45,000 Evacuated After "Almost Simultaneous" Bomb Threats Across Russia

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Following a series of "almost simultaneous" warnings that shopping centers, railway stations and university buildings in Moscow had been rigged with explosives, authorities ordered the evacuation of more than 10,000 people on Wednesday.

“Twenty sites are currently being evacuated, and more than 10,000 people have been escorted out, though the specific number is still being confirmed,” an emergency services source told news agency Tass.


“This appears to be a case of telephone terrorism, but we have to check the credibility of these messages,” said the source, who noted that the calls began at the same time, and continued after the evacuations had begun.

Emergency services said that specialist units equipped with bomb-sniffing dogs were searching the locations, according to Russia Today. The source, or sources, of the threats have not yet been identified. Though an unidentified law enforcement official in Chelyabinsk said on Tuesday there are grounds to assume that the bomb threats were “all organized abroad.” Though according to Bloomberg, which cited some initial local reports, some suggested that the evacuations might have been some kind of exercise.


Among the affected areas include Moscow's largest railway stations, more than a dozen shopping centers, including GUM, located next to Red Square, and at least one university - though there have been unconfirmed reports of an evacuation at another school. Luckily for commuters, TASS reported that the police investigation had not interrupted service on the city's metro line.

Here's a live feed from Komosomolskaya Square, where things appear to have calmed down:

Video from the evacuation at one Moscow mall can be viewed below:


If the calls all turn out to be hoaxes, they would be the latest in a series of hoaxes that has forced the evacuations of schools, universities, shopping malls and other public centers over the past four days. The hoaxes have been carried out across a broad swath of the country from the Far East to Moscow. According to Interfax via the Moscow Times, authorities recently started receiving the threats, which have all been false alarms.

The evacuations began Sunday in Omsk and continued in Ryazan that evening. Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Stavropol and Kopeisk received as many as 42 bomb threats on Monday. By Tuesday, the anonymous threats were reported in Perm, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and other cities, forcing the evacuation of an estimated 45,000 people. Threats in Saratov were made using anonymous voice-over-IP protocols, according to the regional branch of the FSB, the Russian federal security service.

Authorities vowed to identify the hoaxers.

“The people involved in this are being identified,” the local FSB office’s press service told the FreeNews-Volga agency. Interfax said no explosive devices were found at any of the listed locations."


Under Russian law, terrorist false alarms are punishable by up to five years in prison. According to authorities, multiple police investigations have been opened. However, the possibility that the hoaxers are using pre-recorded messages, automated dialing systems and digital means of concealing their true location could make identifying suspects difficult. At least five cities were targeted by bomb scares in the Russian Far East, according to Interfax. Regional airports in Irkutsk, Yakutsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky were evacuated, as were government buildings, bus stations, train stations and schools. In Siberia, an airport in Abakan was among 19 buildings to receive anonymous bomb threats. Three more Siberian cities evacuated shopping malls, government offices, schools and hospitals.

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Where is Victoria Nuland?

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That Iphone X 'misfire' was a real doozy.  Forgot the NSA/CIA links were live.....

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Just force the Muds to convert or face expulsion, tbh.

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Prostitutin and his regime has lost control of Russia's situation but it has supported UN resolution.

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You can't have a free, white Russia AND  a jew World Order

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are their 'teens' or vibrants looting the place like in houston/florida?

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This is REVENGE for the paperwork dump exposing the CIA\NSA\USA for arming and supporting ISIS.  War is just on the horizon.  The civil war is not amongst American citizens as we are led to believe, it is currently raging among the Elites who run the world. This is precisely how World Wars begin and we the peasants are just the resource to fight it for them.  In the past two world wars, the common term for soldiers on both sides was cannon fodder (food for the cannon to chew up), as that is what we are to the Elite scum attempting to save and expand their vast fortunes. 


fleur de lis's picture

The Ruskies are not like us.

Anyone inside Russia who gets caught calling in these hoaxes will come to a most unpleasant end.

No press conferences with stupid broadcasters, no lawyers, no explanations, nothing.

They will disappear. 

Their CIA contacts are long since gone, but any Ruskies who are complicit had better know how to live in the Taiga if they want to live at all.

