It's Time To Take Out "Freedom Insurance"

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Authored by Nick Giambruno via,

Only a fool tries to survive by acting like a vegetable, staying rooted in one place, when the political and economic climate changes for the worse.

—Doug Casey

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that America is in turmoil. That was on full display recently in Charlottesville, Virginia.

But it’s not just Charlottesville. There have been deadly clashes in Ferguson, Charleston, Dallas, St. Paul, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, and Alexandria.

America is headed for a new kind of civil war.

And when it erupts, you and your family will want “freedom insurance” - the ability to get out fast and set up comfortably in a more stable country.

I recently spoke with my friend and colleague Chris Lowe about this, and I knew I had to pass along our discussion to International Man readers. Chris is the editor of Bonner & Partners’ Inner Circle. His publication shares insights from Bill Bonner’s personal global network of analysts and investment experts.

*  *  *

Chris Lowe: You’ve been urging folks to diversify internationally. Why is that message so important now?

Nick Giambruno: The US is becoming more and more fragmented, as I’m sure our readers have noticed. I’ve never seen it more polarized.

In fact, I’ve only seen this degree of polarization in countries that have gone through civil wars. It all feels eerily familiar.

I was born in the US, and grew up there. But I used to live in Lebanon, which went through a nasty 15-year civil war. More than 120,000 died. Thousands more lost their homes.

And I currently live in Colombia part of the year. The country has a 50-year history of civil conflict.

Chris Lowe: What’s to blame for this situation?

Nick Giambruno: Identity politics are a big factor.

That’s when your religion, race, ethnic background, and so forth are the most important thing in politics. You’re no longer an individual American. You’re part of some group, undoubtedly being victimized by another group.

This naturally leads to collectivism, tensions… and eventually violence between the groups.

Identity politics were a big factor in Lebanon’s civil war. And they’re a big factor in the US right now. This poisonous trend is growing, and it’s probably unstoppable.

The media is another big factor. Most Americans live in a partisan information bubble with these 24-hour news networks and partisan websites. That accelerates the divide.

I lived in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital city, for about three years. It reminds me of the media there. About 6 million people live in Lebanon, but it has about a dozen 24-hour news channels. Each one caters to a different political/sectarian/ethnic group. This allows each group to live in its own media bubble.

Lebanon’s bloody civil war happened in the 1970s and 1980s. But it’s still an extremely divided country. It wouldn’t take much for its civil war to start up again.

The media in Lebanon helps incubate tensions there. Today, the same thing is happening in the US.

I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but Americans hate each other right now. And it’s getting worse. We’re just a market crash… a recession… or some other extreme event away from more widespread violence. A new form of civil war is even possible.

Chris Lowe: We’re not talking a return to 1861—to pitched battles between armies and hundreds of thousands dead. But if you define “civil war” as a situation where you have widespread violence, a rejection of political authority, and the National Guard on the street, it’s easy to see how America gets there.

Nick Giambruno: I agree. I can’t say exactly what it is. But something does seem to be brewing. And it’s not good. That’s why Doug Casey and I urge our readers to internationalize their lifestyles.

Call it what you want, but American society is cracking. Like you say, it’s not necessarily just the political system, but society itself. And that’s probably more worrisome.

Doug and I have talked about this a lot lately. Doug is older than I am. He’s in his 70s. And he says he hasn’t seen anything like this in his lifetime.

This is why I urge readers to diversify outside of the US. The fracturing of society will create a lot of political risk. And that’s on top of the risks from money printing, higher taxes, and increasing regulations.

Chris Lowe: What do you say to folks who see the idea of an America at war with itself as farfetched?

Nick Giambruno: We’ve seen this movie before. As Doug has been warning his readers for years, it happened in Bosnia in the 1990s. It happened in Afghanistan in the 1980s. It happened in Rhodesia—now Zimbabwe—in the 1970s. It happened in the Belgian Congo in the 1960s… in Cuba in the 1950s… in China in the 1940s… in Germany in the 1930s… and in Russia in the 1920s.

It also happened recently in Ukraine, where Doug and I visited last year. There, it started with the downfall of a Russian-backed thug who was replaced by a US-backed thug. The country lost itself in identity politics—people who identified with Russia versus those who didn’t.

From there, it descended into armed conflict. So far, more than 10,000 are dead and many thousands more are wounded.

As Doug puts it, if you stay put in one place… and you don’t have options when one of these extreme events happens… you’re going to wind up a victim.

No matter where you live, international diversification can greatly reduce the threat your home government poses to your personal and financial wellbeing.

Chris Lowe: How does it work?

Nick Giambruno: You know the benefits of diversifying your investment portfolio. If you put all of your asset “eggs” in one basket, you could lose your entire portfolio if that basket breaks.

