Caught On Video: Maxine Waters Uses Funeral Speech To Push Trump Impeachment

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What was supposed to be a remembrance ceremony for this man, comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory, yesterday turned mildly bizarre, which is a recurring theme as it were, when California congresswoman Maxine Waters took the stage.



Rather than focus on the lifetime accomplishments of Gregory or fond personal memories, you know all the stuff you would usually include in a eulogy, Waters decided a funeral ceremony was the perfect place to once again call Donald Trump a racist and demand his immediate impeachment.

“I’m cleaning out the White House.  We’re going to sanitize the White House. We’re not going to take what is happening in this country."


“Haven’t you taken enough?”


“And then comes along this person [Trump]...This person who does not respect you. This dishonorable human being who cheats everybody! This dishonorable human being who will lie at the drop of a hat. This dishonorable human being who has the alt-right, and the KKK and everybody else inside his Cabinet! This dishonorable human being who can criticize everybody but (Vladimir) Putin and Russia."


“Not only are we going to clean out the White House. We’re going to take back the house that slaves built!"


“And I know my colleagues get very upset. Some get afraid when I say ‘impeachment'...when I get through with Donald Trump, he’s going to wish he had been impeached!”


“I’m gonna say ‘Impeach 45 everyday,’ ‘Impeach 45 everyday,’ ‘Impeach 45 everyday.'”


Of course, if almost anyone other than Waters used the word "sanitize" in a racially-charged monologue describing what she would like to do to someone of another race, it would undoubtedly be front-page news for every political paper in the country...that said, somehow we suspect CNN will 'miss' this one.

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No, three-fifths, as per the US Constitution.

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I met her at a Trump rally once.  She asked me, "what do you want?".  I said, "Gimme tree fitty."

Maxine still owe me tree fitty.



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Dick gregory used to do a prettty funny routine back in the day. He deserved better at his funeral.


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Democrats, just when- HEY, there's one breaking into our car!!

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It is estimated that Maxine Waters’s net worth is $1 million (2016).

So how much is $1 million really?

$1 million can pay for the fraction of a congressional race. $1 million can also pay for a quarter of the cost of her 6,000 square foot mansion.


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Yeah.  What about Maxine Water's husband?

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Time again for my favorite original Manthong joke… some may not have read it before.

“If stupidity was gravity, what would Maxine Waters be?”

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Sorry, Maxine, but the Founders never intended simians such as yourself to be representatives.  Enjoy your surreal time in the sun, for it will be setting before you know it.

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A true raisin in the sun- California dried fruit......

Aunt Edna gone cray-cray again- better hand her daughter another $500K "fee",  she keep her quiet......

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As I have noted and predicted in previous posts you now have the multiple screech exposed for all to see.

mPeach! mPeach! mPeach!

It was only a matter of time, or if the meds wore off too soon, that we would witness dear brothers and sisters the repetitive screech of one who is not of sound mind and control of her faculties, and should herself be the first priority in removal of unfit persons for office.

But with apologies to Mr. Mackey perhaps Trey and Matt might consider adding a new character to the ensemble, 'Maxi PassWaters', to partner up with Mackey. Imagine the two of them trying out 'm' each other, much like an epic rap battle of history.


J. mPeachmold Gruntfuttock

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And job bush will be VIP

And the crime family's go on

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I presume the "le" is not pronounced

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I dunno, but if I were a black hole and saw her coming, I'd run the other way.

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Question:“If stupidity was gravity, what would Maxine Waters be?”



I know:event horizon of a black hole.(or nigga hole?)

Of all the possible combinations you get when you mix Evil with different other"qualities",the most annoying one for me is Evil+Stupidity.And we have many such combinations:maxine waters,Nikki Haley,Nancy Pelosi,all State Department bimbos spokeswomen,all Tee Vee bimbos presstitutes...

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Original? Sheesh.

That one's got a beard on it.

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Yeah.  What about Maxine Water's husband?

He gets an award for bravery for going where no man has gone before or since.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock

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Stirring up the Riffraff and promising them something for nothing pays very well.

Just ask Prezbo Chalky, Bernie Sanders, and Crazy Aunt Esther... Hell, it sure beats working for a living!

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It is estimated that Maxine Waters’s net worth is $1 million (2016).

So how much is $1 million really?

$1 million can pay for the fraction of a congressional race. $1 million can also pay for a quarter of the cost of her 6,000 square foot mansion.

Maxine presently lives in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Los Angeles.


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There are few people who DON'T deserve better at their funeral. Although if you invite fucking maxine waters to speak, or your family does, then you kinda deserve it, because you can't possibly expect her to act with any kind of decorum, respect, or civility. This 80 IQ bantu is but a symptom of our countries decline.


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" a symptom of our countries decline."


The only way to fix that and remain a republic is to limit who can vote.

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“80 IQ bantu”

You might be a little generous with that 80 IQ number.

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The missing link has been found.....

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And if she dies tonight. No one will miss her.

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That was back when liberals just seemed like misguided, uninformed people that you still had hope would snap out of it someday


The psychotic murdering commies that they are today.

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Maxine needs to share the wealth and provide all of her constituents with 40 acres and a mule.

That'll fix everything.

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All this time I thought it was 'fiddy'

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She's in Mensa, right?

They have affirmative action requirements, don't they?

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I am thoroughly shocked Yootoob has not deleted/banned this un-pc video.

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Maxine is under-qualified to clean the toilets in the Mensa club house. 


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She would probably do okay at the NAMBLA clubhouse, though.

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Hell... NSFW warning needed for that one! 

I had to look that shit up... and now I wish I hadn't. 

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That's funny, creatures like watters, hrc, so many others on the left are impervious to logical argument, reason, common sense and as we see, scathing criticism. Once you give yourself to evil, the world of consequences has no hold over you.

CIP, what happened to the black, female senator with wishing Trump asassinated? That's right, nothing.

Coincadinkly, that page had a "White Devil" poster too, dude gets around.

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Maxine aint no housenigger.  100% field nigger.

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Maxine Waters is a member of mensa? No way!!!   I think they meant Demensa!

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Never let a death go to waste is the democratic party motto.

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I've read Maxine Waters' funeral and for a brief moment I had" hope "for some minor "change" to MAGA! As in:it's  a small step for the Congress,a huge one for the country.

Any country that has such a "representative" is the laughing stock of the world.

It is her "right" to be so stupid,but do we have to tolerate this display of galactic imbecility?

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On a more serious note...someone please ask Maxine if Guam has tipped over yet.

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Low brow, Low IQ; Califucked gets what it deserves.

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PS That is one fugly be-otch!

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People coming into California  are the illegals. 

Everyone else is escaping.

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I'd kind of like to see her on a windy Chicago day...

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My Wig Fell Off by Root Boy Slim and The Sex Change Band (way before their time)



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Is Maxine suffering fron the same delusions as Hillary?

Vote no if it's a tie....

The most disturbing thing I've heard yet is Hillary comparing herself to...Paul Revere...

In this contest, who will Maxine channel from the grave, please feel free to submit your astute observation here: vvv