In "Warning To Pyongyang", B-1B Bombers, F-35s Hold Mock Bombing Drills

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A day after US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley admitted that with the latest round of sanctions the Security Council has just about reached the limits of China’s and Russia’s tolerance – and that the US will now need to explore other diplomatic, and possibly military, options, US forces joined with their South Korea counterparts for another "show of strength" meant for North Korea.

Both Haley and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared on the Sunday talk shows to stress – using language that’s ringing increasingly hollow - that the administration wouldn’t hesitate to authorize a military response to the North should diplomacy fail.

And to demonstrate that, four US F-35 stealth fighters and two B-1B bombers conducted another round of "mock bombing exercises" over the Korean peninsula on Monday, according to Reuters. The US aircraft, which were joined by four South Korea F-15K fighter jets, returned to their bases in Japan and Guam after the exercise, but the latest demonstration of western capabilities likely assures that Kim Jong Un, who views such exercises in the same way the international community views his missile launches, will seek to retaliate with his own show of force.

North Korea, for its part, has said the faster sanctions are imposed, the more quickly it will move to complete the development of its nuclear program, with KCNA stating that U.S. moves to impose sanctions and pressure on the country "will only increase our pace towards the ultimate completion of the state nuclear force."

The drills were a response to North Korea’s decision to again launch an intermediate range ballistic missile over Japan on Friday – the second time the isolated North has conducted such a provocative test. Of course, that test was meant to be a response to the latest round of UN sanctions, which were a response to its previous firing of missiles over Japan, which were a response to…you get the picture.

Meanwhile, China and Russia conducted joint military exercises of their own near the Russian far eastern port of Vladivostok. The drills are the latest sign that the two powers, which have sought to serve as mediators between the US and North - though neither belligerent has so far taken the two countries’ offer to arrange diplomatic talks - are taking joint precautions should the conflict boil over into war, according to Reuters, which cited a report from China’s Xinhua news agency. Although it is unclear if the message is meant for fat Uncle Kim or not so fat Uncle Slam.

Those drills were conducted between Peter the Great Bay, near Vladivostok, and the southern part of the Sea of Okhotsk, to the north of Japan. Those drills were part of joint China-Russian naval exercises, the first part of which was staged in the Baltic in July. Of course, Xinhua did not directly link the drills to current tension over North Korea.

As Russia Today points out, Moscow and Beijing have repeatedly proposed a ‘double-freeze’ peace plan where the North Korea suspends its nuclear and ballistic missile tests in exchange for a halt in joint US-South Korea military exercises. However, Washington has rejected the plan, saying that it has every right to conduct drills with South Korea.

Earlier this month, Russian President Vladimir Putin said the escalating tensions between the US and North Korea were on the brink of a nuclear war that could lead to a “global, planetary catastrophe” and huge loss of life.

The North Korean regime believes that its nuclear program is essential to its survival, as Russia and China have repeatedly pointed out. Kim Jong Un won’t relinquish control over his missiles under virtually any circumstances.

Meanwhile, the US’s military options remain incredibly limited. As former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon once pointed out, despite assurances from the administration that “all options remain on the table," in reality, there are few available that wouldn’t result in millions of deaths in Seoul from conventional weapons.

Kim knows that a strike against the US would be tantamount to suicide. So, the violent rhetoric and demonstrations appear set to continue for the foreseeable future – that is, unless the North with its next nuclear test accidentally triggers the eruption of “supervolcano” at Mt. Paektu. Such an eruption could potentially threaten all life on Earth.

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Wake me up when the East or West coast is one big mushroom cloud.

The Alarmist's picture

Seriously, the indispensible Hyperpower has nothing better to do than a pissing match with a country that can barely find a pot to piss in?

Why not rebuild the Caribbean, which is in our backyard, with the money we're pissing away in Korea?

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Well....we can guide hurricanes.   <---- let that sink in for a bit.

The Alarmist's picture

I thought HAARP was for earthquakes ... isn't that what they used in Haiti?

Think for yourself's picture

localized ionospheric charge induces crust tension, yes... and what's between the two? by the right-hand rule, it has to rotate...

curbjob's picture

Sorry little seppo ... I know it doesn't align with your percieved exceptionalism, however ;


(get over it)

The Alarmist's picture

Actually, Cuba took the bullet for us with Irma. Even those bastards in Miami who have been freezing them out for decades should be willing to let us throw a billion or two at Cuba, given they benefitted significantly at the expense of the Commies. At least call it a draw and get on with life.

curbjob's picture


If one compares NAFTA'd Mexico  to embargoed Cuba ,  with friends like these who needs enemies . ..

BennyBoy's picture


Stop your independent thinking immediately!

Next you'll be demanding evidence and independent varification for US lies, MSM propaganda, and DC statements.

Then repurposing MIC money for humanitarian needs.

NSA/CIA please ban this poster's internet access.

The Alarmist's picture

You're right. I'd turn myself in at Club Gitmo, but I think there is still a ban on general travel.

Marigold's picture

Well your indispensible Hyperpower did not actually cover itself in glory and victory when it went on its ' pissing away 'mission against a nation of peasant farmers and fishermen in Vietnam.I am sure Kim has considered what has happened to Sadam , Ghaddafi and now Assad and has decided that nukes are his best chance at surrival. Also nearly every N. Korean alive will have some relative killed by the mass genocide in N Korea by the US where over 2 million people lost their lives ie over 30 % of the population along with the absoloute devastation of 78 cities and thousands of villages. I am with Kim !

The Alarmist's picture

The Vietnamese can take some solace that they saddled us with Senator John McCain ... sort of a Vietnamese Doomsday weapon that will help bring down the US in time.