The same idea applies to political risk. If your home country fractures—and suffers the kind of civil unrest and violence we’ve been talking about—you could lose everything.

Most people have medical, life, fire, and car insurance policies. You hope you never have to use these policies. But you have them anyway. They give you peace of mind and protection if the worst comes to pass.

International diversification is the ultimate insurance policy. Think of it as “freedom insurance.” It frees you from dependence on any one country. Achieve that freedom, and it becomes extremely difficult for any one group of bureaucrats to control you. The results can be life changing.

Everyone in the world should aim for political diversification. But it’s especially critical for those who live under a government that’s sinking hopelessly deeper into financial trouble. That means most Western governments… and the US in particular, given what’s going on right now.

*  *  *

We recently released a memo that reveals the underlying source of all this political polarization and social unrest in America… and a troubling truth about America that no one else will tell you. Click here to read it now.

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Manthong's picture


bullshit.... stand and fight

pussies run away


BlindMonkey's picture

The ones that stay end up dead so take your pick. 

Manthong's picture


…better dead than    ?? red

Or tread upon by leftist bastards and their impudent poli - flunkies


malek's picture

Define what you consider "red" these days, outside of North Korea and Venezuela...

Manthong's picture


"define what you consider "red""

Washington, DC

...the richest half dozen or so thieving counties in the world.


.. but the few million grifters there are really owned by Wall Street, London and Frankfurt.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Americans do not hate each other. They all pretty much want the same things ... jobs, big screen TVs, a car etc. Then there's George Soros who is pouring gasoline on every possible divisive issue in the country. We should all be united in hating Soros.

Manthong's picture


OK.. that sounds like a great place to start.

Y’know his native Hungarian countrymen don’t like his rotten ass very much either.

MillionDollarButter's picture

Take it out?  You mean out of the gun safe?

stacking12321's picture

stand and fight, you say?

i would, if there were something here worth fighting for - america, i can take it or leave it, is my motto, i'm ok with either one.

don't really feel like living in a war zone if that's what it comes to, and maybe it will

america is just a dream, an idea - the real america is freedom, and i'll go where there's freedom, wherever that is, doesn't need to be this particular patch of earth.


money tends to go where it's treated best. people, too.

stant's picture

Agreed but I am southern old and now new scores to settle

Twee Surgeon's picture

Exactly. But Soros is just the front for something much bigger and darker.

Clock Crasher's picture

If you are alone it dosen't make sense (to me) to stay and fight.  Without being part of a group or having anyone to watch your back why stay? 

The Bosnian survivor Blog article made me rethink the entire tough it out idea. 

Manthong's picture


...maybe it depends upon whether you have more firepower than the local infantry...........

Clock Crasher's picture

As a former infantryman in Iraq I can tell you that several well armed insurgents defending from inside a poured concrete home is no match for 4 up armor Humvees, and two Bradley fighting vehicles peppering the front driveway and house with 25 mike-mike at 3 o'clock in the morning.

I don't think its going to ever come to that here.  I day dream about having immediate and extended family AND friends who are on the same page as me. 

Please forgive any cowardice I portray. 

ScratInTheHat's picture

I may be completely off but I don’t think that the az_holes are the ones who are going to have all the Humvees, armor vehicles, and heavy weapons. Would you have fired on your own people?

Clock Crasher's picture

If your drinking cool aid and surrounded by cool aid aficionados you are going to fire on whoever your boss says the enemy is. 

I really hope I am dead wrong about that.  I wouldn't be surprised to discover 18 year old Marines wanting to dump a drum of ammo through his SAW into the homes of "insurgents".  Soldiers are trained to kill, period.

Street fighting in urban combat theater can be exciting for the enlisted, probably why they signed up.

It can't be ruled out.

ScratInTheHat's picture

There will be those that will but unless I’m sadly mistaken and things have changed too much since I was in it is not going to be the majority. It’s one thing to be over there and another to be over here. Mind you I’m going to be out of cities. Those are going to be the hell holes. The thing is a civil war here is going to turn into an invasion from outside in like two seconds. It’s going to be just like the south in the War for Southern Independence except we are all going to be the south and we had better be smarter about it than they were.

RabbitOne's picture

Clock, as an old nam’ survivor I see your “one of” analysis pretty much dead on. However I estimate that the sheer number of heavily armed households (probably 10 million of 50 million) in America make the scope of this entire operation much too large for our armed forces. Then as you add to the operation count the resistence will get stiffer and stiffer. It will not take long before Guerrilla forces appear performing hit and run tactics. This progression will lead to the break up of the country into tribal units and with the arms and ammo stacked it could go on for decades...

BobEore's picture

Both of you are correct...

inside of the limited time frames in which you acquired your experience... and the analysis which results from any such "case study."

