Man Shouting "Allahu Akbar" Viciously Attacks Family Of 4 In France

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A man reportedly shouted "Allahu Akbar" before viciously assaulting four passers-by and three police officers on Wednesday in Toulouse, France, punching and kicking his victims before being subdued, according to French-language publication La Depeche.

The incident was reminiscent of an attack in Brussels just two weeks ago, when a machete-weilding man also shouted "Allahu Akbar" before lunging at police. But he was shot dead before he could cause any serious injuries.

Video of Wednesday's incident can be seen below:

"One witness said: 'We were chatting and he jumped on us. He first caught my son and then beat my daughter. We just ran," according to the Daily Mail.

The three policemen, who intervened after they spotted the attacker assaulting the passers-by, were injured by kicks and fists, as were the passers-by.

"We were discussing and he jumped on us. He first caught my son and then beat my daughter. We ran ... ", according to the father of the family of four that was attacked."

After the attacker struck, the panicked victims managed to escape to the Boulevard des Minimes and alert a patrol car.

The officers didn’t need to travel far to find the attacker. During the very rigorous arrest, the individual continued to shout "Allahu Akbar" over and over.

Three policemen were injured in the legs and shoulder. After firefighters were dispatched to examine their wounds, two of the family members were taken to the Toulouse-Rangueil hospital. The 42-year-old alleged perpetrator, whose name was not released, stayed in a psychiatric hospital, but was otherwise unknown to authorities.

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ahhh, the age old 'mental illness' rationale.  The mental illness stats must be exploding in Europe. 

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No-no-no! He was yelling “Algo Akbar!”  ;-)


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He got over-excited while rushing to buy a copy of Hillary's new book.


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"He first caught my son and then beat my daughter. We just ran."  Uhm, no.  You beat my child, and I'm not running.  What is wrong with Europeans?!

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Obama's Muzlim half of the family.

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So why didn't one of those being attacked simpy pull out a firearm and shoot the attacker dead? Oh, that's right, the French no longer have the right to defend themselves with firearms. They traded it for "multiculturalism".

Allahu akbar, baby! /s

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Toulouse has descended into a 3rd world shithole and it's only going to get worse with Granny fucker - homo Macron, who wants more. France is totally fucked and the strikes that are now ongoing look as though they could be the start of something serious. Revolution is not unknown to the French so maybe something good will come out of it but not without a lot of blood and tears first. Glad I live in the sticks...

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Yeah, Allahu Cacabar ... fuck the medieval religio-fascists islam ...

beemasters's picture

Cos had he shouted "Hallelujah!", it wouldn't have made any headline news.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Hm, when did an equivalent incident got recorded with the unique difference being that the witnesses heard the perpetrator screaming 'Hallelujah!', honestly, I don't recall one single incident like it ...

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The new EU Army will then be sent in to "defend democracy".

Vageling's picture

You think the EU would still be there or surten gubs if Europeans had guns? They even want to disarm police. Dis-functional thinking in most of Europe. Gub has monopoly to violence. Yeah... Great idea! 

Did you know that by law they can shoot and kill you if you go against the EU? Armed or not. Funny how antifa still lives... 

Vageling's picture

In a sense. I don't feel insulted as European because there is a core of truth in what you say. What I can guaran-fucking-tee you is that I would attack that fucker. Socialist gub is the problem. Everybody relies on a gub that doesn't give a fuck about you.  I've been up against a muzzie a few times. Don't care. It ends always the same. One on one? Posturing and that's all. The fact I'm willing to fight them gives them a shock. 

I loath these figures by the way. Don't befriend them either. Pussies. No pride, self worth, no nothing. Feminine as fuck mostly. Their choice. It's why I get left alone accept for some stink eye. Why they and their kids get harassed. Message from the gub? Don't resist. Get beaten and make no eye contact. And do report it to the police. Who refuse to take the report or DOJ just throw the case in the garbage. Being screwed basically. This poor excuse of a father is being a good socialist sheep. Gets what he deserves in my opinion. No respect for him. 

We are not all like that for the record. That's why men like me are labeled nazis ;) Suppose to feel shame... LoL!

Nobody For President's picture

I had EXACTLY the same thought - 'We just ran." What The Fuck is wrong with this so called man and father? Apparently, this assailent asshole wasn't even armed with a knife, and he just ran? If his daughter gets raped by one of these Allah whatever assholes, does he apologize for having a female child? These fucking so-called FrenchMEN deserve exactly what they are getting - thier guns taken away, and the Allah assholes beating them and their families while they run away to find a policeman. It is past time for another French revolution, but given their current president they voted for, ain't gonna happen.

