Will The US Bomb? First Images Of Syrian Army Crossing The Euphrates River In Deir Ezzor

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A correspondent with Al-Masdar News based in Damascus has confirmed that the Syrian Amy has crossed the Euphrates which runs through Deir Ezzor on Monday. The river forms a natural demarcation line separating Syrian government forces and their allies from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF):

DAMACUS, SYRIA (4:00 P.M.) – The Syrian Army was capable today of crossing the Euphrates River after fully recapturing Sakr Island located to the north of Deir Ezzor Airbase.


Heavy Russian and Syrian airstrikes have pushed ISIS militants away from the eastern bank, paving the way for the government troops to set foot in the eastern bank for the first time in years.


With crossing the river, the government forces are inching closer to re-take the remaining territories under ISIS control. However, this will also put the Syrian forces face to face with the US-backed Kurdish forces; which launched its own offensive against the Islamic State in Deir Ezzor.

Other Middle East monitoring groups as well as regional correspondents have also confirmed the breaking news which could lead to a fresh outbreak of direct hostilities between the US-SDF alliance and Syria-Russia alliance:

We noted over the weekend that as Russian and Iran-backed Syrian troops are moving in from the west, and with US-backed SDF forces operating mostly on the east side, the two factions have mostly stayed out of each other’s way in their "fight against ISIS" with the Euphrates acting as a dividing line. It now appears that dividing line has been breached by the Syrian Army - as Russian media is now keen to show the world (see screen shot of a Russian broadcast from location today). 

On Saturday, a senior aide to President Bashar al-Assad said the government would fight any force, including the U.S.-backed militias, to recapture the entire country. ”I‘m not saying this will happen tomorrow ... but this is the strategic intent,” Bouthaina Shaaban said in a TV interview according to Reuters.

Deir Ezzor situation map as of Monday morning (9/18). Source: Within Syria Blog

Ironically, The U.S.-led coalition said last week that the SDF did not plan to enter Deir Ezzor city, where Syrian troops recently broke an Islamic State siege that had lasted three years. Just a few days later, however, they appeared to have changed their mind.

Meanwhile, seeking to maintain the offensive momentum, a pro-Damascus military alliance launched attacks on Saturday from the southern corner of Deir Ezzor province to drive Islamic State from the Iraqi border. The last local vestige of the Islamic State is also coming under attack by U.S.-backed Iraqi government forces just over the border from Syria’s Deir Ezzor inside Iraq.

With the fate of Deir Ezzor - and much of the oil in the region - set to be sealed in the coming days, the Syrian war which has gradually disappeared from both the front pages and the public consciousness is now making a strong comeback in world headlines, especially as Syria/Russia/Iran seems to now be gaining full control of this key regional outpost.

The airspace over Deir Ezzor is potentially growing even more dangerous as there have long been rumors that the US coalition previously declared a de facto no fly zone (NFZ) over the north/eastern side of the Euphrates. In the meantime, Syrian and Russian air operations in the area will only increase with Syrian army advances.

According to Reuters over the weekend U.S.-backed militias, which have included various and assorted Al-Qaeda offshots, spinoffs and reverse mergers, said they came under attack from Russian jets and Syrian government forces in Deir Ezzor province.

As there's been no military response from the US coalition after the reported attacks, it's likely that the two sides are talking through a long established military deconfliction phone line. In the weeks prior to things heating up in Deir Ezzor, The Navy Times initially described the deconfliction line as follows:

The U.S. is talking multiple times a day with Russia to deconflict ground and air operations in Syria, according to Gen. Stephen Townsend, commander of the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.


Russia and the coalition have agreed to some deconfliction lines in the middle Euphrates River valley,” Townsend said, but he added that “not all of it yet” has been decided.


...It became clear that there needed to be a ground component to the deconfliction hotline with Russia, Townsend said. “It gets tougher [to communicate] with a force that isn’t friendly but not necessarily an adversary,” Townsend explained. “Those rehearsals have allowed us to come up with measures that seem to work,” he said. “We were able to work through that then.” Between air and ground deconfliction, “someone is talking to the Russians multiple times a day,” Townsend said. “It’s a fact of life.”

Will the US and its SDF proxy on the ground allow the Syrian Army to recapture sovereign Syria territory across the Euphrates? At this moment at least, it is looking like the US will not intervene on behalf of its proxy. Syria is probably further feeling new impetus as Iraqi Kurdistan is now threatening to move forward with its September 25 referendum on the establishment of an independent Kurdish state, which would no doubt attempt to carve out SDF occupied parts of eastern and northern Syria.

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God bless the Syrian Arab Army.

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Like in world war II, the US-backed alliance suddenly can't await to fight an enemy who they earlier on rather watched and did little about. But like in WW2 they changed abruptly, once it became clear that the Soviet Union would defeat Hitler, in order to prevent the Red Army from conquering western Europe. Similarly, all  of a sudden, they rush to Deir-ez Zor to grab the oilfields before the syrian government can claim their land back.