Time, however, does not stand still... or at least those whose cabals operate in accord with multi-generational plans to 'destroy' their 'enemies' do not. Just in the time frame since the first "Gulf War," for instance... and most certainly, in the half century since the Viet one, the advances in pyschological warfare technique, socio-economic control, and cultural infiltration on the part of the millennialists seeking the destruction of the west have been astonishing.

The vast plethora of what boil down to techiques of mind control... manipulations of reality via communication channels, education systems, subtle changes to diet, medicines, even child birthing and home appliciances, have gone unnoticed... by design. It's not till you're out of the pot... watching from afar, and noting the return of old faculties and abilities which somehow 'got lost' during life in the Occident... that these collective malfeasances of psyche and soma can really be perceived. All of which is to say...

the kabbalist talmudist works on incredibly long time lines to degrade the capacity to resist their covert culture war. They attack mind and body, surreptitiously, such that one might still belive that possess independence of thought, freedom of action, and the capacity to 'know thy enemy'... when in fact they do not. This is what will make all the difference, when the perps decide its'  time to drop the masks and pull the plug. And they will only do that when they know that they've sufficiently succeeded in degrading their potential resistance.

It's happening right before your eyes... every day, day in day out. Talked about it here for years, to the benighted brethern in Gulagistan, meeting nought but a wall of dismissive contempt. "Stand n fight?" You bet your ass! But it was the Iron Duke...

the most masterful military strategist since Alexander, the man who rope a doped Nappy all through the Penninsular War, with puny field forces and slender material resources, till he drove the French right out Spain...

who summed up the case against the fools who fall into the trap of defending a fixed position ... such as "America"...

Never be afraid to retreat, when it is called for by circumstance, always preserve your core, so that it may fight another day, on the ground of ones' own choosing.

This is a war which will be won - or lost - from the marches of empire... fought by those who preserved their strength - and souls - from the degradation which now covers the west with the filth of talmudist Noahide rule. It would be a pity if some of you can't join us in the fray. Choose your ground ... and your friends... wisely.

stant's picture

Yep shot ,starved etcknow that going in.

tion's picture

These pathetic wanna-be-alpha cucks disgust me almost as much as pantifa.

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

Flight is better than fight when you're clearly outnumbered.  

Idaho potato head's picture

Another rich man giving advise to thee vanishing middle class, as he jets away in his gulfstream to Rancho Cafaeete or whatever the fuck it's called.

Clock Crasher's picture

Kids where's your mother?  Honey, America is going to collapse.  We are selling the house and moving to Bolivia.  You know, they paid off their debt to the IMF?  Your gonna love it.  Trust me.

steve2241's picture

Mosquito Coast, Harrison Ford - only in that movie, it was Belize.

Clock Crasher's picture

I'm saving up for a 2020 South American scouting mission to see which Country is the least fucked up down there.  Bolivia is on the list ever since ZH posted that article that they got out from under the thumb of the IMF. 

That and I want to see the total eclipse Dec 15 2020 passing through a national park in Chile/Argentina border.  I missed the US  total eclipse. 

steve2241's picture

That would be on my list, too.  Much of the northern part of Latin America has been Westernized/Americanized.  Give me another 100 years and there'd be a few other countries In Africa I'd like to check out, too! It takes a few decades to experience each one. :)

stant's picture

Stand and fight it is

malek's picture

Some day you will realize that the nicest guns won't help you if morals have been undermined thoroughly...

(I'm not making fun of guns, I'm just pointing out their limits.)

Clock Crasher's picture

The revolution will be ultimately won with words  and non compliance.  Any force on force civil war scenario will be the gangs, EBT plague, National Guard, Active Duty and Local Police vs the conservative gun owner.  Not good odds.

shimmy's picture

Because it is so easy to just pack up and leave your job and move to a country you may like. Legally that is. i guess if you want to go the illegal route and work on the cheap then it's probably pretty easy.


Anteater's picture

Just overstay your visa like the 150,000 H-1B Hindus

flying over the border by the jumbo jet load every day.

They bring their whole families before they get booted

by MicroSoft, Amazon. They are everywhere,  sadhus

walking up and down, living in these huge big boxes.

Average H1-B Hindu makes $100K according to IRS,

average H1-B Hindu family household is $200K.


DoctorFix's picture

If you can afford to get out then do it.   Not easy but anything worth doing usually isn't.

adr's picture

When you try to force generally good and productive citizens to not only subsidize but glorify the scum of humanity, you will get pushback. 

Some Jewish developer probably sold the land most of your town's businesses were built on and made a lot of money. What he wants to do is destroy that value so he can buy it for nothing and start the process over again. 

They organize flash mobs, crime waves, and destruction of property to cause white flight. Who do you think is behind gentrification? Once the area becomes successful again and brings in a whole new set of business, they'll let it ride for a few years and then unleash the ghetto army again. 

