18-Year-Old Man Arrested Over London Subway Bombing

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An 18-year-old man was arrested by British police in the city of Dover in connection with Friday's rush hout "terrorist" bombing of a London subway train, calling the arrest “significant” but warned that the country’s threat level remained at its highest, "critical" point.

“We have made a significant arrest in our investigation this morning. Although we are pleased with the progress made, this investigation continues and the threat level remains at critical,” Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, Senior National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism Policing, said.

It was unclear if the man arrested was the person believed responsible for the attack, which has been classified as terrorism. Late on Friday, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the improvised bomb attack via its news agency, Amaq, saying it was carried out by a “detachment.” There was no independent indication of the group’s role. In another separate statement, Islamic State said it had deployed several explosives but only one detonated. That too couldn’t be independently verified.

The man was arrested in the port area of the city, a major hub for ferry transport between the U.K. and France. Authorities have been urgently tracking down leads in the attack, searching through security camera footage and other information.

“The 18-year-old man was arrested by Kent Police in the port area of Dover this morning, Saturday, 16 September, under section 41 of the Terrorism Act,” police said in a statement. The man remains in custody at a local police station. He will be transferred to a south London police station in due course.”

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Basu added trhat “this arrest will lead to more activity from our officers. For strong investigative reasons we will not give any more details on the man we arrested at this stage.” He gave no further details on the arrest “for strong investigative reasons.” “Although we are pleased with the progress made, this investigation continues and the threat level remains at critical,” he said.

According to the Guardian, investigators believe the suspect may have been in the port area of Dover to try and board a ferry to leave Britain.

Islamic State are believed to have identified security at Dover and on the ferries as weak, and have used the port in Kent to get people in and out of Britain previously.

In the Friday morning bombing, a homemade device partially exploded on a train at the Parsons Green station in West London, injuring 29 people and sending people screaming in panic. A photo posted on social media showed personal belongings and a bucket with an item on fire inside on the floor of a train carriage. Police have spoken to 45 witnesses and have received 77 images and videos from the public, Mr. Basu said.

The improvised explosive device, which partially detonated at around 8:20am on Friday, was believed by police and the security services to have been intended to kill. It was detonated by a timer. The timing device used was not a mobile phone, which has been used in previous terrorist attacks to trigger a bomb. The device at Parsons Green contained fairy lights, which may have been used as an initiator, to set off the main explosive charge.

As reported previously, late on Friday, Theresa May said the threat of a terrorist attack in the country had been raised to critical, the highest level on a five-rung scale. Mrs. May said the change in the threat level means security officials’ assessment was “that a further attack may be imminent.” The last time the threat assessment was raised to such a level was in May, when police suspected the suicide bomber who killed 22 people at a pop concert in the northwestern British city of Manchester may have had an accomplice. Police reduced its terrorism-threat level back to severe less than a week after the attack after making arrests.

Police have stepped up security in the wake of the attack and extra armed officers were deployed.

“There will be an increased police presence across London today and over this weekend, including additional armed officers. They are there to keep us safe,” London Mayor Sadiq Khan said. “London will never be intimidated by terrorism. We will always defeat those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life,” he said.

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2banana's picture

Funny how Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, Kiev, etc don't have these problems.

What could be the difference?


You just need to get used to terrorism in the big city.  Your muslim mayor told ya!

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Nothing new here.

A cow goes 'moooooooooo'.

And a moozie goes BOOM!

The Alarmist's picture

Wow, I must have read that too fast, because the only descriptive info I caught was an age and a gender. Hell, they didn't even emphasize he was a British citizen, or British national, or Britsh born.

CuttingEdge's picture

I'll take Mohammed in the naming sweepstake.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Pat Condell nails it in his last youtube vid, "Europe Is Killing Itself": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydPZRoLzu-E

BaBaBouy's picture

Have faith, they will save us...

Latest Politico Solution: Ban All Buckets?

