New White House Comms Director "Suspended" From Twitter One Day After Appointment

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It appears the mob has won (a battle, perhap not the war).

Following a coordinated alt-left attack targeting Hope Hicks' account, Twitter has suspended the new White House Communications Director's account after a mass-reporting.

Here is Hope's Twitter page...

The Alt-Left is cheering their victory...

We suspect Twitter will be more than a little embarrassed by this - it appears Jack Dorsey's sophisticated new anti-free-speech, censorship AI algos are really just mob-rule-driven - if enough people don't like what you are saying (or may say), they will comply...

We anxiously await President Trump's response.

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Anteater's picture

If you believe that Ritchie Rich of the Orange Pompadeur is a 'Populist',

and that the 'orderly function of government' (sic) is his 'fire and frenzy'

fatwahs, and 5 Minutes of H8, you need a re-education, not a soapbox.

His is the greatest Zionist Propaganda Machine since Baruch ben Niriah.

Cman5000's picture

This is really getting old. This strategy of the Regressives will go down as the biggest strategic political blunder in modern times. Other than the media,celebrities and this minority of crazies. People give Zero shits about this constant anti Trump narrative. I firmly believe that 2018 will be an utter disaster for Democrats. And this will guarantee Trump is reelected in 2020. The End

Anteater's picture

2016 was a septenegarian ZioPigA mafiya boss versus a septenegarian

ZioPigB mafiya boss. Why would 2018 be any different? America has

been in a nascent death spiral since the PNAC New Pearl Harbor Bankers

Coup of 1999 and the Pentagon Coup of 2001. 70% of market trades are

algos and supercomputers chasing choss, and Pentagon was just outed

flying arms to ISIS. We need war crime tribunals, not Red-Blue teen spirit.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

" I firmly believe that 2018 will be an utter disaster for Democrats.."

Maybe, but if the chameleon Trump keeps cozying up to them, dont be too sure.   Plus after 3 Congressional election cycles in which the Repukes promised to repeal ACA, we get zip.  That tells you the establishment needs something that it gets from ACA, namely, a new source of taxes and control.  If the particular establishment lackey wears a red shirt or a blue matters only if you're watching in color.  

No, if present trends continue, the establishment's support base will continue to erode.  The big trend worldwide is toward fragmentation, not consolidation and they are fighting the trend.  They will not prevail anymore than if they were fighting against gravity.  

Abradolf Lincler's picture

People used to firmly believe the Earth was flat. 

Conservative Calitopian's picture

god I hope yer right! Please! ... can only hope as I hear the herd bleating in unison. Say, why the fuk do the sheep always have to call the shots???
We need a cliff to run em off of.... They're easily paniced you know.....

Conservative Calitopian's picture

It's spelled 'panicked' dude. Some English words should be redone. They were poorly designed. I hate misspelling! .. even when the bombs start falling we need to properly spell our language in our multitude of social media platforms ... please! Right?

Cash2Riches's picture

These lefties cannot even contain themselves anymore. They simply have to push their agendas whenever they can and are going to destroy our system as a whole. They are cancer.

Max Cynical's picture

SJW Triggering Event Schedule:

Ben Shapiro Berkeley speech - Thursday

Milo Yiannopoulos, Steve Bannon & Ann Coulter - Sept 24

Khan Bucklin's picture

So....... Did anyone think to question whether the allegation that her account was unverified is TRUE? If so, Twitter was absolutely correct to suspend the account until it could be verified, no? You know, security and all that. Don't you want some kind of warm & fuzzy that someone who speaks for POTUS is really who they say they are?

But if not, Twitter should apologize. Simple as that. No need to to get alt-right panties in a bunch about the alt-left blah blah blah.

you_are_cleared_hot's picture

I have a thought...why not have her (Hope Hicks) just tell the press she will provide HW COMMS updates via Twitter and then Jack Dorsey will be forced to un-suspend her because the media would not get her updates; that is to say the media could not do their jobs unless Hope's account is restored.

