Trump Warns World At UN: "No Choice But To Destroy Rocket Man's North Korea"

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While President Trump fell just short of "fire and fury," his first address to The United Nations was very clear in its perspective on North Korea (Iran and Syria).

"It’s time for North Korea to realize that de-nuclearization is its only acceptable future."

Trump warned that if the US must defend itself or its allies, “we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea," adding that "Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime."

Trump added that:

"U.S. is ready, willing and able" to take military action, but "hopefully that won’t be necessary."

Trump says it’s outrageous that nations would support North Korea and that rogue nation’s pursuit of missiles threatens the whole world...

The "righteous many" must confront the "wicked few."

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King Kong TRUM und Kim-Jong UN are an equal match. Frightening...

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Ground Control To major Tom, Ground Control To major Tom ...

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The little fat Fvck does not realize he is not dealing with Clinton, Bush or Obama.


thesonandheir's picture

So who's first in Nuclear Bingo?







All very Bush 'Axis of Evil' like. Let's have a look at the original scorecard shall we:


Democracy and Central banking brought to a few of those.

Manthong's picture


Hey, don’t blame me for acknowledging that Trump is closer to Reagan that the last three dick heads we have had for President.

..and he needs to do the State Department what Reagan did to the air traffic controllers.

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There is another interpretation to the statement:

"The "righteous many" must confront the "wicked few."

Which nation has been busy destroying one country after another?

Kotzbomber747's picture

Tough talk from Trump, but the US has lost this geopolitical chess move to China.

Manthong's picture


We need to start taking the neocons out because their pipe dream of eternal global hegemony and encirclement of Russia and China is just that… an insane pipe dream.

What are they smoking in those pipes?

Must be some really badass stuff because Russia and China will launch nukes before they kneel at the neocon altar.

Kotzbomber747's picture

Catch 22 for Trump;

1) In order to prevent massive carnage in South Korea and Japan, the US would need a massive first strike in order to knock out North Korea's artillery aimed at Seoul, to knock out the North's nuclear program and to knock out the North's command structure.

2) In order to launch such a first strike, the US would need many additional troops and aircraft

3) The minute the US would start a build-up of these troops and other military equipment, the North will probably panic and launch a first strike on it's own.

In short: damned if you do (US military build-up will lead to a NORK first strike), damned if you don't (NORK will continue to defy the US and continue to expand it's nuclear arsenal).

A nuclear North Korea is a fact, thanks to the spineless 'leadership' of Obama (and his Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry), so better move on and get used to it.

BennyBoy's picture


Dear Donnee,

The other choice is to not destroy anything and take your weapons of mass destruction home.

HockeyFool's picture

Trump does what he says he is going to do. He told the Norks he will not let them get get nukes that can threaten their neighbors. I think Trump is eventually going to take out Kim Jong ding dong umf sooner rather than later. He does what he says he will do. That doesn't bode well for the South koreans either.

lucitanian's picture

How have you been dumbed down to this level where you think that taking out the head of a country changes the reality for the better? Is Iraq better without Saddam, is Libya better without Qaddafi?

Wiping out one person or 1 million and destabilizing entire regions does not make things OK for the world or for the US. 

I guess the propaganda outweighs any critical thinking in minds like yours.

P.S. Let's put it another way. Do you think if one could "take out" Trump, or even his whole cabinet, the US would be any less of a pariah or threat to world peace?

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Slack Jack's picture

Engdahl says Kim Jong Un is false opposition.

Engdahl says that Kim Jong Un lived in Switzerland from 1991 until 2000. He attended the Liebefeld Steinhölzli school in Köniz near Bern. The strongest hint that Kim Jong Un is a "Pentagon" puppet and not a communist (Chinese) puppet is that he had China's best friend in Pyongyang, Jang Sung-taek, executed. He also ordered the systematic execution of all other members of Jang's family including children and grandchildren and others (that were considered too close to China).

Other hints are that he is usefully (to the US) provocative and doesn't seem to listen to China.

Engdahl also thinks North Korea is an Pentagon Vassal State, but it seems more likely that Kim Jong Un is indeed a "Pentagon" man but that North Korea is (i.e., will be treated as) an enemy state.

Remember: The first rule for fighting a (real) war is to place your own puppet as the leader of the enemy.

Also, one should not forget that Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton and Trump are all Jews.

11b40's picture

It really is hard for me to tell in the case of the Norks.

 On the one hand, the average Nork has suffered greatly at the hands of the Americans going back to the war in the early 1950's.  They have been fed propaganda that kept that hatred glowing, as we have been blamed for their misery.

