Elon Musk Sycophants Attack Ron Paul As A Shill For Defense Industry

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Submitted by SS,

What’s next? A unicorn captured in Tennessee? The world I grew up in has changed. American Universities are handing out Play-Doh to comfort distraught liberals and “Never Trump” students. Protestors defaced a Thomas Jefferson statueat the University of Virginia due to his slave ownership. Race baiters attacked Hobby Lobby for displaying raw cotton in vases. The P.C. Police have continually demonstrated their desire to attack the America many of us love.

Now, the snowflake class is writing articles stating Ron Paul – the former Texas congressman that made a career out of criticizing bloated defense budgets and hawkish foreign policy decisions – is shilling for the defense industry. Their “evidence” is that he received five-year-old campaign contributions from some employees of Boeing and Lockheed Martin, which they falsely credited with coming directly from the companies themselves.

Dr. Paul’s alleged wrongdoing was writing an op-ed mildly critical of Elon Musk, a government subsidy-eating machine and poster boy for left-wing environmental causes.

In the article, Paul, an Air Force veteran, expressed his opposition to Section 1615 of the National Defense Authorization Agreement (NDAA), which many speculate was written with the congressional intent of quietly extinguishing all serious competition to Musk’s SpaceX.

Section 1615 would bar the Air Force from funding any new launch vehicles. Coincidentally, in just a few short years, there will only be one established launch vehicle left in the marketplace -- Musk’s SpaceX.

If the NDAA is passed as is, it will stay that way for a long while.

Talk about a get-rich quick scheme.

This provision has the potential of putting a lot of taxpayer money in Elon Musk’s already fat pockets. As Dr. Paul already noted, “government contracts account for about 70 percent of SpaceX’s contracts. U.S. taxpayers have provided SpaceX more than $5.5 billion in the form of Air Force and NASA contracts.” Should Section 1615 be passed by the Senate today, that percentage will likely increase exponentially.

The P.C. Police are easy prey for the cult of personality that is Elon Musk. They reject even the possibility of Musk, one of their heroes having ulterior motives – whether it’s support of the carbon tax, support for the Paris Accords which he indirectly profits from, or now – you guessed it – possibly pushing 1615 through to passage.

Since 2003, Musk has given over $500,000 to Washington politicians, almost evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. SpaceX has even handed money to lobbying firms to work on pushing through past NDAAs, which contained language that would have seemingly benefitted his company – including expediting the already-planned-on government Russian engine ban, which SpaceX’s only serious competitor relies on.

All this Washington meddling is really sad when considering that the whole beauty of SpaceX’s founding was how it cut into what was once the unchecked market share of an industry giant and proceeded to cut costs by sizeable margins. Now, the founder of that same company may be working to bring the industry back to its glum past -- muscling out not just established veterans. Musk has shown himself to be a merciless competitor, claiming scalps throughout the industry and even not ruling out martians’ interference for his failures.

Musk’s blogging army points to how Section 1615 still allows for the funding of new rocket engines as push back that it will create a de facto SpaceX monopoly, claiming that it will keep his Russian engine-dependent revival afloat. And it might – on paper. But, as Pentagon officials have said time and time again, replacing the engine will lead to significant cost increases, making Musk’s company the only affordable option left for use in the United States.

Even if 1615 didn’t jeopardize the security of established market participants, would that make it an admirable provision? Is that what the followers of Musk, the so-called free market visionary, have resorted to -- keeping the status quo intact, but shutting the door on anyone else that may come next? 

The Musk followers see no wrong in their leader. He is the man that has promised to take them to the stars. He can do no wrong.

The Trump administration agrees with Dr. Paul, saying 1615 would “restrict development of new space launch systems, including those whose development is significantly funded by industry … [limiting] domestic competition, which will increase taxpayer costs by several billions of dollars through FY 2027 and stifle innovation.”

Dr. Paul is the antithesis of a crony. It’s as absurd as believing a craft store is racist for publicly displaying cotton arrangements. It’s time for the Musk sycophants, and the rest of the P.C. police, to take a step off Fantasy Island.  If anyone is a risk to America’s national security, it’s Elon Musk, not Dr. Paul.

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Anti Musk sycophant writes an article on zerohedge attacking elon musk

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>>>>   Ron Paul 2020

>>>>   Elon Musk 2020

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" writing articles stating Ron Paul – the former Texas congressman that made a career out of criticizing bloated defense budgets and hawkish foreign policy decisions – is shilling for the defense industry. Their “evidence” is that he received five-year-old campaign contributions from some employees of Boeing and Lockheed Martin"

- that's the best they could do...which is why I will always love Dr. Paul. 