I watched it happen for 30 years all around Cleveland. It's no secret that the list of property developers reads like a roll call at Saturday night Temple. 

Dickguzinya's picture

To:  adr

From:  Dickguzinya

Re:  Invitation

You are cordially invited to..............Go Fuck Yourself.



WTFUD's picture

It's called Turf-Wars.

Try setting up a blow-den or a knocking-shop in a new neighbourhood.

Richard Chesler's picture

"political and economic climate change"

Where is that clown that keeps posting climate change crap? He's slacking.


RozKo's picture

Its not just the US but all over the world things are falling apart. Whats makes you so sure that running away to another country is such a great idea if SHTF? I live at my home and will die at my home.

waspwench's picture

A good country is hard to find.   Then there is the problem of whether or not they will let you live there.   Can you get medical care, do you speak the language, are you permitted to work, own property, & etc?

Articles such as this tell us what to do.   They never tell us how, or where, to do it.

Dickguzinya's picture

Let's see:  Korea/missile, Charlottesville, Korea/missile again, Hurricane Harvey, Korea again, Hurricane Irma, Trump extends the debt ceiling, Trump pretends to play nice with the scum bag dumbocrats to earn points (smart move but don't hold your breath), More korea sabre rattling.  


Throughout, the markets stay range bound during the distractions/noise.  What is going on behind the scenes?

WTFUD's picture

Good question, some serious conniving, i expect. lol

Drater's picture

Sadly the current U.S. is not worth fighting for...


"I have no sense of nostalgia. Tomorrow is what interests me."

- Francois Pinault

stacking12321's picture

hm, i see a thai flag as your avatar, i can see why you'd say that!

maybe i'll come join you over on that side...

WTFUD's picture

So 70% are under water or just keeping their heads above it, 20% are comfortable but not totally secure that a major event could potentially scupper their asperations and so the advice is for the already mobile 10% creaming off the bottom to get the hell out of Dodge.

I suppose it'll have to be armed militias like in all the other banana republics who'll be tasked at looking after their kin/communities.

scintillator9's picture

Splendid idea, just picking up and leaving to other destinations.

Problem is, how long until this infection spreads, then one needs to keep moving, until the whole world is simply a cess pit.

From my experience, appeasement and or running never works out in the long run for eventually whatever one is trying to run from or appease catches up to one, or demands ever more, or both.

Also, what support structures will be in place for one in destinations unknown, and how well received will one be from the locals?

Will one know who to trust, who to turn to, the lay of the land?

When I start to get bothered by things, I just ask myself this: was I afraid to be born? The opposite should be just as easy, perhaps easier with the technologies in place.

YourAverageJoe's picture

He posts this shit from the comfort of his Patagonian villa seems like quarterly, never thinking that guys like me can't afford to pluck their families up and jet away to that better, freer land than I live in now. 

THe first time I read his dreamy vision was back in 2011, when he and Porter Stansberry convinced me the sky was falling and I bought a bunch of very expensive silver.

Jungle Jim's picture

That's pretty much my story too.


Seasmoke's picture

The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence. I'm staying right here and will do what needs to be done when its time.

RevIdahoSpud3's picture

Absolutely! Go someplace else and what if SHTF there? Were do you go? It would be OK if you have the fiat $'s to escape but do you just keep running? At least here, I'm in a rural area. I know the area and the people generally. I'm in an environment I can defend or attack if need be. What the hell would I do in Nicarauga, Costa Rica or New Zealand? I don't have the $fiat to function so I would be at the bottom of the social ladder. I might last a while if I want to burn through cash like a California brush fire. My weapons, my defense, my advantage is right here. Other places, like deep metro areas with heavily mixed races may be hell and in that case the ones that can afford to move and get out will be lucky but they are in an extreme minority. If you don't speak the language, if you don't have the weapons, or established relationships your just pulling your own meat if you think the foreign jungle somewhere will make you better off.

Twee Surgeon's picture

A lot of Bloodshed ? You have ghetto blacks killing people for whatever reason seems fitting at the moment with Shapeless unfounded malice as their primary driver.

The kid in Mom's car panicked by rioters in Charleston looks to have squashed a Soros Occupier instead of a Soros KKK paycheck actor by accident.

All the rest of the Ghetto stuff is a deal about cop's and black people.

More people will die from Identity Politics at Soccer Matches in Europe and South America this weekend, by violence, than have died at so called political demonstrations in the USA in the last year or more. More Tourists will be Robbed and Raped in Tourist paradises.

Chicago, Illinois, will do a nice try this weekend to remain a Murderous contender but more likely the Mexicans around Tijuana and Juarez will put them to shame. Brazil could be a contender if the quiet before the storm in once amazing Venezuela gets less noisy. Be fucking serious.