The battle for raqqa all of a sudden seems too unimportant to bother. So instead of finishing ISIs off there, and let the Syrians and Russians deal with ISIS in Deir ed zor, there is a rush towards Deir ed Zor, that has zero todo with fighting ISIS.

The Kurds are making a stretgic mistake when they allow themselves to being abused as a US proxy against Assad/Russia/Iran

BaBaBouy's picture

This could degenerate Quickly ...

CuttingEdge's picture

One of the best ordnance offloads on ISIS you will see.

Russians, of course.


eforce's picture

I guess we'll finally get to see Javelin vs T-90.

Joe Davola's picture

If that picture is the Syrian army floating their F-150 across the river, we could probably go in with a handful of M80's and do the job.

Manthong's picture


It’s not our F’n country to bomb.

How do you spell War Crimes?

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HowdyDoody's picture

Some US-sponsored terrorists having a very bad day. The end is worth waiting for.

"Head camera video recovered from a dead ISIS terrorist. ISIS vs Syrian Tank.  Watch it to the end"



sandman3365's picture

Why i am so surprised to see the terrorists with M16, an american weapon?

JSBach1's picture


Here is another video:


Notice the Columbia, SC mark on the weapon. It seems Lindsey Graham's state is benefiting....wonder why that is???

And here is the video of the stll from this ZH article:

Grumbleduke's picture

who is this "we" you're blabbing about?


Didn't think so.

HowdyDoody's picture

Not the USUK. The Brits pulled out all their military fores from southern Syria a while back. The US military has pulled out of a base in Syria near the border with Jordan. It has also pulled out some of its top ISIS men to east Syria. They may have been FOABed by the Russians in response.

Perimetr's picture

Considering that the Syrian Army is operating
the real news here is that the US is once again
Illegally fighting a war in a country where
they are not wanted nor invited

If the US actually wants to "deconflict"
They can get the fuck out of Syria
and stop supporting ISIS

Jim in MN's picture

Psst: breaking news


I've got a list of all cities over 100,000 population in the Middle East and for the first time in decades, there are no mass civilian casualites occurring in any of them.  Sana'a in Yemen has the Saudis (with US backing) still bombing kids, and Kabul's getting some car bombs but just a few dozen mainly adult victims, vs. the hundreds of thousands/millions, largely women and children, seen in the vicious US/Israeli proxy wars of the past fifty years.

Sure it's fun plotting out the last patches of sand and speculating about the Kurdish prospects for statehood (piss-poor, sadly) but let's not miss the bigger picture here....


I think we here at ZH who gobsmacked the Clinton/McCain neolibcon globalist traitors have had a hand in all this here peace. 

Stay strong, keep fighting....corruption here at home is by far the greatest enemy, to the US people and the world. 

sickavme's picture

Kurds are just the third installment of obama backed terrorists...


And fight just as bad as their previous versions too...


They will be swept aside, US/NATO backing or not...


Whoever is remaining in charge of the shitshow in syria should just call it and head for home(most likely it's some UN/NATO shill at this time, doubt it's trump...)

Jim in MN's picture

The Kurds meet most objective criteria for national self-determination.  It's mainly an accident of geography that their territory is divided among several countries. 

Regional autonomy and peace is the best they can realistically hope for. 

sickavme's picture

They are from iran, they don't belong there...


The assyrians have a much larger legitimate claim to northern syria than the kurds...


... Thats why the kurds are mass murdering the assyrians as we speak....

Broken_Trades's picture

... Thats why the kurds are mass murdering the assyrians as we speak....

I would assume you have some extraordinary proof to back up this extraordinary claim.  Seems like Ainkawa is doing just fine to me.  Seems at odd with what Barzani is saying on TV every day about how even the arabs will be allowed to stay in Kurdistan.


Props to Tylers for finally mentioning the referendum.




Jim in MN's picture

Hmmm.....not a whole lot of Assyrians around.  Good folk, to be sure.



Sure you're not just anti-Kurd for some reason or other?  

Anyway peace and regional autonomy cover a lot of 'claimants'.   Why not both Kurds and Assyrians? Big hugs for everyone.

If it's war and strong ethnic states, one percenter groups are simply killed off or absorbed.  Is that your preferred outcome? 

HowdyDoody's picture

Which Kurds do you mean? The Kurds looting Iraqi oil used to help ISIS launder the oil it looted from Syria? The Kurds who joined ISIS? The Kurds who let ISIS travel freely through their territory? The Kurds who removed a democratically elected Assyrian mayor in Iraq and imposed a Kurd leader on the town? The Kurds busy trying to ethnically cleanse Syrian Arabs from the Arab cities/towns they take over? These Kurds?