Handful of Dust's picture

The dumbed-down, brainwarshed Brits are "outraged" at a Trump comment yet not over the blood bath they're getting from muzzies?!


Left Wing Liberalism is TRULY a mental disease.

bidaskspread's picture

Afghan war started 2001, kid was 2 years old. War on terror more successful than the War on drugs by government standards.

trader1's picture

last time europe saw a real "blood bath" was about 70 years ago. 


waspwench's picture

"Islamic State are believed to have identified security at Dover and on the ferries as weak, and have used the port in Kent  to get people in and out of Britain previously."

This is something the "dumbed-down, brainwashed Brits" ought to be outraged about.   Why, when we are having a huge problem with immigrants in Calais attempting to get into the country, is our security at Dover and on the ferries "weak."?   Security should be of major concern everywhere, but most especially on the Dover-Calais ferries.

The British government isn't  incompetent, it is criminal in it's negligence.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

The lad had a lucky escape, if his plan had worked he would now be meeting up with his 72yr old virgin. 

jin187's picture

Beat me to it. Is Mohammed al Mohammed taken already?

mkkby's picture

LOL. We KNOW HE'S A MUZZIE, because anything else and the description would have been released.

Winston Churchill's picture

Used to be the Irish that went boom in the UK.

I dont recall them being muslim, but I could be wrong,just like you are.

Political terrorsist comes in all shapes,sizes, and religions.

The Alarmist's picture

They were Catholic ... close enough ;-)

God Emperor's picture

Used to be called Irish until fluoridation kicked in.

Now they are called sheeple.


robertsgt40's picture

"Detachment"?  You mean like Mossad/CIA? 

CuttingEdge's picture

I beg to differ.

The Irish had the intelligence not to go boom.

It's all the fault of those vestal virgins, doncha know.

Winston Churchill's picture

You may want to check your facts, a lot of provos blew themselves up during bomb attacks.

Shit happens.

CuttingEdge's picture

Aye - a shame that cunt Martin McGuiness didn't blow himself up back in the day.

The Alarmist's picture

So, are you calling them evil, or just suggesting they were dumb?

trader1's picture

both evil and dumb are relative to the observer.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

It took the IRA some time for the penny to drop that you get better results blowing up banks and insurance companies in the centre of London than pubs full of people.

shovelhead's picture


What good is being a good IRA soldier if you can't have you buddies buy your beer at the pub?

IntTheLight's picture

Oh please. Irish had a legitimate complaint. Muslims do not belong anywhere near Europeans. Stop sounding like an idiot.

Muslims have been trying to conquer the west since the advent of Islam! 1400 years of trying to conquer Europe. The Irish never attempted to conquer Britain. They were simply sick of attacks by romans, normans and Brits.

Read a book. You might learn something.

trader1's picture

are bosnians not europeans?  

what about albanians?

Vigilante's picture

You are clutching at straws, aren't you?

Sod off

trader1's picture


just discounting your friend's theory of a homogeneous european identity. 

we are all a bunch of bloody mutts. 


waspwench's picture

Some mutts are preferable to others.

HRClinton's picture

Both Bosnians and Albanians are leftovers from the Turkish invasions several hundred years ago, when all males >12 were slaughtered by the Turks.

Boys <12 were raised as Muslims and conscripted to fight Christians.

The women were then used as breeding mares or as slaves. 

And then you wonder why the Christian neighbors hate and distrust them?

Jessica6's picture

When I travelled through Europe some 20-odd years ago, I was told they didn't tend to like brown people because of Gypsies. Even then something didn't seem quite right about that claim, but I mostly took it at face value. Even though the ones I encountered in Hungary seemed fairly respectable and there weren't then the begging gangs you see in France or Spain (nobody then had the money for anyone to bother).

Back then, I'd no idea about the Islamic invasions. The Ottoman empire was never discussed or mentioned in any history class I ever took. If I came across a book or a chapter about it, they'd mention the wealth and decadence, but that was about it.

