Hundreds Of Tanks And Howitzers From The United States Arrive In Poland

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One day before Russia kicked off its "Zapad 2017" military exercise, dubbed the "biggest display of Russian military power since the end of the Cold War", on September 13 American military equipment arrived in the port of Gdansk, Radio Poland reports, where more than a thousand pieces of American military equipment from the Second Anti-tank Brigade Combat Team were unloaded at the port, including Abrams tanks, Bradley combat vehicles, Paladin howitzers and other combat equipment. This is the first shipment of equipment to arrive in Poland under the initiative Operation Atlantic Resolve according to UA Wire.

According to the General Commander of Poland’s Armed Forces, General Jaroslaw Mika, the equipment will be used during military exercises.

“This military equipment, which we see today, will be located in the western part of Poland. I mean, first of all, in such areas as Boleslawiec, Zagan, Torun, Swietoszow, and Skwierzyna. This equipment will be used in various maneuvers and training. This is a brigade fighting group. At this point, I want to emphasize the scale of the Dragon 17 exercises. This is 17,000 soldiers from 11 countries. I think that these figures are quite impressive if we are speaking about the activity of the NATO member countries, as well as the use of America’s potential,” he said.

On Thursday, the first train with American weapons departed for the place of permanent deployment.

The goal of Operation Atlantic Resolve, as discussed previously, is to assure the continued presence of U.S. troops in Central and Eastern Europe. The Dragon17 exercises, which will be held September 25-29, will be the largest exercise held this year in Poland.

Earlier this year, American troops were deployed to bases across Poland on a rotating basis as reassurance amid Russia’s increased military activity. As mentioned yesterday, leaders in Poland, the Baltic states, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria are concerned Russia might not pull back all of its soldiers after the drills.

Meanwhile, despite NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg statements that the "Zapad-2017" Russia-Belarus joint drills aren't considered a threat by the alliance, the Pentagon has said that it is "closely watching" the war games anyway.

"The US Department of Defense is closely observing watching joint Russia-Belarus Zapad 2017 drills", Pentagon spokesperson Rob Manning said in a briefing on Friday.

"We are watching Zapad very closely. Obviously Russia has the right to conduct their own exercises," Manning added.

Previously, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the alliance does not see any imminent threat posed to against any NATO member by the drills.

In turn, senior Russian and Belarusian officials reiterated that the drills do not pose any threat to other states and are exclusively defensive in nature. Moreover, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko stated earlier that these exercises would be open for foreign observers. The Defense Ministry of Belarus reported in August that observers from seven countries — Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway — were invited to the event. Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to observe the drills on September 18. When commenting on NATO states' reaction to the planned drills, the Russian Foreign Ministry said earlier that increasing military presence of NATO in Eastern Europe went unnoticed amid groundless criticism of the Russian-Belarusian Zapad-2017 military exercises.

Moscow has repeatedly criticized the increased presence of the alliance’s troops and military facilities near the Russian border. Moscow has said Russia had never planned and does not plan to attack any NATO member.

Meanwhile, with verbal accusations being lobbed between Russia and NATO, and achieving nothing to halt the proliferation of weapons on both sides of the renewed "cold war" conflict, the heavily armed build up continues unabated.

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For a great read consider, Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege: 1942-1943, by Antony Beevor.

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The last stand of Christian Europe.

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Adolf Hitler, son of the Catholic Church, died while defending Christianity. It is therefore understandable that words cannot be found to lament over his death, when so many were found to exalt his life. Over his mortal remains stands his victorious moral figure. With the palm of the martyr, God gives Hitler the laurels of Victory.

General Franco

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Doesn't Russia have like 20000 tanks?

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Why shood they need them ?

3 A-babybombs do the work more effective.

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Russia is the Christian nation now. Poland is the zio-Catholic nation.

Let´s not get the truth mixed up now.

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Poland doesn't know what the fuck they are.  They never really did.

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Why give Poland Tanks---they have a superb Horse Cavalry that is known to end battles quickly.

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The larger question not being addressed here is 

will the tanks and heavy military equipment remain in Poland or the Baltic States?

Forward positioning this equipment in proximity to Kaliningrad

makes Russian war planners believe that is its purpose

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"We need missile defense in Poland because of the Iranian missile threat"?

....Hmmmm. Next you'll tell me how the tanks and howitzers can take down an Iranian missile I suppose?

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Did U.S. State Dept. grant Poland access to Visa Waiver Program...

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They can sure fuck up rapefugee invasions!

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"will the tanks and heavy military equipment remain in Poland or the Baltic States?"

Of course no, they will be stolen by Moldovan scrap merchants.