Broken_Trades's picture

Yes they are great people. Christians in Iraq are very excited to tell you how they aren't muslim the minute you meet them.  I know many Assyrians first hand.

Look at all these villages just ripe for killing and murdering of innocent civilians in Kurdistan:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proposals_for_Assyrian_autonomy_in_Iraq#/m...

Except for some dumb reason, the Peshmerga keep fighting for and liberating the areas held by ISIS (mostly yazidi and assyrian villages) so they can move back.

Can't help but notice that you are not backing up your claim of the Kurds murdering the Assyrians. What's your axe to grind here?  What's your angle?  Since we're talking in the context of a Kurdish Referendum, I just assumed you mean the Governate of Kurdistan.  Are you talking about some other area?



Conscious Reviver's picture

Did you say links? Re. "the Peshmerga keep fighting for and liberating the areas held by ISIS (mostly yazidi and assyrian villages) so they can move back."

First a funny article that describes the ethnic cleansing being carried out by the Kurdish YPG, but explains complains this is bad because these Kurds are hooked up with Assad and Iran!! Obviously The Nation is a Zionist rag https://www.thenation.com/article/have-the-syrian-kurds-committed-war-cr...

Then there is Moon of Alabama, the definitive voice on all things MENA that MoA chooses to address. From August 2016.


"Severe fighting in Hasakah, in north-east Syria, continues between Syrian government forces and U.S. advised Kurdish YPG groups."

"The YPG declared that it wants all Syrian government forces to leave Hasakah. But those forces are the sole protection of the large Assyrian (Christian) and other minorities in the city. These minorities fear to be ethnically cleansed by the Kurds who try to install their own state in the north of Iraq and Syria."

The Kurds are not the Hollywood heros you are led to believe they are by the Zionist MSM. Why does the Zionist MSM want you to believe a fairytale about the Kurds? Because the "Mountain Jew" Barzani who's clan runs Iraqi Kurdistan is an ISRAELI AGENT. A lot of Kurds don't like Barzani. A lot of us don't like our governments either.

Get informed. Read Moonofalabama.org

general ambivalent's picture

Nonsense. Drumpfstein has already dropped more bombs in half a year than Obama did in his most active year. Saudis and US are bombing Yemen and sending in ISIS; Israel is indiscriminately attacking Syria; and Drumpf sent even more troops to its eternal war in Afghanistan (where it looks like they're bombing weddings again). There are also rumours of psyops attacking Iran.

Things are getting worse, and your stupid red hat doesn't change that. It's over. It was over long ago. Face up to it.

Jim in MN's picture

WTF are you talking some neocon fake news BS or what?  Seriously, check your stats bro.  

More to the point, name a city with mass civilian killing going on.  Ehrm.  Didn't think so.

Obama and Clinton slaughtered millions and collapsed entire countries.  You can look it up on say BBC or someplace.  It's called reading.

Broken_Trades's picture

Pretty much all of Yemen meets your criteria for indiscriminate civilian killing.  Previous posters comments on ISIS going to yemen are correct.

Jim in MN's picture

I've mentioned the Saudi/US bombing in Yemen as a singular exception every time I've mentioned the 'outbreak of peace'.

Broken_Trades's picture

Not really sure I follow the argument here.  The media is in hysteria about MENA violence and your position is that its not as bad as the media says?  OK I'll buy that, but there's still constant violence and terror attacks in Yemen, Saudi, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, Palestine/Israel and lets not forget Iraq. By any measure I do believe this is still a relatively violent place.


actionjacksonbrownie's picture

There was a Russian General doing an interview regarding the recent bombing of a group of SDF fighters near the Euphrates river. He stated very clearly that the Russians pinpoint important ISIS targets and and bomb very accurately those targets. He also questioned why there was no fighting occuring between the ISIS and the SDF at the location the SDF were injured. If the SDF were close enough to the ISIS target to be injured in numbers, yet were not actually fighting them, what were they doing there?? One might also wonder how the SDF managed to race all the way to Dier Ezzor from northern Syria in only a couple days, right through ISIS territory, while hardly firing a shot! I wonder how many ISIS fighters switched from black uniforms to green ones with the SDF logo in the last week?

