, everything.  Must have been the progs dream come true!

ptolemy_newit's picture

Hi 2 things maybe?

1. Soon most people will not own or drive a car in metropolitan centers. Merika and Erope will all have high speed trains (340Klm/h) in place just like in advanced China where you can go from airport to train to subway in the same building. A car is a bad investment!


2. Battery life and charging rates are still early stages.  Battery charging is very close to wrireless and also can charge a battery of cells on the move over a 1.5 meter distance.  So soon simple devices in the road will charge the public vehcile as it moves! Tolls will be according to charge required.


Important thing for China is that NO MORE oil demand and no more ME and no more merika WARs. 

bearwinkle's picture

You obviously are not a physicist nor an electrical engineer. Any idea on how much electrical energy it would take to do what you suggest? Where do you think electricity comes from esp. with the high amount needed for on demand?

ptolemy_newit's picture


in 10 years it will be even better.





ptolemy_newit's picture

bearwinkle,put cnn away for good and read.


maybe that ends the discussion???????????????????????



Archibald Buttle's picture

put cnn away for good and read...

so are you recommending he skip over your first link?

Milton Keynes's picture

requires about 30% more generating capacity but at night we have a big surplus.

Utopia Planitia's picture

Uh, it comes from that thingy on the wall???  (and milk comes from the supermarket!)

Automatic Choke's picture

"You obviously are not a physicist nor an electrical engineer."


Bearwink, this is the new normal.   Total idiots, under the illusion of adequacy from schools and universities that hand out diplomas for attendance, legislate perpetual motion while physicists and engineers roll their eyes.   <stops for eye rolling>

This is ZeroHedge, however.  Our job is not to insult the idiots nor to try to educate them -- our job is to figure out how to financially play their idiocy to our investment advantage.    (Shorting Tesla comes to mind, but fantasy stocks can go up for a long time before gravity takes over....you can go broke long before you are proven right.)


TrumpXVI's picture

"Sunday....SUNDAAAAY at Cecil County DRAG-A-WAY!.....BE THERE!"


I remember the radio ads well.....

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at the I-30 smokin' dragstrip,

where the great ones riiiiiiiiiiiiiide!

Its where we went after watching Pepper Gomez wrestle Baron Von Raski (The Claw),

or Dick The Bruiser taking on Andre the Giant.


de3de8's picture

Bruno San Martini
Argentiino Appolo

consider me gone's picture

I'm glad I'm going to be gone for alot of the upcoming attractions. That's excactly my joke about it too. "Check please!"

sleigher's picture

They can pry my turbo 6 from my cold dead hands.  (and I am sure they will be happy to.)

Ignatius's picture

Remember the flying electric cars we were all promised?

Me neither.

11b40's picture

I am not a mechanic or an engineer, so can someone explain why there isn't a bigger shift to propane?

Utopia Planitia's picture

Mostly just because of the expense of converting the fuel system (fuel tank and carburetor equivalent) on the vehicles to propane, and setting up the tank refilling infrastructure.  You can buy kits to do this yourself but it costs time and money.  And, then you have to find a propane source so you can refill the tank.  The fuel cost per mile is impressive, however. (meaning lower than gasoline/diesel)  There are a number of businesses locally that do this but they keep their refilling stations for their own use only.

de3de8's picture

All you say is true but real issue is no range with propane,no energy density

Kfilly's picture

This will be perfect way to implement Agenda 21 here. Just ban charging stations from being built outside the cities, and no one will be able to leave their metropolis prison.

de3de8's picture

Was just there myself No Debt, for the regionals, have buddy who runs TA/FC. Won the event by the way and love Cecil for laid back atmosphere and ability to get close, really close to the action.
Sadly agree with your assessment as the sound of IC is glorious.

earleflorida's picture

hmmm, so a gas guzzler can save ya, when electricity in ones area is out-




cooking (that's right we can use charcoal?)