Happy Birthday CIA: 7 Truly Terrible Things The Agency Has Done In 70 Years

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Authored by Carey Wedler via TheAntiMedia.org,

On Monday, President Trump tweeted birthday wishes to the Air Force and the CIA. Both became official organizations 70 years ago on September 18, 1947, with the implementation of the National Security Act of 1947.

After spending years as a wartime intelligence agency called the Office of Strategic Services, the agency was solidified as a key player in the federal government’s operations with then-President Harry Truman’s authorization.

In the seventy years since, the CIA has committed a wide variety of misdeeds, crimes, coups, and violence. Here are seven of the worst programs they’ve carried out (that are known to the public):

1.Toppling governments around the world

The CIA is best known for its first coup, Operation Ajax, in 1953, in which it ousted the democratically elected leader of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh, reinstating the autocratic Shah, who favored western oil interests. That operation, which the CIA now admits to waging with British intelligence, ultimately resulted in the 1979 revolution and subsequent U.S. hostage crisis. Relations between the U.S. and Iran remain strained to this day, aptly described by the CIA-coined term “blowback.”

But the CIA has had a hand in toppling a number of other democratically elected governments, from Guatemala (1954) and the Congo (1960) to the Dominican Republic (1961), South Vietnam (1963), Brazil (1964), and Chile (1973). The CIA has aimed to install leaders who appease American interests, often empowering oppressive, violent dictators. This is only a partial list of countries where the CIA covertly attempted to exploit and manipulate sovereign nations’ governments.

2. Operation Paperclip

In one of the more bizarre CIA plots, the agency and other government departments employed Nazi scientists both within and outside the United States to gain an advantage over the Soviets. As summarized by NPR:

The aim [of Operation Paperclip] was to find and preserve German weapons, including biological and chemical agents, but American scientific intelligence officers quickly realized the weapons themselves were not enough.


They decided the United States needed to bring the Nazi scientists themselves to the U.S. Thus began a mission to recruit top Nazi doctors, physicists and chemists — including Wernher von Braun, who went on to design the rockets that took man to the moon.

They kept this plot secret, though they admitted to it upon the release of Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program That Brought Nazi Scientists To America by Annie Jacobsen. In a book review, the CIA wrote that “Henry Wallace, former vice president and secretary of commerce, believed the scientists’ ideas could launch new civilian industries and produce jobs.” 

They praised the book’s historical accuracy, noting “that the Launch Operations Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida, was headed by Kurt Debus, an ardent Nazi.” They acknowledged that “General Reinhard Gehlen, former head of Nazi intelligence operations against the Soviets, was hired by the US Army and later by the CIA to operate 600 ex-Nazi agents in the Soviet zone of occupied Germany.”

Remarkably, they noted that Jacobsen “understandably questions the morality of the decision to hire Nazi SS scientists,” but praise her for pointing out that it was done to fight Soviets. They also made sure to add that the Soviets hired Nazis, too, apparently justifying their own questionable actions by citing their most loathed enemy.

3. Operation CHAOS

The FBI is widely known for its COINTELPRO schemes to undermine communist movements in the 1950s and anti-war, civil rights, and black power movements in the 1960s, but the CIA has not been implicated nearly as deeply because, technically, the CIA cannot legally engage in domestic spying. But that was of little concern to President Lyndon B. Johnson as opposition to the Vietnam war grew. According to former New York Times journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winner Tim Weiner, as documented in his extensive CIA historyLegacy of Ashes, Johnson instructed then-CIA Director Richard Helms to break the law:

In October 1967, a handful of CIA analysts joined in the first big Washington march against the war. The president regarded protesters as enemies of the state. He was convinced that the peace movement was controlled and financed by Moscow and Beijing. He wanted proof. He ordered Richard Helms to produce it.


Helms reminded the president that the CIA was barred from spying on Americans. He says Johnson told him: ‘I’m quite aware of that. What I want for you is to pursue this matter, and to do what is necessary to track down the foreign communists who are behind this intolerable interference in our domestic affairs…’

Helms obeyed. Weiner wrote:

In a blatant violation of his powers under the law, the director of central intelligence became a part-time secret police chief. The CIA undertook a domestic surveillance operation, code-named Chaos. It went on for almost seven years… Eleven CIA officers grew long hair, learned the jargon of the New Left, and went off to infiltrate peace groups in the United States and Europe.”

According to Weiner, “the agency compiled a computer index of 300,000 names of American people and organizations, and extensive files on 7,200 citizens. It began working in secret with police departments all over America.” Because they could not draw a “clear distinction” between the new far left and mainstream opposition to the war, the CIA spied on every major peace organization in the country. President Johnson also wanted them to prove a connection between foreign communists and the black power movement. “The agency tried its best,” Weiner noted, ultimately noting that “the CIA never found a shred of evidence that linked the leaders of the American left or the black-power movement to foreign governments.

