New White House Comms Director "Suspended" From Twitter One Day After Appointment

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It appears the mob has won (a battle, perhap not the war).

Following a coordinated alt-left attack targeting Hope Hicks' account, Twitter has suspended the new White House Communications Director's account after a mass-reporting.

Here is Hope's Twitter page...

The Alt-Left is cheering their victory...

We suspect Twitter will be more than a little embarrassed by this - it appears Jack Dorsey's sophisticated new anti-free-speech, censorship AI algos are really just mob-rule-driven - if enough people don't like what you are saying (or may say), they will comply...

We anxiously await President Trump's response.

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when the saxon began's picture

The more educated, informed, enlightened you become, the more you cringe at the slurring of NSDAP Germany.  But as you said the term nazi is a slur, and therefore I guess means little or nothing other than what the slurrer wants it to mean.  People use it as shorthand for totalitarian or intolerant without knowing a single solitary correct thing about NSDAP Germany.

Seeing Red's picture

So the moral is the "Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions" then?  Or what?  What's your point?

justa minute's picture

the word nazi came from ashkenazi the group of jews from kzaria the title of the of the jewish sanhedrun is NAZI or NASI. the juice always blame others for what they are dioing

A Nanny Moose's picture

Communists only know how to project

Handful of Dust's picture

Twitter should record all the fascist lefty mob members who bashed this woman and ban them from Twitter.

Otherwise, shut twitter down and initiate an "Independent Investigation" by the DOJ. Keep they shut until their domestic terrorist activities are thoroughly examination.



charlewar's picture

why bring your mom into this discussion? She being a hick has little bearing on you...except showing us what an asswipe you are.

Bubba Rum Das's picture

So NOW we got 'Yo Mama' jokes on ZH?

My, how far we have fallen here...

msmith9962's picture

I slit the sheet, the sheet I slit and on the slitted sheet I sit.

greenskeeper carl's picture

You can be forgiving for assuming her gender. Only leftists care about such nonsense.

Funny how the 'tolerant' left engages in such behavior, while complaining about the right doxxing people like the big lock guy. Bunch of hypocrites. But, the media, govt, and most people seem to have no problem letting them get away with it.

Jessica6's picture

The entire internet is infested with SJWs which fools companies and sometimes regular people into thinking their views are more popular than they actually are.

toady's picture

Ip can manipulated, macid is better.... but they can get past that too...

JimmyJones's picture

Most of those numbsculls aren't using anything to mask their ip's or especiallly MAC's.  Sure maybe 5% of them would slip through but it would be very effective till they adapt.

A Nanny Moose's picture

MAC addresses are data link layer (Layer 2), and do not cross layer 3 boundaries. It is not effective to block those except at switchport or local gateway

JimmyJones's picture

"If they had any brains at all, they would IP ban all the idiots making fraudulent reports."

They would if they didn't support it.

Txpl9421's picture

You mean a couple of years of crappy performance was not enough to short Twitter?

Bigly's picture

You should already short twatter.

They jumped the shark awhile ago 

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

The problem with shorting Twitter is twofold: (1) they are sitting on an absolutely gigantic mountain of cash, and (2) while they are losing money, their losses are so small relative to their mountain of cash that at this rate they could stay in business for many, many decades.

Things that go bump's picture

Barring a massive EMP attack, in which case they would be unable to reach their audience (who would have much more pressing concerns than what's said on twitter) and access to their mountain of digital cash, which may or may not even exist at that point. 

RealityCheque's picture

That signal came some time ago.

If you missed it, it was when it became apparent that Twitter is not a real business and makes no money.

Max Cynical's picture

"I look forward to the day that Twitter thinks it's grown balls big enough to shut down Trump's account."

We all know this has been discussed internally at length.
sheikurbootie's picture

If Twitter were dumb enough to shutdown Trump, he would shut down Twitter for voilation of 1st Amendment.  Let's see Twitter try to unfuck that mistake.  Trump could actually order them, via FCC, to shutdown all operations.  SCOTUS would take years to hear the case.  No more Twitter.

Teddy Roosevelt was a prime example.  He threatened to nationalize several industries.  He was told he couldn't do it, and he proved he actually did have the power. 

The Presidency is a powerful seat.

Latina Lover's picture

I am glad this happened.  Even the dumbest american shlub can see that twitter is an Alt Left SJW infested shithole. The majority of americans voted for Trump, and now they see  that their speech is controlled by a small group of moronic cultural marxists, who can't even tell if they are boys or girls.



I never buy anything from twitter, and look forward to the day when their shares approach their true value of zero. Ten years from now, Twitter will follow in the footsteps of Myspace, AOL and other largely forgotten social media platforms. Blockchain will eventually hammer the twitterati into oblivion.

fleur de lis's picture

Twitter, Google, Youtube, etc., need a visit from the 4chan crowd.

They and Anonymous are the only ones who can straighten out the Marxists.


JimmyJones's picture

Well, they and well armed sane people when the SHTF.

Ward no. 6's picture

i doubt it will go in the footsteps of myspace or aol

too many ppl are addicted to it and cannot live without it i have noticed

it's the narcissim that keeps the place going




gaoptimize's picture

Come on people:  We need to move en masse to


Suggest it to your friends and family.  Make Twitter an empty leftist echo chamber.

decon's picture

This is funny, these rabid leftists are sheep and we know where sheep eventually get led.

Lugnut's picture

Maybe, just maybe, communications from the office of the POTUS aret better served by using a more 'professional' vehicle than Twitter.

Think for yourself's picture

 To destroy twitter? That's such an incredible idea! Are you suggesting an distributed communication protocol that uses blockchain to authentify and safeguard exchanges for posterity?

Is there a token that does this i can put my money in?