FoggyWorld's picture

The MIC wouldn't make any money out of that sort of sensible notion.

SybilDefense's picture

Or take care of Americans here.  All that money could pay for at least 10-20 Senator for life pensions.  Or a past presidents salary or two.  At least Clinton's, Bush's and Obama.

But wait a minute.  Didn't gold get hammered because Tillerson said we want peaceful solutions?  I don't see that.  Must be the technicals point to a decreased demand for gold in the current market. I'm sure the charts will point to a logical reason based on market fundamentals and analysis.

Ha Ha.  He said "market".

The Alarmist's picture

Market Fundamentals are so, like, 1995!

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I don't think it's gonna a be a long, long time though...

Decay is Constant's picture

New moon on 9/19. Good timing.

Decay is Constant's picture

New moon on 9/19. Good timing.

skbull44's picture

Are we witnessing history repeating itself, where the US tightens the screws on a nation to the point where they have no choice except some type of military action against the US or one of its allies? 

Arnold's picture

Japan ain't Kuwait, bucko.

skbull44's picture

No, it ain't but this seems to be a familar scenario.

chilller's picture

Just 1of the US tools of manipulate, intimadate then provoke.

BrownCoat's picture

"As Russia Today points out, Moscow and Beijing have repeatedly proposed a ‘double-freeze’ peace plan where the North Korea suspends its nuclear and ballistic missile tests in exchange for a halt in joint US-South Korea military exercises. "

Good move not to accept the terms of this stupid agreement. It should read:
where the North Korea suspends its nuclear and ballistic missile tests in exchange for South Korea suspending its nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

sgt_doom's picture

At this rate, there won't be any fish left alive in the oceans.

Racer's picture

So it is perfectly fine for everyone to do military exercises EXCEPT NK and they MUST BE STOPPED.


Hmmm, bully boys in the playground methinks

BlindMonkey's picture

No.  In a perfect world, only the West can exercise and threaten.

Arnold's picture

I won't warn you, the next time I shoot an ICBM-like project over your house.

Japanese leadership is hot about this, the media reporting, not so much.

MansaMusa's picture

@Arnold: I've been wondering the same as to why Japan or S. Korea didn't shoot it down; it flew over Japan airspace...

Arnold's picture

Who knows what the thought process is.
I would not show my hand until a live one calls.
But I play penny ante.

oncemore's picture

You believe, THAAD works?

FoggyWorld's picture

And we have a President who fancies himself as the greatest deal maker ever.  

How about sitting down at a table and finding a way to end that decades old war so that people on both sides of the 38th parallel just might be able to live in peace.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Hmmm, bully boys in the playground methinks"

The US thinks of this as "diplomacy"

JRobby's picture

Thia doesn't work


DosZap's picture

WHY do we waste billions on something that makes ZERO difference,use the wasted $$$ to BUILD the WALL.

Arrest Hillary's picture

If Kim shoots missles over Japan .... our "mock" bombing run should fly over Pyongyang .... reciprocity works both ways ?

yogibear's picture

No, the Japanese should shoot a missle across NK. That would be the same.

Notice China is supplying everything, except the nuclear warheads (Maybe helping).

Arrest Hillary's picture

I've got no problem with that .... I've got a problem with doing nuffin' ?

Bobbyrib's picture

This place is turning into Fight Club full of Robert Paulson's (hint: medical condition). I'm not saying outright war is the answer, but if one adult hands a five year a gun then watches everyone lose their shit with enjoyment that adult needs to be punished (sanction the fucking shit out them).

VinceFostersGhost's picture



if one adult hands a five year a gun then watches everyone lose their shit


You mean like this?

rejected's picture

Problem is one of those adults is the bully in the bar that always starts the brawls.

Kim saw what happened to Qaddafi when Libya gave up their nuclear program and has decided that was stupid when dealing with the indispensable demockracy. A bully only understands violence which is why it doesn't want anyone else in the nuclear club. Kim mocks the US because he knows it's full of cowards that become extremely dangerous when they think they have the advantage.  

No one person, group, nor one nation, group, have the right to tell anyone what arms they can or cannot have. 

Bobbyrib's picture

North Korea was already backed by China, which is why we didn't takeover before. Yeah, the US definitely pulls scumbag shit around the world, but I have a feeling if China and Russia take over it will look like child's play.

silverer's picture

I'm still trying to remember exactly what N Korea said to the US when the US was developing its own nuclear program. Didn't they pull a carrier group up to the California coast and threaten to bomb the shit out of the country via some empowered Korean spokeswoman? Didn't they sanction the crap out of the US, cutting off oil and other essential supplies, and denying the US the ability to transact any international business by freezing banking transactions? Didn't they repeat threats day after day on TV all over the world, and have 60% of their population agree that military action should be used if the US didn't abandon its nuclear program? Didn't they threaten Canada and Mexico that if they didn't cooperate with sanctions, they would be punished as well, even though Canada and Mexico had been peacefully trading with the US for years? They DIDN'T??? Holy shit!

Sandmann's picture

USA passed McMahon Act 1946 to cut off cooperation with UK on atomic weapons.

rejected's picture

The US is the exceptional demockracy. It is mature enough to never use such horrible weapons.

oh, wait.....

BrownCoat's picture

@ rejected,

No you are correct. The bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were smaller (atomic bomb) than the one FatBoy just tested (hydrogen bomb). 

Is your point that FatBoy should be allowed to throw missiles and nuclear bombs anywhere he pleases? If yes, you probably support the ISIS attacks in Europe. The Daesh are just trying to find a 'safe space' for their lunatic religion.

oncemore's picture

U ask wrong questions wrong guy.