There were also multiple reports in the last 2 weeks of American helicopters air-lifting ISIS members/leaders out of Dier Ezzor proir to the SAA recapturing the city. I wonder how many joos/israhellis hopped into those choppers?

earleflorida's picture

here ya go:

https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/07340,L-5016744,00.html         "IDF ask Gov't. to approve more 'Special OPs'"

http://original.antiwar.com/smith-grant/2017/09/16/israel-foreign-agents-client-register-russian-2      "Israel Foreign Agents don't register, why should Russian's?"

https://english.aawsat.com/          "5Km ONLY and NOT 70Km Israel wants Golan Height Armistice Line Boundary (changed)"


Ps. Currently Israel is forcing enlistment of Ultra-Orthodox Jews for military service to adequately have enough military [IDF] to fight next interim war,... war?!?

finametrics's picture

Last link is confirmed spam / phishing link. Do not click.

earleflorida's picture

spell error

link, OK below


Note: some link? server won't accept???

earleflorida's picture

https://www.ynetnews.com/home/             https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-5016744,00.html



above link isn't spam (spell error link)

Ps.                     https://english.aawsat.com/     'Story'    "Russia rejects Israel wanting/demanding of 70km in the  Golan Heights Armistice Line Boundary agreement change from the settled upon 5km' (Russia says fuck you!    

http://www.factsaboutisrael.uk/israels-legal-borders/         *The 'Green Line has no primary COLOURS? * (site is only good for demographics and illiterate zealots

 Netanyahu wants war with Jordan and will pull Lebanon into the quagmire as a tradeoff to rid all Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, West Bank slivers into TransJordan for good!!!

But[T], its all about fresh water from the Jordan River--- isn't that the other part of the eqation?

The Golan Heights {that Isarel occupies is illegal} was stolen from Syria in the 'Six Day War'  [june/1967] !

War is coming in the ME and Israel will say it had to defend itself!!!

https://prophecyandnews.com/category/israel/       Note: forget about the "Prophecy", its only the news i'm interested in--- the gut-Zionist Israel Jews, and the gut-Zionist Christian Fundamentalist love this "SHIT" to justify their 'CHOSENism!?! 

Trump is owned by the AIPAC Lobby and Zionist Israel--- notice the rhetoric bulding over Iran's Nukes lately and those nasty Iranian Revolutionary Guards, having the audacity to help those terrorist Lebanese Hezbollah without even an airforce or a tank!!!


imagine that #50` F-35 Stealth Fighter Jets...--- note: they say they bought them, but with our money? WTFs goin on??? 

ConfederateH's picture

Roosevelt, Morgentau, Brandies and others were keen to get the US into the war against Germany and Germans the moment Judea Declared War on Germany (Here are several newspaper headlines from period) in 1933.

Your blather about the US waiting until 1944 is just that, blather.

The Wizard's picture

The reason the West encourages nation building using the US military and the petrodollar is to control resources. Follow the money.

If the Syrian government does not want the military in their country, what are they doing there?

Gorgeous's picture

"being abused as a US proxy"

Either that or be systematically eliminated by Turkey.

earleflorida's picture

"Israel Website Claims ISIS Commander Revealed as Mossad Agent"        *(Arabist Mossad) Mossad recruits MENA Arab's all the time using them during the Palestinian [ME] Wars, Killing Iranian Scientist, assasinating Lebanese High Ranking Officials etc., etc...military generals while being a sleeper`mole' expat of some proxy countries....


How recruiting works....                     http://israelspy.com/category/kidon-bayonet/ 

The central planners's picture

The kurds will became a US liability without those oil fields in the eastern part of the river. They will be left with the barren desert to be the meatcannon to the turkish.

holgerdanske's picture

They won't.

The Russians will sort them out if they do.

And they know it.!

It is somewhat different to fight well equipped troops rather than bedouins armed with spades and sandals.


Squid Viscous's picture

World War 3. all predicted in Revelation. except "we're" not the good guys.

dilligaff's picture

Holy shit!  The Syrian army is invading Syria!  What is the world coming to???

Omen IV's picture

YES  and the Turks just took delivery of S-400's from the Russians with more to come

.......the Syrians are on the ground and want it's eastern oil fields back / turks ready to roll  / Hezbollah free from Daesh /  Iraq wants its property and oilfields / Iran supports all of the above

and the Kurds want someone else(s) property in Turkey / Syria / Iraq and has the support of the feckless Americans who want a permanent airbase


Hmmmm and the winner will be?

Mr.BlingBling's picture

Vlad's a smart guy. I don't understand why he would sell the state-of-the-art S-400 to Erdogan, a capricious little bitch who's likely to sell them on to NATO if he feels slighted in the future.

NoWayJose's picture

And just 'who' might Turkey aim their S-400 at? Betcha there is a Russian plane ID that shuts down any AA missiles. That would only leave...

Volkodav's picture

      Kebab export version 

ToSoft4Truth's picture

See you in the clouds!!!


Rapture Index: 184
Gorgeous's picture

Do you have a reference for that?

Adullam's picture

WWIII is not depicted in the book of Revelation. At least not unless you hold to the dispensational view as espoused by a Jesuit priest in the 1800's, picked up by J.N. Darby (of Plymouth brethren fame), and then popularized by C.I Scofield in his notes in a "study Bible" in the early 1900's. Scofield himself being a scoundrel guilty of forgery and false credentials.