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Have they read anything he's written?!

Next up: Cheech and Chong were shilling for big pharma because they once talked about quaaludes in a film

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Not a whole lot of difference between Elon Musk and Ross Perot.  Both get rich quick schemes feeding off the tax payers.   Nice gig if you can get it.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Ratios of profit from successfully corrupting governments often are ~1000 times.

The Alarmist's picture

Wow, how quick they fall. Paul used to be the darling of the college crowd for hia anti-military-crony-spending views.

Tesla was Musk's subsidised step up to the real money, the MISC.

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Ron Paul can't catch a break.  Musk says he's a shill for defence industry, and Google is unhappy that he is against our never ending war in Afghanistan, and so has demonitized his videos.  ... And you know what Google says.  Google says that they "Do Know Evil".  They certainly do.   Liberal pieces of shit, attempting to use their monopoly status to put those in power that will allow them to maintain and increase their monopoly.  Break them up!



gatorengineer's picture

He was so against war, that he supported Clinton......  Ron has entered the realm of John McShitstain.......

Stuck on Zero's picture

Ron Paul is paying the price for doing a good deed.

Kafir Goyim's picture

He was so against war, that he supported Clinton.

Bullshit.  When did Ron Paul support Clinton?  You're an idiot.  He did not endorse Trump, which is fine.  He certainly DID NOT, support Clinton.

HopefulCynical's picture

Fuck these Marxist parasite snowflakes, and fuck subsidy-sucking Elon Muck while we're at it.

chumbawamba's picture

Wait, what? Ross Perot? Ross Perot was successful because he is super smart and worked hard. When he was a salesman at IBM he would meet his quarterly sales quota in a week. Ross Perot would have been president in 1992 but he wasn't part of the Washington establishment and he was threatened that if he didn't pull out of the race then harm would come to his family, so he pulled out, and we got Clinton.

You must be thinking of someone else.

I am Chumbawamba.

JRobby's picture

Ross did warn of "The Giant Sucking Sound" NAFTA would be.

It was/is

With no borders we have arrogant Mexicans driving around in the back of pickups waving giant Mexican flags on "No Show Mexican Day" to show us how much we need them.

Not much. Especially with that shit attitude.

small axe's picture

Paul's philosophy and writings will be banned shortly in the interest of not hurting anyone's feelings and clearing the field for politically acceptable candidates, such as Bernie

Fahrenheit 451, burn baby burn

The Alarmist's picture

Except now it is Fahreheit 423 ... the meltiing point of lead-free SAC solder.

JRobby's picture

Bullshit piling up so fast now, wings will not be enough to stay above it.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes, JRobby! Headlines on Zero Hedge seem to get more flabbergasting everyday.

Bullshit has piled up deeper, at about an exponential rate, for thousands of years.

Hence, what most people regard as the bedrock of "reality" is fossilized bullshit!


Chupacabra-322's picture

@ RM,

It's a Dystopian Reailty based on infinite Gas Lighted Matrix of Psychological Operations, Predictive Programming & Mind Control lies.

At least from my perspective & humble opinion.

lil dirtball's picture

I just call it bullshit.

Who gives a fuck what the old wheezebag thinks - he was there long enough to change something. Instead he did nothing. He should retire and die - and take Pat Buchanan with him.

And anything involving 'Musk' should be ignored without further thought. Spooks and bullshit.


"It's propaganda. It softens your brain while you read."

"Mmmm ... sounds sublime."

"You're soaking in it!"

JRobby's picture

A tab of really good acid makes it all so visible. Afterward, you don't need the acid to see it anymore.

Radical Marijuana's picture

I must agree: mind boggling Dystopian Reality.

tion's picture

They were quietly shopping for his replacement not all that long ago and came up no dice.  He should step lightly.  

As bad as Elon can be at times he is still salvagable, anyone that replaces him will be far worse.

jcaz's picture

HUH?????  Salvagable HOW?   Feed him MORE tax credits????

tion's picture

His character.  I realize the stretch, but it is still possible.  My words were more a reflection on what would replace him than on him.  It wouldn't be good. 

Bay of Pigs's picture

Hey Gump, stupid is as stupid does.

Snout the First's picture

Instead of calling names, how about refuting the facts presented in the article?

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Maybe you could point out any errors or exaggerations in the exposition.