4. Infiltrating the media

Over the years, the CIA has successfully gained influence in the news media, as well as popular media like film and television. Its influence over the news began almost immediately after the agency was formed. As Weiner explained, CIA Director Allen Dulles established firm ties with newspapers:

Dulles kept in close touch with the men who ran the New York Times, The Washington Post, and the nation’s leading weekly magazines. He could pick up the phone and edit a breaking story, make sure an irritating foreign correspondent was yanked from the field, or hire the services of men such as Time’s Berlin bureau chief and Newsweek’s man in Tokyo.”

He continued:

It was second nature for Dulles to plant stories in the press. American newsrooms were dominated by veterans of the government’s wartime propaganda branch, the Office of War Information…The men who responded to the CIA’s call included Henry Luce and his editors at Time, Life, and Fortune; popular magazines such as Parade, the Saturday Review, and Reader’s Digest; and the most powerful executives at CBS News. Dulles built a public-relations and propaganda machine that came to include more than fifty news organizations, a dozen publishing houses, and personal pledges of support from men such as Axel Springer, West Germany’s most powerful press baron.”

The CIA’s influence had not waned by 1977 when journalist Carl Bernstein reported on publications with CIA agents in their employ, as well as “more than 400 American journalists who in the past twenty?five years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency.”

The CIA has also successfully advised on and influenced numerous television shows, such as Homeland and 24 and films like Zero Dark Thirty and Argo, which push narratives that ultimately favor the agency. According to Tricia Jenkins, author of The CIA in Hollywood: How the Agency Shapes Film & Televisiona concerted agency effort began in the 1990s to counteract negative public perceptions of the CIA, but their influence reaches back decades. In the 1950s, filmmakers produced films for the CIA, including the 1954 film adaptation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

Researchers Tom Secker and Matthew Alford, whose work has been published in the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, say their recent Freedom of Information Act requests have shown that the CIA — along with the military — have influenced over 1,800 films and television shows, many of which have nothing to do with CIA or military themes.

5. Drug-induced Mind control

In the 1950s, the CIA began experimenting with drugs to determine whether they might be useful in extracting information. As Smithsonian Magazine has noted of the MKUltra project:

The project, which continued for more than a decade, was originally intended to make sure the United States government kept up with presumed Soviet advances in mind-control technology. It ballooned in scope and its ultimate result, among other things, was illegal drug testing on thousands of Americans.”


The intent of the project was to study ‘the use of biological and chemical materials in altering human behavior,’ according to the official testimony of CIA director Stansfield Turner in 1977. The project was conducted in extreme secrecy, Turner said, because of ethical and legal questions surrounding the program and the negative public response that the CIA anticipated if MKUltra should become public.


Under MKUltra, the CIA gave itself the authority to research how drugs could:’ ‘promote the intoxicating effects of alcohol;’ ‘render the induction of hypnosis easier;’ ‘enhance the ability of individuals to withstand privation, torture and coercion;’ produce amnesia, shock and confusion; and much more. Many of these questions were investigated using unwitting test subjects, like drug-addicted prisoners, marginalized sex workers and terminal cancer patients– ‘people who could not fight back,’ in the words of Sidney Gottlieb, the chemist who introduced LSD to the CIA.

Further, as Weiner noted:

Under its auspices, seven prisoners at a federal penitentiary in Kentucky were kept high on LSD for seventy-seven consecutive days. When the CIA slipped the same drug to an army civilian employee, Frank Olson, he leaped out of the window of a New York Hotel.”

Weiner added that senior CIA officers destroyed “almost all of the records” of the programs, but that while the “evidence that remains is fragmentary…it strongly suggests that use of secret prisons for the forcible drug-induced questioning of suspect agents went on throughout the 1950s.

Years later, the CIA would be accused of distributing crack-cocaine into poor black communities, though this is currently less substantiated and supported mostly by accounts of those who claim to have been involved.

6. Brutal torture tactics

More recently, the CIA was exposed for sponsoring abusive, disturbing terror tactics against detainees at prisons housing terror suspects. An extensive 2014 Senate report documented agents committing sexual abuse, forcing detainees to stand on broken legs, waterboarding them so severely it sometimes led to convulsions, and imposing forced rectal feeding, to name a few examples. Ultimately, the agency had very little actionable intelligence to show for their torture tactics but lied to suggest they did, according to the torture report. Their torture tactics led the International Criminal Court to suggest the CIA, along with the U.S. armed forces, could be guilty of war crimes for their abuses.