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Americans who think a few long guns is exercising their 2nd needs to wake up and get some artillery and a few tons of shells.

Volkodav's picture

      yeh...often assist officials solve crimes

      and find secrets

      original climate change fraud exposed off Tomsk server




Cankles did it. Revenge for bad book reviews. 

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She is administering transfusions of dead infant stem cells to her mentor John McBrain Tumor!

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Lookout for a Shemita dance troupe, rehearsing on rooftops. 

A Nanny Moose's picture

why do (((they))) so hate Russia?

Took Red Pill's picture

they hate them for their freedoms

(actually they hate them because they are defeating ISIS)

Volkodav's picture

      cos Russia is more free


HRClinton's picture

"why do (((they))) so hate Russia?"

Cause (((They))) h8 EVERYONE who forcibly removes them from the positions of Stealth Power, undue Influence and fraudulent Wealth.

(((They))) feel that it's their (((God)))-given right to rule over all. 

Entitled (((Parasites))) and (((Usurpers))).

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Hanging out in a telephone booth.

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To determine whether a threat is credible, look for dancing Israelis.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Observe how the winning of the war in Syria by Russia/Syria/Iran/hezbollah and the increased attacks, on all levels ,on Russia,are coordinated. Any confusion about who's behind it?

Russia must pay for winning in the ME.

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Once they are out in the street they are easy targets. 

Consuelo's picture



Regime Change anyone...?

Pleb_From_Windsorstan's picture

Lookout for the next Presidential election in 2018, I predict a puppet will be installed aka "Democratically Elected".

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Well, you know, when people can't get their vodka ...

Volkodav's picture

      shto?   unpossible...

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The sergeant has obviously never been to Russia  :D

oncemore's picture

Do you sugest a free vodka, the same, lime weed in us?

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And who does everyone think is behind this? 

BlindMonkey's picture

One of the 155 US "diplomats" that were recently shown the door is my bet.

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Usually it's the comrades of the ones getting blown up by missile and carpet bombing and there has been a lot of blowing up in the last year.

silverer's picture

When they find out who did that, they'll be an obituary.

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Oh those crazy mooslims and their unique sense of humor

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Saudi backed extremism. The king isn't happy that Russia stopped their planned domination over natural gas routes to Europe. 

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Phone calls originated from US Embassy. 

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From the Special Projects section, staffed by the (((Usual Suspects))).

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Someone just having a laugh.

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Probably US Blowback Lunatic Merchants, formerly known as US CIA (Criminally Insane Agency), having a laugh at Russia's expense.

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Right out of Alexander's playbook...

When Alexander faced off against Darius across a river, (might have been the Euphrates but I can't remember), Alexander marched his troops up and down the river every night. Once the Persians became weary and only sent a token force to follow, Alexander crossed the river in force, slaughtering the small Persian task force and caught Darius unawares.

In this case the terrorists are creating the same situation in Russia. Soon enough, once the Russians become inured to the "threats," the real bombs will go off, with a much larger death toll than there otherwise would be.

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     ever think to lecture Rus Military Academy?

Pool Shark's picture

You overlook one important detail:


If you want to kill lots of people, place a bunch of bombs, BUT DON'T PHONE IN A THREAT AND GIVE PEOPLE A CHANCE TO EVACUATE!!!

[Geez, people are dumb...]

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If you do as he said it is much more effective. Endless fake bomb threats, then they are ignored only to have it be real and many killed. Thus in the future the fake bomb threats have great effect on the minds of the people.

Volkodav's picture

     Lady Lawyer here tells more than 5year

     5 year wud be for lone prank   this will be for old age


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Probably just another autistic Israeli teen having some fun. 

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But russians deserve it because they give the jewsZION to much liberty!

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In the U.S. ...They just let you die  , then bring out a new version of the Patriot Act till morale improves.

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No sh$t: Eveyone has to be radiated, thumb printed, eye scanned, background checked and intemidated before they can run up their credit card. Just imagine what would happen if you wanted to visit granny via an airplane; Oh, never mind.

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I wish Boris Alotovkrap was still posting here on ZH, he would have chimed in nicely on this one.