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Only Ukrainians can compete with Poles for the willingness to bend over, then somehow magically still screw themselves. Hence the jokes.

ie. how many Ukes/Polacks does it take to .....

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They are successfully manipulated by monotheism.

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I've heard they drop their riders faster than the French can drop their rifles. THAT is FAST.

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Mocking the dead and the brave?

You should be ashamed of yourself.

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They are Americans, Mate. What do you expect?

"The Exceptional Nation" per the last figurehead president.

This is why when two or three Americans get killed (usually during a gunfight I note) the event becomes Worldwide Front Page News. Thousands of others get killed, but if they're not "Amercans" no-one gives a shit.

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Monotheists all.

The Poles would be better served by the Gods of their ancestors, as would the Russians.

Monotheism is the tool that they use to manipulate us into war with our brothers.

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Polytheism is vastly more sensible; just look at the Japanese (with an actively defended culture) with Shinto, loads of gods and Yokai, and (Zen) Buddism, and the Greeks/Romans(before the rot)/Vikings with a pantheon of Gods!  The Saxon Pagan tribes also had a much better culture and law before Christianity.

Christianity is an alien Eastern Religion, with no rightful place in most of Europe, especially not Catholisism and Evangelist Protestantism. One arrogant Egyption Pharaoh tried monotheism and was so hated that his successors tried to erase his mistake from history.

Being too civilised eventually causes stagnation.

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And chaos magic is the solution?

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And, Poland's not on the Atlantic. It also has no border with Russia proper. Do they really think that everyone wants to invade them? Pretty sure Germany isn't interested either.

Maybe some "Danzig" would help considering which port the future scrap metal was shipped into


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The Abrams has the best passive armour, but is too heavy. It gets stuck easily.

And the turbine engine is an handicap. Too much fuel needed.

A light, fast and cheap tank is the best option for Russia. Strength in numbers...

Murica has forgoten how the rasputitza can be a bitch...

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Where's the reactive armor? I don't see no reactive armor. Looks more like a Roman candle lighting up.

If there was an Olympic event for Most Spectacular Tank CookOff, the M1A1 Abrams would win hands down.


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old t62 fitted with reactive armor and modern e-sights still make quite a tank

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How many of them actually work?

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Interresting quote, hate to reveal my age, but I saw General Franco in person when I was child, my family was living in Madrid Spain at the time. It was a parade, he went by standing through a sun roof in a car waiving at everyone.  Wasn't until many years later in talking to my parents did I realize who that was. 

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Hitler had removed crosses and other religious paraphernalia from. German churches. He tried, tried, to close Christian schools and replace them with The State. He tried to stop all church services. He lamented that the West worshipped a God of peace instead of a war-like "god" like Islam. If he invoked God it was only to manipulate the believers. Hitler was no Christian. I've been in machine shops and yet I am in no way a machinist.

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"Removed"...then affixed to EVERY Wehrmacht belt buckle: "GOTT MIT UNS"...
Every tank, aircraft etc...had a black cross...+++++++++++++++++++++++++
Odd...Spires of Cologne dome retained their crosses at wars end...

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Sure he did, if he was a Christian never would have seen WWII,plus I am a Kenyan aviator.

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     The Forced War  -David L Hoggan

     Count Your Dead: They Are Alive!: Or A New War In The Making. -Wyndham Lewis

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Check out Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War by Pat Buchanan.

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An excellent book indeed !

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The real fun begins in his follow up book - Berlin.  A whole lotta rapin going on

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Are Poles the suckers again to start another world woar? I used to respect my heritage, but lately with what has been going on in Poland brings into question whether they have gone off the rails?

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At least the land of our great grandfathers isn't yet overrun with niggers from every tribe in Africa, mestizo north american natives, or islamic pillagers.

Another WWIII to kill off what remains of a strong Eastern Europe in order to prime it for resettlement/replacement?

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How come the press didn't call this a blatant provocation?

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Must be time for the Polack jokes.

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yep -- see toxicosis above. obviously a Polack "... were AMERICA"  dumb fucking Polack meant "..we were AMERICA"

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A Polack!!!  Uh no. 

Can't seem to see where you were going there.  But have a nice day anyway.

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Yes I am fully in support of ZION-NATO amassing on the borders near Russia.  But don't you dare Ruskies think you can protect your own border with a show of force.  The arrogance of these Russian scum is absolutely disgusting.  And it does not matter that we can send our battalions 1000's of miles away and set them up in another country other than our own.  So fuck you, because were AMERICA!!


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Did you not get my sarcasm???!!!

Obviously not, pardon me as I eat my non-kosher burger.

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I was being sarcastic myself....hence j00. I usually go with jew if im serious.