7. Arming radicals

The CIA has a long habit of arming radical, extremist groups that view the United States as enemies. In 1979, the CIA set out to support Afghan rebels in their bid to defeat the Soviet occupation of the Middle Eastern country. As Weiner wrote, in 1979, “Prompted by Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter signed a covert-action order for the CIA to provide the Afghan rebels with medical aid, money, and propaganda.

As Weiner detailed later in his book:

The Pakistani intelligence chiefs who doled out the CIA’s guns and money favored the Afghan factions who proved themselves most capable in battle. Those factions also happened to be the most committed Islamists. No one dreamed that the holy warriors could ever turn their jihad against the United States.”

Though some speculate the CIA directly armed Osama bin Laden, that is yet to be fully proven or admitted. What is clear is that western media revered him as a valuable fighter against the Soviets, that he arrived to fight in Afghanistan in1980, and that al-Qaeda emerged from the mujahideen, who were beneficiaries of the CIA’s program. Stanford University has noted that Bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam, a prominent Palestinian cleric, “established Al Qaeda from the fighters, financial resources, and training and recruiting structures left over from the anti-Soviet war.” Much of those “structures” were provided by the agency. Intentionally or not, the CIA helped fuel the rise of the terror group.

Weiner noted that as the CIA failed in other countries like Libya, by the late 1980s “Only the mujahideen, the Afghan holy warriors, were drawing blood and scenting victory. The CIA’s Afghan operation was now a $700-million-dollar-a-year-program” and represented 80% of the overseas budget of the clandestine services. “The CIA’s briefing books never answered the question of what would happen when a militant Islamic army defeated the godless invaders of Afghanistan,” though Tom Twetten, “the number two man in the clandestine service in the summer of 1988,” was tasked with figuring out what would happen with the Afghan rebels. “We don’t have any plan,” he concluded.

Apparently failing to learn their lesson, the CIA adopted nearly the exact same policy in Syria decades later, arming what they called “moderate rebels” against the Assad regime. Those groups ultimately aligned with al-Qaeda groups. One CIA-backed faction made headlines last year for beheading a child (though President Trump cut off the CIA program in June, the military continues to align with “moderate” groups).

*  *  *

Unsurprisingly, this list is far from complete. The CIA has engaged in a wide variety of extrajudicial practice, and there are likely countless transgressions we have yet to learn about.

As Donald Trump cheers the birthday of an agency he himself once criticized, it should be abundantly clear that the nation’s covert spy agency deserves scrutiny and skepticism — not celebration.

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Excursionist's picture

It's all good.  These examples are from a long time ago.  The agency is now a model citizen of the world.  Move along.

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They always forget one government they toppled in 1975: Australia. The Prime Minister got his boys out of Vietnam and was getting set to close the secret US spook base in Australia. Can't have that so the CIA got with MI5 and put in a new Prime Minister and government.

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Did I miss Trump's UN speech mentioning the CIA being a rogue organization worse than Iran, North Korea? That elephant in the room is usually the hardest to see.

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CeeIgAy <-- Deviant psychopaths...

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The CIA is basically the American arm of the Mossad... just as MI6 is Britain's slavish limb.

Wake up, sheeple.  All of you in the quickly diminishing Western White Lands are servants to the greatest mind-bending parasites in all of human history.

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The article neglects to mention that the Frankfurt School was hired as social engineers post WW2 working for the CIA and their MKULTRA control project - a fact very relevant in todays cultural marxist western world. This site is making some great research.....https://www.gnosticmedia.com/

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Don't forget the coke they ran thru Arkansas,  pretty much created the market........

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We can thank the CIA screwballs for their contributions to the many uses of LSD

Dr.Sidney Gottleib was a genius misfit who worked on mind altering drugs.

He just couldn't work on something to better the human condition -- no, he used his knowledge to contol and destroy Americans and others.

What a miserable tick.




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70 years of filth staining our nation.

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They also toppled the government in Ukraine in 2014.

Or was that the State Dept?

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At this point the CIA and the Deep State are so inbred that there is really no difference.

It also explains why they are so psychotic.

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Was that the Diem coup under King Kennedy of Camelot or are you referring to something else like, Australia being a vassal territory of the Queen of England?

Not unlike Oh...Canada.

Hogwash! They are both parliamentarian DEMOCRACIES!...LMMFAO! ;-)

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The Cia will end with the empire! It is the empire, they have know understanding of History!!!  The fall will be.........................  Larger than that!!!

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The CIA has hatchlings everywhere, in all nations where there is a politician to be bought.

