Stocks Panic-Bid At Cash Open As VIX Crushed To 9 Handle

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...because nothing says "sell protection" or "cover hedges" like a warmongering Trump addressing The UN and a clueless Fed set to announce balance sheet normalization...

US equity markets are open... Sell VIX Mortimer, Sell!


Sometimes you just have to laugh...


and after weakness from the EU open, the US open prompted algos to BTFD...


Financials ramped above their 50DMA...

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Different day, same shit.

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If shorts panic, should we step in and buy what they are selling?

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If shorts panic, should we step in and buy what they are selling?

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The casino of shit.

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"...  balance sheet normalization..."

You don't say ..

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Nothing says bitternes than watching zerohedgers miss bull market after bull market. Panic bid my ass, the market is going up because the world economy is still going strong. You bitches just cant see it. Good luck with your pessimism, let me know how that has worked out for ya in another 9 years.

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"Economy going strong"

Heh heh.

Another cluebag who is unaware of the meaning of 2% 'growth' that itself is rigged by a measure of inflation that does not even remotely comport with anyone's personal experience except one 25 year-old guy living in his mom's basment in rural ohio.

Is that you NuclearGenie?

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Im with Genie. My personal economy has been steadily improving since I did the opposite of what ZH says. Maybe you should change who you hang out with.


Long XIV.

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you ever taken your "money" out of the broker account? are you sure your $$ are gonna be there if one day you decide to?

Bill of Rights's picture

Strong huh, I see broke ass mother fuckers everywhere, but because you say its strong, it must be.

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Ya...In the last few years the global economies have printed over $20 trillion in new debt in order to create $5 trillion in new growth.  If you think that the global economies are going strong, then you believe the MSM and their brainwashing tactics.

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This guy is a liberal who knows he's lying.

exartizo's picture

Apparently, you've never played musical chairs.

DEMIZEN's picture

why dont you share with us what are you holding and what is your target stops and limits, so we can cash your genius ways in few hours.

ArthurDaley-OldieTimeTrader's picture

Nuke, you and all the retail punters who are mad to buy in on a first thing on a Monday morning at an "All-Time High" will get schooled. I've been at this game way to long to know its coming for you and your ilk.

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'' I've been at this game way to long to know its coming for you and your ilk.'' 

You can predict the future? Cool.

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average Joes  such as yourself make 7%/year sticking money in the market and not managing it.  Being able to sell rallies and buy dips when the dumb mother fuckers like you are doing the opposite has been very profitable over the last 9 years.  I see your average joe "bull market buy and hold" and raise you ten fold returns on praying off of the stupidity of the plebians you associate with.

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Good on Ya TNG, fuck these fools trolling you.

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Dow= infinity as Vix ->0

mjcarr51's picture



VIX asymptotically approaching 0.

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It's for my calculus peeps.

Arnold's picture

You guys are maffing at me.
I don't care for it one bit.

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I never cease to be amazed that the Banksters and their allies have been able to hold the world economic structure relatively stable and above complete and total meltdown for so long given the economic and geopolitical tidal waves that appear to be continuously on the horizon.

it's simply surreal.

It's unprecedented in world history.

Sir SpeaksALot's picture

this is possible because most of the population is brainwashed with long years of watching at TV programming,

with no comprehension that they re being dumbed.

These people would get melted over the course of 3 trading days of correction in any real market.

there are no real markets btw. maybe some of the cryptos have real markets. nothing else today.

coast1's picture

Yes, I did not make any money off of the stock market or bitcoin, and only a litttle from my silver, but I would rather live my calm, humble life than be part of this shit-show.  Money isnt everything and it cant buy you love, and I dont care how much money I DONT make, being part of a corrupt, murdering death shit-show is not in my daily routine.

The Duke of New York A No.1's picture

The House has to keep up appearances to keep the Patrons in the Casino.




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Buy 1 ESZ @ 2504.50 & Buy 10 TVIX @ 12.87.


DEMIZEN's picture

so you are basicaly just long monitoring your puts 247 and hit stops  when your hand shakes?

mjcarr51's picture

Not good.


$500+ loser.

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this is that last panic bid where everyone gives up hope on being flat or short. expected a sell off and didnt have the patience to wait. everyone is selling out their protection and going long. now is when you short this shit. trading on weak hands and emotions.

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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results...........except when you BTFD!