Publishers/educators and so on have been covering for Islam for decades.

Worth a read: https://archive.org/details/HenriPirenneMohammedCharlemagne

shovelhead's picture


School history is Cliff notes. I don't remember a lot of nuclear physics from high school science class either.

I think there's only so much they can expect hormone addled teens who want to be anywhere else but school to absorb.

Who was Mohammed? Who was Charles Martel? That pretty much covered your Islam right there. They might toss in some El Cid because it was a pretty big movie back in the day. Americans got some Barbary pirates before we had to deal with those fucking limeys again.

Munich started putting Arabs on the front pages.

trader1's picture

there are few "pure breds" among those christian neighbors, so the hate and distrust are just manifestations of their will to survive just as much as the need to procreate was for the male warriors of yore.

IntTheLight's picture

Hello? What does this have to do with my comment.

The 78 day bombing of Serbia was to allow Muslims to enter.

And those dead Muslims? False flag. Killed by their own.

Winston Churchill's picture


I don't remember the carpet bombing of Ireland, must have missed that history class.

The muslims have a current beef and therefore a real reason for wanting revenge.

Then theres the Irish invasion of the lowlands if you think ancient history justifies the Irish bullshit.

Real history is far too complicated so its ignored.

The Alarmist's picture

We'll just look past 700 years of invasion, murder, looting, starvation, and torture, right. That is truly beyond the Pale.

Winston Churchill's picture

We  talking about the Irish or the English ?

Please read ALL the history.I know reading ,like maff, is hard, but try it.

The Alarmist's picture

English were the aggressors throughout the British Isles. Maybe it was the pollution by the Normans, bloody French! Funny thing is that all those non-English British peoples, Irish included, have been incredibly successful in England. It's the paradox of Great Britain. Biggest mistake, Mr. Churchill, was letting go of the Empire, followed closely by letting to many of the Empire's peoples move to England.

I was an engineer, so I can do my "maths."

tmosley's picture

Get a load of this cuck.

What beef do the Muslims have with the Swedes? You know, the people they are systematically conquering and subdueing through rape and terror, who did literally nothing but try to help them?

Islam is a terror cult. It should be eliminated. Barring that, it at the very least needs to be barred from the west.

tmosley's picture

Wow, 900 troops. That's almost 6,000,000 times worse than the Holocaust.

I Art Laughing's picture

Are you sure there not just refugees seeking a better life in Afghanistan?

shovelhead's picture


"If I gotta live with Muzzies, at least over here I can shoot em."

T.Gracchus's picture

Why don't you just stick to puffing your silly ' Krypto coins', and leave anything historical, cultural or religious to people less gullible than yourself?  

Blanco Diablo's picture

One does not need more than two brain cells of logic to understand Muslims and Islam in a nutshell~

Since every Muslim is Sharia compliant, every Muslim cannot ever be a Law abiding LOYAL citizen in ANY non Muslim nation because these nations do not submit to Allah’s Sharia.

Hence every Muslim is the Eternal and Mortal enemy of every non Muslim Infidel/ Kafir on planet Earth (80% of current humanity)

Every Muslim is a potential Mass Murderer the instant he/ she decides that he/she is NOT Sharia compliant enough. (Not ALL Muslims are Terrorists but 100% of Terrorists against Infidels are MUSLIMS)

Every Muslim is therefore a hair trigger Time Bomb primed to go off

Only in the WARPED imagination of leftists and Muslim apologists can one find Moderate Militant Radical or Extremist Muslims because in reality Muslims are Muslims just as Nazis are Nazis and no one ever addressed Nazis as Moderate Militant Radical or Extremist

Therefore, because Sharia prohibits them, no Muslim can ever be LOYAL to the laws or the peoples who are Infidels/ Kuffar

All other explanations are superfluous and redundant

trader1's picture

you don't Sufi too much, do you?