Since they have completely infested the money supply they can lure anyone they want.

And they have psychopathic wet workers to eliminate anyone who stands in the way.

The CIA is a permanent and socially destructive disease.


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9/11, Oklahoma bombing etc. many more false flags.

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That's exactly what an Air Force Colonel told me. LOL!

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Well, at least we know certain part of the CIA operatives are killed by the CIA itself: this is the only way to ensure they keep silence forever and there are no leaks. 

And the more the agent knows - the higher the chances that his/her life will be sacrificed 

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(Running through the room with my hair on fire carrying scissors)

FSB! FSB! FSB! ;-)

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All you could come up with is 7? There should be 70 candles of atrocities on that Luciferian birthday cake.

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125 stars on the CIA wall at last count...

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50k on the Vet Nam wall...mostly draftees....or at least many draftees...cia people...they volunteered.

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...this article sounds almost quaint, providing much laughter of the "good ole times" to the spooks who know too much. Makes the CIA sound like the HardyBoys on adventure fucking the world over...why? Because they could! How about Operation Phoenix in VietNam? Talk about a fucking horror story of mass slaughter. USA killed over 3 million souls in VietNam. Visit Southeast Asia...plenty of ghosts still about. South VietNam is still very much poisoned with Agent Orange---is shows up in all foodstuffs.

'This Phoenix Project got drafted into Thailand as the "Village Scouts" eventually seguing into the current "Yellow Shirts." Thailand still has two CIA rendition camps, similar to Abu Grahbi and Gitmo. CIA in Cambodia and Khmer Rouge to "punish the Vietnamese," you betchya!

How did the SEEEYE Aye fund all their misdeeds? Of course, with more misdeeds that this article fails to mention---how about stealing most, if not all of the recoverable GOLD that Japan stashed in the Philipines from Ferdinand Marcos? Marcos was not a saint as he stole the buried Jap loot stolen from the Chinese and Korea during WWII. This gold got "laundered" through Australia btw. No wonder Kim in NK is pissed off---the dude just wants a signature that USA will not make war with them again.

Do you really think the CIA is going to let a perfect boogie man go to waste? Just prepare yourself for more horrors coming home to roost. CIA Battle Plan is now to take America down and they are doing an excellent job! Thank you fuckheads!

Yes, the Bush family was more than involved in this stealing of Flippo gold...but who's gold is it, really? William Colby was made director of CIA for the sheer brazeness of the Flippo gold theft. Duertete, current head of PI is more than aware of the stolen gold---it went to the Vatican and the CIA to fund more of their warped world view and covert ops.  You can do alot of mischief with TONNES of GOLD. For krissakes. the main CIA office was located at Clarke AFB in PI! How much cozier can a bunch of scum get? "Protecting the American Way of Life." This delusion allowed them to kill anyone who stood in their way, erase families, start countless useless wars. It continues to this day.

This article is on par with finding a 33rpm vinyl record of the Monkees Greatest Hits. Almost sappy.

You just cut a fingernail off---and that is what this article pretty much covered. And yes, the CIA is currently in Antartica. They are not about to openly yak about this.

This article is very much a shitty Cliff Notes of ongoing CIA horrors. A bunch of douchebags in love with their power trip. Militarization of the USA? Why not...all is fair game and HRC/Trump are all part of their PLAN. 

We can all thank scumbag maximus John Foster and Allan Dulles (and GHW Bush in Dallas as HEAD OF CIA) who worked in concert with Bush Patriarch Prescott Bush. They got rid of JFK after Kennedy vowed to smash the CIA into millions of pieces. Johnson was in on the gig. He got his Presidency, Great Society and War in VietNam that emptied the US Treasury.

I find it more than ironic that during the VietNam days in USA, there was a constant droning on the news and in shithead publications like the bought and paid for National Geographic. Life, Time, Newsweek, ad nauseum that  we "had to the stem the falling of DOMINOES." Such horseshit. VietNam "fell" and Communism did not spread all the way to Singapore...but USA violence continued the VietNam war in Cambodia and then onto more fertile poppy fields in Afghanistan. No mention in this crappy whitewash article about the opium profits in the Golden Triangle durijng VietNam days, is there? Dead US soldiers with their body bags sharing volume with heroin being shipped back to USA. How about US soldiers currently guarding the incredible lucrative poppy fields in Afghianistan. This is mostly the Bush/Clinton Crime Family dealing.

