Stocks Suddenly Slammed - Nasdaq Plunges Into Red

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Well that escalated quickly...

Some chatter than Lawrence Lessig's comments on regulating 'code' spoked some of the mega tech stocks, FANG tumbled...


And that dragged everything down...


VIX spiked back above 10...


And in case you were looking for a catalyst, there is none (same as with the panic-bid at the open).

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All right, who farted?


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SSDD all will be rectified by close back to the highs...........its the 2-2:30 oclock reversal right now

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I said it a few years ago here.  The market is going to crash up not down.... its proving me right.  Everything in America - Economically / Socially / Politically is fucking beyond bleak.  yet this market wont even burp.....

I have no concept how the american family is making it, every week I go to the grocery I just sit and wonder.  We are radiply approaching a dollar per potato..... but yet the market keeps rocketing, and all of the news is contrived just as under BamBam to say how wonderful things are.....

I figured under Trump the media would out the sad state of affairs and blame Trump.  just goes to show you that the propaganda machine, and ponzi is at a level far above the president. 

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I am beginning to agree with you.  

I was sure this would end in a deflationary implosion before the central banks step in to print in a proportion that makes 2009 look like nothing. 

I am slowly coming to the realization the powers that be will never allow this to implode and will keep this going up as long as possible. 


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That is because the PTB and Uncle Sammy love higher stock prices. It feeds the FED Gov with tax revenue every month as retirees sell some of their holdings, and it keeps the middle class SHEEPEL happy as apple pie & baseball. 

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While tax collections are at an all time high, taxes as a percentage of monetary float are low, and the overall velocity of money is very low.....  E.G. there is a crap ton of digital cash sitting someone, or that has been vanished to Europe or China.  Another even more disurbing thought that would explain alot of the craziness is that they actuallly dont know where it went and are continuing to desperately try and find it.

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It's all only perception TPTB is trying to create...'everything is rosy (just look at the chart) and if you are unable to make ends meet, the issue is with you and it's YOUR problem.'

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There is an inflationary implosion. It is not calculated to include all areas of expenses. Try and sell anything you own ( except housing in certain regions )and see what you get for it.

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Well I won't pound you. But the logic doesn't agree with you.

The logic is most likely not that Tptb are merely desperately not allowing it to implode. The logic is 'more' they are fully exacerbating a reset a cycle endgame. You are ...really... falling into their trap, (a psychological trap, not a big deal) by sortof sortof sortof giving up. Saying oh they really are gods. They really can keep an overoverbloated bleeding level perpetually going. The manipulation is too aggressive and vindictive to imply that, is another part of my original point...

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Doesn't that mean we've entered the capitulation phase? When all the bears start throwing in the towel and going long... oh wait, BTFD!

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It's a distraction while they run out the exits and leave everyone holding the bag.  Just like 2009.  Except this time it was just assumed they were showing up so things have been arranged prior.  Keep watching...

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When the Millenials have been raised to believe that being strapped for cash and everything should just be put on credit what do you expect? 

CPL's picture

How are they getting credit without a job or a credit history?

D.r. Funk's picture

Proved right on Nothing. It's endgame. Not crashing up (laughloud)

Amazing you're still using the term "this market", That's such a cliche red light at this point. Someone still saying "this market refuses to" uh "this market won't even burp" uh "the market never seems to"

It's a controlled programmed commandeered scenario. The indexes are programmed. That's not a "this market". (There are master if-then and for-next subroutines on the indexes. K?)

So your supposition isn't even based on the correct context. Uh... Most likely the deepstate or power structure that was manipulating before Nov 9 is still the ones manipulating.

Crashing up? wtf? It's endgame of the left-side incline of a standard formation bubble


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Its a market because you can still put digital fiat in, pull the handle and more fiat comes out than you put in.....

Bubble fuck yeah its a bubble its been a bubble for 8+ years......  They have allegedly stopped printing which was driving it, and guess what its still inflating....

What in your opinion might trigger a sell off, what are the things that execute IF this then SELL?

Trump, nope, Nuclear war threat, nope, Brexit Nope, Cubs winning the world series Nope........

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"Markets" will either crash in nominal terms or real terms... either way gold wins.

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Ok... If you wanna be the globalist-power-structure stooge. What a moron.

How moronic do you have to be... to still be posting 'b' 't' 'f' 'd' "jokes".

It really just makes the person look like a lemming, and hick, combined, at this point

gatorengineer's picture

Its not a joke its a direction.  When in the last 8 years has BTFD failed.... 

Said a long time ago, the market can remain irrational longer than you (or I) can be solvent.....

D.r. Funk's picture

Does anyone have any nuance or critical thinking?

B T F D. Became a conditioning element. By the pseudo gov pseudo fed controllers.

So if you wanna stay fucking mind conditioned. When it's just the controllers applying subroutines. I expect more from zhers. BTFD was like 3 years ago, the cool thing. You are a fucking caricature (trying to get under your skin). Maybe you actually aren't as sophisticated as some of us who know the larger themes + clear progression of those into endgame or trigger point. 

(I absolutely cannot believe you used a "market remaining irrational" line. Is so nonapplicable in a commandeered context. I am high-percentage inverse positioned. THE FUCKING MARKET, IS VERY RATIONAL, AS A PROGRAMMED ENTITY, the stock indexes are programmed, they act very rational for having master algos on them. So the sentiment is Bizarrely antiquated)

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Did Jamie Dimon say the stock market is a fraud finally? 

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Reading so much ZH, I missed it.

Edit: still all green, gold and silver going even lower now.

When the PM's are getting hammered this much, bankers must be getting worried.

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Did Janet let loose a queef?

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Well, that escalated quickly. 

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Operation Bagholder: Activated

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There's always a catalyst. Money ! Think, '  Dick Turpin ' , and join in ! 



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Wonder what the guys at ZH are smokin. S&P retreats 5 pts ... and they are "slammed"  and NQ "plunges".... :) Good drama

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... but it got us to click the link, right? Do you want fries with your nothingburger?

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Yeah, not sure why they use this hyperbole so much... as this is merely another BTFD moment in the dump and pump, pump and dump game.

Which will continue until, as the song goes from Oklahoma: "They've gone about as fer as they could go...."

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...and good headlines when all else is a slow day.

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...don't forget gold "tanked" - 0.79% today

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I see what you're saying but any anomaly in the daily programmed-subroutine operation is worthy of pointing out.

It's a slamming of the fed-proxy/shadow-gov.

And a 'revealing' of their computers, of the programming, a slight pullback of the curtain, if just for a sec.

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Maybe there was a PPT software upgrade. Or a GS txt message to the Alog machine to spike VIX

Not as if it would be announced, except to a select few, ;-)

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"Winter is coming" --Jon Snow...

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Winters been comming for 9 years.  Longest Indian Summer on Record (I know thats Raczist).

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Lol. Everything is still green. Just shaking some people out before the Fed

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Past performance is not indicative of future results.........except when you BTFD! 

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Embargoed information released early to a select few on the street. No mystery.

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There will be more printing.  All will be fine. 

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Slammed? The DOW is at 22,326.67 +58.33, and the NASPUKE is at
6,451.87 +3.40

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Obviously, the safest and most secure stock is Tesla. Why go anywhere else? lol

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a lot of good electrons died in 1987 too

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You can see the algos desperately selling volatility on the downticks of $SPX.  The S&P drops a point or two, and UVXY drops 20 cents?!  Compare the two side-by-side, it's uncanny today.

They are winding this baby really, really tight.

She's going to break ... good luck out there, friends.