Or is it just clever ad hominim quips?

jimmy12345's picture

Another pro-Russia anti-Elon ZH article -- how predictable.  ULA(United Launch Alliance) was created by combining Boeing and Lockeed's launch businesses in order to form a monopoly to rip of the US taxpayer, and ULA's scam to rip off the US tax payer was successful until Elon came along.    ULA was charging the US goverment $400 million dollars a launch while Elon's SpaceX is charging $100 million dollars.   Every time there was a ULA launch it was equivalent to the ULA stealing $300 million dollars from the US taxpayer.   SpaceX rockets were developed and made in the USA while ULA loves sending money to Russia and their workers.   

jcaz's picture

Actually, when it comes to ripping off the US taxpayer, Musk is setting an individual human record.

But hey, don't let that get in the way of your Elon spank-fest.

Elon's rocket business doesn't liberate anything-  it's more debt piled onto debt that produces zero ROI.   Read a finance book, learn something.

jimmy12345's picture

No, rockets are actual tangable things which I could explain to a six year old.   SpaceX provide launch services to private companies too.   I sadly think know nothing of finance, business or basic physics. 

Jim in MN's picture

Corrupt motherfuckers wigging out on Ron Paul.  Uh huh. 

Hit 'em again, Doctor.

bobbbny's picture

Musk is seriously bi-polar.

He is also the new Ivar Kreuger.

cheech_wizard's picture

I was going to go with Freddy Kreuger, but hey, to each his own...


shutterbug's picture

Ron Paul is about the ONLY politician who want less weapons, DoD and conflicts/wars in general...

Anybody who says otherwise is a fool or has his own agenda...

But yeah ... morons enough in US of Agression....

Country of ZERO Freedom, except but to Love HATE

hanekhw's picture

Oh right.

That Ron Paul Global Initiative Foundation was a disgrace! Oh wait.......!

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

Musk is not a self made man, he stole government money when Obama was trying to destroy America. Musk wasted the money just like Obama tried to destroy our country. When the fake market comes down, we will never hear about Musk again.

south40_dreams's picture

Musk may just be the greatest conman of all time. Eat your heart out Bernie Madoff

massbytes's picture

You and your up-voters are just jealous.  Space-X, Tesla, Solar City.  Great accomplishments, government subsidies or not.  We probably would have just blown the money on some stupid war or benefits for Congress etc.  American companies providing American jobs.  Get over it!  I may agree with you on many other unrelated points...government too big, illegal immigration, bad gun laws..but on this one.  Nope.

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

Did you give me that down vote? Well I gave it back. Can you remember the stimulus robbery? It was Obama rewarding communist and what did they do? They wasted it and where did it go? China to buy things we didn't need. Musk was a stimulus junkie, not one of his ideas were real economic make money ideas but constant losses. It was YOUR MONEY, YOUR FUTURE. It was wasted and created what you believe in at a loss. The government is throwing money away, throwing YOUR FUTURE AWAY. If you own stock in Musk, sell now and buy silver eagles. It is a chance, stay and be cut by a factor of 10. Listen to me, I've seen it before, Musk is going down no matter if you dream with him or not. I'm not against you, I'm trying to save you. There will be more war, it will increase failure at a much higher rate, buy silver eagles now.

jimmy12345's picture

He made 30 million dollars on his first startup, which was an internet company called Zip2.   Thirty million dollars in more than 99.99% of people will make in their lifetime and he did it before the age of 30 with no help from the government.   

MK ULTRA Alpha's picture

Give me a break, WEDDING DOT COM MADE MONEY AND MANY DOT CONS. It was all a con for stocks and then what did shareholders get? ZERO. This time the federal government is a shareholder give away, return on investment? LOSSES how old are you? how old were you during the dot con scam? Did you invest money in the dot con scam? Millions of Americans lost their life savings.

jimmy12345's picture

Elon Musk co-founded PayPal, one of the most successful internet companies, with no government money.  How many successfully businesses have you started with no government money?   Zero

Byrond's picture

All he really cares about is his cannabis stash, and it is expensive high grade, and he's gotta pay for it somehow. 

A. Boaty's picture

Give it all back to NASA?

Beat_of_a_different_drum's picture

Sounds like Ron Paul hit a nerve. 

insanelysane's picture

Ron Paul is the R's version of Liz Warren.  Always complaining but never getting anything done.  You would think these people "in power" could wield some but they are as effective as all of us ZH-ers.

any_mouse's picture

Except Ron Paul talks about auditing the FED. A subject no one else in power talks about.

Comparing Dr Paul to Fauxcohontas...