Despite 'Hope' For Higher Incomes, Real Wage Growth Plunges In August

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'Hope' for higher incomes is not working...

Real hourly earnings plounged 0.6% in August - not exactly what Americans were 'hoping' for.


Especially as the costs of shelter jumped most since 2005!!

Probably transitory!

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I've been expecting that check in the mail to arrive any day now...

btw, isn't it spelled "plouuunged"? (three "u")


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In the next crash they will inject money directly to the sheeple. It will be much more the Bushs junior 1000$.
1. It will be a temporary boost.
2. It will shut up the sheeple, ohh this time we got money as well, not only the banks in 2008.
3. Get some hard assets with it, the inflation and negative interest rates will follow.

They will be successful when the sheeple are not buying all gold and silver.
But the whole scheme will be the obvious beginning of the end. Brace yourself for a hefty hyper stagflation. At that time Get your pensions and 401K out of the system if it's not too late.

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Stocks have never been more expensive in terms of  average wages

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Yes, this is correct.  However, there is no turning back now.

The bankers/financiers will continue to give themselves FREE money via ZIRP/NIRP) and STEAL AS MUCH REAL WEALTH AS THEY CAN simply because they can.

We all know the eventual outcome of such "let the majority eat cake" monetary experiments, in the meantime...

"Full Faith and Credit"

LawsofPhysics's picture

Incomes?  Priced in what?  FIAT?  LMFAO!!!!

"Full Faith and Credit"

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Oh yes, there's no inflation!  Just ask the central banksters - they said there's no inflation, so it must be true!  /s

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You can't have wage growth due to globalization and illegal immigration !!! Both drive wages down and helps with deflation.


Write that down.

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Yes its very simple. The differences between high and low wage countries will narrow. 

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Let me know when China ups its average wage above it's current $1.50/hr.


Let me know when Vietnam ups it's average wage from $0.80 cents an hour.


How long do you think it will take for the wages to "narrow" and be closer to American workers? Lol


LawsofPhysics's picture

"Deflation", LOL!  In what exactly?

With over 7 billion people (and growing) all competing for the real resources required to maintain a decent standard of living, there is no such thing as deflation in the cost of anything fucking REAL.

Perhaps I can interest you in a financial "product"?


lester1's picture

Wage deflation dumbass !!

JibjeResearch's picture

LawsofPhysics <---- retarded because she/he can't see pass norminal value.  You have no Physics knowledge.

Wage/PPP/Living Standard deflation are real.

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You also cannot have wage growth without real profit growth.  Where do folks think the money comes from to increase wages going forward?  Profits.

lester1's picture



Profits have went up over the past 20 years, yet wages have not! 

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ejmoosa <------ another retarded person for failing to understand the meaning of "money".

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So where's the deflation? Can't see no improved purchasing power here, no sir. Seems like the taxes take care of the deflation.

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Obama would explain this better.

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Time for me to take the plounge!

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Escaping and living on a sailboat is looking better and better by the day. My ballast would have been silver, but I lost that all with the S.S. Unsinkable 2.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Suggest that you look at a used, low-mileage Class A or C/Super C RV once this house of cards falls in on itself.  The prices will be good, and they make a much better escape/bugout vehicle than a boat.  :-)  I want to pick one up at some point.

CRM114's picture

If you stick to waters like the ICW, you have a fine idea. Get a catamaran. Avoid all the cheap ones that just sank during Harvey/Irma, and will be refloated but forget to mention that.

If you are thinking of leaping off across an ocean, that's a whole different ball game.

CJgipper's picture

You don't want a cat in the ICW.  They have problems with channel width, berthing, and just aren't going to navigate well.  A shoal draft sailboat with the mast unstepped and lashed to the deck is a far less stressful way to navigate the ICW.  Now for open water, I'd go cat every time.

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Announce a ten year, $25Trillion infrastructure, hi speed rail, etc., project, financed by a new Chartered public infrastructure bank AIIB, BRICS, etc., (don't issue bonds for God's sake-we need NEW money and Trillions more of it directed right at our productive, real economy). Then real wages will go up for sure. And, nothing less will work.

This new bank would issue new credit into the productive economy (not into the inflationary consumer or economically barren speculative big bank or Treasury bond selling side) and the value which will be created (more than backs) that new money created by, issued from, an American Infrastructure Bank, this "backing" being as certain as, and for even more reasons as, backing being from Gold/Silver.

fulliautomatix's picture

yeah, nah. Have you ever noticed how fixing fuck-ups becomes self defeating at times? This is one of those times - it's dead. Bury it and get rid of the smell. 

surf@jm's picture

Uhhh Lets see......

2% annual pay raise, if you got one, versus 5% or more real annual inflation......

The FED has got the slave covered......LMAO!......

Federal reserve notes say "in God we Trust" on them.......Yeah, right........


Aristofani's picture

You mean the gradient line of decline in real wages since reagan, just took a deeper dip.

redmudhooch's picture

Trump said he wouldn't raise the minium wage so I don't know why this is shocking news...

Fuck your fair wage goy! Heres your food stamps.

Dg4884's picture

Chickens are coming home to roost. Better catch as many as you can, cause soon enough it will cost $17lb at your local grocer.  

JibjeResearch's picture

I trade stock for a living.  Taking people's money "legally" is my right because I paid time in the jail called the library... biatchezzz...... 

William Dorritt's picture

US Citizens are back-filling the off books jobs as illegals get squeezed out,

so wages appear to drop.

Deport all of the illegals, and the 18-45% unemployment rate will drop, driving wages up.

hospitality, construction, and other off the books employers are now forced to hire some Americans.

End the H1b and other work visa programs and end immigration.

With automation, and self driving trucks the last thing the US needs is more mouths to feed.

JibjeResearch's picture

A fucked up policy you have.  You can't grow a nation/GDP without populaiton grow.  You can't compete globally without bringing the cost down.  You can't teach lazy people in the developed world to work hard and compete in the global market.  But you can see them follow the Neanderthal path to extinction.  Change or be extinct.  The law of nature.  On the origin of Species by Sir Charles Darwin.  The Art of War by Sun Tzu.  Too many F.U snowflakes.... You want somebody to blame?  F.... look in the mirror... biatchesss...

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When millenials whine they can't afford houses, when they whine about the cost of groceries (have you been in the grocery store recently? Unbelievable prices!!), tell them their "compassion" is the reason. When you let in 1.5 MILLION "Legals" for 30 Years, with their Attached wet birth certificate "relatives" (whose age is determined by the fact that Lying about their age makes it easier) and then Place On Top Of That 1/2 of Mexico as Illegals, then tell the stupid millenials with their social justice degrees that cost them $100,000 from their college that this is what they are paying for.

If they don't understand this, sit them down with a pie. Give them a knife and tell them to start giving all the green card holders, the illegals and the "legals"a piece. Give all these people the scholarships, the places in our Medical Schools (American Medical Association Now Gives "credit" for skin color, any non-white affiliation, good luck with that!) and Over One-Half of the Masters and PhD programs of colleges and universities are Given to Foreigners, then non-whites, and lastly, they'll let in a couple of white boys.

Funny cause every photo of WWII is nothing but white boys, fighting and dying for a country for their kids, and their grandkids. 

And that is why they can't afford to have kids, own a house, buy good food. Hey, millenials, how much fun is this?

kumquatsunite's picture

Heck. Forgot to mention, no worries for millenials though. The mexican heroiin drug gangs give them Free Heroin! Absolute death. You Never recover from heroin, no matter how much rehab you do. Ever.