New White House Comms Director "Suspended" From Twitter One Day After Appointment

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It appears the mob has won (a battle, perhap not the war).

Following a coordinated alt-left attack targeting Hope Hicks' account, Twitter has suspended the new White House Communications Director's account after a mass-reporting.

Here is Hope's Twitter page...

The Alt-Left is cheering their victory...

We suspect Twitter will be more than a little embarrassed by this - it appears Jack Dorsey's sophisticated new anti-free-speech, censorship AI algos are really just mob-rule-driven - if enough people don't like what you are saying (or may say), they will comply...

We anxiously await President Trump's response.

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LadyAtZero's picture

She's very pretty and would probably collect a lot of followers if she had a Twitter account... Therefore, better squash her!!  If  she were on Twitter right now, it would take away from Hillary's book publicity and... "we must not have *THAT*." 

manasaputrah's picture

Twitter is slowly becoming the Antifa of social exercise, as in, excise them.

JoeSoMD's picture

Uh Oh... wasn't her account apparently... it was an imposter account.

roadhazard's picture

You should have never called them, "snowflakes." ...heh

MCDirtMigger's picture

This reminds me of a story. Coming up in 3 weeks here just north of Charlotte, I have entered a Triathalon that benefits research for cures for childhood cancer. The event had been called "Tri at the Trump" as it was being hosted at the local country club that the Trump organization rescued from bankruptcy. The club did not benefit from the event, but was kind enough to allow us to use their facilities (including the golf cart paths for the running section of the race) and the clubhouse for the post race brunch and ceremonies. But because of the uproar from a few spoiled losers, the event had to be rebranded as the "Tri fo Good".
I would like to see any of the spoiled losers that complained about the Trump name in the events title raise anywhere near the $22,500 I got from my friends/customers/suppliers. I am tempted to withdraw and take those funds with me to another event, but I believe strongly in the cause and I don't want to act as petulant as a Hitlery supporter.

White Devil's picture

That reminds me about the time I ate boiled peanuts. It is an exceedingly long story.

Bloodstock's picture

About 10 years ago I did a little research on the American Cancer Society and best I rememeber at that time:

The ACS held over $1 billion cash in the bank.

The ACS monster only gives 18% of the money collected to benefit the victims.

Reportedly 80% of oncologists who adminiter chemo, would not take chemo themselves.

Ya still believe in the cause?

And don't forget what the doctor says once one is diagnosed with cancer. "Well you've got cancer but the good news is that since we caught it in time, with chemo and radiation we have a 5% chance of saving you." What they should say is that there is a 95% chance that chemo and radiation will kill you.

Fuck the ACS, fuck the pink ribbon, and fuck the stupid pro sports players that swallow this crap hook, line, and sinker while on the field and on national TV,,,dumbasses.

White Devil's picture

I wonder what flavor she is. Yum.

napper's picture

describe your flavors, if possible.

Gordon_Gekko's picture

I wanna fuck Hope Hicks.

BillyBass's picture

You fucking cucks!  That was a fake account and was suspended because it was a fake account.

Expat's picture

And do you think any one of these assholes has the moral fiber or courage to come back and so they were wrong and apologize.  Nope.  But watch them whine back to this with "Oh, yeah, as if the libtard left would have apologized" or "well, it could have been true."

Hope Copy's picture

Twitter should relentlessly solicit for DNC money on those accounts that tagged Hope's account

davealex's picture

This story is bullshit. Take it down ZH. Jesus.



rkoen's picture

Isn't fascist crap like this OBVIOUSLY enough to make you lefties leave the flock???  Seems the left has no reason, morality, or charisma--just the ability to use brute force to get their way.

WAH WAH!  Babies have to eventually be pottie-trained.

napper's picture

We all know the "shadow" powers rule the US. Now, some corps are stepping to the front and "manage" public speech by government officials.


Natural progression, right?


Only in America. Pathetic.

napper's picture

Facebook, Google and Youtube (now a Google entity) have already started targeting people and channels that expose government corruption and illegal activities.


Twitter might want to join in.


Who's next? Apple, Microsoft, Adobe ...

Expat's picture

Fake news.  You assholes are so desperate for a reason to hate, a reason to complain that you fell for this hook, line and sinker.

I repeat, FAKE NEWS.

Fuck all of you for being gullible hypocrites.

Gruntcakes's picture

Yeah, perhaps it has been taken down pending blue tick identification. Might be as simple as that

Gruntcakes's picture

Sorted - see a few posts below.

Expat's picture

No, it's bullshit.  It's fake news.  And the rabid, hateful assholes here were all over it without a single thought or fact-check, which is how they deal with everything. Of course, that is valid on both sides of the political spectrum; it's human nature.  But I am both amused and appalled to see that the comments stopped and no one came back to complain, apologize, or rectify.  The story is still up.

Well, on to the next bullshit paranoid right-wing fantasy.