I see what some of you guys are saying about treating Twitter like a common carrier. I think Twitter, youtube, Facebook, etc, should be treated like common carriers.

pynky01's picture


Conservative Calitopian's picture

I'm fairly poor but own a iPhone 7 which gives me access to this wonderful news site by aka Tyler..... yes I agree, when yer out and about, put down the phone and get into other folk's zone... it's good to interact in the real world. God bless you all.

Conservative Calitopian's picture

An ugly new, but old trend rears it's ugly head. The left are really the fascists..... and the race war is against the white peoples- not against blacks. All this is a narrative made up by the ugly left.

The_Juggernaut's picture

Hah!  Exposed again.

koan's picture

Twitter needs to be regulated or done away with, and I am 100% with Bannon on the suggestion Facebook and Google be regulated as well.

Sanity Bear's picture

They don't need to be regulated. They need to be broken up into tiny little pieces.

tmosley's picture

They don't need either. Instead, Trump and other big names need to leave Twitter for

EVERYONE should leave the leftist infested old social media for the new social media that protects free speech.

Anteater's picture

Trump needs to move to the Eastern White House in Tel Aviv, 

and then issue his 'fire and frenzy' fatwahs on Breitbart Israel.

Hope can be his Plain Jane face of 'Freedom and Democracy',

then turn the White House into an American Holocaust Museum.

techpriest's picture

Outside of a university class years ago, I have never been on Twitter. So, nothing for me to leave.

Dickweed Wang's picture

Yeah, that worked real well with Standard Oil and Bell Telephone. /s

lew1024's picture

We don't actually know how it worked for Standard Oil, as the price of kerocene fell continuously until the company was broken up for anti-trust reasons. Afterwards, it acts much like a regulated utility, i.e. 'monopoly in conclusion with regulators and other regulatees'.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

I'd like to see the Justice Department bust up FB, Twitter, and Google on anti-trust grounds, if for no other reason than to drive the left insane!

Kina's picture

Facebook, Google, Amazon should be busted up - anti trust.

Twitter I don't know.

Bigly's picture

Why did I waste my time to take a whole semester of Antitrust?

Or Con Law for that matter?


Seems very irrelevant to me at this point

Mr.BlingBling's picture

Not going to happen until Trump appoints an AG to replace Sleeping Beauty.

Shitonya Serfs's picture

Broken up at a minimum. I would say shut down, data destroyed, technologies erased, execs perp walked (Zuck, Pete Za Face Schmidt, Bren, Page, etc.). Then all their ill-gotten gains/wealth clawed back (from them and their spawn), assets seized, and get to spend the rest of their lives in a federal dungeon.

ADRtrader's picture

Twitter is a private company which should be able to do whatever it wants as long as it isn't violating any applicable laws.  You are a facist for suggesting otherwise.  If you don't like Twitter, don't use it.  Perhaps you can organize your own social media site and set whatever rules you like.

So many people on this site are for 'freedom' until other people's freedom becomes inconvenient.

Sanity Bear's picture

At this point there are significant national security risks to keeping these companies intact.

Breaking them up is not fascism, it's self-defense.

Minack's picture

That argument died the day the left demanded a Christian couple bake a sodomite cake. The days of live-and-let-live are over and I doubt they're ever coming back.


It's war now.

Anteater's picture

Commercial law has been, always will be, the inn is open to everyone,

and everyone who walks into the bar gets served! When religion gets

injected into the public square, you get The Inquisitions. When gays

are shunned and shamed, you get KrystalNacht, ...and then Auschwitz.

America is the 'land of the free' for everyone, not just thumper nutjobs.

Free speech, free assembly for everyone, not just AltRight brownshirts.

I would burn down churches, before I would accept religious apartheid.

techpriest's picture

I'm assuming there is a /sarc tag that should be attached to this. If not, you are showing a dangerous ignorance of history and world cultures.

