Sick Of Bitcoin? Then Buy This Mystery Bubble Stock

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Unhappy about the 30% decline in Bitcoin (after it has rallied 545% year-to-date), then how about this mystery bubble stock?

It has the same attractive vertical chart pattern...


It's now more expensive than Bitcoin - so that must be good...


But you better hurry, because it seems that as Bitcoin collapses, so 'investors' are rushing into this mystery bubble stock...


What is this mystery bubble stock? Simple, see here.

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tmosley's picture

Hahahaha, Tyler knows what's up!

BaBaBouy's picture

Wow... its in the 3300's now...

tmosley's picture

Yeah, and I said WHILE IT WAS GOING UP, that it needed to fill that gap to $3000.

Something you retards like to ignore. This is how REAL markets work.

BaBaBouy's picture

Still get @ 2.55 GOLDies ...


HisNameIsRP's picture

They are going to ride this gut wrencher to the bottom

ihateclowns's picture

ROFL Cant tell if you are trolling or your ego really is that big


tmosley is like a Viagra hard on - fantasy only, doesn't work in the real world. 

tmosley's picture

>Viagra doesn't work in the real world

The delusion is palpable.

Raffie's picture

You sure do have a man crush on Tmosley.

U mad cause he is not sweet on you like you are on him? LOL



Allright, Mini mosley came out to play, too !

tmosley's picture

That's how the old anti-silver shills used to think of you.

Until I slew them all.

Raffie's picture

All you do is attack ppl here who you don't agree with.

Seems you are hardwired that way, but it makes the ZH comment section look bad and you like, well, who you are.

Chill out, if you hate people who don't agree with you fine. Show us you are an adult insted of a mouthy child that was not raised properly. 

So get as mouthy/insulting with me as you can and lets see how that works out for ya.

BaBaBouy's picture

I like playing with him, he gets all riled-up over nothin ...

... Butt Bitcoinz is going down, is it back at 500. yet ???


tmosley's picture

If it went down that far, I could more than triple my investment. All the sweeter for when it hits $500K (and John McAfee heaves a sigh of relief).

ihateclowns's picture

ROFL Cant tell if you are trolling or your ego really is that big

tmosley's picture

It's really that big. Peanutz don't know anything about self-respect, which is why they will electrocute a stranger if an idiot in a lab coat tells them to.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Wow... its in the 3300's now."

Wow, exactly, 3000 is quite high. When it goes to 2000 ill start buying again.  Prepping for that.

Raffie's picture

Litecoin down real good. 

Ppl on reddit thinks this weekend LTC 'could' hit $40.

tmosley's picture

TBH there is a ton of resistance below $3000 all the way back to $1800. If it were to breach $1800 though, there is a nice fat gap down to $1200 waiting to be bought hard.


Nipples have heads.

tmosley sucks.

adolphz's picture

Yep Tyler knows exactly what is up

This whole thing is rigged.   Funny how and SHEP WAVE go bullish on crude and just a couple of days later it rallies. Just like the July 11 buy signal on gold from SHEP WAVE.  Now let's see if stocks the next move from SHEP WAVE 


Ex Goldman Sachs unemployed Shitwave assholes are too broke to pay for ad space on the Hedge. 

Really great advisors, making bank one muppet at a time.  

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Amen. SchlongWave is one kid living in his mom's basement, with over 100 ZH accounts, who lost everything trading. Now he has to try to convince people to pay him $30/month for his trading advice - that lost him everything.

poland spring's picture

How do you buy/short it?  TD Ameritrade doesn't have it.

johnnycanuck's picture

There's always gamblers anonymous for those with little to no ability to control themselves

debtor of last resort's picture

Glaciers are melting. Gore was right!

silverserfer's picture

you're invading my safe space stop it. 

Making Merica Great Again's picture

Just hodl it and you'll be fine.

tmosley's picture

Seriously. I'm a buyer below $3100.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Tyler, well done.

Swiss National Bank

yup, thats the future

I think its clear to all who are into BTC that this is just the nervous new investors, who got in, not because they like or know anything about BTC, but simply because they saw people making alot of profits and wanted to get in on it. Now, that China has banged it and Jamie Dimon has banged it, those people got nervous and pulled out. Most who truly invested in the new technology are still hodling.

As for me, Im

Hodling and Yodling


Hyjinx's picture

Most of China is of course jumping ship and never coming back - at least not through any Chinese exchange.  That will put a ceiling on any expected price rises unless others around the world begin picking up the slack.

White Devil's picture

It's identical to a Shitcoin.

Debugas's picture

you lost playing our casino roulette ?

how about going to play at a pocker table for a change ?

Sizzurp's picture

What do you call a bank that can nationalize foreign companies with the printing press? How about dirty?

Consuelo's picture



SNB or AAPL...?


NaiLib's picture

Long time ago we saw the same thing with Danish Telecoms. Prople paid up for something that at any time can be taken in via options at nominal value. People apparently speculating that SNB will pay up to speculators. I.E. give speculators money they know they should not get.

nailgunner44's picture

Nice find Tyler, OTC:SWZNF for those in the US.

Blue Steel 309's picture

That second chart is a very beautifully shaped parabola. Neato.

DEMIZEN's picture

when you take in the expenses the taxes and fees to run a corporation, the odds are against you, the btfd wont last, because it cant last.