On the other hand, many would like to see a reunification with the South, so there is the chance of joining the country into one nation again, so cooler heads and stronger hands could stabilize the region.  If ever truly opened up, the people from the North would be amazed at all the things they have missed out on over the past 60+ years.

In my opinion, the only way to remove Kim safely is from within.  He probably caught on to that right out of the gate, which is why he has been so brutal to some high-ranking officials, and even family members.  Make no mistake about it - he will not give up the nuclear program.  As Putin said, they will eat grass, but they will not give in to the American demands.

The chance of "taking out" their military in a rapid first strike, one that would prevent a massive barrage on the South, is virtually zero, and as someone noted, there is no way to build up such a strike force without them realizing it in advance.  And then, there are the nukes to consider.

The 'crazy' little bastard has the West over a barrel.  Crazy like a fox, and we aren't smart enough to shut up.


Truthoutthere's picture

We need to kill people to keep them safe,goddamnit.

BarkingCat's picture

Trump does what he says?

I must have missed that improved relationship with Russia, Hillary's sentencing or repealing of Obamacare.

oldone's picture

The Norks may be fanatics but for sure are not idiots. Do you think all of missile silos commanders do not have pre-orders in case of an full scale US attack ?! Do you think they will not launch, independently, even with an broken command chain ? Or they do not expect an command center crisis ?

Be sure the second the first Nork radar catch a shadow of a plane / US missile/ boat on their air/land space  - ANY sign of an invasion or hard attack - that second a lot of Norkie little fingers will push the red buttons !

And think at this: what probability are to see JUST ONE nuclear tipped missile (short/mid/long range no matter since its so close) reach Seoul ?

Hint: time to impact are counted in seconds.

mc888's picture

Most people get this wrong.

Look carefully at the people talking about "accepting a nuclear North Korea". They are either Commie shills stumping for China or incompetent ignoramuses. Which describes 90% of Congress.

The Korean War never ended. "This is a fact, so you better get used to it".

The Armistice is just a cease fire. It could go hot at any time. And a nuclear NK will never be allowed to stand. That's been US foreign policy since the 1950s. Now they have the H-bomb, which is close enough. It's time.

Trump has been carefully going through every available diplomatic channel and garnering support from Russia and China. There won't be any first strike from the US. It will start with South Korea and/or Japan and the US will assist.

oldone's picture

" And a nuclear NK will never be allowed to stand" says who ? How many years are since the Norks are nuclear ? On what planet do you live ?

mc888's picture

Should have rephrased that. They've had no delivery system. SK could still get hit at short range, but their new warhead can fit the fixed launchers.

oldone's picture

delivery system ?...They do have plenty: by plane, by subs, by ships, and sure, by missiles. Maybe you should rephrase (again :p) with "iNK do may not have an intercontinental delivery system"

looking at the map, and where Seoul stand, they could just throw a nuke over the fence... or just hide some on those old Scuds they have who will do the job easy - again, flight time for a target in Seoul its only some seconds...

and we all know what impact will have a nuclear detonation on Seoul - and on the whole world...

Norkies can and will hit hard SK if they feel threatened - its a thing US are well aware, reason why all Trump has done was tweeting...

11b40's picture

Here is another fact.  U.S. foreign policy is fucked up.  Kim is 3rd generation, and that 'armistice' is going on 60 years old.  Last I checked, he is still standing.  On top of that, this incompetent ignoramus understands how much progress the North has made during that time period, all while being under constant threat from America.

This incompetent ignoramus also understands that Kim knows very well what happened to Saddam & Daffy Duck.  He can also see the pressure on Iran & Syria, as well as fell the pressure on himself.  No way he gives up the nukes.

So, what is your grand plan for Japan & S. Korea to invade and defeat the North?  You might want to check in with the leaders of those 2 countries before you start letting your mouth overload their ass.


silverer's picture

And in addition, the US will need more tax paying citizens to cover the bill.

The Ram's picture

4) The US launches a tactical nuclear strike to dig out missles lying in deep underground bunkers.  Lots of radiation is produced during the strike including local effects  spreading to South Korea and China.  'Big Bombs' are not clean and surgical as we are led to believe.  Lots of knock-on effects to be considered.  

oldone's picture

and many plp here just forgot Norkies are in possession of a huge stash of bio weapons... things very sensitive and likely to escape when the case are broken/damaged... then, again, viruses, like the wind, know no borders...

consider me gone's picture

As much as I'd love to blame it all on Obama, Bill Clinton and George Bush deserve to be on that list. I will grant that they had to try diplomacy before war but they assumed that they were dealing with a rational state more or less or just didn't have the balls to play hardball. If you told me Obama was rooting for NK I would not be too surprised.