I find it funny that the modern atheist manages to overlook thousands of years of religious history, see only a handful of the worst events, and then strip all of the local and political issues out of it and try to turn socio-political issues into purely religious matters. This cheapens any real issues in religious matters.

Meanwhile, the secular 20th century has seen more genocide, democide, cultural destruction, and civilian casualties in war than at any other time in human history, and somehow "religion" is the bad guy. Color me skeptical.

Minack's picture

No, fag, go bake your own damn cake. The inn is not open to everyone and it never was. You can lose your website, your job, and potentially your life if you say or believe the wrong thing. "Oy vey, you better not be an alt-right Trump voter or you support terrorism, goy!"

There are anti-sodomite laws on the books in several states, and yet, no one is hunting down gays and bashing their skulls in. The only modern inquisition I can remember is the one that wants to remove any and all religious symbols and prayers from courthouses, sporting events and institutions. All with the same Red Guard zeal that we see the antifa trash experience as they pull down or cover up statues of our founders.

Only a faggot "nutjob" would equate people making their own decisions about who they will and will not serve with "religious apartheid". Nice "muh 6 million" reference by the way. I'm sure (((they))) love being lumped in with a bunch of mentally-ill degenerates. You all can take turns sleeping with one eye open to watch out for the next holocaust that is always just around the corner unless new speech laws are passed or a new museum built -- taxpayer subsidized, of course!

RedBaron616's picture

Commercial law, as you lay it out, has not always been the law of the land. What you are saying is that government dictates what private store owners can do.

When government pushes false sodomite marriage down your throat, even though even biology says it a farce, THAT is KrystalNacht.

What you and your kind wish to do is force Christians out of the marketplace by making your anti-freedom/anti-liberty agenda law of the land.

Free speech, but no free commerce? Apparently, only some things should be free in your book.

Land of the free means exactly that. It means a business owner should be free to do as he pleases. After all, no one is REQUIRED to shop there. Whose store is it, yours or his?

Your kind of freedom is slavery to the anti-Christian hate so common today. Let me know when you protest a Muslim bakery. That'll never happen because they will kill you and cut you into tiny pieces.

koan's picture

What you fail to consider is the immense power that Facebook, Google and yes, even Twitter hold.
Doesn't matter if they are private, they need to be held accountable, and they need to have less input into our republic.

They are dangerous, and dangerous things get regulated.

Robert Trip's picture

What you fail to consider is non use of any of those platforms negates any control on their part.

You and those like you are unwilling to let go, always searching for alternatives, the next big flavor of the month, but they all end up the same.

HRClinton's picture

More Regulation? Really? How's the Regulation of Banks been working out for us then?

You still drink Kool-Aid(K), do you, and hope you can fix things by using the broken System? How cute. If you're 6.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

What bank 'regulation' would that be?  I don't see regulation, I see bailouts and cronyism.

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

"How's the Regulation of Banks been working out ..."

You mean since Bill Clinton signed the repeal of Glass-Steagal in 1999?  Well, not very well, admittedly....or, really well depending on which side of the ledger you happen to be on.   

venturen's picture

TV is ergulated

Phone is regulated

Electricity is regulated

Stock market...well kind of...regulated

Newspaper are regaulted

Why not Google, FB, Twitter?


RedBaron616's picture

How are newspapers regulated?

Soul Glow's picture

Wait, did I miss some nudes?

Stan522's picture

Hopefully it was because she sent out naked pics of herself

Stuart's picture

Twitter is a fascist tool

silverer's picture

The left sees ending free speech as a victory? When the left is someday lined up dozens at a time in front of six foot deep, empty trenches with AK's pointed at the back of their heads aimed by soldiers ordered to do so by the government they voted in, I wonder if they'll realize they might have used poor judgement?

BigJim's picture

They dream they will be the ones pointing the guns

shimmy's picture

They'll just blame global warming or perhaps confederate soldiers if that happens. Even to the death they will continue to be brainwashed morons...

ClickNLook's picture

Why they were not able to do the same with Trump?