Is is somehow a requirement that all native French males have to carry a white hankerchief from birth?

What a disgusting, spineless fuck. 

NoPasaran's picture

you don't know what you are talking about, keyboard "warrior"

Zero Point's picture

Muricans would shoot anyone that sexually assaults their kids. Except TSA agents of course.

Vageling's picture

Neither do you. Just because you would take it up in the ass and accept it doesn't mean it's normal. Can't fight? Accept you are weak. White? Accept that nobody will give you justice. There are provisions in law about self defense. The law enforcement rather see you die. Saves them the trouble. But I guess you can't take the adrenaline and freeze up helpless. Not everybody is like that. Not everybody is like you. Some freeze, some run, others fight back. You can defy the rules of nature all you want. The weak perish and the strong live. It's nature. Cruel reality. 

NoPasaran's picture

Counter-attacking is not always the best solution. Sometimes it's the dumbest solution.

Imagine you have a much larger attacker who seems deranged, you go against him, he kills you, who is going to raise and feed your 4 children?

You are accusing people not even knowing what happened and who was involved.

JB Say's picture

Even big guys have soft targets

JB Say's picture

My thoughts exactly. Motherfucker attacks my family better be heavily armed or he is going to have a crushed larynx and maybe a missing eyeball.

JSBach1's picture

Hey Macron, Quit busting Poland's balls and focus on the "real" problem in your country!

Village-idiot's picture

Well, that proves he's mentally unstable.

I guess putting him in the State nut-ward was the right thing to do.

JimmyJones's picture

Wow another lone wolf, I wonder if he was muslim and an "refugee"?  We love our muslims, Ohhhhh..they so good.....They so sweet...

Xibalba's picture

I'm sure he doesn't have a Imam encouraging him...or a community of like minded... that actually know their purpose. 


What ppl don't understand is that in EU countries, you are all alone.  You are atheist.  You are a 'worker'.  And you are ignored by any sort of government unless they are there to tax you.  Nuland was right...Fuck the EU

NoDebt's picture

"It's just something people are going to have to get used to."


Shitonya Serfs's picture

ESPN should hire him as a sideline reporter for NFL games.

Handful of Dust's picture

Yes, "These things are to be expected in a big city" least in the rapefugee-infested EU.

undertow1141's picture

This couldn't possibly have anything to do with Islamic culture. Not at all.

Gorgeous's picture

More just muslim theology.  Some muslim cultures kill alot, some only kill a little.

French Bloke's picture

Whereas we in the West aren't responsible for any deaths are we? No, it's just the Govts we keep voting in....

Cole The Bar's picture

I want to visit Europe some day but all the doom porn on this site makes it hard to find the motivation

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I was in Toulouse a couple of weeks ago and had no problems. Don't let fear ruin your life.


Volaille de Bresse's picture

Yesterday evening on the French/German TV channel "Arte" there was a documentary on Islamic terrorism and an expert seriously declared Europe would face attack for another 25 years.


"Yeah sure" I thought. "France will have Le Pen and Germany will have AFD in power cause ppl will be fed up with Muzzies".

25 years of Islamist terrorist attacks? Ppl will rather take the problem at the root and deport 80% of the Muzzies that pollute the European soil.

French Bloke's picture

"Europe would face attack for another 25 years"

Yep - right up to the day the capitulate

Handful of Dust's picture

My nephew was in paris two months ago and got mugged by a rapefugee group of 4. He's glad they didn't beat him to death.


Location, location , location.

soyungato's picture

We were in Paris 15 years ago and got muged by three Arabs. I was having a high fever that day and couldnt fight them off. Fortunately I have all my cash in a pouch wrapped around my leg and they only make off with $10 from my wallet in my pocket. 

Never One Roach's picture

Paris is a total cesspool these days and has been for awhile due to north africans. That tall beautiful mulatto model was almost beaten unconscious right on main street by two Africans but a cabbie stopped to help her or she said she might have been beaten to death.

Greenspazm's picture

You evidently had nothing Toulouse.

I always have one of these on my person  (see further below)

Gorgeous's picture

Lot of doom here to be sure.  But some places in Europe don't look like Europe anymore.  I had some business in Saint-Denis France.  Looked like I woke up in Lybia. 

GunnyG's picture

Plenty to see here in the States. No flying and no Muslim vermin underfoot.

subversion's picture

Everytime. Take their land and farm equipment....and execute a few Chrisitians as well to balance this out.

sgt_doom's picture

Well . . . they always shout 'Allahu Akbar' because Islam is the religion of peace.

Offthebeach's picture

We'll never know his true motive.

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It's a good thing the victims did not have guns, or someone could have gotten hurt.