NiT WiT 2017...

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NIT WIT 2017

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I think Willy's experience is much the same for many of us, me included. I thought him mildly funny and hard to pin down at first too, but skeptical.   Seeing my physician libnutty sister slavishly lap up the nonsense as humor put downs scoring points.....put the light bulb on for me. Now fully blossumed into a stooge, just one more of those comedy creeps looking down upon the unwashed speaking to the fellow travelers.  No wink and nod now.  Kinda reflects the political landscape since the election. Full on hollyweird identity hard left rules the culture now.  My television is a monitor for DVDs and selected streams.  Get nauseous watching MSM creatures try to spin inot relevance. Then are dead fish floppin, just haven't expired yet. 

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He has become predictable.  Just another voice for the SOROS GROUP talking points de jour.

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That is one scary clown.


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Speaking of nitwits...

Standard Disclaimer: Yet another liberal meets up with real world karma.


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he was definitely molested by a few priests, now returning the favor to little boys.

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Sorry to bother you…but…

I penned this awhile back and include this update.

Major update:

Federal judge in Boston hands serious blow to climate witch hunt:

In Boston? This is indeed huge!

Oh, and here is another related one I penned.

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As always, very well done WB7. Thank you.

And, very true that Colbert is truly gutter-trash. Nothing more and possibly even less.

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They ALL float (The NAV) down here.

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What? Not one upvote for an IT quote twisted financially? I'm disappointed!

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Some people will sell their own mothers for a dollar.


Colbert is one of them.

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I don't know who is the bigger cuck: Colbert or Kushner. 

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Not even about humor, Mr. Cole-bert.   It is about fooling oneself into thinking one is really doing something daring, unique and pushing against the tide - like a hero of sorts.   A legend in one's own mind, so to speak.    

When in fact, it's a security-in-numbers grandstanding act that requires minimal risk to self and career.   

A Coward, in other words.

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Colbert used to be funny, very funny, and poked alot of people quite well. Then he got promoted and it was over.

Now he is a shill

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Agreed, a long time ago. Back when he was ACTING like a neocon wanna be. Haven't watched him or TeeVee in almost a decade!

Cut the cord bitchez... starve the beast! There are SOOOOOOO many other more productive, more rewarding things to do with your time besides mental masturbation! Be a better people people, learn something, DO something!

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Haven't watched since the election when I ingested my "red pill".

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Does everyone know his sister's and his deep ties to Alefantis and Podesta...?

He is a sick, sick man and it started showing during the election of 2016.

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What was funny about Colbert originally was you could not pin him. Now that he has shown his stripes for all to see, he really is not funny at all.

He is just another globalist insult. 

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I am not sure what to say here.  I didn't think anyone didn't know about Colbert being a piece of shit from day one.

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Don't get me wrong. I didn't say I liked the guy. It was more like listening to him and thinking WTF is this?

Now it's pretty clear WTF this is.

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No worrys William.  You live in Hong Kong so how would you know?  I don't watch much TV other than western reruns from a time that does exist any longer.  I understand.  

I love you like a brother William.   

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As you know, I don't watch TV either...LOL

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I know you don't.  Johnny Carson used to be pretty funny.  I thought Leno was OK.  I wake up early so I watch obscure channels and two westerns that I like.  One is Cheyenne.  There is your big strapping guy, Cheyenne Bodie, who is always trying to be honest and won't take money and get's himself in trouble all of the time for being that way.  

The other one I like and is my favorite is "Have Gun, Will Travel".  Much darker and more complex subject matter.  Paladin is the man and he's all business and his fee is $1000 (back in the late 1800s) just to talk to you.  There is a farcical aspect to the show that adds flavor because it sort of makes fun of itself in a dark way.

As for what is on TV now I really couldn't tell you what the best new show is.  I don't even know the titles of the shows.  The other reason you can't watch TV is because it is nothing but commercials for insurance, some shitty investment oppurtunity or some off the charts prices car/truck.  There is no art in commercials anymore.  Even the Super Bowl commericals suck.  I didn't even watch that damn game.  

Remember this commercial?  You might not have seen it.  It is at least creative.  Probably a Minnesota thing.  If you are from the upper Mid-west you probably would have tyed into an old 30 dog(or three) of Hamm's beer around a campfire out in the woods somewhere.

Then, later the next day after we young dumb males regrouped, you would hear your one buddy with less discerning taste in women make the statement that, "I don't think she was as big as you guys say she was.".  We, would reply "Yes, she was.".  I am guilty of hogging as well but she had a pretty face and I was young.  

There are plenty of stories and there is more my hogging story in that I traded places with a buddy and tried to fuck her too.  That didn't work out so well.  



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He's TNT...tiresome and tedious. 

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I was impressed with his long speech at the 2006 WH Correspondents Association Dinner where he was critical of press bias.  He also roasted Bush pretty well (for the right reasons [like the Iraq invasion]).  He wasn't super-funny; the humor was merely a thin veil over his jabs.

Bush starts off smiling, but it becomes a frown as Colbert keeps going.

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I classed colberg as a shill from the very beginning right along with john stewart leibowitz.

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Colbert = vichy french

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He hails his defeated Fuehrerin, Cankles.

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The bunch of them, a sad troupe of second rate carnival freaks.

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The guy looks like he is on more medication than shia labouf. So fake and neurotic...too much coke, xanax and hamster dust.

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Banzai, no respectable second rate carnival freak would associate with these lizards...they're easily freaked out by swamp creatures.

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He does prepubescent humor well.

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Sir Banzai, F'n outstanding! The NitWit should be the poster child in the sequel to the iconic film, "Idiocracy".

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Interesting none of the "usual suspects" called him on this.  

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Nice job including this complete jackass in your work!

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Love your humor colberry.