BarkingCat's picture

They were dealing with it rational state.

It is those two idiots that were the irrational ones.

If you are a little North Korean dictator and you watch your enemy, which has over 30,000. soldiers on your border, invade multiple nations one after another, after those nations have surrendered their WMDs, do you disarm or arm yourself to the teeth?

I commented back in the 1990s when Bill Clinton started bombing Serbia that this is an indication to every tin pot dictator that they need nuclear weapons. I stand by that statement.

BarkingCat's picture

They were dealing with it rational state.

It is those two idiots that were the irrational ones.

If you are a little North Korean dictator and you watch your enemy, which has over 30,000. soldiers on your border, invade multiple nations one after another, after those nations have surrendered their WMDs, do you disarm or arm yourself to the teeth?

I commented back in the 1990s when Bill Clinton started bombing Serbia that this is an indication to every tin pot dictator that they need nuclear weapons. I stand by that statement.

SilverRhino's picture

Denuclearized North Korea 


Nuclear Japan &  Nuclear South Korea 


Eradicated North Korea 


Dear China:  Pick ONE

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture


Dance Off!

we'll even let Kim choose the music style,

(could be old North Korean flower dance or LA street grind, robot-infused,technopop-hipster)

oldone's picture

OR (the sane one) - US gtfo, Norkie exchange the nukes for an peacefully reunification with the guarantee of no US boot on Korean soil ever again.

adanata's picture

Generally you have a point... however, to be exact; the Global Central Banks; esp their Fed and Goldman branches, have USED the US military they OWN; as well as other national militaries they also OWN, in order to empower and enrich themselves. Let's not aim the plebes at the pathetically ignorant, propagandized, socially engineered and hapless American public. There are consequences for ignorance and the American people are going to feel those in all their glory very soon as the Global Central Banks continue to abuse ALL of humanity through the global economy and currency systems they control. This is war; the Global Central Banking system against ALL the inhabitants of the planet. It isn't about 'American Empire'... no...this is about Global Central Banking Empire masquarading as something else; the CBs hide behind all the curtains and pull all the strings.

gatorengineer's picture

I thought a persons head would  explode for mentioning Trump and Reagan in the same sentence...... I guess not

Trump is more of a walking soundbyte then Obongo, and that is saying something.

The kabuki theater that North Korea is anything other than a province of China is beyond farsical.....

Starting to think that this is just Putin playing the US off against China, and he is waiting to swoop in to pick up what is left.

consider me gone's picture

Interesting angle but there are too many variables to give it too much weight. Russia is too weak to swoop in unless there was a massive nuclear exchange between the two. Long odds I would think. 

caconhma's picture

I am wonder how can somebody in his/her sound mind still trust Trump and his promises?

Just a hint: a wall on Mexico's border, repeal Obamace, draining the swamp, getting out of Afghanistan and Syria, procecuthing crooked Hillary, just to mane few.

Nobody For President's picture

...procecuthing crooked Hillary, ...

I'd give a dollar for that!

Truthoutthere's picture

Yeah,thesonandheir,it's almost like they had a list to work through.Ah yes,as I recall such a list was presented to the world just one week after 9/11.

Boogity's picture

Spot on dude...  Fatboy is now dealing with a smack-talking orange retard with yuuuge man boobs and very tiny hands. 

Manthong's picture


Regardless of boobs, spray tan or hand size he can still wipe the DPRK off the map…

..but Japan and Seoul would have a real problem.

I think he might be playing the bluster card in hopes that the fat boy wants his regime (and him) to survive

He would likely be able to get the youn-un to fall back if we just stopped wasting money on all those silly war games in South Korea and maybe even pull a few thousand unnecessary troops out.

WTF do we need 30,000 or so troops there for anyway?

And WTF do we need 38 bases on Okinawa for?


MasterChef's picture

37,500 in Korea, 50,000 troops in Japan. Plus a few thousand state department employees. 

BarkingCat's picture

Shit, no wonder they need all these illegal Mexicans. They stationed all the Americans overseas.

11b40's picture

Because there are a LOT of skids to grease?

mkkby's picture

China's rabid dog needs to be smacked with a rolled up newspaper full of tomahawks. Now is better than later. Look what appeasement does EVERY FUCKING TIME in history.

I call bullshit on the threat to Seoul. It takes a long time to batter a city with artillery shells. Months. At most one hundred would die before the guns are targeted and silenced. The initial air attack would easily take out missile sites -- those have been fully mapped out for years.

Once the Nork army sees it's really on, they'll surrender faster than Saddam's *fearsome* republican guards. They're probably just waiting for any chance to put a bullet in that fat little psychopath.