Real Male Earnings Still Below 1973 Level: Household Income Gains Entirely Due To Rising Female Earnings

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

The Census Bureau report Income and Poverty in the US 2016 shows real household income in the US hit a new record high of $59,039 in 2016, thanks to a methodology change and rising incomes of women.

Real, inflation adjusted, earnings of men are below where they were in 1973.

Men vs Women

Methodology Change Impact on Earnings

Methodology Change Impact on Poverty

New Record

The Wall Street Journal reports U.S. Household Incomes Rose in 2016 to New Record.

Widening Inequality


Slightly more than half of US households are now back to where they were in 2000.

For income, there were statistically significant differences for many key measures between the redesigned and traditional questions.


For example, median household  income calculated by using the redesigned questions was 3.2 percent higher than the median income found using the traditional questions.

When all else fails, change the methodology.

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Statistical Revisionism. 



Climate Change


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In 1971, when the U.S. was defaulting on its foreign debts, Nixon took the country off of the gold standard. After that, the financial engineers, using ponzi dollars on LBOs and offshore manufacturing, ended wage gains for American males.

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true that...peel the onion all the way and its our Stinking Fiat thats the heart of the economic disease in USA! USA! USA! 

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We nearly doubled the workforce.  What did they expect to happen?  Men kept the same salaries and women start at the same levels as well?

Doesn't anyone understand demand AND supply?  Or do they just get supply only?

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What happens when they apply the revised methodology to the previous data?

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“Real Male Earnings Still Below 1973 Level: Household Divorce Gains Entirely Due To Rising Female Careers”

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Good news for the working women. What else ya got?

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Actually bad news for everyone but the rich, because a huge number more women earning more, and buying more consumerist crap and bidding up asset prices, means that the prior working women and families can buy less because the currency is effectively devalued!

Women being released from traditional discipline is a cummulative disaster, especially when their extra pay funds hypergamy, thus degraded society and causing demographic decline!

Womens "lib" is Jewish Cultural Marxist designed to destroy western culture, then women will be a lot less free!

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"When all else fails, change the methodology."



That's the global warmism religion's playbook too. 

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Understandably so because the neutered Zionist criminal element stealing in America has never made more so there is less for the real workers!

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Asians outearning whites? Whites are now a suppressed people. Asians are racists. White Lives Matter.

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What many don't realize is that the entire male population of the US has had to put their women to work to keep the doors open.

Remember how may mothers didn't work in the 1960s/1970s?

Now kids are raised by computers and Ipads.

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Yep. And the Talmudic programming is beamed in from Hymiewood

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apparentrly one person income is no longer enough to support the whole family

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It's moving on to three person incomes today, and by the next decade will be moving towards four.

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To survive today it takes both parents working three jobs, a second mortgage, bridge loans, garage sales, and a home garden to make ends meet.

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One person's blue collar income isn't enough to support one person.

Ballsters = bad

Pusstwats= good

Modern companies like to show off their pusstwat employees.

Some ballsters may suffer.

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Culture Matters.



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Even our data is so polluted with corruption it's difficult to make any consistent sense of anything.

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You mean like Amazon's ratings of Hillary's new book? Yep, if you can't trust a simple review blog, what can you trust?

Sanity Bear's picture

Can't even trust them to get "male or female" right anymore.

Everything about the data is suspect, down to the very currency that marks the scale.

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Women flooded the labor market and crashed wages in the US. Now they have to work. This is called liberation for feminists.

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Real mean the ones that grew up playing video games all their lives in their basement....and not much else...

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I commend the guys playing video games in their basement and refusing to be a slave on the gynocentric plantation. Tradcons like you is what fucked us.

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Now women can all earn the big bucks and be free.

Free to spend their fertile years in a cabinet fruitlessly looking for Mr. Right who, obviously, is of higher status than her.(Don't wave that stastical anomaly in my face).

And then the ticking clock rings and her tits hit the floor, she buys a cat and pretends to herself that she loves living alone.

Meanwhile Mr. Right is masterbating to porn and shooting drugs.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

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You described the situation very accurately.

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Yes! I have a strong feeling that you are on to something that must go unreported in MSM. Women are equal if not better than men (Hogwash) and they must get a degree(s) and have a "fulfilling" career. Being a mother and not earning a paycheck is for the "deplorable" class. After decades of this, many of these career women are left with no family or 1 child and a divorce and what else? A lifetime of devoting themselves to corporation XYZ, no family, 1 real property, an IRA, SS, a 4 legged furry animal they treat as a human, and miserable female friends all in the same boat. My instinct tells me that they never figure what makes them unhappy as they continually mask their internal struggles with a lifetime of consumerism and social media. In the end, they are not the smart women.

My wife and strong mother of 3 sons (2 grown professionals, 1 engineering student) has worked with numerous bitches who fit the above description. I myself have experienced the same syndrome with co-workers and acquaintances. There is no Mr. Right for them. It is a growing class of women all around us that you never hear about.  

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I myself think that single, childless career women have made a bad bargain in choosing career over family and children--assuming it was a choice.

On the other hand, it also seems to me that a married career woman with children has also made a bad bargain.

On the third hand, a married stay-at-home mom has struck a good bargain, which, unfortunately, is usually reneged on. It is the high probability that this deal with go south that makes many women view the marriage-and-motherhood gig as a poor career choice. And when it does go south, the outcome in terms of personal happiness and personal fortunes has a way of being disastrous. It is what you would call a "high risk" occupation.

I'd say it's worth it, because children are worth anything. It actually takes an extraordinary kind of woman to do it.