In a major way, we have to thank our lucky stars that Hillary turned out to be such a stupid bitch---going after Gadhafi's 144 tonnes and Ukraine's 33 tonnes fo gold. CIA developed the covert infiltration iof the Swiss Banking system (UBS and Credit Suisse) and made off with stashed Saudi gold. Their logic is that "Saudia Arabia gained their incredible wealth from the Rockefeller/Kissinger petrodollar scam and were now merely RECLAIMING THEIR WEALTH." Not a joke and very true. The irony is that the world IS set up like a string of dominoes NOW, yet nary a mention of the fragility of the global economy?

It never stops and it never will......a feint within a feint within a feint.....

The Horror, the Horror.....

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<slow clap>  epic rant - full marks.

Chupacabra-322's picture

"As Donald Trump cheers the birthday of an agency he himself once criticized, it should be abundantly clear that the nation’s covert spy agency deserves scrutiny and skepticism — not celebration."

Should read:

As Donald Trump cheers the birthday of an agency he himself once criticized, it should be abundantly clear that the nation’s covert spy agency deserves scrutiny and Elimination - not celebration.

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There will be more stars than the night sky south of the equator.

Retribution is on its way, time to find gainfull employment elsewhere.

Theres a lot of very pissed off relatives of their victims out there,I don't

those shites trying to hide amongst us.


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Not retribution. Reward. From Satan, who the CIA serves, on behalf of the Elite, making the world a more demonic place.

The CIA is Satan's Knights Templar. They don't give a shit what they do because they crave the excitement and power . 

Like Kaiser Souza told us, the Devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist. The CIA prays God doesn't exist, but that prayer will go unanswered.

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The real kicker? Satan has to answer to his OWN "Devil", and has a special hell ready just for him...and he's taking the CIA with him.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Soros "knows" that God doesn't exist.  His comeuppance will be legendary.

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But...but...but Russians spent $100k on FarceBook advertising and stole the election!  

/I need to speak to them

//my advertising on FB leads to nothing!  :(

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8. Murdered JFK

9. World's largest drug dealer

Dancing Disraeli's picture

11.  Operation Gladio

12.  Project Monarch

Chupacabra-322's picture

8. Executed JFK.

THE Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA are well overdue for ELIMINATION.

The National Security Elimination Act of 2017.

The National Security Act of 1947 created this Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopathic Agency.

As quickly as it was created it can be Eliminated.

Along with the other 16 useless "Intel" Agencies which are not he more than PsyOp Criminal Agencies.

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Maybe the CIA killed Kennedy. Kennedy made lots of enemies in the military by using diplomacy to end the Cuban missile crisis while the generals wanted to invade Cuba and lob some nukes at the Soviet Union. Besides the CIA the military wanted to kick some serious ass in Vietnam and were very unhappy that JFK was mulling over pulling out. Seriously doubt JFK would have escalated the war over the Gulf of Tonkin.

Plenty of people were upset that "NAZI" scientists were brought to the US. This is a great failing of the American people and lots of their rulers. Everyone from the vanquised country is considered an enemy even though they fought or served their country honorably. The Nuremburg Trials showcased this attitude. As a reginal governor Patton got all kinds of crap because he employed ex Nazi's to run the local affairs. His reasoning was they weren't war criminals and they ran the place before. His area, until his death, made a remarkable recovery while the rest of the country under de Nazification ran like crap. Patton treated the German pow's well recognizing they fought for their country. In the camps under Eisenhower the conditons were intentionally terrible with thousands dying of disease and starvation as Ike withheld food spouting the lie that food was in short supply. France and Britain took a beating from the Germans and even they were appalled at the conditions in the American camps. In Iraq the US head man Paul Bremer in his first days on the job disbanded the police and military and outlawed the ruling Baath party. Imagine getting tossed into the street and humiliated because you served your country. Bremer the dumb ass by this action laid the groundwork for the insurgency that followed and quashed any cooperation by the Iraqi people.

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and many many more !

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Looks like ZH has been taken over in full by the owners of RT.  The sheer amount of anti-US propaganda posts lately says it all.   

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I'm sure that is what they will say - V

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It's not Anti USA it's anti the evil empire complete with storm troopers that the Deep State has become.

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The CIA does not work for USA clown, it works for itself.  It's a drug running terrorist corporation that just happens to be headquartered in USA. That should be fucking obvious.

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Alqueda = Al CIA duh.

ISIS = I CIA SIS = Mossad.

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It's remarkable how fucking stupid some posters still are after 7 plus years here.

How is that even possible?

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They didn't spend any money on hookers and blow. Fucks with the mind, that does.

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 Yeah, I gotta give ya kudos for that comment.

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looks like you're behind the eight-ball when it comes to historical facts.

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If you feel that way, write an article about 7 good things they've done.

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Wow, what an ingenious way to sentence someone to life...