Abradolf Lincler's picture

HRC won the popular vote. I don't care for much, except facts. 

lew1024's picture

Just switch to GAB.AI, watch Twitter die on the vine.

Miskondukt's picture

If I recall correctly, Twitter & Facebook follow the EULA rules and NOT USA's freedom of speech rules. 

swmnguy's picture

As indeed do all privately-owned corporations.  First Amendment rights only apply to units of government.  It's appalling, and discouraging, that so many people who pretend to be huge Constitutionalists don't bother to understand what the damn thing means.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

That end-run around the Constitution is nice.  It explains why we see so much farming out of formerly government domain and a corresponding diminishment in accountability.  Private mercenaries (Blackwater, etc.), private prisons, mass surveillance by private companies like Google, FB, and the Twit, etc.  

IMO, if the government has or had a significant hand in either starting up the concern (think In-Q-Tel here), or in maintaining them (by shovelling tons of taxpayer money to them) such enterprises are de facto government operations except now hiding under a cloak of dishonesty.  A turd by any other name still stinks like sh*t.  

Some will no doubt screech that makes companies like Lockheed, General Dynamics, etc, de facto government operations.  Indeed it does.  As such, all profits derived from their government operations shall be returned to the Treasury.  Might help take some of the profit out of mass murder.  Well, one can hope anyway.  

JRobby's picture

Of course she was.

This has escalated to full scale warfare. Bannon is firing some salvos. There must be return fire.

RedBaron616's picture

The fact that Bannon thought he could influence Trump shows that Bannon has no clue. Not to mention the fact that he stayed there until they fired him. He should have walked on his own.  I could care less what kind of fire Bannon takes or Trump for that matter.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Boy, the Deep State can be so in-your-face at times.  The name selected for this time burglar, "Twitter," says it al.  You'd have to be a twit to use it, and it rhymes w/fritter, as in frittering away your time.  

Do not squander time, for it is the stuff life is made of.  Twitter wastes your life.  Dont be a twit:  Stop wasting your life.

Abradolf Lincler's picture

"Congress shall make no law respectingan establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


Private businesses can do whatever they want on their O&O websites....

fx's picture

GOOG, TWTR and Fb should become public utilities and be strictly regulated and supervised. At least that would force them to be more accountable and they would be barred from setting their own rules and from shutting anyone down whenever they feel like.


Of course, shutting those evil empires straight down would be preferable. But how many crybabies would jump out of the 40th floor then, just because Fb was gone for good?

Bigly's picture

SUPERVISED AND broken up like the commie behemoths they are

lew1024's picture

The lesson I have learned from the examples of 'public utilities' is that it doesn't matter much, monopolies are the problem.  'Regulated' is just another form of ownership, electricity, gas, water, telcos are raping the country.

Competition is the answer. Switch to GAB from Twitter, they won't be so quick to stop accounts.

techpriest's picture

I hardly use social media at all, yet have a social life I find satisfying...

Why are we using these services again? Aside from advertising to idiots?

venturen's picture

so you enjoyed the last 8 years of comrade Obama?

swmnguy's picture

What the hell are you talking about?

"Techpriest" and I agree entirely on this topic.  I choose not to provide the social networking companies with the raw materials they use to generate profits.  I find it impossible to insist that others respect my privacy if I don't respect it myself.  My social life is super-groovy and vibrant, by the way; just the way I like it.  I do have a Facebook account because my extended family uses it to stay in touch.  My account doesn't work very well because I have it so locked-down and never post on it, but what the heck.  I also have accounts on the other major social networks, so people who search me can find me but only find purely non-committal confirmation that I exist and that's it.

How on Earth does that extend to support for Obama?  Or anyone or anything else?

OverTheHedge's picture

On a tangential topic, a couple of days ago I switched from adblock to ad nauseam. It blocks ads, which is good, and it also informs me that it has clicked on all ads on all pages, in the background,  racking up $150 to be paid to the web sites hosting said ads. This is almost all Zerohedge, because I don't have a life. So, to support Tyler, steal from Google, and hopefully end the mass advertising mayhem on the internet, I strongly recommend Ad Nauseam

Banned by Google: it MUST be good.


techpriest's picture

I have a couple of situations where I need to use social media, but I've found over time that when I spend more time on social media, I feel depressed, combative, and antisocial. When I get off of it, and seek out actual contact, not only do I feel more connected, but many of the political differences between people become minor. There is something about social media that make meaningful conversation difficult, and it amplifies offensiveness between people.

That said, with all the tracking, I have found Facebook useful for finding study participants because I can advertise to such people very easily (compared to junk mail or putting up ads on a grocery store community board). Or if you need to put up a largely unimportant discussion board for a one-off event. But for anything substantial, don't bother with it.

Hal n back's picture

FB is going to lose its revenues, its advertisers. What happens to FB stock when investors realize it for what it is.

Onan_the_Barbarian's picture

But Facebook can reach 41 million out of the 31 million people!  How can they fail?

j0nx's picture

Are you tired of winning yet? I know I am...

HRClinton's picture

Irrelevant. The point is, they are being allowed to prevent the orderly function of government. 

If that is not grounds for arrest on Sedition, I don't know what TF is.

Of course, you'd need a different AG and FBI, to enforce the Law.

As it is, swish Sessions will effectively recuse himself of anything useful, and go after potheads instead. Trump will bitch, moan and complain, but also do fuck all. He's been neutered by the very guys he picked. 

We're fucked. Prepare to "Give up all hope, you who enter here", as you enter the gates of (((Global-Lust))) Hell. Without an Open Support of sanity, and Open Resistance to the mounting Insanity, (((they))) win on Procedure.

If you still believe that this can be fixed within the "System", you are more nuts and deluded than these Leftist and Jihadist scum.