Amendment X's picture

Choice 1: It is almost always a choice and a bad one

Choice 2: Agree, It makes life terribly difficult and not the best for children

Choice 3: Not sure I agree that it is usually reneged on. If the wife/mother conducts herself with calm dignity, raises moralistic children, and                takes care of the husband/father, she ensures herself a relatively low-stress life style and a lifetime of personal rewards. In         theory, it should not take an extraordinary woman to do that. When I was a child and young adult, it was far more routine.

Society needs a reset, a better understanding of natural laws.  

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There's a bright side to this. I just can't seem to find it.

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Take women's rights away. Start with the right to vote.

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The US: No honest money, no honest wages.

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Men shouldn't complain.  Soon, women will be the "breadwinners" and men can stay home all day doing "housework".  Thanks feminists!

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One of my young guy neighbors once told me his plan was to find a "cougar" and become a househusband. I offered to teaching him canning and crocheting, and how to whip up a brioche, but I think he believed the job consists mainly of drinking. He frequently mentioned his frustration about women inquiring about what he "did" (unemployed), and the selfishness of all the women out there who did not want to support him. He had many guy friends with fairly high incomes who wouldn't support him either--and actually wouldn't let him stay around for more than a couple of days because he always drank up all their liquor. 

Based on this guys' frustrations in seeking a career as a househusband, I'd say the men would be better off getting a job and supporting themselves.

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Globalist Nazis are still winning.

SmackDaddy's picture

The "nazis" sacrificed everything to fight international communism. And yet here you are disparaging them.

You're either a stupid faggot coward or a hasbara troll

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I heard majority of guys on dating sites are looking for sugar mamas,  women sugar daddies. Progress.

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Women are better at taking care of the house, and raising children. Unfortunate they've given up their talents to try and be like a man.

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median household  income calculated by using the redesigned questions was 3.2 percent higher than the median income found using the traditional questions

statistics have become a niche specialty within the general field of organized economic crime

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The economic situation will get even more robust once we start sending the kids to work in the coal mines and trash heaps. 

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The problem with numbers and fact is that it doesn't effect those with their heads stuck up their ideologies.  

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These days women are clearly monsters and maybe they always have been, and it's just that now they're too stupid to hide how ugly they really are.  Men aren't going to forget the way they've been treated, so just as can easily be seen with the nitwit Melinnials the women raised, the men are on strike and they aren't going to help either group. 

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Jewed societies are so sane and stable.

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Soooo, I guess people really believe this? BLS lies about everything but the Census parasites are honest and true blue.

My salary was enough in the 1980's to support my family and build our home (stick by stick,,, no loans) without the wife slaving, -ooops,,, sorry, I mean making a career. Her career was devoted to our children who attended government schools where they were taught women like her are fools.

We used credit cards very little. Lost a couple because it was explained we were deadbeats when paying off the balance and not paying interest. We saved for retirement what the banksters suggested back then having no idea they would rob us with ZIRP and QE debasement to 'save' the economy they screwed up.

It was a good time. No constant harping about baaaad Muslims,,, no war drums beating like today,,, plenty of jobs but the 90's and NAFTA rolled around and the jobs rolled out to Mexico, China, anywhere there was cheap labor. With the Bank quietly printing money and inflation getting a hold, the cheap goods held off the high prices they say don't exist  today. You really think that Iphone made in China with very cheap wages should sell for a thousand?  Everything sold now is at prices they would be if manufactured in the States.   Washing machines and refrigerators so expensive one has to take out a five year loan. US corporate management is robbing the profits while borrowing for operations. Why do you think Sears, etc is going under

Then they charge us 12-26 percent interest on money printed up by the Fed and given to them at 1/2 percent.

They say there's no inflation,,, even though average prices are doubling every ten to fifteen years. they say there are plenty of jobs by counting all the part time employment.  They have the children graduating already $50,000 in debt,,, then offer them free payoffs if they work for the Borg government. They finance and arm foreign terrorists to create wars they then send the children off to fight and die.


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Humans have always had difficulties living together. IMPORTING PROBLEMS has to be the absolute sign of stupidity.

Your white kids are not successful in public schools because:

1. They are waiting for the teacher to explain to Jose how to spell "mine." As in the foreigners believe what is yours is mine and what is mine is mine.

2. Import tens of millions of third world darkies and tell yourself that means you aren't racist. Until they sue because you didn't scrape and bow when they told you to. Foreigners know they have you by the you-know-what with the word "racist."

3. White girls so stupid; black guys are targting them because they are so stupid. Don't you want to have black babies to prove you aren't racist? Isn't that an "accomplishment?"

4. Black girls are now targeting white men for their sperm. The black girls know that the black guys are lazy, criminal, and will fornicate with anything that is: moving, has two arms and two legs, is less than 400 pounds. Too, with a white guy that have a Chance at getting child support.

Good luck, America. You could not have been more stupid than to disavow everything you knew to be true.

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Good, it's about time bitches knock themselves out for marginally more money than men. At least now they can't complain about being paid less.
Be careful what you wish for bitches, you might just have to actually work for it.

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Welfare .... the nigger principal .... let the state take care of yo bitches .... you just fuck 'em .... when dey comes around fo it ?

Arrest Hillary's picture

White people are the dupes .... and the slaves .... because they care .... and try to live up to phony liberal standards .... and ease their guilty consciences .... well, not this "nigger" .... ME .... I'm in it for me and those who interact with me as enlightened, libertarian gentle folk ?